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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
16th Mar 2023DH Student Champs '23 Antur Stiniog163Henry KERR2:42.32Ellen FLEWITT3:12.23
25th May 2022DH Student Champs '22BikePark WalesCANCELLED
4th Apr 2019DH Student Champs '19 Antur Stiniog215Will KEOGH2:40.59Corinna BRISBOURNE3:15.72
19th Apr 2018DH Student Champs '18 BikePark Wales234Josh LOWE3:07.15Daisy SHERWOOD4:13.11
9th Apr 2017DH Student Champs '17 Innerleithen229Jono JONES (sen)2:54.64Manon CARPENTER3:25.81
17th Apr 2016DH Student Champs '16 Antur Stiniog253Jono JONES (sen)2:31.68Bex BARAONA3:05.89
3rd May 2015XC Student Champs '15Birchall WoodsCANCELLED
19th Apr 2015DH Student Champs '15 Innerleithen325Jono JONES (sen)3:16.01Bex BARAONA4:27.51
19th Apr 2014DH Student Champs '14 Caersws194Allan FINDLAY2:03.56Monet ADAMS2:28.60
20th Apr 2013DH Student Champs '13 Combe Sydenham271Emyr DAVIES2:25.48Emma ATKINSON (elt)3:16.81
24th Mar 2012Barefoot Wine MTB DH Champs '12 Rheola248Emyr DAVIES3:05.38Jess STONE3:52.31
13th Mar 2011XC Student Champs '11 MoelfreRESULTS LOST
12th Mar 2011DH Student Champs '11 Moelfre408Emyr DAVIES2:21.89Jess STONE2:42.09
21st Mar 2010Student Champs '10 Ae Forest309Rich THOMAS2:14.15Emily HORRIDGE2:54.74
22nd Mar 2009Student Champs '09 UK Bike Park285Rich THOMAS1:23.70Kerry WRIGGLESWORTH1:58.10
9th Mar 2008Student Champs '08Cwmcarn282Chris HUTCHENS3:14.12Sue MAHONY4:12.88
25th Mar 2007Student Champs '07Dunkeld180Dan STANBRIDGE2:12.03Sue MAHONY3:20.15
19th Mar 2006Student Champs '06Eastridge-
20th Mar 2005Student Champs '05 Innerleithen-
27th Mar 2004Student Champs '04Bringewood210Dan STANBRIDGE2:50.09Jaymie MART4:18.97
29th Mar 2003Student Champs '03Hopton201Stu THOMSON2:55.69Jaymie MART3:56.32
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