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Ard Rock

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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
31st Jul 2022Ard Rock Swaledale3365Fergus LAMB19:21.71Tracy MOSELEY23:21.72
19th Sep 2021Ard Moors Enduro Lord Stones Country Park745Marc BEAUMONT15:36.15Monika MIXOVA19:31.01
8th Aug 2021Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale2421Fergus LAMB19:29.79Bex BARAONA22:19.36
20th Sep 2020Ard Moors EnduroLord Stones Country ParkCANCELLED
2nd Aug 2020Ard Rock EnduroSwaledaleCANCELLED
26th Apr 2020Ard Dales EnduroNidderdaleCANCELLED
15th Sep 2019Ard Moors Enduro Lord Stones Country Park888Harvey CLACHERTY16:18.24Helen GASKELL19:57.31
4th Aug 2019Ard Rock EnduroSwaledaleCANCELLED
16th Sep 2018Ard Moors Enduro Lord Stones Country Park757Joe BREEDEN15:29.61Gabriele GELGOTAITE20:42.99
5th Aug 2018Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale3045Steve PEAT19:25.77Tracy MOSELEY22:06.12
4th Aug 2018Ard Rock MarathonSwaledale323Andrew DOUGLAS2h24:00.00Sally BIGHAM2h41:43.00
17th Sep 2017Ard Moors Enduro Lord Stones Country Park360Ian AUSTERMUHLE14:08.35Karen VAN MEERBEECK22:50.91
6th Aug 2017Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale2948Kelan GRANT17:10.78Rachael WALKER22:03.75
18th Sep 2016Ard Moors Enduro Lord Stones Country Park500David WARDELL13:03.19Sally BUCKWORTH17:25.25
6th Aug 2016Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale2214Leigh JOHNSON15:01.86Tracy MOSELEY17:14.68
27th Sep 2015Yorkshire MTB Marathon Swaledale207Jason HYND3h27:42.00Helen JACKSON3h52:22.00
9th Aug 2015Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale1306Liam MOYNIHAN16:26.76Ruth BOWMAN20:25.52
17th May 2015Time Trial DH Swaledale170Robert YOUNG (mas)4:38.75Nadia BOTHA7:06.06
3rd Aug 2014Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale514Philip SHUCKSMITH14:36.00Cheri MILLS19:32.00
30th Jun 2013Ard Rock Enduro Swaledale305Lee KERMODE13:01.00Helen GASKELL15:27.00
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