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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
14th Mar 2021Australian DH National Champs '21Maydena Bike Park, TAS-
25th Oct 2020Australian Enduro National Champs '20Red Hill, VICCANCELLED
14th Mar 2020Australian DH National Champs '19Bright, VIC247Troy BROSNAN3:33.90Sian A'HERN4:15.40
23rd Nov 2019Australian Enduro National Champs '19Maydena Bike Park, TAS233Connor FEARON30:55.20Rowena FRY38:05.30
6th Apr 2019Australian DH National Champs '19Bright, VIC279Troy BROSNAN3:18.69Tracey HANNAH3:52.14
25th Nov 20182018 Australian National Enduro Series #4Falls Creek, VIC108Paul VAN DER PLOEG14:00.20Katherine HOSKING16:16.96
28th Oct 2018Australian Enduro National Champs '18 (EWS Qualifier) Fox Creek, SA215Connor FEARON20:47.13Rowena FRY25:25.21
16th Sep 20182018 Australian National Enduro Series #3Stromlo, Canberra, ACT108Tim EATON23:08.01Emily PARKES26:55.80
15th Jul 20182018 Australian National Enduro Series #1 (EWS Qualifier)Toowoomba, QLD257Sascha KIM18:56.39Sarah CRAFT20:47.12
4th Mar 2018Australian DH National Champs '18Bright, VIC248Troy BROSNAN3:46.78Tracey HANNAH4:37.78
4th Feb 20182018 Australian National Series #2Awaba, NSW147Jack MOIR3:24.32Tegan MOLLOY4:20.69
21st Jan 20182018 Australian National Series #1Coffs Harbour, NSW173Jack MOIR3:21.14Danielle BEECROFT3:57.03
13th Aug 20172017 Australian National Enduro Series #5Woodford Island, QLD73Ben CORY15:17.35Angela WILLIAMS20:05.63
9th Jul 20172017 Australian National Enduro Series #4Rockhampton, QLD118Ryan LEUTTON16:54.70Julia BOER23:59.30
21st May 20172017 Australian National Enduro Series #2 Stromlo, Canberra, ACT153Chris PANOZZO22:30.99Claire WHITEMAN26:24.96
23rd Apr 20172017 Australian National Enduro Series #1Falls Creek, VIC106Chris PANOZZO27:54.51Julia BOER37:24.99
19th Feb 20172017 Australian National Series #3Mt Beauty, VIC158Jack MOIR2:47.20Danielle BEECROFT3:27.40
5th Feb 20172017 Australian National Series #2 Thredbo, NSW177Troy BROSNAN4:34.36Tegan MOLLOY5:16.08
15th Jan 20172017 Australian National Series #1 Awaba, NSW149Troy BROSNAN3:30.91Danielle BEECROFT4:19.78
22nd May 20162016 Australian National Enduro Series #2Fox Creek, SA-
20th Mar 2016Australian DH National Champs '16Bright, VIC235Troy BROSNAN3:45.46Tracey HANNAH4:39.12
6th Mar 20162015/16 Australian National Series #4Toowoomba, QLD113Richie RUDE2:48.44Tegan MOLLOY3:19.30
14th Feb 20162016 Australian National Enduro Series #1 - Santa Cruz Enduro ChallengeBright, VIC-
7th Feb 20162015/16 Australian National Series #3 Thredbo, NSW177Graeme MUDD4:38.72Tegan MOLLOY5:17.32
13th Dec 20152015/16 Australian National Series #2Stromlo, Canberra, ACT117Jack MOIR2:11.50Danielle BEECROFT2:44.35
29th Nov 20152015/16 Australian National Series #1 & Victorian State ChampsMt Taylor, VIC189Jack MOIR3:56.70Sarah BOOTH4:58.31
24th May 20152015 Australian National Enduro Series #3Fox Creek, SA77Chris PANOZZO15:15.00Philippa ROSTAN18:27.00
15th Mar 2015Australian DH National Champs '15Bright, VIC235Troy BROSNAN3:56.26Tracey HANNAH4:46.64
1st Mar 20152014/15 Australian National Series #3Toowoomba, QLD116Jared GRAVES2:39.41Tegan MOLLOY3:11.15
8th Feb 20152014/15 Australian National Series #2Thredbo, NSW187Troy BROSNAN4:38.35Tegan MOLLOY5:20.06
9th Mar 2014Australian DH National Champs '14Bright, VIC143Troy BROSNAN3:42.90Tracey HANNAH4:22.44
23rd Feb 20142014 Australian National Series #3Thredbo, NSW137Troy BROSNAN4:46.25Tegan MOLLOY5:46.31
9th Feb 20142014 Australian National Series #2Mt Buller, VIC128Troy BROSNAN3:18.55Tegan MOLLOY4:08.19
19th Jan 20142014 Australian National Series #1Eagle MTB Park, SA125Connor FEARON2:00.89Tegan MOLLOY2:25.79
17th Mar 20132013 Australian National Series #3 Bright, VIC112Sam HILL (elt)4:19.24Claire BUCHAR5:26.10
24th Feb 2013Australian DH National Champs '13 Stromlo, Canberra, ACT162Mick HANNAH2:21.26Tracey HANNAH2:46.53
10th Feb 20132013 Australian National Series #2 Thredbo, NSW180Sam HILL (elt)5:21.95Caroline BUCHANAN6:13.78
20th Jan 20132013 Australian National Series #1Mt Buller, VIC145Sam HILL (elt)3:22.02Caroline BUCHANAN4:06.42
4th Mar 20122011/12 Australian Gravity Cup #4Awaba, NSW133Sam HILL (elt)3:57.32Tegan MOLLOY5:39.83
26th Feb 2012Australian DH National Champs '12 Eagle MTB Park, SA186Troy BROSNAN1:59.05Tracey HANNAH2:15.07
5th Feb 20122011/12 Australian Gravity Cup #3 Stromlo, Canberra, ACT158Troy BROSNAN2:14.40Tracey HANNAH2:38.78
22nd Jan 20122011/12 Australian Gravity Cup #2 Mt Buller, VIC182Troy BROSNAN3:14.14Tracey HANNAH3:48.04
11th Dec 20112011/12 Australian Gravity Cup #1 Thredbo, NSW233Troy BROSNAN5:31.54Tracey HANNAH6:15.73
20th Mar 20112010/11 Jayco Australian National Series #4 Mt Major, VIC118Rhys WILLEMSE2:12.05Sarah ATKIN2:34.73
27th Feb 2011Australian DH National Champs '11 Eagle MTB Park, SA212Mick HANNAH2:02.36Leonie PICTON2:31.27
6th Feb 20112010/11 Jayco Australian National Series #3 Mt Buller, VIC171Bryn ATKINSON3:28.21Leonie PICTON4:15.35
16th Jan 20112010/11 Jayco Australian National Series #2 Mt Baw Baw, VIC186Troy BROSNAN3:09.24Leonie PICTON3:46.09
12th Dec 20102010/11 Jayco Australian National Series #1 Glenorchy (North-South), TAS149Troy BROSNAN3:08.71Leonie PICTON4:00.04
14th Mar 20102009/10 Australian National Series #4Stromlo, Canberra, ACT127Chris KOVARIK2:34.84Claire BUCHAR3:08.12
14th Feb 20102009/10 Australian National Series #3Thredbo, NSW210Ben CORY7:15.66Claire BUCHAR8:52.61
24th Jan 20102009/10 Australian National Series #2Mt Major, VIC188Chris KOVARIK1:52.73Claire BUCHAR2:19.36
17th Jan 2010Australian DH National Champs '10Eagle MTB Park, SA279Chris KOVARIK1:56.03Claire BUCHAR2:18.46
13th Dec 20092009/10 Australian National Series #1Glenorchy (North-South), TAS174Ben CORY3:13.55Leigh DOUGLAS4:01.65
1st Mar 20092008/09 Australian National Series #5Glenorchy (North-South), TAS154Ben CORY3:11.03Leigh DOUGLAS3:59.67
1st Feb 20092008/09 Australian National Series #4Mt Buller, VIC285Sam HILL (elt)3:18.84Leigh DOUGLAS4:31.68
26th Jan 2009Australian DH National Champs '09Stromlo, Canberra, ACT263Mick HANNAH2:48.62Emmeline RAGOT3:15.59
14th Dec 20082008/09 Australian National Series #3You Yangs, VIC221Amiel CAVALIER2:26.63Claire WHITEMAN2:52.39
30th Nov 20082008/09 Australian National Series #2Illinbah, QLD364Chris KOVARIK3:46.73Claire BUCHAR5:35.63
2nd Nov 20082008/09 Australian National Series #1Eagle MTB Park, SA270Jared GRAVES2:02.44Claire WHITEMAN2:30.36
3rd Feb 20082007/08 Australian National Series #4Mt Beauty, VIC259Sam HILL (elt)3:10.98Tracy MOSELEY3:42.62
27th Jan 2008Australian DH National Champs '08Stromlo, Canberra, ACT271Nathan RENNIE2:37.95Tracy MOSELEY3:01.12
16th Dec 20072007/08 Australian National Series #3Thredbo, NSW368Nathan RENNIE6:47.21Tracey HANNAH7:47.89
25th Nov 20072007/08 Australian National Series #2Illinbah, QLD317Nathan RENNIE3:13.74Tracey HANNAH3:49.33
4th Nov 20072007/08 Australian National Series #1Eagle MTB Park, SA223Will RISCHBIETH2:31.02Claire WHITEMAN3:08.91
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