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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
16th Oct 20222022 Worcester Lodge Cup #6Worcester Lodge-
17th Jul 20222022 Worcester Lodge Cup #5Worcester Lodge-
19th Jun 20222022 Worcester Lodge Cup #4 Worcester Lodge114Jake CARTLIDGE1:01.00Katie CHARLTON1:19.12
15th May 20222022 Worcester Lodge Cup #3 Worcester Lodge135Ed MOSELEY58.64sFrankie WINDEBANK1:13.38
13th Mar 20222022 Worcester Lodge Cup #1 Worcester Lodge137Jake CARTLIDGE1:04.91Lucy MORGAN1:25.46
10th Oct 20212021 Forest of Dean Summer #2Worcester LodgeCANCELLED
19th Sep 20212021 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Worcester Lodge165Brandon TURNER1:02.48Anna CRAIG1:10.88
22nd Sep 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #4 Forest of Dean140James LEECH (2)1:06.61Jo TUCKER1:31.28
28th Jul 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #3 Worcester Lodge112James LEECH (2)1:00.14Lucy MORGAN1:20.14
25th May 2019Conquer The Cliff Aberystwyth159Emyr DAVIES1:13.25Rosalie NEWCOMBE1:31.28
19th May 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #2 Worcester Lodge124Ben GILLETT1:01.43Elin BERRY1:14.52
21st Apr 20192019 Forest of Dean Summer #1Forest of DeanCANCELLED
2nd Sep 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #4 Forest of Dean173Ciaran KING1:26.48Sarah GAMSJAEGER1:41.56
8th Jul 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #3 Forest of Dean143Kyle FARROW48.93sAmanda TANFIELD1:01.97
10th Jun 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #2 Forest of Dean141Oscar POWELL (sen)1:04.46Elin BERRY1:14.70
26th May 2018Conquer The CliffAberystwyth126Will SOFFE1:10.17Nicole HARRIS (sen)1:27.36
22nd Apr 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean158Kyle HALL58.76sElin BERRY1:17.01
3rd Sep 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #4 Forest of Dean150Will JONES (elt)1:08.96Alex HUNTER1:38.11
9th Jul 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #3 Forest of Dean168Ralfs BIKERNIEKS45.33sMaddy BROWN58.04s
25th Jun 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #2 Forest of Dean166Will SOFFE1:30.41Alex HUNTER1:55.84
27th May 2017Conquer The Cliff Aberystwyth137Myles JAMES1:12.96Ellen FLEWITT1:26.07
21st May 20172017 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean156Kyle HALL1:02.90Rene STENT1:19.03
4th Sep 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #4 (new) Forest of Dean167Ashley MALLER1:06.27Ellie WHARTON1:26.66
3rd Jul 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #3 (Endo) Forest of Dean129Vivian JONES1:10.01Aston TUTT1:25.95
19th Jun 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #2 (Corkscrew) Forest of Dean158Ashley MALLER49.25sLouise WILLIAMS1:03.14
28th May 2016Conquer The Cliff Aberystwyth133Duncan PORTER (mas)1:22.86Rachel ATHERTON1:24.30
17th Apr 20162016 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean146Will JONES (elt)1:12.15Maddy BROWN1:32.88
6th Sep 20152015 Welsh DH #3 & Welsh Champs Llangollen226Jack READING2:02.54Becci SKELTON2:40.06
21st Jun 2015MIJ FOD Summer race Forest of Dean145Charlie HATTON1:04.56Maddy BROWN1:23.18
21st Jun 20152015 Welsh DH #2MoelfreCANCELLED
23rd May 2015Conquer The Cliff Aberystwyth119Duncan PORTER (mas)1:13.20Lindsay HANLEY1:29.06
10th May 20152015 Welsh DH #1LlangollenCANCELLED
2nd Nov 2014Urban Street Race New Quay84Mike JONES (elt)1:37.43Rosa MARTIN2:00.03
12th Oct 2014Welsh Champs Taff Buggy143Mike JONES (elt)1:38.27Monet ADAMS2:06.72
11th Oct 20142014 MIJ #3 Taff Buggy127Mike JONES (elt)1:54.18Lindsay HANLEY2:43.25
7th Sep 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #3 Forest of Dean138Charlie HATTON55.94sAston TUTT1:11.36
17th Aug 2014DH raceBlack Mountains Cycle CentreCANCELLED
20th Jul 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #2 Forest of Dean127Anthony MILLIAR1:11.03Sarah CRELLIN1:26.15
22nd Jun 20142014 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean174Charlie HATTON1:16.46
31st May 20142014 MIJ #2Taff BuggyCANCELLED
24th May 2014Conquer The Cliff Aberystwyth111Matt SIMMONDS (elt)1:16.85Manon CARPENTER1:20.68
27th Apr 20142014 MIJ #1 Taff Buggy73Grant BOYCE2:00.39Jessica GREAVES2:42.74
3rd Nov 2013Urban Street Race New Quay63Mike JONES (elt)1:35.78Lindsay HANLEY2:11.49
6th Oct 2013Welsh Champs BikePark Wales197Joel MOORE2:49.99Manon CARPENTER3:22.03
22nd Sep 20132013 MIJ #3Taff Buggy59Joel MOORE1:53.14Louise WILLIAMS2:26.35
18th Aug 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #3 Forest of Dean187Ben NOTT1:17.77Suzanne LACEY1:31.63
4th Aug 20132013 MIJ #2 Taff Buggy79Leigh JOHNSON1:56.44Lauren JENKINS3:04.55
28th Jul 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #2 Forest of Dean121Ben NOTT1:13.15Katy CURD1:22.70
25th May 2013Aber Cycle Fest - Conquer The Cliff Aberystwyth92Phil ATWILL1:15.10Manon CARPENTER1:22.77
7th Apr 20132013 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean165Rich THOMAS1:37.35Tracy MOSELEY1:46.06
10th Mar 20132013 MIJ #1 Taff Buggy109Joel MOORE1:48.06Hazel WAKEFIELD2:20.60
10th Feb 2013Push upLlantrisantCANCELLED
4th Nov 2012Urban Street Race New Quay73Harry MOLLOY1:41.24Hazel WAKEFIELD1:58.55
2nd Sep 20122012 Forest of Dean Summer #3 Forest of Dean228Ashley MALLER1:41.62Jess STONE1:53.55
12th Aug 2012Welsh Champs Moelfre127Joe SMITH (elt)2:19.41Hazel WAKEFIELD3:12.53
8th Jul 20122012 Forest of Dean Summer #2 Forest of Dean134Will JONES (elt)1:20.04Jessica GREAVES2:00.81
1st Jul 20122012 MIJ #3 Taff Buggy103Emyr DAVIES1:44.94Hazel WAKEFIELD2:13.57
20th May 20122012 MIJ #2 Taff Buggy96Mike JONES (elt)1:49.49Aimee DIX2:08.22
6th May 20122012 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean218Will JONES (elt)1:09.28Tracy MOSELEY1:16.19
8th Apr 20122012 MIJ #1 Taff Buggy142Joel MOORE1:52.08Aimee DIX2:12.81
27th Nov 2011A Christmas Cracker Dare Valley Country Park37Will SOFFE1:28.66
5th Nov 2011Urban Street Race New Quay84Emyr DAVIES1:49.51Manon CARPENTER1:59.08
28th Aug 20112011 North Wales Series #3 & Welsh Champs Caersws199Joe SMITH (elt)2:04.40Lynsey EVANS3:10.70
7th Aug 20112011 MIJ #3 Taff Buggy110Robert WILLIAMS (elt)2:05.84Jessica GREAVES3:21.04
17th Jul 20112011 North Wales Series #2 Moelfre157Phil ATWILL2:35.18Jenna WOODRUFF3:23.23
22nd May 20112011 MIJ #2 Taff Buggy150Ben BAKER (1)1:59.66Manon CARPENTER2:14.43
13th Mar 20112011 MIJ #1 Taff Buggy153Dan STANBRIDGE1:58.28Manon CARPENTER2:17.95
20th Feb 20112011 North Wales Series #1 Nant Gwrtheyrn154Greg CALLAGHAN2:26.80Manon CARPENTER3:03.57
6th Feb 2011A Christmas Cracker Llantrisant93Emyr DAVIES1:40.81Amie PETERS2:13.78
19th Sep 20102010 MIJ #5 Rheola162Will SOFFE3:04.65
1st Aug 20102010 MIJ #4 Taff Buggy134Nikki WHILES1:52.75Rachel BURRIDGE2:59.92
20th Jun 20102010 MIJ #3 Moelfre88James HUGHES (exp)2:15.87Monet ADAMS2:45.15
18th Apr 20102010 MIJ #2Taff Buggy154Rowan SORRELL1:50.64Aimee DIX2:07.25
14th Mar 20102010 MIJ #1Taff Buggy131Josh BRYCELAND1:49.09Manon CARPENTER2:08.77
30th Aug 2009Welsh Champs Caersws199Joe SMITH (elt)1:47.58Manon CARPENTER2:06.71
24th May 20092009 MIJ #3 Taff Buggy125Rowan SORRELL1:51.24Manon CARPENTER2:10.51
19th Apr 20092009 MIJ #2 Taff Buggy98Rich THOMAS1:39.48Manon CARPENTER1:56.26
15th Mar 20092009 MIJ #1 Taff Buggy71Dan STANBRIDGE1:43.52Manon CARPENTER2:08.98
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