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Crank It Cycling

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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
16th Jul 20232023 Crank It Cycling #7Doddington Hall-
11th Jun 20232023 Crank It Cycling #6 Rother Valley Country Park159James SWADLING1h08:50.00Victoria PEEL1h14:11.50
21st May 20232023 Crank It Cycling #5 Leeds Urban Bike Park168Ashley DE LOTZ1h14:57.00Sophie THACKRAY1h03:23.00
23rd Apr 20232023 Crank It Cycling #4Hadleigh ParkCANCELLED
2nd Apr 20232023 Crank It Cycling #3 Lee Quarry194Nick CRAIG1h18:04.00Daisy FREER1h11:30.00
19th Mar 20232023 Crank It Cycling #2 Twisted Oaks Bike Park125Jason BOUTTELL1h20:31.10Lucy ALLSOP1h17:12.26
12th Mar 20232023 Crank It Cycling #1 Sherwood Pines364James SWADLING1h19:56.00Kacey EYEINGTON1h04:29.20
14th Aug 20222022 Crank It Cycling #6 Twisted Oaks Bike Park73Jason BOUTTELL1h07:14.00Cindy BEYNON1h14:51.00
7th Aug 20222022 Hope XC #7 Leeds Urban Bike Park107Tom SCOTT (elt)1h18:23.00
17th Jul 20222022 Hope XC #6 Tong152Jason BOUTTELL1h28:25.00Victoria PEEL1h11:51.00
12th Jun 20222022 Hope XC #5Tong-
5th Jun 20222022 Hope XC #4Storrs Dike-
15th May 20222022 Hope XC #3Tong-
1st May 20222022 Crank It Cycling #4Thickthorn, Norwich-
24th Apr 2022


2022 Crank It Cycling #3


Lee Quarry




Reuben ORR




Victoria PEEL




20th Mar 20222022 Crank It Cycling #2 Shrublands Park145Jason BOUTTELL1h33:33.00Elvita BRANCH1h45:52.00
14th Mar 20222022 Hope XC #1Lee Quarry-
6th Mar 20222022 Crank It Cycling #1 Sherwood Pines335James SWADLING1h45:11.00Ceris STYLER1h29:58.00
18th Jul 20212021 Crank It Cycling #2 Lee Quarry-
20th Jun 20212021 Crank It Cycling #1Lee Quarry-
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