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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
18th Sep 20222022 South West XC #5 Newnham Park110Tristan DAVIES (elt)1h34:54.00Jenny BOLSOM1h36:06.80
17th Jul 20222022 South West XC #4 Grammarcombe Woods83Ed WELSH1h36:33.60
19th Jun 20222022 South West XC #3 Woody's Bike Park59Max GIBBONS1h43:17.50Kerry JAGO1h54:04.50
22nd May 20222022 South West XC #2 & South West champs Grammarcombe Woods151Jack SOUTHCOTT1h22:16.80Miriam WHITEHURST1h35:44.10
27th Mar 20222022 South West XC #1Grammarcombe Woods-
22nd Aug 20212021 South West XC #5 Grammarcombe Woods107Tristan DAVIES (elt)1h24:38.40Sasha SMITH1h32:02.80
11th Jul 20212021 South West XC #4Bratton-
23rd May 20212021 South West XC #3 & SW ChampsGrammarcombe Woods-
9th May 20212021 South West XC #2Woody's Bike Park-
4th Apr 20212021 South West XC #1Grammarcombe Woods-
27th Sep 2020Grammarcombe XC revivalGrammarcombe Woods-
12th Jul 20202020 South West XC #5MineheadCANCELLED
14th Jun 20202020 South West XC #4Mount EdgcumbeCANCELLED
17th May 20202020 South West XC #3Grammarcombe WoodsCANCELLED
28th Apr 20202020 South West XC #2Woody's Bike ParkCANCELLED
15th Mar 20202020 South West XC #1Woodbury Common112Ben WADEY1h37:40.90Helen BARRON1h45:26.70
7th Mar 2020Ashcombe night XC raceGrammarcombe Woods23
7th Jul 20192019 South West XC #6 Mount Edgcumbe78Richard LONG1h41:25.00Sharn HOOPER1h40:32.00
16th Jun 20192019 South West XC #5Grammarcombe Woods128Max SUTTIE1h27:35.00Sharn HOOPER1h46:31.00
2nd Jun 20192019 South West XC #4Bratton128Richard LONG1h43:56.00Helen BARRON1h51:25.00
19th May 20192019 South West XC #3Haldon-
28th Apr 20192019 South West XC #2 Woody's Bike Park132Max SUTTIE1h35:01.00Helen BARRON1h38:12.00
17th Mar 20192019 South West XC #1Woodbury Common117Max SUTTIE1h30:56.00Kerry JAGO1h43:06.00
12th Aug 20182018 South West XC #6Mount Edgcumbe-
7th Jul 20182018 South West XC #5Haldon-
10th Jun 20182018 South West XC #4Mount Edgcumbe-
20th May 20182018 South West XC #3Haldon-
15th Apr 20182018 South West XC #2Bush Farm-
18th Mar 20182018 South West XC #1Woodbury CommonCANCELLED
28th May 20172017 South West XC #3 Newnham Park57Richard LONG1h15:27.00Sharn HOOPER1h13:27.00
7th May 20172017 South West XC #2 Hustyn Wood, Bodmin117Mark BYRNE1h41:13.00Sharn HOOPER1h24:47.00
23rd Apr 20172017 South West XC #1East Budleigh Common, Exeter-
17th Jul 20162016 South West XC #5Woodbury Common-
3rd Jul 20162016 South West XC #4 Grogley Woods, Bodmin79Harry SNOW1h38:20.00Maddie HORTON1h32:23.00
19th Jun 20162016 South West XC #3Woolacombe Beach-
15th May 20162016 South West XC #2Grammarcombe Woods-
17th Apr 20162016 South West XC #1Woodbury Common151Jared LINDEN1h32:15.00Sophie HEMMING1h50:19.00
14th Jun 20152015 South West XC #2 Grogley Woods, BodminRESULTS LOST
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