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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
14th Jul 20242024 Southern XC #5Isle of Wight MTB Centre-
16th Jun 20242024 Southern XC #4Clanfield Cross-
26th May 20242024 Southern XC #3TBA-
28th Apr 20242024 Southern XC #2Folly Farm-
31st Mar 20242024 Southern XC #1 Matterley Estate379Simon WYLLIE1h33:10.80Holly MACMAHON1h32:19.30
11th Jun 20232023 Southern XC #4 Folly Farm388Steven JAMES1h34:44.20Ruby JAMES1h33:23.40
21st May 20232023 Southern XC #3 Checkendon389Bradley VAUDIN1h22:30.50Amy PERRYMAN1h21:45.20
23rd Apr 20232023 Southern XC #2 Holywell Estate448James ROE1h27:16.00Holly MACMAHON1h26:55.10
12th Mar 20232023 Southern XC #1 Matterley Estate461Simon WYLLIE1h33:11.90Davina MCLELLAND1h20:16.80
17th Jul 20222022 Southern XC #4 Gaddon's Farm, New Forest307Adrian LANSLEY1h25:52.90Jade PACKHAM1h28:14.60
5th Jun 20222022 Southern XC #3 Folly Farm361Phillip PEARCE1h22:59.00Amy PERRYMAN1h24:55.80
10th Apr 20222022 Southern XC #2 Holywell Estate327Joe GRIFFITHS1h34:50.60Abbie MANLEY1h40:40.20
27th Mar 20222022 Southern XC #1 Matterley Estate451Isaac MUNDY1h19:51.90Emily BRIDSON1h11:29.60
20th Jun 2021Central XC Champs Checkendon284Ben ASKEY1h12:21.00Ruby MILLER1h24:06.80
13th Jun 2021South East XC Champs Pippingford252Phillip PEARCE1h21:38.10Jenna BORRILL1h35:51.80
30th May 20212021 Southern XC #4 Holywell Estate387Christopher ROTHWELL1h30:31.10Holly MACMAHON1h21:32.60
9th May 20212021 Southern XC #3 Folly Farm466Ben WADEY29:38.90Ffion JAMES28:09.40
25th Apr 20212021 Southern XC #2 Gaddon's Farm, New Forest403Phillip PEARCE1h21:43.10Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h17:27.80
4th Apr 20212021 Southern XC #1 Checkendon521Christopher ROTHWELL1h15:55.40Sharn HOOPER1h16:36.00
6th Sep 20202020 Southern XC #4Checkendon169Phillip PEARCE1h00:40.90Lydia BROOKES1h12:31.80
23rd Aug 20202020 Southern XC #3Gaddon's Farm, New Forest156Joseph BECKINGSALE51:11.50Kym HARVEY11:01.90
16th Aug 20202020 Southern XC #2Folly Farm136Paddy ATKINSON44:43.20Abbie MANLEY52:46.90
19th Jul 20202020 Southern XC #1PippingfordEVENT CANCELLED
14th Jul 20192019 Southern XC #5Pippingford230Joe GRIFFITHS1h38:29.90Sharn HOOPER1h44:13.40
2nd Jun 20192019 Southern XC #4Folly Farm311Scott CHAPPELL1h36:42.00Sharn HOOPER1h39:18.30
19th May 20192019 Southern XC #3Crow Hill321Phillip PEARCE1h41:15.90Kate BOWERS1h26:11.60
21st Apr 20192019 Southern XC #2Checkendon368Phillip PEARCE1h41:28.10Nicole WALTERS1h41:25.80
17th Mar 20192019 Southern XC #1 Matterley Estate364Max GIBBONS1h32:40.80Helen BARRON1h40:45.20
15th Jul 20182018 Southern XC #4 Matterley Estate261Christopher ROTHWELL1h23:05.70Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h18:44.20
24th Jun 20182018 Southern XC #3Pippingford240Adrian LANSLEY1h23:26.50Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h40:36.80
27th May 20182018 Southern XC #2Crow Hill290Isaac PUCCI1h36:38.70Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h39:45.30
29th Apr 20182018 Southern XC #1Checkendon360Scott CHAPPELL1h32:19.10Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h27:40.40
16th Jul 20172017 Southern XC #5 Pippingford218Liam KILLEEN1h25:48.00Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h34:12.90
25th Jun 20172017 Southern XC #4Matterley Estate295Adrian LANSLEY1h26:42.50Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h26:20.70
28th May 20172017 Southern XC #3 Crow Hill325Phillip PEARCE1h41:08.60Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h44:59.00
16th Apr 20172017 Southern XC #2 Checkendon321Sam HUMPHREY1h18:21.10Ruby MILLER1h31:05.00
12th Mar 20172017 Southern XC #1 Wasing331Phillip PEARCE1h54:49.80Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h32:41.80
21st Aug 20162016 Southern XC #2Checkendon214Ben THOMAS (elt)1h29:42.20Holly MACMAHON1h28:03.90
10th Jul 20162016 Southern XC #7 Matterley Estate227Adrian LANSLEY1h27:16.60Amy-Jo HANSFORD1h36:18.80
26th Jun 20162016 Southern XC #6 Pippingford191Phillip PEARCE1h38:09.50Heidi GOULD1h46:17.20
5th Jun 20162016 Southern XC #5 Crow Hill300Phillip PEARCE1h37:58.90Holly MACMAHON1h40:25.70
22nd May 20162016 Southern XC #4 Matterley Estate296Adrian LANSLEY1h29:53.00Holly MACMAHON1h38:32.50
8th May 20162016 Southern XC #3 Wasing356Phillip PEARCE1h36:41.60Holly MACMAHON1h40:03.00
20th Mar 20162016 Southern XC #1 Black Park366Phillip PEARCE1h43:01.10Holly MACMAHON1h41:59.10
23rd Aug 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #6Checkendon239Adrian LANSLEY1h36:11.00Heidi GOULD1h30:59.00
28th Jun 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #5 Porridgepot Hill329Phillip PEARCE2h06:47.00Louise ROBINSON1h37:49.00
31st May 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #4 Bordon344Adrian LANSLEY1h37:28.00Catriona ROSS1h38:17.00
10th May 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #3Wasing329Phillip PEARCE1h35:35.00Catriona ROSS1h42:09.00
26th Apr 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #2Crow Hill345Phillip PEARCE1h45:02.00Merce PACIOS PUJADÓ1h53:56.00
1st Mar 20152015 Pedalon Southern XC #1Black Park397Phillip PEARCE1h42:48.00Catriona ROSS1h43:41.00
8th Jun 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #5Queen Elizabeth Country Park275Adrian LANSLEY1h32:25.00Catriona ROSS1h37:06.00
18th May 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #4Porridgepot Hill377Jody CRAWFORTH1h35:53.00Catriona ROSS1h37:23.00
27th Apr 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #3Crow Hill281Steven JAMES1h51:08.00Catriona ROSS2h16:22.00
6th Apr 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #2Checkendon337Steven JAMES1h46:34.00Catriona ROSS1h45:11.00
16th Mar 20142014 Pedalon Southern XC #1Wasing402Jason BOUTTELL1h46:55.00Catriona ROSS1h30:32.00
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