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Northern Downhill

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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
TBAHamsterley TTHamsterley-
24th Oct 2021


Descendent Enduro


Kielder Forest








12th Sep 2021Eastgate ND(H)uro Eastgate112Harvey SLACK8:16.21Hollie Faith VAYRO10:29.12
11th Sep 2021Powerbike E Funduro Eastgate Eastgate30Mark DOUGHTY8:26.90Hollie Faith VAYRO10:14.62
11th Jul 2021Castlewood ND(H)uroCastlewoodCANCELLED
20th Jun 2021Descendant @ Descend Hamsterley231Christopher PHILOGENE5:40.66Hollie Faith VAYRO6:58.17
6th Jun 2021Castlewood TT Castlewood124Jonathan PHILOGENE43.96sHelen GASKELL49.94s
25th Apr 2021Eastgate TT Eastgate240Christopher PHILOGENE1:57.07Toni FRYER2:22.77
24th Apr 2021Powerbikes Eastgate E-TT Eastgate27Gary EWING2:43.55Helen GASKELL2:37.67
25th Oct 2020Descendent EnduroKielder ForestCANCELLED
25th Oct 20202020 BEMBA National Enduro Series #6Kielder ForestCANCELLED
13th Sep 2020Eastgate TT Eastgate142Jonathan PHILOGENE1:58.20Sarah NEWMAN2:18.20
15th Mar 2020Chopwell Funduro Chopwell Woods168Joe YOUNG (sen)8:33.60Hollie Faith VAYRO10:41.04
9th Feb 2020Trail bike TT Ae Forest92Brendan MORRIS3:04.25Ellie PARK3:37.40
12th Jan 20202020 ND(H)uro #1 Hamsterley182Danny HART (elt)6:43.00Hollie Faith VAYRO8:48.35
24th Nov 20192019 ND(H)uro #2 Kidland75Al GRIFFIN9:01.75Helen PALMER18:54.70
27th Oct 2019Descendent Enduro Kielder Forest106Christopher SUTCLIFFE12:08.33
8th Sep 2019Eastgate TT Eastgate82Brett PENFOLD2:03.75Jess DART2:34.90
28th Apr 2019Chopwell Funduro Chopwell Woods119Brad ILLINGWORTH7:55.90Emilia WOOD10:23.92
31st Mar 2019Hamsterley TT Hamsterley226Joe YOUNG (sen)3:24.86Sophie CADE4:02.21
10th Feb 2019Trail bike TT Ae Forest114Jamie SCOTT (exp)3:06.08Sophie CADE3:47.48
13th Jan 20192019 ND(H)uro #1 Hamsterley198Danny HART (elt)6:11.64Melody FIFE8:25.60
25th Nov 20182018 ND(H)uro #3 Ae Forest122Matthew ATKINSON5:41.07Elsbeth GREENSHIELDS8:00.91
28th Oct 2018Kielder TT Kielder Forest88Brad ILLINGWORTH1:44.41Sian DILLON2:01.41
9th Sep 2018Eastgate TT Eastgate92Brett PENFOLD2:00.82Rachel MCKNIGHT2:38.46
3rd Jun 2018Hamsterley TT Hamsterley136Sean LUKE3:27.75Tess CAKEBREAD-BROWN4:14.01
13th May 2018Chopwell Funduro Chopwell Woods90Brad ILLINGWORTH7:05.39Sian DILLON9:32.00
15th Apr 2018Kielder TTKielder ForestCANCELLED
18th Mar 20182018 ND(H)uro #2 Kielder Forest69Carl SIMPSON6:07.93Rebecca OLIVER8:16.21
11th Feb 2018Ae Forest trail bike TT Ae Forest108Christopher PHILOGENE1:30.04Toni FRYER1:51.64
14th Jan 20182018 ND(H)uro #1 Hamsterley200Sean ROBINSON (mas)6:41.63Lucy BELL8:24.60
19th Nov 20172017 ND(H)uro #2 Ae Forest109Christopher PHILOGENE5:42.74Louise HAGGARTY8:01.85
1st Oct 2017The Naughty Northumbrian Coquet Valley272Ben CATHRO12:41.19Sally BUCKWORTH18:20.08
3rd Sep 2017Eastgate TT Eastgate67Brad ILLINGWORTH2:08.34Sarah VAYRO2:40.17
18th Jun 2017Alpinestars MTB Trail Attack Hamsterley175Sean ROBINSON (mas)3:28.35Kristina LIGHTBURN4:28.50
7th May 2017Chopwell Funduro Chopwell Woods89Mark HARRISON8:38.68Sarah VAYRO10:45.84
9th Apr 2017Hamsterley TT Hamsterley218Brad ILLINGWORTH3:27.21Sian DILLON4:04.16
12th Mar 2017Kielder TT Kielder Forest88Damian GROVES1:34.30Angela FOSTER1:54.44
12th Feb 20172017 ND(H)uro #1 Hamsterley164Lewis BUCHANAN7:18.44Roslynn NEWMAN10:13.91
15th Jan 2017Ae Forest trail bike TT Ae Forest1241:34.79Cairn BELL1:53.06
4th Dec 2016Kielder Funduro Kielder Forest46Thomas LLOYD (mas)5:28.60Amanda CROSSMAN6:33.13
6th Nov 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #3 Kidland93Joe YOUNG (sen)9:34.41Debbie PALMER27:27.49
9th Oct 2016Trail Bike Champs of the Universe Hamsterley99Kade EDWARDS2:12.33Melody FIFE2:52.57
23rd Sep 2016Innerleithen TTInnerleithenCANCELLED
10th Sep 2016Kielder TT Kielder Forest71Brett PENFOLD1:01.43Natalie SLEEMAN1:20.87
21st Aug 2016Trail bike TT Eastgate54Brett PENFOLD2:30.32Sarah VAYRO3:19.52
23rd Jul 2016Hamsterley Funduro Hamsterley90Brett PENFOLD8:24.93Jenny NUTTALL10:44.03
29th May 2016Orange Back Country Enduro Kidland55Daniel GREENWOOD10:51.92Ella TAYLOR17:54.75
17th Apr 2016Hamsterley TT Hamsterley214Brad ILLINGWORTH3:25.26Helen GASKELL3:41.88
13th Mar 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #2 Kielder Forest66Josh LEWIS10:09.84Natalie SLEEMAN13:27.83
28th Feb 2016Dumfries TT Ae Forest100Lewis BUCHANAN1:37.65Helen GASKELL1:54.54
14th Feb 20162016 Start Cycles ND(H)uro #1 Hamsterley193Lewis BUCHANAN9:12.45Helen GASKELL11:28.73
17th Jan 2016Chopwell Funduro Chopwell Woods105Scott MEARS6:22.42Natalie SLEEMAN8:10.50
8th Nov 2015Start Cycles Funduro Kielder Forest75Lee BAXTER6:22.59Jenny NUTTALL7:40.87
4th Oct 20152015 O'Neal ND(H)uro #3 Kidland87Michael EASTON (mas)8:51.59Helen GASKELL10:36.78
20th Sep 2015Trail Bike Champs of the Universe Hamsterley144Brett PENFOLD2:19.41Sarah NEWMAN2:44.82
24th May 20152015 O'Neal ND(H)uro #2 Kidland81James PURVIS6:30.45
19th Apr 2015Trail Bike TT Hamsterley249Danny HART (elt)3:16.86Helen GASKELL3:38.71
29th Mar 2015Trail Bike TT Kielder Forest99Gabriel BAKER1:02.33Melissa PEARSON1:17.56
15th Feb 20152015 O'Neal ND(H)uro #1 Hamsterley184Danny HART (elt)9:22.24Helen GASKELL11:47.05
18th Jan 2015Powerline TT Chopwell Woods125Scott MEARS1:44.40Rachel SIMPSON2:05.16
16th Nov 20142014 Northern Downhill #3 & North-East ChampsKidlandCANCELLED
19th Oct 20142014 Northern Enduro #3 Kielder Forest84Joe YOUNG (sen)4:33.39
21st Sep 2014Trail Bike TT Kielder Forest85Brad ILLINGWORTH1:06.91Amelia TAYLOR1:30.46
3rd Aug 20142014 Northern Downhill #2KidlandCANCELLED
2nd Aug 20142014 Northern Downhill #1KidlandCANCELLED
15th Jun 2014Powerline TT Chopwell Woods76Michael EASTON (mas)1:27.49Amelia TAYLOR1:40.70
4th May 20142014 Northern Enduro #2 Alwinton90Joe YOUNG (sen)9:24.78Helen GASKELL11:40.89
30th Mar 20142014 Northern Enduro #1 Hamsterley169Lee KERMODE7:39.65Helen GASKELL8:45.18
16th Feb 2014Trail Bike TT Hamsterley154Joe YOUNG (sen)5:07.03Helen GASKELL5:31.16
17th Nov 2013Mini DH Chopwell Woods135Alex UNDERWOOD1:23.38Helen GASKELL1:34.95
20th Oct 2013ND(H)uroKidland71James PURVIS9:59.49Helen GASKELL11:39.03
19th Oct 20132013 Northern Downhill #3 Kidland81James PURVIS1:33.42Rachel SIMPSON3:41.03
18th Aug 2013Push up race 2 & Yorkshire Champs Carlton Bank74Rob YOUNG (mas)1:11.51Gemma TAYLOR1:38.15
17th Aug 2013Push up race 1 Carlton Bank36James PURVIS1:28.73
23rd Jun 2013Old Skool Classic Ramsgill77James PURVIS1:28.71Cath TILFORD2:06.27
22nd Jun 2013Cycopath MiniDHRamsgill50James PURVIS56.15sLorna ROBINSON1:34.14
5th May 20132013 Northern Downhill #2Kidland88Jack READING1:27.76Julia FERGUSON4:51.36
7th Apr 20132013 Northern Downhill #1AlwintonCANCELLED
17th Feb 2013Trailbike DH Hamsterley133Danny HART (elt)3:21.16Bex BARAONA4:11.24
24th Nov 2012Super-DKielder ForestCANCELLED
21st Oct 20122012 Northern Downhill #5 & North-East Champs Kielder Forest66Calum MCRITCHIE3:08.31Rhona STEWART15:32.01
16th Sep 20122012 Northern Downhill #4AlwintonCANCELLED
19th Aug 20122012 Northern Downhill #3GlencoeCANCELLED
28th Jul 20122012 Northern Downhill #2 & Yorkshire Champs Alwinton68Dan CRITCHLOW1:36.32Kath PICKARD5:13.12
6th May 2012Trailbike DH Hamsterley92Danny HART (elt)3:21.29Helen GASKELL3:38.73
8th Apr 20122012 Northern Downhill #1 Alwinton99Adam BRAYTON2:13.56Melissa PEARSON5:49.03
11th Mar 2012Super-DKielder ForestCANCELLED
13th Nov 2011Mass Start Super-D raceKielder Forest37Joe YOUNG (sen)11:53.00
23rd Oct 20112011 Northern Downhill #6 & North East Champs Hamsterley181Danny HART (elt)1:20.31Angela FOSTER1:46.79
25th Sep 20112011 Northern Downhill #5 Alwinton103Adam BRAYTON2:13.64Esther SANDS5:08.09
21st Aug 20112011 Northern Downhill #4 & Yorkshire Champs Ramsgill166Liam LITTLE (mas)1:23.83Angela FOSTER1:41.91
3rd Jul 20112011 Northern Downhill #3 Scratchmere Scar93Pete WILLIAMS1:07.62Emma WHITAKER2:23.15
22nd May 20112011 Northern Downhill #2 Kidland80Pete WILLIAMS1:43.03Esther SANDS3:18.86
24th Apr 20112011 Northern Downhill #1 Alwinton90Adam BRAYTON1:54.31Rebecca KENNEDY6:26.54
6th Mar 2011Enduro DHKielder ForestRESULTS LOST
24th Oct 20102010 Northern Downhill #6 & Northern Champs Kielder Forest128Simon STUTTARD1:49.79Angela FOSTER2:10.88
19th Sep 20102010 Northern Downhill #5 Kidland63Pete WILLIAMS1:42.97Angela FOSTER3:29.46
22nd Aug 20102010 Northern Downhill #4AlwintonRESULTS LOST
4th Jul 20102010 Northern Downhill #3Alwinton36Liam LITTLE (mas)1:41.53

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