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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
12th Jul 2021US XC National Champs '21Winter Park, CO-
12th Jul 2021US Enduro National Champs '21Winter Park, CO-
12th Jul 2021US DS National Champs '21Winter Park, CO-
12th Jul 2021US DH National Champs '21Winter Park, CO-
4th Oct 20202020 USA National DH Series #5
(USAC - Fox US Open)
20th Sep 20202020 USA National DH Series #4 Snowshoe, WV189Nikolas NESTOROFF3:45.60Frida RØNNING4:17.30
13th Sep 20202020 USA National DH Series #3Mountain Creek, NJCANCELLED
6th Jul 2020US XC National Champs '20Winter Park, COCANCELLED
6th Jul 2020US Enduro National Champs '20Winter Park, COCANCELLED
6th Jul 2020US DS National Champs '20Winter Park, COCANCELLED
6th Jul 2020US DH National Champs '20Winter Park, COCANCELLED
8th Mar 20202020 USA National DH Series #1 Windrock, TN197Dakotah NORTON2:27.59Frida Helena RØNNING3:00.24
28th Jul 2019US DH National Champs '19Winter Park, CO291Neko MULALLY5:01.42Jill KINTNER5:47.75
27th Jul 2019US XC National Champs '19Winter Park, CO-
26th Jul 2019US Enduro National Champs '19 (EWS Qualifier)Winter Park, CO193Richie RUDE25:28.60Amy MORRISON30:10.20
26th Jul 2019US DS National Champs '19Winter Park, CO165Mitch ROPELATOJill KINTNER
19th May 20192019 Pro GRT #3 Mountain Creek, NJ169Dakotah NORTON2:18.34Caroline WASHAM2:46.32
10th Mar 20192019 Pro GRT #1 Windrock, TN258Loris VERGIER3:01.67Rachel PAGEAU4:37.41
23rd Sep 20182018 Pro GRT #6Mammoth, CA142Ryan PINKERTON3:16.94Grace LAWSON4:45.72
2nd Sep 20182018 Pro GRT #5Durango, COCANCELLED
22nd Jul 2018US XC National Champs '18 Snowshoe, WV1019Howard GROTTS1h32:11.00Kate COURTNEY1h12:47.00
22nd Jul 2018US Enduro National Champs '18 (EWS Qualifier) Snowshoe, WV136Seamus POWELL29:59.20Porsha STOCKTON37:40.50
22nd Jul 2018US DS National Champs '18 Snowshoe, WV88Luca COMETTIJordan BELL
22nd Jul 2018US DH National Champs '18 Snowshoe, WV194Neko MULALLY3:11.10Samantha SORIANO4:08.80
27th May 20182018 Pro GRT #3 Mountain Creek, NJ166Aaron GWIN2:27.55Samantha SORIANO3:12.87
11th Mar 20182018 Pro GRT #1 Windrock, TN206Danny HART (elt)2:33.53Caroline WASHAM3:35.73
16th Sep 20172017 Pro GRT #7Mammoth, CA163Bruce KLEIN3:23.00Amy MORRISON4:17.50
13th Aug 20172017 Pro GRT #6 Windham, NY91Rafael GUTIÉRREZ VILLEGAS2:45.10Frida Helena RØNNING3:28.97
30th Jul 20172017 Pro GRT #5 Killington, VT110Dakotah NORTON3:05.45Frida Helena RØNNING3:32.26
23rd Jul 2017US DH National Champs '17 Snowshoe, WV234Aaron GWIN3:41.87Jill KINTNER4:53.72
20th Jul 2017US Enduro National Champs '17 Snowshoe, WV126Seamus POWELL35:27.90Ellen CARROLL45:12.00
25th Jun 20172017 Pro GRT #4Angel Fire, NM154Kaden PANKOW3:06.67Giselle SLEMBOSKI3:40.76
18th Jun 20172017 Pro GRT #3 Beech Mountain, NC115Bruce KLEIN2:13.96Angelina PALERMO3:00.87
14th May 20172017 Pro GRT #2
(2017 NW Cup, Round 2)
Port Angeles, WA541Mitch ROPELATO2:35.37Jill KINTNER2:55.03
12th Mar 20172017 Pro GRT #1 Windrock, TN166Greg WILLIAMSON2:44.24Caroline WASHAM3:41.16
17th Sep 20162016 Pro GRT #7Mammoth, CA190Austin WARREN3:27.60Samantha KINGSHILL4:14.50
21st Aug 20162016 Pro GRT #6
(2016 Snowshoe, Round 2)
Snowshoe, WV147Isak LEIVSSON3:58.04Lauren DANEY5:20.61
14th Aug 20162016 Pro GRT #5
(2016 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 5)
Windham, NY153Shane LESLIE2:45.85Lauren DANEY3:24.16
17th Jul 2016US Enduro National Champs '16Mammoth, CA163Mitch ROPELATO32:06.47Kelli EMMETT39:24.50
17th Jul 2016US (Pro) DH National Champs '16 Mammoth, CA253Aaron GWIN3:15.60Jill KINTNER3:51.90
14th Jul 2016US (Amateur) DH National Champs '16Mammoth, CA54Dillon FLINDERS5:04.40Danielle SANCHEZ7:39.60
26th Jun 20162016 Pro GRT #3 Angel Fire, NM233Tanner STOLT3:14.02Suzanne HANN3:48.06
29th May 20162016 Pro GRT #2
(2016 Vittoria ESC Atlantic Cup DH, Round 2)
Mountain Creek, NJ288Aaron GWIN2:01.77Jill KINTNER2:20.79
26th Sep 20152015 Pro GRT #5Mammoth, CA270Mitch ROPELATO3:18.41Jill KINTNER3:49.36
26th Jul 20152015 Pro GRT #4 Snowshoe, WV178Neko MULALLY3:17.90Jill KINTNER3:55.20
19th Jul 2015US Enduro National Champs '15Mammoth, CA164Mitch ROPELATO29:03.18Jill KINTNER34:54.79
19th Jul 2015US (Pro) DH National Champs '15 Mammoth, CA258Aaron GWIN3:20.52Jill KINTNER4:03.96
16th Jul 2015US (Amateur) DH National Champs '15Mammoth, CA72Charles FRYDENDAL5:02.00Paula EVENSON6:18.40
21st Jun 20152015 Pro GRT #3Angel Fire, NM229Shawn NEER3:55.93Jill KINTNER4:27.33
26th Apr 20152015 NW Cup #1
(2015 Pro GRT, Round 1)
Port Angeles, WA595Connor FEARON2:19.34Jill KINTNER2:36.76
20th Sep 20142014 Pro GRT #6Mammoth, CA302Marco OSBORNE4:07.83Becky GARDNER5:14.35
19th Jul 20142014 Pro GRT #5
(2014 Beech Mountain Summer, Round 1)
Beech Mountain, NC155Luca SHAW2:22.21Alison ZIMMER3:12.20
13th Jul 20142014 Pro GRT #4 Snowshoe, WV124Neko MULALLY4:00.47Lauren DANEY5:17.65
22nd Jun 2014US (Pro) DH National Champs '14 Angel Fire, NM253Aaron GWIN3:52.18Jill KINTNER4:30.10
20th Jun 2014US (Amateur) DH National Champs '14 Angel Fire, NM80Matt OSMAN4:22.40Makayla WEIST6:00.80
7th Sep 20132013 Pro GRT #10
(2013 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 3)
Mammoth, CA223Kevin AIELLO4:01.01Amanda BATTY5:31.44
3rd Aug 2013US (Pro) DH National Champs '13 Angel Fire, NM190Aaron GWIN5:14.02Jill KINTNER6:06.21
3rd Aug 2013US (Amateur) DH National Champs '13Angel Fire, NM113Devin KJAER6:10.80Noelle CHAMPAGNE7:30.30
14th Jul 20132013 Pro GRT #9 Snowshoe, WV123Neko MULALLY4:08.97Anne GALYEAN5:06.16
9th Jun 20132013 Pro GRT #6Angel Fire, NM243Mikey SYLVESTRI5:42.30Wendy PALMER7:23.16
31st Mar 20132013 Pro GRT #2 Fontana, CA96Mitch ROPELATO2:02.72Robyn EMBREY3:01.74
5th Aug 20122012 Pro GRT #6Northstar, CA174Kevin AIELLO4:02.81Jacqueline HARMONY4:43.23
22nd Jul 2012US (Pro/Cat1) DH National Champs '12 Beech Mountain, NC217Aaron GWIN2:10.00Jacqueline HARMONY2:36.60
22nd Jul 2012US (Cat 2/3) DH National Champs '12Beech Mountain, NC121Michael SPIERER2:53.00Elizabeth JONES4:29.00
17th Jun 20122012 Pro GRT #5
(USAC - Whiteface 7th Annual 5K)
Whiteface, NY77Logan BINGGELI3:36.65Jacqueline HARMONY4:14.80
10th Jun 20122012 Pro GRT #4
(2012 Mountain States Cup DH, Round 1 Chile Challenge)
Angel Fire, NM328Logan BINGGELI5:46.14Jacqueline HARMONY6:37.76
25th Sep 2011US (Pro/Cat1) DH National Champs '11Beech Mountain, NC189Neko MULALLY2:43.17Jill KINTNER3:27.47
23rd Sep 2011US (Cat 2/3) DH National Champs '11Beech Mountain, NC104Kyle GRAU3:24.77Gretchen NELSON5:08.19
28th Aug 20112011 Pro GRT #5Northstar, CA229Logan BINGGELI3:59.61Katie HOLDEN5:05.45
26th Jun 20112011 Pro GRT #4
(2011 Mountain States Cup DH, Round 2 Wildflower Rush)
Crested Butte, CO393Jared GRAVES3:32.30Jill KINTNER3:54.51
22nd May 20112011 Pro GRT #3 Plattekill, NY198Aaron GWIN2:39.41Jacqueline HARMONY3:21.09
15th May 20112011 Pro GRT #2 Highland, NH158Neko MULALLY2:20.95Jill KINTNER2:50.52
10th Apr 20112011 Pro GRT #1
(2011 NW Cup, Round 1)
Port Angeles, WA410Danny HART (elt)2:50.07Jill KINTNER3:16.91
12th Sep 20102010 Pro GRT #5
(2010 Gravity East Series, Round 7)
(USAC - Whiteface 5th Annual 5K)
Whiteface, NY170Justin LEOV7:44.39Tracy MOSELEY8:58.28
1st Aug 20102010 Pro GRT #4Winter Park, CO149Bryson MARTIN Jr.6:26.00Jill KINTNER7:15.73
18th Jul 2010US DH National Champs '10SolVista, CO415Aaron GWIN2:21.17Jill KINTNER2:46.20
27th Jun 20102010 Pro GRT #3 Northstar, CA325Greg MINNAAR3:59.98Jill KINTNER4:29.76
25th Apr 20102010 Pro GRT #1
(2010 NW Cup, Round 2)
Port Angeles, WA363Bryn ATKINSON2:34.39Tracy MOSELEY2:50.82
29th Aug 20092009 Pro GRT #5
(USAC - Whiteface 4th Annual 5K)
Whiteface, NY160Neko MULALLY7:48.15Dawn BOURQUE9:41.29
16th Aug 20092009 Pro GRT #4Windham, NY107Cam COLE2:52.53Darian HARVEY3:37.57
19th Jul 2009US DH National Champs '09SolVista, CO499Aaron GWIN2:11.72Melissa BUHL2:41.13
31st Aug 20082008 NORBA #5Brian Head, UT193Brad OIEN3:15.84Melissa BUHL3:56.00
13th Jul 20082008 NORBA #4Windham, NY161Kieran BENNETT2:51.54Joanna PETTERSON3:48.24
29th Jun 20082008 NORBA #3Deer Valley, UT290Justin LEOV3:01.41Joanna PETTERSON3:53.21
18th May 20082008 NORBA #2Santa Ynez Valley, CA284Bradley KING2:00.20Melissa BUHL2:08.50
29th Mar 20082008 NORBA #1Fontana, CA430Chris KOVARIK2:19.62Melissa BUHL2:41.99
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