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Date RaceVenueCompetitorsMen's FTDRiderWomen's FTDRider
20th Oct 2019HopeTech Women's EnduroGisburn Forest-
6th Oct 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #6Grizedale Forest-
8th Sep 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #5Kirroughtree Forest-
11th Aug 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #4Llangollen-
23rd Jun 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #3Lee Quarry-
5th May 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 (EWS Qualifier)
(2019 BEMBA National Enduro Series, Round 2)
7th Apr 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 photo_libraryGisburn Forest3289:50.13Ian AUSTERMUHLE11:24.20K.J. SHARP
14th Oct 2018HopeTech Women's Enduro photo_libraryGisburn Forest2476:09.21Martha GILL
7th Oct 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 photo_libraryLee Quarry21910:55.13Sam HOLMES12:31.24Martha GILL
9th Sep 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 photo_libraryKirroughtree Forest27110:07.93James SHIRLEY11:23.74Rebecca BARAONA
6th May 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 photo_libraryGraythwaite30115:43.57Matty STUTTARD25:35.39Melissa PEARSON
15th Apr 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest3219:29.28Matty STUTTARD13:01.11K.J. SHARP
18th Mar 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 photoGisburn ForestCANCELLED
14th Oct 2017HopeTech Women's Enduro photo_libraryGisburn Forest2196:05.36Annie LAST
8th Oct 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest28212:50.68Adam BRAYTON17:01.01Polly HENDERSON
10th Sep 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 photo_libraryGnar Bike Park, Cumbria25812:06.84James SWINDEN13:32.48Polly HENDERSON
2nd Jul 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 photo_libraryKirroughtree Forest22911:21.58Josh HURLEY14:02.43Polly HENDERSON
4th Jun 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 photo_libraryLee Quarry3238:49.29James SWINDEN10:35.32Rebecca BARAONA
30th Apr 2017UK Enduro Champs '17 photo_libraryGraythwaite43120:41.13Matty STUTTARD23:27.77Tracy MOSELEY
19th Mar 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 photo_library videocamGisburn Forest2949:58.98James SWINDEN12:19.36Polly HENDERSON
7th Jan 2017Grizedale Day/Night Enduro photo_libraryGrizedale Forest10911:13.86Matty STUTTARD15:55.52Sally BUCKWORTH
26th Nov 2016Escape to Gisburn Day/Night Enduro photo_libraryGisburn Forest19613:24.94Callum RUSSELL (sen2)16:16.07K.J. SHARP
2nd Oct 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #7 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest26810:56.87James SWINDEN13:44.75Becky COOK
4th Sep 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #6 photo_libraryGnar Bike Park, Cumbria25410:49.43James SWINDEN13:47.46Martha GILL
3rd Jul 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 photo_libraryKirroughtree Forest23110:07.28Josh HURLEY11:48.62Becky COOK
5th Jun 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 photo_libraryGraythwaite3259:51.31Ian AUSTERMUHLE12:53.34Claire BENNETT
8th May 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 photo_libraryLee Quarry24110:36.37James SWINDEN14:53.65Abigale LAWTON
17th Apr 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest33513:01.60Matty STUTTARD16:07.70Becky COOK
20th Mar 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 photo_library videocamGisburn Forest3328:31.17James SWINDEN11:30.63Rachael WALKER
11th Oct 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #6 photo_libraryGisburn Forest30311:32.50Matty STUTTARD13:19.81Rebecca BARAONA
13th Sep 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #5 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest3298:43.36Sam SHUCKSMITH11:09.08Carrie POOLE
5th Jul 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #4 photo_libraryKirroughtree Forest21311:12.71Bruce MCCLEARY14:13.62Fay JORDAN
14th Jun 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #3 photo_libraryLee Quarry2658:56.01Cal DEW10:42.00Rebecca BARAONA
26th Apr 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #2 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest3607:49.13Joe FLANAGAN (elt)8:33.91Tracy MOSELEY
8th Mar 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #1 photo_libraryGisburn Forest3218:02.98Matty STUTTARD9:50.49Rebecca BARAONA
5th Oct 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #5 photo_libraryLee Quarry1476:41.00Kieron BAKEWELL9:24.00Cath HEMPSALL
14th Sep 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #4 photo_libraryGisburn Forest3149:27.04Rob YOUNG (exp)11:17.86Martha GILL
15th Jun 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #3 photo_libraryKirroughtree Forest1579:48.00Bruce MCCLEARY12:38.00Sam HILL
18th May 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #2 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest31411:38.00Edward ROBERTS13:13.00Helen GASKELL
27th Apr 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #1 - Escape to Gisburn photo_libraryGisburn Forest2868:53.00Lee KERMODE12:04.00Emma KNIGHT
29th Sep 2013Escape to Gisburn photo_libraryGisburn Forest25310:28.00Lee KERMODE11:59.00Sarah NEWMAN
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