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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
6th Jun 2021Peel Hill Fun EnduroIsle of Man-
12th Dec 2020The Laxey Team Fun EnduroIsle of Man69Isaac BATTY9:13.69Saskia BAXTER13:57.23
11th Oct 20202020 Manx Enduro Series #3 - JR HinchliffeIsle of Man69Nigel BEATTIE18:30.15
6th Sep 2020Pokerstars 2 day MTB EnduroIsle of Man49Nigel BEATTIE28:42.14
16th Aug 20202020 Manx Enduro Series #2 - BikestyleIsle of Man47Nigel BEATTIE17:16.09
19th Jul 20202020 Manx Enduro Series #1 - CoinCornerIsle of Man75Nigel BEATTIE13:43.75
2nd Feb 2020Okells Enduro Mash-upIsle of Man-
21st Jul 2019Pokerstars 2 day MTB EnduroIsle of Man66Jim MARSHALL31:06.47Sarah BRUNSWICK41:39.47
17th Feb 2019Okells Enduro Mash-upIsle of Man74Nigel BEATTIE8:19.30Saskia BAXTER10:17.30
19th Aug 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #3Isle of Man-
15th Jul 2018Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro Isle of Man56Jim MARSHALL29:43.99Saskia BAXTER38:51.59
20th May 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #2 Isle of Man32Nigel BEATTIE15:27.84Saskia BAXTER21:35.62
15th Apr 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #1 Isle of Man46Nigel BEATTIE26:18.63Saskia BAXTER35:12.20
24th Feb 2018The Okells Nighttime Fun Enduro Isle of Man51Paul BUCHANAN10:44.58Saskia BAXTER14:48.62
20th Aug 20172017 Manx Enduro Series #3 - Summit to SeaIsle of Man83Nigel BEATTIE24:38.00Emily BRIDSON32:29.00
16th Jul 2017Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro Isle of Man94Callum RUSSELL (sen1)31:32.00Julie LYNESS1h06:45.00
18th Jun 20172017 Manx Enduro Series #2Isle of Man48Tom SKILLICORN17:37.00
23rd Apr 20172017 Manx Enduro Series #1Isle of Man62Tom SKILLICORN21:57.00Julie LYNESS32:34.00
16th Oct 20162016 Manx Enduro Series #3Isle of Man38Jim MARSHALL10:15.00Julie LYNESS16:59.00
10th Jul 2016Pokerstars 2 day MTB Enduro Isle of Man71Jim MARSHALL28:44.00Julie LYNESS46:23.00
19th Jun 20162016 Manx Enduro Series #2Isle of Man46Nigel BEATTIE20:11.00Julie LYNESS27:23.00
17th Apr 20162016 Manx Enduro Series #1Isle of Man64Jim MARSHALL12:42.00Julie LYNESS20:21.00
16th Aug 2015Pokerstars 2 day MTB EnduroIsle of Man54Jim MARSHALL31:41.00Julie LYNESS50:28.00
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