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DateRace Venue Competitors Men's FTD Rider Women's FTD Rider
13th Sep 20202020 SDA #5Dunkeld-
9th Aug 20202020 SDA #4Innerleithen-
19th Jul 20202020 SDA #3Glencoe-
17th May 20202020 SDA #2Fort William-
22nd Sep 20192019 SDA #5Ae Forest2551:59.82Reece WILSON2:23.14Stacey FISHER
25th Aug 20192019 SDA #4 & Scottish Champs photo_libraryGlencoe842:21.20James ELLIOTT (jun)3:06.46Phoebe GALE
12th May 20192019 SDA #3 photo_libraryFort William3344:35.16Gee ATHERTON5:29.59Rachel ATHERTON
7th Apr 20192019 SDA #2 photo_libraryInnerleithen1952:46.76Reece WILSON3:34.42Jess STONE
10th Mar 20192019 SDA #1 photo_libraryAe Forest176
2nd Sep 20182018 SDA #5 & Scottish Champs photo_libraryFort William1314:42.73Reece WILSON6:07.43Mikayla PARTON
19th Aug 20182018 SDA #4DunkeldCANCELLED
22nd Jul 2018UK National Champs '18 photo_library videocamGlencoe1552:15.65Matt WALKER (elt)3:00.09Katy CURD
17th Jun 20182018 SDA #3 photo_libraryInnerleithen1623:05.27Reece WILSON4:07.60Mikayla PARTON
15th Apr 20182018 SDA #1 photo_libraryAe Forest1692:01.37Ben CATHRO2:45.71Rosy MONAGHAN
10th Sep 20172017 SDA #5 & Scottish Champs '17 photo_libraryFort William1854:40.71Ben CATHRO5:43.17Katy WINTON
6th Aug 2017Scottish Champs '17DunkeldCANCELLED
25th Jun 20172017 SDA #4 photo_libraryAberfeldy1141:32.53Ben CATHRO2:09.35Louise FERGUSON
28th May 20172017 SDA #3 photo_libraryGlencoe1242:06.89Ben CATHRO2:59.85Mikayla PARTON
23rd Apr 20172017 SDA #2 photo_libraryInnerleithen2392:50.47Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)3:26.51Katy WINTON
19th Mar 20172017 SDA #1 photo_libraryAe Forest2282:04.72Adam BRAYTON2:46.30Becci SKELTON
25th Sep 20162016 SDA #5 photo_libraryFort William1631:22.58Ben CATHRO1:49.39Deborah PRIMROSE
14th Aug 20162016 SDA #4 photo_libraryDunkeld1401:56.87Ben CATHRO3:10.81Cairn BELL
19th Jun 2016Scottish Champs '16 photo_libraryAberfeldy1301:48.59Ben CATHRO2:31.80Deborah PRIMROSE
29th May 20162016 SDA #3 photo_libraryGlencoe1352:07.25Ben CATHRO3:01.71Deborah PRIMROSE
24th Apr 20162016 SDA #2 photo_libraryInnerleithen2832:46.88Ben CATHRO3:43.84Deborah PRIMROSE
20th Mar 20162016 SDA #1 photo_library videocamAe Forest2681:57.23Greg WILLIAMSON2:45.80Becci SKELTON
30th Aug 20152015 SDA #5 photo_libraryPitfichie1392:23.17Ben CATHRO3:16.17Elena MELTON
26th Jul 20152015 SDA #4 photo_libraryGlencoe1132:16.73Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)3:24.95Tara O'BOYLE
28th Jun 20152015 SDA #3 photo_libraryFort William1844:50.14Fraser MCGLONE6:20.30Elena MELTON
24th May 20152015 SDA #2 photo_libraryGlencoe1992:43.10Kenta GALLAGHER3:38.16Rona STRIVENS
26th Apr 2015Scottish Champs '15 photo_library videocamAe Forest2971:50.44Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM2:31.68Elena MELTON
29th Mar 20152015 SDA #1 photo_library videocamInnerleithen2882:46.49Greg WILLIAMSON4:05.06Rona STRIVENS
21st Sep 20142014 SDA #5 photo_library videocamFort William2724:38.20Greg WILLIAMSON6:09.37Beverley BARNES
17th Aug 20142014 SDA #4 photo_libraryInnerleithen2013:07.74Ben CATHRO3:53.65Jess STONE
22nd Jun 2014Scottish Champs '14 photo_library videocamGlencoe1862:32.41Ben CATHRO3:36.34Elena MELTON
18th May 20142014 SDA #3 photo_library videocamAe Forest2501:49.64Ben CATHRO2:18.55Jess STONE
27th Apr 20142014 SDA #2 photo_library videocamDunkeld2132:17.80Ronan TAYLOR3:26.31Jess STONE
23rd Mar 20142014 SDA #1 photo_library videocamInnerleithen3163:01.80Josh BRYCELAND3:53.60Jess STONE
8th Sep 20132013 SDA #5 photo_library videocamFort William2334:58.27Fraser MCGLONE6:32.21Emma ATKINSON (elt)
11th Aug 20132013 SDA #4 photo_library videocamAe Forest2231:52.64Ben CATHRO2:22.31Emma ATKINSON (elt)
14th Jul 2013Scottish Champs '13 photo_library videocamDunkeld1701:53.15Innes GRAHAM2:43.65Rebecca KENNEDY
23rd Jun 20132013 SDA #3 photo_library videocamKillin1201:27.72Ben CATHRO2:10.71Emma ATKINSON (elt)
19th May 20132013 SDA #2 photo_libraryGlencoe1712:56.46Greg WILLIAMSON3:55.78Emma ATKINSON (elt)
21st Apr 20132013 SDA #1 photo_library videocamInnerleithen2953:14.36Adam BRAYTON4:33.58Rachael WALKER
30th Sep 2012Red RunGlencoe782:57.94Joe CONNELL4:21.96Roslynn NEWMAN
9th Sep 20122012 SDA #5 photo_library videocamAe Forest2032:05.65Fergus LAMB2:59.51Alice TAYLOR
12th Aug 20122012 SDA #4 photo_library videocamDunkeld1641:57.58Greg WILLIAMSON3:01.00Alice TAYLOR
15th Jul 2012Scottish Champs '12 photo_library videocamFort William2114:53.66Greg WILLIAMSON6:44.20Bex REILLY
24th Jun 20122012 SDA #3 photo_library videocamPitfichie1362:26.66Scott LAUGHLAND4:24.28Angela FOSTER
20th May 20122012 SDA #2 photo_libraryGlencoe1432:28.13Ronan TAYLOR3:16.70Sarah NEWMAN
22nd Apr 20122012 SDA #1 photo_library videocamInnerleithen3052:56.95Fraser MCGLONE4:05.60Rachael WALKER
2nd Oct 20112011 SDA #5 photo_library videocamGlencoe1542:21.97Joe BARNES (elt)5:31.60Lottie MALLIN-MARTIN
18th Sep 20112011 SDA #4 photo_library videocamInnerleithen3133:11.21Joe BARNES (elt)4:09.13Katy WINTON
10th Jul 2011Scottish Champs (push up) photo_library videocamKillin1951:26.49Stuart JENKINSON2:06.03Rachael WALKER
12th Jun 20112011 SDA #3 photo_library videocamDunkeld2792:18.77Chris HUTCHENS3:47.07Bex REILLY
15th May 20112011 SDA #2 photo_library videocamFort William3385:03.45Ruaridh CUNNINGHAM5:57.46Rachel ATHERTON
17th Apr 20112011 SDA #1 photo_library videocamAe Forest3152:03.93Fergus LAMB2:48.64Rachael WALKER
12th Sep 20102010 SDA #5 photo_library videocamFort William3195:01.60Ben CATHRO6:41.32Bex REILLY
15th Aug 20102010 SDA #4 photo_library videocamAe Forest2872:04.40Fergus LAMB2:44.48Sarah NEWMAN
11th Jul 2010Scottish Champs '10 photo_library videocamDunkeld2202:15.30Lewis BUCHANAN (elt)3:01.31Lottie MALLIN-MARTIN
13th Jun 20102010 SDA #3 photo_library videocamInnerleithen2873:24.47Joe BARNES (elt)4:25.16Angela FOSTER
16th May 20102010 SDA #2 photo_library videocamGlencoe2182:50.01Fraser MCGLONE4:03.70Sarah NEWMAN
25th Apr 20102010 SDA #1 photo_library videocamPitfichie2642:32.93Ben CATHRO3:32.55Bex REILLY
20th Sep 20092009 SDA #5 photo_libraryInnerleithen2712:51.52Fergus LAMB3:41.03Emma GUY
23rd Aug 20092009 SDA #4KillinCANCELLED
12th Jul 2009Scottish Champs '09 photo_libraryGlencoe1982:49.93Ben CATHRO3:50.27Helen GASKELL
14th Jun 20092009 SDA #3 photo_libraryDunkeld2602:11.96Joe BARNES (elt)3:49.79Bex REILLY
17th May 20092009 SDA #2 photo_libraryFort William2935:02.61Ben HALL (mas)6:34.11Emma ATKINSON (elt)
19th Apr 20092009 SDA #1 photo_libraryPitfichie2722:25.22Fergus LAMB3:05.90Bex REILLY
1st Mar 20092009 Alpine Bikes #2Innerleithen2403:14.60Josh BRYCELAND3:39.30Tracy MOSELEY
1st Feb 20092009 Alpine Bikes #1Innerleithen2273:14.26Jack READING3:28.77Tracy MOSELEY
14th Sep 20082008 SDA #5Innerleithen2553:35.96Fergus LAMB5:02.43Carla MURPHY
17th Aug 20082008 SDA #4 photo_libraryAe Forest2472:13.98Ben CATHRO2:55.06Sarah NEWMAN
13th Jul 2008Scottish Champs '08 photo_libraryGlencoe1852:38.26Joe BARNES (elt)3:20.34Helen GASKELL
15th Jun 20082008 SDA #3 photo_libraryAberfeldy2371:45.53Joe BARNES (elt)3:00.75Angela FOSTER
18th May 20082008 SDA #2 photo_libraryFort William2694:59.90Ben CATHRO5:35.86Tracy MOSELEY
13th Apr 20082008 SDA #1 photo_libraryDunkeld2722:14.59Dan STANBRIDGE3:06.88Helen GASKELL
19th Aug 2007Scottish Champs '07 photo_libraryAe Forest2482:19.32Joe BARNES (elt)3:07.61Jaymie MART
8th Jul 20072007 SDA #4Pitfichie2032:37.15Fergus LAMB3:41.26Lynne AITCHISON
17th Jun 20072007 SDA #3 photo_libraryFort William2724:59.64Steve PEAT5:39.34Tracy MOSELEY
20th May 20072007 SDA #2 photo_libraryDunkeld2432:12.98Joe BARNES (elt)2:32.99Tracy MOSELEY
15th Apr 20072007 SDA #1 photo_libraryInnerleithen3153:15.12Julien CAMELLINI3:42.41Tracy MOSELEY
17th Sep 20062006 SDA #5Innerleithen2513:10.78David YOUNG4:14.65Jaymie MART
20th Aug 2006Scottish Champs '06Dunkeld2171:36.42Sam FLOCKHART3:15.88Jaymie MART
9th Jul 20062006 SDA #4Fort William2524:24.78David YOUNG6:20.37Jaymie MART
18th Jun 20062006 SDA #3Pitfichie2212:21.63Chris BALL (1)3:07.57Jaymie MART
21st May 20062006 SDA #2 photo_libraryAe Forest2632:25.15Chris BALL (1)2:53.39Mio SUEMASA
16th Apr 20062006 SDA #1Innerleithen2933:18.64Chris BALL (1)3:46.42Tracy MOSELEY
18th Sep 20052005 SDA #5Pitfichie2162:34.29Gary FORREST3:37.56Wendy CHAMBERS
21st Aug 20052005 SDA #4 photo_libraryDunkeld2231:22.22Danny HART (elt)3:42.41Wendy CHAMBERS
10th Jul 2005Scottish Champs '05Fort William2624:24.08Stu THOMSON5:41.67Emma GUY
12th Jun 20052005 SDA #3Strathyre2182:53.48David ARMSTRONG5:15.63Lynne AITCHISON
15th May 20052005 SDA #2 photo_libraryInnerleithen2713:17.51Chris BALL (1)4:28.63Karen BALLANTINE
17th Apr 20052005 SDA #1Ae Forest2852:30.60David YOUNG3:18.87Emma GUY
12th Sep 20042004 SDA #5Fort William2854:31.46Tom BRAITHWAITE (elt)6:43.11Polly HARRISON
15th Aug 2004Scottish Champs '04 photo_libraryInnerleithen2633:29.26David YOUNG4:29.92Emma GUY
18th Jul 2004UK National Champs '04Fort William2254:14.60Gee ATHERTON5:20.90Rachel ATHERTON
11th Jul 20042004 SDA #4Pitfichie1593:19.05David YOUNG5:03.14Polly HARRISON
20th Jun 20042004 SDA #3 photo_libraryAe Forest2472:17.93Tom BRAITHWAITE (elt)3:03.55Karen BALLANTINE
16th May 20042004 SDA #2 photo_libraryDunkeld2542:01.55Marc BEAUMONT3:09.35Karen BALLANTINE

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