Woodland Riders

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Date RaceVenueCompetitorsMen's FTDWomen's FTD
20th Jan 20192018/19 Woodland Riders winter #4Tavi Woodlands681:31.20 Max HEMBROKE2:02.69 Maya ATKINSON
9th Dec 20182018/19 Woodland Riders winter #3Tavi WoodlandsCANCELLED
4th Nov 20182018/19 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_libraryGawton1241:14.42 Jay WILLIAMSON1:32.35 Maya ATKINSON
7th Oct 20182018/19 Woodland Riders winter #1Gawton1451:29.84 Jay WILLIAMSON1:50.31 Maya ATKINSON
15th Apr 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #5Gawton551:32.39 Zak HURRELL1:59.50 Maya ATKINSON
4th Mar 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #4Gawton1271:19.49 Jay WILLIAMSON1:37.80 Maya ATKINSON
21st Jan 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryGawton1031:01.87 Ryan TUNNELL1:28.23 Amy JONES
26th Nov 20172017/18 Woodland Riders winter #2Gawton1561:07.45 Jay WILLIAMSON1:25.77 Maya ATKINSON
29th Oct 20172017/18 Woodland Riders winter #1Gawton1561:44.08 Jay WILLIAMSON2:09.31 Meghan HARRIS
9th Apr 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #5GawtonCANCELLED
12th Mar 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #4 photo_libraryGawton691:29.83 Jay WILLIAMSON2:58.27 Amy JONES
12th Feb 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryGawton781:32.30 Jay WILLIAMSON2:00.88 Maya ATKINSON
15th Jan 20172016/17 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_libraryGawton1521:18.52 Jay WILLIAMSON1:36.37 Meghan HARRIS
13th Nov 20162016/17 Woodland Riders winter #1 photo_libraryGawton1521:32.72 Jay WILLIAMSON1:58.53 Meghan HARRIS
25th Sep 2016South West Champs photo_libraryGawton771:30.89 Max HEMBROKE2:01.08 Meghan HARRIS
15th May 20162015/16 Woodland Riders winter #4 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands861:00.14 Max HEMBROKE1:13.48 Meghan HARRIS
27th Mar 20162015/16 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands9759.96s Darren EVANS (elt)1:16.75 Meghan HARRIS
24th Jan 20162015/16 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1741:06.97 Jay WILLIAMSON1:21.59 Meghan HARRIS
29th Nov 20152015/16 Woodland Riders winter #1 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1741:10.65 Jay WILLIAMSON1:34.62 Meghan HARRIS
26th Apr 20152014/15 Woodland Riders winter #5 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1051:03.11 Jay WILLIAMSON1:30.45 Meghan HARRIS
15th Mar 20152014/15 Woodland Riders winter #4 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands941:09.83 Roger VIEIRA1:32.88 Maya ATKINSON
1st Feb 20152014/15 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1081:07.30 Jay WILLIAMSON1:37.39 Meghan HARRIS
7th Dec 20142014/15 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands10959.49s Jay WILLIAMSON1:21.63 Meghan HARRIS
2nd Nov 20142014/15 Woodland Riders winter #1 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1191:04.04 Zak HURRELL1:43.13 Maya ATKINSON
13th Jul 2014South West Champs photo_libraryTavi Woodlands531:56.66 Jay WILLIAMSON2:45.46 Maya ATKINSON
22nd Jun 2014GGH Summer Gravity Jam photo_libraryTavi Woodlands4154.37s Jay WILLIAMSON1:08.94 Heather KAY
8th Jun 20142013/14 Woodland Riders winter #5 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands611:01.72 Ashley MULLANE1:13.17 Heather KAY
20th Apr 20142013/14 Woodland Riders winter #4Tavi Woodlands9359.47s Jonathan DURN1:12.66 Heather KAY
23rd Mar 20142013/14 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands10557.51s Jay WILLIAMSON1:21.02 Haby-Blu MULLANE
23rd Feb 20142013/14 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1501:14.02 Jay WILLIAMSON1:36.32 Haby-Blu MULLANE
8th Dec 20132013/14 Woodland Riders winter #1 videocamTavi Woodlands1281:00.37 Harry STEER1:18.50 Heather KAY
22nd Sep 2013South West Champs photo_libraryGawton851:55.19 Ashley MULLANE2:36.86 Heather KAY
21st Apr 20132013 Woodland Riders winter #4 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1081:06.98 Ben DEAKIN (OiOi)1:22.76 Heather KAY
17th Mar 20132013 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1131:17.09 Charlie ROSS1:46.42 Heather KAY
17th Feb 20132013 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1211:04.16 Sam MARZETTI1:27.62 Heather KAY
20th Jan 20132013 Woodland Riders winter #1 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands971:08.32 Jay WILLIAMSON1:27.60 Heather KAY
21st Oct 2012South West Champs photo_libraryGawton1241:38.96 Jay WILLIAMSON2:06.17 Jo PAGE
24th Jun 2012Club ChampsTavi Woodlands5250.94s Jay WILLIAMSON1:13.06 Katie PARSONS
22nd Apr 20122012 Woodland Riders winter #4 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands1041:08.68 Jay WILLIAMSON2:14.59 Sally ELAND
25th Mar 20122012 Woodland Riders winter #3 photo_libraryTavi Woodlands801:02.80 Jay WILLIAMSON
26th Feb 20122012 Woodland Riders winter #2 photo_library videocamTavi Woodlands841:16.56 Jay WILLIAMSON
22nd Jan 20122012 Woodland Riders winter #1 photo_library videocamTavi Woodlands781:20.46 Ashley MULLANE
21st Aug 2011South West Champs photo_library videocamGawton721:54.39 Ashley MULLANE
26th Jun 2011Club ChampsTavi Woodlands671:15.48 Harry STEER2:01.72 Katie PARSONS
1st May 20112011 Woodland Riders winter #3 - Grumpy ScotsmanTavi Woodlands711:06.42 Ashley MULLANE
27th Mar 20112011 Woodland Riders winter #2 - The ManTavi Woodlands5358.28s Ashley MULLANE1:44.26 Katie PARSONS
27th Feb 20112011 Woodland Riders winter #1 - GnarkillTavi Woodlands771:05.17 Ben DEAKIN (OiOi)
12th Sep 2010Super-TaviGawton661:58.10 Ashley MULLANE2:21.60 Calamaty-Jayne CANN-WILD
15th Aug 2010HSDGawton872:26.14 Ashley MULLANE3:01.23 Hazel WAKEFIELD
11th Jul 2010EgyptGawton541:44.68 Ashley MULLANE
9th May 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #4Tavi Woodlands451:17.95 Ashley MULLANE1:46.94 Haby-Blu MULLANE
4th Apr 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #3Tavi Woodlands441:05.11 Jay WILLIAMSON1:16.56 Calamaty-Jayne CANN-WILD
7th Mar 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #2Tavi Woodlands5959.98s Jay WILLIAMSON1:18.26 Haby-Blu MULLANE
7th Feb 20102010 Woodland Riders winter #1Tavi Woodlands661:38.93 Ludovic OGET1:54.60 Haby-Blu MULLANE
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