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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
26th Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #5TBA-
25th Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #4TBA-
24th Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #3TBA-
23rd Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #2TBA-
22nd Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #1TBA-
3rd Jul 20212021 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #6TBA-
2nd Jul 20212021 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #5TBA-
1st Jul 20212021 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #4TBA-
30th Jun 20212021 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #3TBA-
29th Jun 20212021 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #2TBA-
28th Jun 20212021 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #1TBA-
5th Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #6TBA-
4th Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #5TBA-
3rd Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #4TBA-
2nd Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #3TBA-
1st Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #2TBA-
28th Feb 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #1TBA-
26th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #6SilverStar, BCCANCELLED
26th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series Electric #4SilverStar, BCCANCELLED
19th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #5Panorama Resort, BCCANCELLED
19th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series Electric #3Panorama Resort, BCCANCELLED
12th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #4Crowsnest Pass, ABCANCELLED
5th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #3Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ONCANCELLED
5th Jul 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series Electric #2Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ONCANCELLED
4th Jul 20202020 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #6TBACANCELLED
3rd Jul 20202020 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #5TBACANCELLED
2nd Jul 20202020 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #4TBACANCELLED
1st Jul 20202020 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #3TBACANCELLED
30th Jun 20202020 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #2TBACANCELLED
29th Jun 20202020 Schwalbe Trans BC Enduro #1TBACANCELLED
21st Jun 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #2Sun Peaks, BCCANCELLED
21st Jun 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series Electric #1Sun Peaks, BCCANCELLED
10th May 20202020 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #1Fraser Valley, BCCANCELLED
21st Feb 20202020 Trans NZ Enduro #6Queenstown Bike Park121Charles MURRAY20:32.00Harriet BEAVEN27:56.00
20th Feb 20202020 Trans NZ Enduro #5Cardrona Alpine Resort, Wanaka124Charles MURRAY22:39.00Harriet BEAVEN30:45.00
19th Feb 20202020 Trans NZ Enduro #4Alexandra (private land)140Bradley HARRIS17:19.00Phoebe COERS22:04.00
18th Feb 20202020 Trans NZ Enduro #3Coronet Peak, Queenstown128Charles MURRAY19:57.00Harriet BEAVEN25:01.00
17th Feb 20202020 Trans NZ Enduro #2Craigieburn Forest125Charles MURRAY12:28.00Falesha STOCKER17:03.00
16th Feb 20202020 Trans NZ Enduro #1Craigieburn Forest129Charles MURRAY25:09.00Falesha STOCKER34:08.00
27th Jul 20192019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #6 (EWS Qualifier)
(BC Enduro - Canadian National Enduro Champs '19)
Panorama Resort, BC239Remi GAUVIN33:33.16Jennifer MCHUGH41:46.21
21st Jul 20192019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #5bBromont, QC-
21st Jul 20192019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #5a Crowsnest Pass, AB240Evan WALL25:52.08Katie SPITTLEHOUSE30:53.91
13th Jul 20192019 Trans BC Enduro #6Fernie, BC-
12th Jul 20192019 Trans BC Enduro #5Crowsnest Pass, AB-
11th Jul 20192019 Trans BC Enduro #4Fernie, BC-
10th Jul 20192019 Trans BC Enduro #3Kimberley, BC-
9th Jul 20192019 Trans BC Enduro #2Panorama Resort, BC-
8th Jul 20192019 Trans BC Enduro #1Panorama Resort, BC-
7th Jul 20192019 BC Enduro - Canmore EnduroCanmore, AB-
7th Jul 20192019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #4 (EWS Qualifier)
(BC Enduro - Sea Otter Canada Enduro)
Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON172James FROST17:06.62Kayla MORIN-BLANCHETTE20:42.65
2nd Jun 20192019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #2 Kamloops, BC299Rhys VERNER27:08.69Miranda MILLER31:11.75
12th May 20192019 Norco Canadian Enduro Series #1 Fraser Valley, BC361Carson EISWALD27:04.78Jill KINTNER31:28.28
21st Apr 20192019 BC Enduro - River Beaver ClassicKamloops, BC-
1st Mar 20192019 Trans NZ Enduro #6Queenstown Bike Park127Brady STONE21:41.00Mops NEWELL27:18.00
28th Feb 20192019 Trans NZ Enduro #5Alexandra (private land)148Bradley HARRIS16:28.00Mops NEWELL20:26.00
27th Feb 20192019 Trans NZ Enduro #4Cardrona Alpine Resort, WanakaCANCELLED
26th Feb 20192019 Trans NZ Enduro #3Coronet Peak, Queenstown129Jordan POWELL26:09.00Mops NEWELL32:19.00
25th Feb 20192019 Trans NZ Enduro #2Craigieburn Forest124Charlie ???12:09.00Jasmine SWANSON19:02.00
24th Feb 20192019 Trans NZ Enduro #1Craigieburn Forest125Charlie ???19:26.00Sarah RAWLEY26:56.00
9th Sep 20182018 BC Enduro #4Kamloops, BC-
29th Jul 20182018 MEC CNES #7Bromont, QC109Connor FEARON16:49.00Genevieve BARIL22:44.00
14th Jul 20182018 Trans BC Enduro #6Nelson, BC170Max LEYEN24:38.00Christina CHAPETTA30:03.00
13th Jul 20182018 Trans BC Enduro #5East Shore, BC170Aaron BRADFORD24:00.00Laura BATTISTA29:51.00
12th Jul 20182018 Trans BC Enduro #4Kokanee, BC170Max LEYEN16:32.00Christina CHAPETTA19:49.00
11th Jul 20182018 Trans BC Enduro #3Castlegar, BC170Max LEYEN28:24.00Laura BATTISTA33:11.00
10th Jul 20182018 Trans BC Enduro #2Rossland, BC170Cory SULLIVAN (pro)36:16.00Christina CHAPETTA42:09.00
9th Jul 20182018 Trans BC Enduro #1Rossland, BC170Cory SULLIVAN (pro)23:32.00Christina CHAPETTA28:33.00
8th Jul 20182018 MEC CNES #6 (EWS Qualifier)Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON146Milton MCCONVILLE16:14.00Lucy SCHICK19:39.00
8th Jul 20182018 BC Enduro #3Canmore, AB-
1st Jul 20182018 MEC CNES #5 Camp Fortune, Chelsea, QC53Franck KIRSCHER14:25.00Sena ODYAKMAZ20:38.00
24th Jun 20182018 MEC CNES #4 Crowsnest Pass, AB236Paul KERFOOT26:11.00Katie SPITTLEHOUSE30:11.00
17th Jun 20182018 MEC CNES #3 (EWS Qualifier) Panorama Resort, BC208Remi GAUVIN35:25.00Emily SLACO43:58.00
3rd Jun 20182018 MEC CNES #2 Kamloops, BC204Remi GAUVIN23:37.00Jennifer MCHUGH28:12.00
20th May 20182018 BC Enduro #2Kelowna, BC-
13th May 20182018 MEC CNES #1 (EWS Qualifier) Fraser Valley, BC280Max LEYEN19:43.53Georgia ASTLE24:12.29
21st Apr 20182018 BC Enduro #1Kamloops, BC-
1st Mar 20182018 Trans NZ Enduro - Day 5 - QueenstownQueenstown Bike Park123Jerome CLEMENTZ17:02.00Emily SLACO20:41.00
28th Feb 20182018 Trans NZ Enduro - Day 4 - Alex (private land)Queenstown Bike Park149Bradley HARRIS17:07.00Emily SLACO21:07.00
27th Feb 20182018 Trans NZ Enduro - Day 3 - Coronet PeakCoronet Peak, Queenstown139Eddie MASTERS25:15.00Emily SLACO32:46.00
26th Feb 20182018 Trans NZ Enduro - Day 2 - CraigieburnCraigieburn Forest127Jonas MEIER16:38.00Renee WILSON21:47.00
25th Feb 20182018 Trans NZ Enduro - Day 1 - CraigieburnCraigieburn Forest133Jonas MEIER27:27.00Emily SLACO33:17.00
17th Sep 20172017 MEC CNES #6
(2017 MEC BC Enduro West, Round 6)
(2017 MEC BC Enduro East, Round 5)
Sun Peaks, BC131Remi GAUVIN34:51.00Leonie PICTON44:42.00
3rd Sep 2017Revelstoke 3-day Heli Enduro Revelstoke, BC111Marco OSBORNE58:04.00Megan ROSE1h15:19.00
27th Aug 20172017 MEC CNES #5
(2017 MEC BC Enduro West, Round 5)
(2017 MEC BC Enduro East, Round 4)
Big White Resort, BC122Brendon EDGAR21:36.00Andréane LANTHIER NADEAU24:35.00
30th Jul 20172017 MEC BC Enduro East #3 Kicking Horse, Golden, BC106Evan WALL25:13.00Jennifer MCHUGH28:52.00
23rd Jul 20172017 MEC BC Enduro East #2Kimberley, BCCANCELLED
15th Jul 20172017 Trans BC Enduro #6Revelstoke, BC142Brendon EDGAR11:58.00Andréane LANTHIER NADEAU14:17.00
14th Jul 20172017 Trans BC Enduro #5Revelstoke, BC147Peter OSTROSKI25:12.00Casey BROWN29:05.00
13th Jul 20172017 Trans BC Enduro #4Kicking Horse, Golden, BC149Jerome CLEMENTZ26:25.00Casey BROWN31:48.00
12th Jul 20172017 Trans BC Enduro #3Kicking Horse, Golden, BC146Remi GAUVIN26:24.00Casey BROWN32:54.00
11th Jul 20172017 Trans BC Enduro #2Panorama Resort, BC148Remi GAUVIN31:58.00Casey BROWN37:14.00
10th Jul 20172017 Trans BC Enduro #1Fernie, BC148Jerome CLEMENTZ23:26.00Casey BROWN27:25.00
9th Jul 20172017 MEC CNES #4Bromont, QC113Samuel THIBAULT21:04.89Rachel PAGEAU26:54.66
25th Jun 20172017 MEC CNES #3
(2017 North American Enduro Tour, Round 3)
Blue Mountain, Collingwood, ON101Kyle SANGERS18:05.00Jennifer MCHUGH20:20.00
18th Jun 20172017 MEC CNES #2
(2017 MEC BC Enduro East, Round 1)
Crowsnest Pass, AB239Matt MONOD25:27.00Leonie PICTON29:10.00
4th Jun 20172017 MEC BC Enduro West #4 Kamloops, BC210Matthew BEER21:24.00Emily SLACO24:43.00
21st May 20172017 MEC BC Enduro West #3 Williams Lake, BC119Matthew BEER22:24.00Jennifer MCHUGH28:02.00
14th May 20172017 MEC BC Enduro West #2 Vernon, BC104Matthew BEER23:17.00Andréane LANTHIER NADEAU28:09.00
7th May 20172017 MEC CNES #1
(2017 North American Enduro Tour, Round 1)
Fraser Valley, BC245Max LEYEN28:30.00Leonie PICTON35:40.00
30th Apr 20172017 MEC BC Enduro West #1 Penticton, BC182Max LEYEN26:27.00Julie MARSHALL31:18.00

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