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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
TBA2020 Fox Superflow #TBAMt Taylor, VIC-
TBA2020 Fox Superflow #11Silvan, VIC-
28th Nov 20202020 Fox Superflow #10Mt Joyce, QLD111Jared GRAVES15:04.50Rebecca POOLE18:47.00
14th Nov 20202020 Fox Superflow #9Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW399Ryan GILCHRIST5:00.80Zoe CUTHBERT5:46.20
17th Oct 20202020 Fox Superflow #8Ourimbah, NSW315Graeme MUDD6:59.80Zoe CUTHBERT8:13.70
11th Oct 20202020 Fox Superflow #7Mackay, QLD59Aaron HUTTON8:08.40Rebecca STEELE (QLD)14:45.40
26th Sep 20202020 Fox Superflow #6Stromlo, Canberra, ACT451Ryan GILCHRIST7:00.10Sian A'HERN7:53.30
19th Sep 20202020 Fox Superflow #5Douglas, QLD101Patrick MORRISON16:46.00Iona ANDERSON18:59.10
22nd Aug 20202020 Fox Superflow #4Castle Hill, QLD312Ben FORBES5:54.00Catherine O'NEILL7:01.80
8th Aug 20202020 Fox Superflow #3Jolly Nose, NSW268Jack MOIR8:38.00Zoe CUTHBERT10:26.00
18th Jul 20202020 Fox Superflow #2Nerang, QLD368Jack MOIR11:16.90Lisa MATHISON12:57.10
11th Jul 20202020 Fox Superflow #1Awaba, NSW363Ryan GILCHRIST7:24.10Zoe CUTHBERT8:29.70
17th Nov 20192019 Fox Superflow #6Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW157Jason CAPENECAS6:19.10Zoe COOPER8:18.40
22nd Sep 20192019 Fox Superflow #5Kiwarrak MTB Park, Taree, NSW138Ryan GILCHRIST10:48.80Kelly MAPLESTON15:04.00
1st Sep 20192019 Fox Superflow #4Ourimbah, NSW181Shane GILLETT7:41.50Leanna CURTIS9:00.10
21st Jul 20192019 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Awaba, NSW94Jack MOIR3:34.51Cassie VOYSEY4:45.47
30th Jun 20192019 Fox Superflow #3Awaba, NSW260Riley KING7:04.60Laura RENSHAW8:39.10
23rd Jun 20192019 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Del Rio, NSW75Josh ARCUS2:24.69Cassie VOYSEY2:51.54
2nd Jun 20192019 Fox Superflow #2Stromlo, Canberra, ACT455Josh CARLSON17:36.10Zoe CUTHBERT19:41.20
19th May 20192019 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Ourimbah, NSW115Scott GRAHAM3:21.97Cassie VOYSEY3:47.64
31st Mar 20192019 Fox Superflow #1Thredbo, NSWCANCELLED
30th Mar 2019RedAss NSW State ChampsThredbo, NSWCANCELLED
11th Nov 20182018 Fox Superflow #6Awaba, NSW204Ezra WEATHERILL10:59.50Sue THOMPSON13:03.20
21st Oct 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #6 (Snake Bit…)Mt Borah, NSW9Mitchell GRADY3:03.49
1st Oct 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #5Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW104Ethan CORNEY1:58.73Emily PARKES2:24.78
29th Sep 20182018 Fox Superflow #5Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW237Luke MEIER-SMITH6:50.40Emily PARKES8:07.40
2nd Sep 2018Fox Superflow champsStromlo, Canberra, ACT243Anthony ELLIOTT43:27.90Emily PARKES48:33.50
5th Aug 20182018 Fox Superflow #4Jolly Nose, NSW172Ryan MCLENNAN14:28.10Sue THOMPSON18:52.90
15th Jul 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #4Lithgow, NSW80Blake NIELSEN1:57.50Cassie VOYSEY2:25.90
14th Jul 2018Fox Superflow champsJolly Nose, NSW-
1st Jul 20182018 Fox Superflow #3Ourimbah, NSW336Anthony ELLIOTT18:58.50Georgina VON MARBURG22:33.20
17th Jun 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Del Rio, NSW70Bruce MOIR2:02.92Cassie VOYSEY2:58.28
20th May 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Awaba, NSW68Matt CARTER3:48.29Danielle BEECROFT4:37.16
29th Apr 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Ourimbah, NSW129Scott GRAHAM3:18.94Ellie SMITH4:00.84
8th Apr 2018RedAss NSW State ChampsThredbo, NSW156Brent SMITH4:45.70Tegan MOLLOY5:38.60
7th Apr 20182018 Fox Superflow #2Thredbo, NSW320Anthony ELLIOTT16:28.52Cassie VOYSEY18:49.20
18th Feb 20182018 Fox Superflow #1Stromlo, Canberra, ACT396Blake NIELSEN16:16.00Rebecca MCCONNELL17:28.00
19th Nov 2017Fox Superflow champsKempsey, NSW86Anthony ELLIOTT19:33.00Rebecca WYATT23:05.00
15th Oct 20172017 RedAss NSW DH Series #5Lithgow, NSW76Joel WILLIS2:01.12Sian A'HERN2:28.86
1st Oct 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #6Dungog, NSW148Anthony ELLIOTT14:46.00Rebecca WYATT17:43.00
6th Aug 20172017 RedAss NSW DH Series #4Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW132Harry PARSONS1:44.39Sian A'HERN2:04.58
5th Aug 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #5Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW232Anthony ELLIOTT6:39.00Kellie WEINERT7:59.00
23rd Jul 20172017 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Del Rio, NSW77Lachlan STUERZL2:21.97Kellie WEINERT2:49.65
2nd Jul 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #4Ourimbah, NSW192Jon ODAMS9:33.00Lucy MACKIE12:14.00
18th Jun 20172017 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Awaba, NSW58Joel WILLIS3:43.19Ellie SMITH4:32.61
30th Apr 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #3Stromlo, Canberra, ACT256Dylan COOPER19:42.00Claire WHITEMAN23:21.00
9th Apr 20172017 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Ourimbah, NSW98Jake NEWELL3:23.00Ellie SMITH4:14.00
2nd Apr 2017RedAss NSW State ChampsThredbo, NSW123Connor FEARON4:40.11Sian A'HERN5:37.93
1st Apr 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #2Thredbo, NSW222Brock NEWLING15:03.73Sian A'HERN16:54.63
29th Jan 20172017 Fox Rollercoaster #1Killingworth, NSW156Brock NEWLING8:04.00Danielle BEECROFT9:18.00
20th Nov 2016Fox Superflow champsOurimbah, NSW158Brock NEWLING9:29.00Kellie WEINERT12:21.00
16th Oct 20162016 RedAss NSW DH Series #4Lithgow, NSW94Joel WILLIS1:52.88Kellie WEINERT2:28.15
4th Sep 2016RedAss NSW State ChampsGreen Valleys Freeride Park, NSW127Joel WILLIS1:58.05Ellie SMITH2:20.34
7th Aug 20162016 Fox Rollercoaster #5Kempsey, NSW135Harrison DOBROWOLSKI22:38.00Rebecca WYATT28:44.00
17th Jul 20162016 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Awaba, NSW77Patrick BUTLER3:48.60Ellie SMITH4:57.30
10th Jul 20162016 Fox Rollercoaster #4Killingworth, NSW187Harrison DOBROWOLSKI8:55.00Sarah BOOTH10:31.00
15th May 20162016 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Del Rio, NSW102Patrick BUTLER1:55.35Kellie WEINERT2:26.63
24th Apr 20162016 Fox Rollercoaster #3Stromlo, Canberra, ACT238Blake SUTCLIFFE20:50.00Claire WHITEMAN23:24.00
3rd Apr 20162016 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Thredbo, NSW135Oliver ZWAR4:45.77Kellie WEINERT5:30.10
2nd Apr 20162016 Fox Rollercoaster #2Thredbo, NSW260Michael VANOS16:11.00Sarah BOOTH18:06.00
28th Feb 20162016 Fox Rollercoaster #1Ourimbah, NSW213Lincoln VERASS2:24.00Sarah BOOTH3:02.00
27th Sep 20152015 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Lithgow, NSW-
6th Sep 20152015 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW-
9th Aug 20152015 Fox Rollercoaster #5Stromlo, Canberra, ACT-
5th Jul 20152015 Fox Rollercoaster #4Kempsey, NSW-
19th Apr 20152015 Fox Rollercoaster #3Thredbo, NSW-
12th Apr 20152015 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Thredbo, NSW-
1st Mar 20152015 Fox Rollercoaster #2Del Rio, NSW-
25th Jan 20152015 Fox Rollercoaster #1Killingworth, NSW-
5th Oct 20142014 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Stromlo, Canberra, ACT128Thomas CRIMMINS (elt)2:28.74Ronja HILL-WRIGHT2:59.14
21st Sep 20142014 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Lithgow, NSW155David MCMILLAN1:57.41Sarah BOOTH2:23.62
27th Jul 20142014 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Green Valleys Freeride Park, NSW189Ben CORY2:03.00Sarah BOOTH2:40.50
13th Apr 2014RedAss NSW State ChampsThredbo, NSW180David MCMILLAN5:19.58Genevieve MCKEW6:29.08
17th Nov 20132013 RedAss NSW DH Series #4Awaba, NSW114Graeme MUDD4:04.07Michelle CRISP5:54.68
29th Sep 2013RedAss NSW State ChampsLithgow, NSW163Andrew CRIMMINS1:46.42Tegan MOLLOY2:11.91
25th Aug 20132013 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Ourimbah, NSW131Brad KELLY3:15.31Sarah BOOTH3:53.76
23rd Jun 20132013 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Del Rio, NSW166Graeme MUDD2:00.84Danielle BEECROFT2:32.06
7th Apr 20132013 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Thredbo, NSW192Thomas CRIMMINS (elt)5:27.04Tegan MOLLOY6:16.03
18th Nov 20122012 RedAss NSW DH Series #5Thredbo, NSW188Ben CORY5:44.40Tegan MOLLOY6:45.70
7th Oct 2012RedAss NSW State ChampsOurimbah, NSW149Graeme MUDD3:25.06Sarah BOOTH4:22.47
16th Sep 20122012 RedAss NSW DH Series #4Stromlo, Canberra, ACT162Graeme MUDD2:16.77Michelle CRISP2:47.91
19th Aug 20122012 RedAss NSW DH Series #3Lithgow, NSW179Joey VEJVODA1:44.25Sarah BOOTH2:20.88
22nd Jul 20122012 RedAss NSW DH Series #2Coffs Harbour, NSW187Jack MOIR3:28.40Michelle CRISP4:13.40
24th Jun 20122012 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Del Rio, NSW171Graeme MUDD2:07.10Vanessa THOMPSON2:48.19
10th Jul 20112011 NSW DH Series #4Coffs Harbour, NSW221Greg PALMER3:31.00Tracey HANNAH3:45.66
12th Jun 2011


2011 NSW DH Series #3


Stromlo, Canberra, ACT












15th May 20112011 NSW DH Series #2Ourimbah, NSW224Brad KELLY3:11.73Sarah BOOTH3:58.57
3rd Apr 2011NSW State ChampsAwaba, NSW175Rick BOYER3:35.05Alice MINAHAN4:26.92
13th Mar 20112011 NSW DH Series #1Thredbo, NSW240Rick BOYER6:22.13Tegan MOLLOY7:42.14
11th Jul 2010NSW State ChampsLithgow, NSW219Ben CORY2:51.42Joanne FOX3:49.99
13th Jun 20102010 NSW DH Series #4Del Rio, NSW166Rick BOYER1:57.95Joanne FOX2:48.34
16th May 2010


2010 NSW DH Series #3


Stromlo, Canberra, ACT












11th Apr 20102010 NSW DH Series #2Awaba, NSW180Rick BOYER3:36.15Alice MINAHAN4:26.08
28th Feb 20102010 NSW DH Series #1Thredbo, NSW239Cillian KENNEDY6:21.48Michelle CRISP7:35.13
23rd Aug 2009NSW State Champs Lithgow, NSW220Rhys ATKINSON2:48.22Alice MINAHAN3:22.38
5th Jul 20092009 NSW DH Series #4 Awaba, NSW194Ben CORY3:34.15Alice MINAHAN4:34.27
7th Jun 20092009 NSW DH Series #3Del Rio, NSW213Rick BOYER1:58.44Alice MINAHAN2:38.37
3rd May 20092009 NSW DH Series #2Ourimbah, NSW238Tim EATON6:14.59Michelle CRISP7:52.66
5th Apr 20092009 NSW DH Series #1 Thredbo, NSW240Brad KELLY3:00.56Alice MINAHAN3:51.73
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