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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
18th Oct 2020HopeTech Women's EnduroGisburn ForestCANCELLED
4th Oct 20202020 Hope PMBA Enduro #6Grizedale ForestCANCELLED
6th Sep 20202020 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 (EWS Qualifier) Graythwaite427Reece LANGHORN13:09.02Polly HENDERSON18:07.41
9th Aug 20202020 Hope PMBA Enduro #4
(2020 BEMBA National Enduro Series, Round 4)
12th Jul 20202020 Hope PMBA Enduro #3GraythwaiteCANCELLED
21st Jun 20202020 Hope PMBA Enduro #2Lee QuarryCANCELLED
29th Mar 20202020 Hope PMBA Enduro #1Gisburn ForestCANCELLED
20th Oct 2019HopeTech Women's Enduro Gisburn Forest263Martha GILL6:02.27
6th Oct 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #6 Grizedale Forest304Ian AUSTERMUHLE7:21.18Tracy MOSELEY8:52.74
8th Sep 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 Kirroughtree Forest323Josh NOBLE11:01.83Polly HENDERSON12:45.01
11th Aug 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 Llangollen326Ian AUSTERMUHLE7:31.31Meg WHYTE9:12.36
23rd Jun 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 Lee Quarry355Ian AUSTERMUHLE9:41.46Rose TEMPEST12:16.74
5th May 20192019 BEMBA National Enduro Series #2 (EWS Qualifier)
(2019 Hope PMBA Enduro, Round 2)
Graythwaite527Adam BRAYTON14:18.97Polly HENDERSON18:30.59
7th Apr 20192019 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 Gisburn Forest328Ian AUSTERMUHLE9:50.13K.J. SHARP11:24.20
14th Oct 2018HopeTech Women's Enduro Gisburn Forest247Martha GILL6:09.21
7th Oct 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 Lee Quarry219Sam HOLMES10:55.13Martha GILL12:31.24
9th Sep 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 Kirroughtree Forest271James SHIRLEY10:07.93Rebecca BARAONA11:23.74
6th May 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 Graythwaite301Matty STUTTARD15:43.57Melissa PEARSON25:35.39
15th Apr 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 Grizedale Forest321Matty STUTTARD9:29.28K.J. SHARP13:01.11
18th Mar 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 Gisburn ForestCANCELLED
14th Oct 2017HopeTech Women's Enduro Gisburn Forest219Annie LAST6:05.36
8th Oct 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 Grizedale Forest282Adam BRAYTON12:50.68Polly HENDERSON17:01.01
10th Sep 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 Gnar Bike Park, Cumbria258James SWINDEN12:06.84Polly HENDERSON13:32.48
2nd Jul 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 Kirroughtree Forest229Josh HURLEY11:21.58Polly HENDERSON14:02.43
4th Jun 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 Lee Quarry323James SWINDEN8:49.29Rebecca BARAONA10:35.32
30th Apr 2017UK Enduro Champs '17 Graythwaite431Matty STUTTARD20:41.13Tracy MOSELEY23:27.77
19th Mar 20172017 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 Gisburn Forest294James SWINDEN9:58.98Polly HENDERSON12:19.36
7th Jan 2017Grizedale Day/Night Enduro Grizedale Forest109Matty STUTTARD11:13.86Sally BUCKWORTH15:55.52
26th Nov 2016Escape to Gisburn Day/Night Enduro Gisburn Forest196Callum RUSSELL (sen2)13:24.94K.J. SHARP16:16.07
2nd Oct 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #7 Grizedale Forest268James SWINDEN10:56.87Becky COOK13:44.75
4th Sep 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #6 Gnar Bike Park, Cumbria254James SWINDEN10:49.43Martha GILL13:47.46
3rd Jul 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #5 Kirroughtree Forest231Josh HURLEY10:07.28Becky COOK11:48.62
5th Jun 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #4 Graythwaite325Ian AUSTERMUHLE9:51.31Claire BENNETT12:53.34
8th May 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 Lee Quarry241James SWINDEN10:36.37Abigale LAWTON14:53.65
17th Apr 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 Grizedale Forest335Matty STUTTARD13:01.60Becky COOK16:07.70
20th Mar 20162016 Hope PMBA Enduro #1 Gisburn Forest332James SWINDEN8:31.17Rachael WALKER11:30.63
11th Oct 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #6 Gisburn Forest303Matty STUTTARD11:32.50Rebecca BARAONA13:19.81
13th Sep 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #5 Grizedale Forest329Sam SHUCKSMITH8:43.36Carrie POOLE11:09.08
5th Jul 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #4 Kirroughtree Forest213Bruce MCCLEARY11:12.71Fay JORDAN14:13.62
14th Jun 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #3 Lee Quarry265Cal DEW8:56.01Rebecca BARAONA10:42.00
26th Apr 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #2 Grizedale Forest360Joe FLANAGAN7:49.13Tracy MOSELEY8:33.91
8th Mar 20152015 Borderline/PMBA Enduro #1 Gisburn Forest321Matty STUTTARD8:02.98Rebecca BARAONA9:50.49
5th Oct 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #5 Lee Quarry147Kieron BAKEWELL6:41.00Cath HEMPSALL9:24.00
14th Sep 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #4 Gisburn Forest314Rob YOUNG (exp)9:27.04Martha GILL11:17.86
15th Jun 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #3 Kirroughtree Forest157Bruce MCCLEARY9:48.00Sam HILL12:38.00
18th May 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #2 Grizedale Forest314Edward ROBERTS11:38.00Helen GASKELL13:13.00
27th Apr 20142014 Empire PMBA Enduro #1 - Escape to Gisburn Gisburn Forest286Lee KERMODE8:53.00Emma KNIGHT12:04.00
29th Sep 2013Escape to Gisburn Gisburn Forest253Lee KERMODE10:28.00Sarah NEWMAN11:59.00
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