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DateRace Venue Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
12th Jul 2020US DH National Champs '20Winter Park, CO-
24th May 20202020 USA National DH Series #3Mountain Creek, NJ-
8th Mar 20202020 USA National DH Series #1 photo_libraryWindrock, TN1972:27.59Dakota NORTON3:00.24Frida Helena RØNNING
28th Jul 2019US DH National Champs '19Winter Park, CO2915:01.42Neko MULALLY5:47.75Jill KINTNER
26th Jul 2019US Enduro National Champs '19 (EWS Qualifier)Winter Park, CO-
19th May 20192019 Pro GRT #3 photo_libraryMountain Creek, NJ1692:18.34Dakota NORTON2:46.32Caroline WASHAM
10th Mar 20192019 Pro GRT #1 photo_libraryWindrock, TN2583:01.67Loris VERGIER4:37.41Rachel PAGEAU
23rd Sep 20182018 Pro GRT #6Mammoth, CA1423:16.94Ryan PINKERTON4:45.72Grace LAWSON
2nd Sep 20182018 Pro GRT #5Durango, COCANCELLED
22nd Jul 2018US XC National Champs '18 photo_librarySnowshoe, WV-
22nd Jul 2018US Enduro National Champs '18 (EWS Qualifier) photo_librarySnowshoe, WV13629:59.20Seamus POWELL37:40.50Porsha STOCKTON
22nd Jul 2018US DS National Champs '18 photo_librarySnowshoe, WV88Luca COMETTIJordan BELL
22nd Jul 2018US DH National Champs '18Snowshoe, WV1943:11.10Neko MULALLY4:08.80Samantha SORIANO
27th May 20182018 Pro GRT #3 photo_libraryMountain Creek, NJ1662:27.55Aaron GWIN3:12.87Samantha SORIANO
11th Mar 20182018 Pro GRT #1 photo_libraryWindrock, TN2062:33.53Danny HART (elt)3:35.73Caroline WASHAM
16th Sep 20172017 Pro GRT #7Mammoth, CA1633:23.00Bruce KLEIN4:17.50Amy MORRISON
13th Aug 20172017 Pro GRT #6 photo_libraryWindham, NY912:45.10Rafael GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS3:28.97Frida Helena RØNNING
30th Jul 20172017 Pro GRT #5 photo_libraryKillington, VT1103:05.45Dakota NORTON3:32.26Frida Helena RØNNING
23rd Jul 2017US National Champs '17 photo_librarySnowshoe, WV2343:41.87Aaron GWIN4:53.72Jill KINTNER
20th Jul 2017US Enduro National Champs '17 photo_librarySnowshoe, WV12635:27.90Seamus POWELL45:12.00Ellen CARROLL
25th Jun 20172017 Pro GRT #4Angel Fire, NM1543:06.67Kaden PANKOW3:40.76Giselle SLEMBOSKI
18th Jun 20172017 Pro GRT #3 photo_libraryBeech Mountain, NC1152:13.96Bruce KLEIN3:00.87Angelina PALERMO
14th May 20172017 Pro GRT #2 photo_library
(2017 NW Cup, Round 2)
Port Angeles, WA5412:35.37Mitch ROPELATO2:55.03Jill KINTNER
12th Mar 20172017 Pro GRT #1 photo_library videocamWindrock, TN1662:44.24Greg WILLIAMSON3:41.16Caroline WASHAM
17th Sep 20162016 Pro GRT #7Mammoth, CA1903:27.60Austin WARREN4:14.50Samantha KINGSHILL
21st Aug 20162016 Pro GRT #6
(2016 Snowshoe, Round 2)
Snowshoe, WV1473:58.04Isak LEIVSSON5:20.61Lauren DANEY
14th Aug 20162016 Pro GRT #5 photo_library
(2016 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 5)
Windham, NY1532:45.85Shane LESLIE3:24.16Lauren DANEY
17th Jul 2016US Enduro National Champs '16Mammoth, CA16332:06.47Mitch ROPELATO39:24.50Kelli EMMETT
17th Jul 2016US (Pro) National Champs '16 photo_libraryMammoth, CA2533:15.60Aaron GWIN3:51.90Jill KINTNER
14th Jul 2016US (Amateur) National Champs '16Mammoth, CA545:04.40Dillon FLINDERS7:39.60Danielle SANCHEZ
26th Jun 20162016 Pro GRT #3 photo_libraryAngel Fire, NM2333:14.02Tanner STOLT3:48.06Suzanne HANN
29th May 20162016 Pro GRT #2 photo_library videocam
(2016 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 2)
Mountain Creek, NJ2882:01.77Aaron GWIN2:20.79Jill KINTNER
26th Sep 20152015 Pro GRT #5Mammoth, CA2703:18.41Mitch ROPELATO3:49.36Jill KINTNER
26th Jul 20152015 Pro GRT #4 photo_library videocamSnowshoe, WV1783:17.90Neko MULALLY3:55.20Jill KINTNER
19th Jul 2015US Enduro National Champs '15Mammoth, CA16429:03.18Mitch ROPELATO34:54.79Jill KINTNER
19th Jul 2015US (Pro) National Champs '15 videocamMammoth, CA2583:20.52Aaron GWIN4:03.96Jill KINTNER
16th Jul 2015US (Amateur) National Champs '15Mammoth, CA725:02.00Charles FRYDENDAL6:18.40Paula EVENSON
21st Jun 20152015 Pro GRT #3Angel Fire, NM2293:55.93Shawn NEER4:27.33Jill KINTNER
26th Apr 20152015 NW Cup #1
(2015 Pro GRT, Round 1)
Port Angeles, WA5952:19.34Connor FEARON2:36.76Jill KINTNER
20th Sep 20142014 Pro GRT #6Mammoth, CA3024:07.83Marco OSBORNE5:14.35Becky GARDNER
19th Jul 20142014 Pro GRT #5
(2014 Beech Mountain Summer, Round 1)
Beech Mountain, NC1552:22.21Luca SHAW3:12.20Alison ZIMMER
13th Jul 20142014 Pro GRT #4 photo_librarySnowshoe, WV1244:00.47Neko MULALLY5:17.65Lauren DANEY
22nd Jun 2014US (Pro) National Champs '14 photo_libraryAngel Fire, NM2533:52.18Aaron GWIN4:30.10Jill KINTNER
20th Jun 2014US (Amateur) National Champs '14 photo_libraryAngel Fire, NM804:22.40Matt OSMAN6:00.80Makayla WEIST
7th Sep 20132013 Pro GRT #10
(2013 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 3)
Mammoth, CA2234:01.01Kevin AIELLO5:31.44Amanda BATTY
3rd Aug 2013US (Pro) National Champs '13 videocamAngel Fire, NM1905:14.02Aaron GWIN6:06.21Jill KINTNER
3rd Aug 2013US (Amateur) National Champs '13Angel Fire, NM1136:10.80Devin KJAER7:30.30Noelle CHAMPAGNE
14th Jul 20132013 Pro GRT #9 videocamSnowshoe, WV1234:08.97Neko MULALLY5:06.16Anne GALYEAN
9th Jun 20132013 Pro GRT #6Angel Fire, NM2435:42.30Mikey SYLVESTRI7:23.16Wendy PALMER
31st Mar 20132013 Pro GRT #2 videocamFontana, CA962:02.72Mitch ROPELATO3:01.74Robyn EMBREY
5th Aug 20122012 Pro GRT #6Northstar, CA1744:02.81Kevin AIELLO4:43.23Jacqueline HARMONY
22nd Jul 2012US (Pro/Cat1) National Champs '12 photo_libraryBeech Mountain, NC2172:10.00Aaron GWIN2:36.60Jacqueline HARMONY
22nd Jul 2012US (Cat 2/3) National Champs '12Beech Mountain, NC1212:53.00Michael SPIERER4:29.00Elizabeth JONES
17th Jun 20122012 Pro GRT #5 videocam
(Whiteface 7th Annual 5K)
Whiteface, NY773:36.65Logan BINGGELI4:14.80Jacqueline HARMONY
10th Jun 20122012 Pro GRT #4
(2012 Mountain States Cup DH, Round 1 Chile Challenge)
Angel Fire, NM3285:46.14Logan BINGGELI6:37.76Jacqueline HARMONY
25th Sep 2011US (Pro/Cat1) National Champs '11Beech Mountain, NC1892:43.17Neko MULALLY3:27.47Jill KINTNER
23rd Sep 2011US (Cat 2/3) National Champs '11Beech Mountain, NC1043:24.77Kyle GRAU5:08.19Gretchen NELSON
28th Aug 20112011 Pro GRT #5Northstar, CA2293:59.61Logan BINGGELI5:05.45Katie HOLDEN
26th Jun 20112011 Pro GRT #4
(2011 Mountain States Cup DH, Round 2 Wildflower Rush)
Crested Butte, CO3933:32.30Jared GRAVES3:54.51Jill KINTNER
22nd May 20112011 Pro GRT #3 videocamPlattekill, NY1982:39.41Aaron GWIN3:21.09Jacqueline HARMONY
15th May 20112011 Pro GRT #2 videocamHighland, NH1582:20.95Neko MULALLY2:50.52Jill KINTNER
10th Apr 20112011 Pro GRT #1 videocam
(2011 NW Cup, Round 1)
Port Angeles, WA4102:50.07Danny HART (elt)3:16.91Jill KINTNER
12th Sep 20102010 Pro GRT #5
(2010 Gravity East Series, Round 7)
(Whiteface 5th Annual 5K)
Whiteface, NY1707:44.39Justin LEOV8:58.28Tracy MOSELEY
1st Aug 20102010 Pro GRT #4Winter Park, CO1496:26.00Bryson MARTIN Jr.7:15.73Jill KINTNER
18th Jul 2010US National Champs '10SolVista, CO4152:21.17Aaron GWIN2:46.20Jill KINTNER
27th Jun 20102010 Pro GRT #3 videocamNorthstar, CA3253:59.98Greg MINNAAR4:29.76Jill KINTNER
25th Apr 20102010 Pro GRT #1 videocam
(2010 NW Cup, Round 2)
Port Angeles, WA3632:34.39Bryn ATKINSON2:50.82Tracy MOSELEY
29th Aug 20092009 Pro GRT #5
(Whiteface 4th Annual 5K)
Whiteface, NY1607:48.15Neko MULALLY9:41.29Dawn BOURQUE
16th Aug 20092009 Pro GRT #4Windham, NY1072:52.53Cam COLE3:37.57Darian HARVEY
19th Jul 2009US National Champs '09SolVista, CO4992:11.72Aaron GWIN2:41.13Melissa BUHL
31st Aug 20082008 NORBA #5Brian Head, UT1933:15.84Brad OIEN3:56.00Melissa BUHL
13th Jul 20082008 NORBA #4Windham, NY1612:51.54Kieran BENNETT3:48.24Joanna PETTERSON
29th Jun 20082008 NORBA #3Deer Valley, UT2903:01.41Justin LEOV3:53.21Joanna PETTERSON
18th May 20082008 NORBA #2Santa Ynez Valley, CA2842:00.20Bradley KING2:08.50Melissa BUHL
29th Mar 20082008 NORBA #1Fontana, CA4302:19.62Chris KOVARIK2:41.99Melissa BUHL
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