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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
3rd Oct 20212021 Enduro World Series #10Glentress-
30th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #4Glentress-
26th Sep 2021Trophy of NationsFinale Ligure-
26th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #3Finale Ligure-
19th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series #9Pietra Ligure-
12th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #2TBA-
11th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series #8Maldon, VIC-
5th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series #7Loudenvielle-
3rd Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series #6Loudenvielle-
15th Aug 20212021 Enduro World Series #5Whistler, BC-
11th Jul 20212021 Enduro World Series #4La Thuile-
9th Jul 20212021 Enduro World Series #3La Thuile-
27th Jun 20212021 Enduro World Series #2Val di Fassa-
25th Jun 20212021 Enduro World Series #1Val di Fassa-
20th Jun 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #1Valberg, Guillaumes-
28th Nov 20202020 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #4 - Chiang Mai EnduroChiang MaiCANCELLED
17th Oct 20202020 Enduro World Series #5Olargues - Montagnes du CarouxCANCELLED
17th Oct 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #3 - Lobo EnduroMexico CityCANCELLED
17th Oct 20202020 Enduro World Series-E #3Olargues - Montagnes du CarouxCANCELLED
3rd Oct 20202020 Enduro World Series #4Petzen-JamnicaCANCELLED
27th Sep 20202020 Enduro World Series #3 Finale Ligure193Jesse MELAMED21:21.60Morgane CHARRE25:02.66
26th Sep 2020Trophy of NationsFinale Ligure-
20th Sep 20202020 Enduro World Series #2 Pietra Ligure169Adrien DAILLY21:30.49Mélanie PUGIN24:50.36
19th Sep 20202020 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #3 - Bali GravityBaliCANCELLED
19th Sep 20202020 Enduro World Series-E #2Pietra Ligure85Nicolas VOUILLOZ26:42.03Tracy MOSELEY32:28.75
12th Sep 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #7 - Grand Raid Godefroy EnduroBouillonCANCELLED
5th Sep 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #6 - Pyrenees Bike FestivalLoudenvielleCANCELLED
30th Aug 20202020 Enduro World Series #1Zermatt314Jesse MELAMED15:00.27Isabeau COURDURIER17:21.62
28th Aug 20202020 Enduro World Series-E #1Zermatt70Yannick PONTAL26:29.22Mélanie PUGIN30:53.04
22nd Aug 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #7 - Northstar EnduroNorthstar, CACANCELLED
22nd Aug 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #5 - Superenduro La ThuileLa ThuileCANCELLED
26th Jul 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #6 - Maxxis ESCMountain Creek, NJCANCELLED
24th Jul 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #4 - Levi Midnight EnduroSirkkaCANCELLED
4th Jul 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #5 - Sea Otter CanadaBlue Mountain, Collingwood, ONCANCELLED
20th Jun 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #4 - Sun Peaks EnduroSun Peaks, BCCANCELLED
20th Jun 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #3 - La Chablatz EnduroVillars-Sur-OllonCANCELLED
16th May 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #2 - Scottish Enduro SeriesInnerleithenCANCELLED
3rd May 20202020 European Continental Enduro Series #1 - Enduro XSusice, Sumava MountainsCANCELLED
15th Mar 20202020 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #2 - Enduro Fest MaydenaMaydena Bike Park, TAS59Dan BOOKER33:39.80Shelly FLOOD41:33.80
8th Mar 20202020 North American Continental Enduro Series #2 - Tenness Enduro Windrock, TN159Shane LESLIE21:13.90Frida RØNNING26:45.20
30th Nov 20192019 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #3 - International Chiang Mai Enduro 2019Chiang Mai180Cody KELLEY31:01.49Ingrid LAROUCHE38:57.65
26th Oct 20192019 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #1 - Aorere Enduro with SpecializedFringed Hill, Nelson-
28th Sep 2019Trophy of Nations Finale Ligure-
21st Sep 20192019 Enduro World Series #8Zermatt334Martin MAES37:37.02Isabeau COURDURIER43:56.57
7th Sep 20192019 European Continental Enduro Series #4Loudenvielle-
24th Aug 20192019 Enduro World Series #7
(2019 California Enduro Series, Round 4)
Northstar, CA510Richie RUDE26:09.65Isabeau COURDURIER30:37.62
6th Jul 20192019 Enduro World Series #5 Les Orres410Eddie MASTERS43:31.79Isabeau COURDURIER48:54.26
29th Jun 20192019 Enduro World Series #4 Val di Fassa379Richie RUDE35:28.35Isabeau COURDURIER40:56.04
16th Jun 20192019 North American Continental Enduro Series #2
(2019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series, Round 3)
Revelstoke, BC269Max LEYEN28:02.04Jennifer MCHUGH34:34.16
18th May 20192019 North American Continental Enduro Series #1Eureka Springs, AR274Mckay VEZINA23:43.10Porsha MURDOCK28:37.70
11th May 20192019 Enduro World Series #3Funchal, Madeira313Martin MAES32:59.45Isabeau COURDURIER38:35.22
28th Apr 20192019 European Continental Enduro Series #1Maçanet de Cabrenys-
31st Mar 20192019 Enduro World Series #2Blue Derby, TAS268Florian NICOLAÏ24:39.67Isabeau COURDURIER27:55.66
16th Feb 20192018 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #4 Christchurch Adventure Park121Joseph NATION24:28.00Rae MORRISON30:02.00
10th Feb 20192018 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #3Fringed Hill, NelsonCANCELLED
2nd Dec 20182018 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #2
(2018 Shimano Enduro Series, Round 3)
Mt Buller, VIC204Sam HILL (elt)23:50.51Rowena FRY27:25.09
11th Nov 20182018 Asia-Pacific Continental Enduro Series #1
(2018 Shimano Enduro Series, Round 2)
Blue Derby, TAS176Sam HILL (elt)20:50.87Rowena FRY24:49.75
30th Sep 20182018 Enduro World Series #8 Finale Ligure535Richie RUDE18:31.22Cécile RAVANEL21:43.66
23rd Sep 20182018 Enduro World Series #7 Zona Zero Ainsa-Sobrarbe506Richie RUDE37:17.96Cécile RAVANEL43:24.99
15th Sep 20182018 European Continental Enduro Series #3Zermatt163Maxime CHAPUIS20:29.95Noga KOREM24:24.84
29th Jul 20182018 European Continental Enduro Series #2Les Orres-
21st Jul 20182018 Enduro World Series #5 La Thuile397Sam HILL (elt)59:53.27Cécile RAVANEL58:39.84
1st Jul 20182018 Enduro World Series #4 Petzen-Jamnica397Sam HILL (elt)52:55.67Cécile RAVANEL1h03:07.00
24th Jun 20182018 European Continental Enduro Series #1Val di Fassa-
13th May 20182018 Enduro World Series #3Olargues - Montagnes du Caroux527Richie RUDE50:29.59Cécile RAVANEL59:52.49
1st Apr 20182018 Enduro World Series #2 Manizales423Sam HILL (elt)18:01.99Cécile RAVANEL23:24.59
25th Mar 20182018 Enduro World Series #1Lo Barnechea451Sam HILL (elt)55:02.18Cécile RAVANEL1h04:07.35
1st Oct 20172017 Enduro World Series #8 Finale Ligure400Damien OTON49:11.17Cécile RAVANEL56:43.89
30th Jul 20172017 Enduro World Series #6 Snowmass Village, CO304Sam HILL (elt)46:04.34Cécile RAVANEL51:21.30
2nd Jul 20172017 Enduro World Series #5 Millau326Adrien DAILLY47:41.66Cécile RAVANEL56:21.84
28th May 20172017 Enduro World Series #4 Carrick, Co. Wicklow491Adrien DAILLY23:57.48Cécile RAVANEL28:34.93
14th May 20172017 Enduro World Series #3Machico, Madeira317Greg CALLAGHAN49:24.49Cécile RAVANEL57:19.74
9th Apr 20172017 Enduro World Series #2Blue Derby, TAS255Adrien DAILLY24:26.71Isabeau COURDURIER27:52.17
26th Mar 20172017 Enduro World Series #1Rotorua275Wyn MASTERS37:31.72Cécile RAVANEL44:36.63
2nd Oct 20162016 Enduro World Series #8 Finale Ligure332Martin MAES38:28.15Cécile RAVANEL44:09.50
18th Sep 20162016 Enduro World Series #7Valberg, Guillaumes290Sam HILL (elt)44:34.45Cécile RAVANEL51:34.74
31st Jul 20162016 Enduro World Series #5
(2016 Big Mountain Enduro, Round 3)
Snowmass Village, CO332Jared GRAVES52:32.44Cécile RAVANEL54:23.66
17th Jul 20162016 Enduro World Series #4La Thuile376Richie RUDE55:00.66Cécile RAVANEL1h04:51.26
15th May 20162016 Enduro World Series #3 Carrick, Co. Wicklow351Greg CALLAGHAN25:51.19Tracy MOSELEY29:21.96
3rd Apr 20162016 Enduro World Series #2 Cerro Catedral298Richie RUDE31:41.60Cécile RAVANEL38:06.04
27th Mar 20162016 Enduro World Series #1 Corral, Valdiva349Richie RUDE32:47.42Cécile RAVANEL37:43.12
4th Oct 20152015 Enduro World Series #8Finale Ligure431Jared GRAVES35:42.00Tracy MOSELEY40:50.38
27th Sep 20152015 Enduro World Series #7Zona Zero Ainsa-Sobrarbe382Richie RUDE30:32.22Tracy MOSELEY34:58.36
9th Aug 20152015 Enduro World Series #6 Whistler, BC268Richie RUDE49:23.84Tracy MOSELEY56:36.78
2nd Aug 20152015 Enduro World Series #5
(2015 Big Mountain Enduro, Round 3)
Crested Butte, COCANCELLED
19th Jul 20152015 Enduro World Series #4 Samoëns269Richie RUDE48:24.84Tracy MOSELEY55:12.71
31st May 20152015 Enduro World Series #3 Glentress558Justin LEOV32:23.83Tracy MOSELEY37:17.49
24th May 20152015 Enduro World Series #2 Carrick, Co. Wicklow353Greg CALLAGHAN27:43.82Tracy MOSELEY32:17.57
5th Oct 20142014 Enduro World Series #7Finale Ligure475Fabien BAREL38:08.38Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON42:51.21
10th Aug 20142014 Enduro World Series #6
(2014 North American Enduro Tour, Round 7)
Whistler, BC320Jared GRAVES51:11.44Cécile RAVANEL58:04.15
27th Jul 20142014 Enduro World Series #5
(2014 North American Enduro Tour, Round 6)
(EWS - Colorado Freeride Festival - Specialized Enduro)
Winter Park, CO148Jared GRAVES44:16.43Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON50:01.97
13th Jul 20142014 Enduro World Series #4La Thuile344Damien OTON1h11:38.88Tracy MOSELEY1h20:44.38
22nd Jun 20142014 Enduro World Series #3Valloire268Jared GRAVES1h20:39.92Tracy MOSELEY1h29:49.77
1st Jun 20142014 Enduro World Series #2 Glentress495Elliott HEAP42:28.30Tracy MOSELEY49:01.07
20th Apr 20142014 Enduro World Series #1Nevados de Chillan Bike Park107Jerome CLEMENTZ36:41.30Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON40:50.50
20th Oct 20132013 Enduro World Series #7Finale Ligure328Jerome CLEMENTZ25:40.50Tracy MOSELEY29:38.70
25th Aug 20132013 Enduro World Series #6Val d'Isère267Jerome CLEMENTZ1h07:03.71Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON1h17:23.22
11th Aug 20132013 Enduro World Series #5 Whistler, BC255Jared GRAVES47:57.23Anne-Caroline CHAUSSON55:24.20
28th Jul 20132013 Enduro World Series #4Winter Park, CO231Jerome CLEMENTZ41:12.45Tracy MOSELEY45:45.85
7th Jul 20132013 Enduro World Series #3Les Deux Alpes281Jerome CLEMENTZ32:54.74Tracy MOSELEY38:54.91

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