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DateEvent Venue Competitors Overall Men's winner Time Overall Women's winner Time
16th Aug 20202020 IDMS #4TBACANCELLED
19th Jul 2020Irish DH National Champs '20Carrick, Co. WicklowCANCELLED
28th Jun 20202020 IDMS #3Glencullen Adventure ParkCANCELLED
24th May 20202020 IDMS #2Shronaboy, Killarney, Co. KerryCANCELLED
19th Apr 20202020 IDMS #1Bree, Co. WexfordCANCELLED
22nd Sep 20192019 IDMS #5Shronaboy, Killarney, Co. Kerry87Olly CORNFORTH2:03.89Ruth MCGINN3:10.23
18th Aug 20192019 IDMS #4Mt Leinster, Co. WexfordCANCELLED
21st Jul 2019Irish DH National Champs '19Rostrevor, Co. Down109Jacob DICKSON2:04.84McKenna MERTEN3:04.44
30th Jun 20192019 IDMS #3BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary-
26th May 20192019 IDMS #2 Bree, Co. Wexford164Jacob DICKSON1:32.40Tara O'BOYLE2:10.81
14th Apr 20192019 IDMS #1 Carrick, Co. Wicklow182Greg CALLAGHAN1:54.60Tara O'BOYLE2:34.60
23rd Sep 20182018 IDMS #6 BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary128Ronan DUNNE (elt)1:11.65Lois BLACK1:43.30
19th Aug 20182018 IDMS #5 Rostrevor, Co. Down135Christopher CUMMING2:01.42Katie PURVIS2:51.18
22nd Jul 2018Irish DH National Champs '18 BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary141Jacob DICKSON1:11.81Sacha BICKERSTAFF1:27.49
10th Jun 20182018 IDMS #4Tralee, Co. KerryCANCELLED
6th May 20182018 IDMS #3 Bree, Co. Wexford143Olly CORNFORTH1:44.50Tara O'BOYLE2:27.40
15th Apr 20182018 IDMS #2Mt Hillary, Co. CorkCANCELLED
11th Mar 20182018 IDMS #1Bree, Co. WexfordCANCELLED
1st Oct 20172017 IDMS #4 Carrick, Co. Wicklow149Jacob DICKSON2:24.01Ruth MCGINN4:23.01
3rd Sep 20172017 IDMS #3Mt Hillary, Co. Cork103James MAC FERRAN2:32.10Leah MAUNSELL2:52.42
13th Aug 20172017 IDMS #2Bree, Co. Wexford104Colin ROSS1:53.70Tara O'BOYLE2:31.80
22nd Jul 2017Irish DH National Champs '17Rostrevor, Co. Down162Jacob DICKSON2:33.82Leah MAUNSELL3:26.72
16th Apr 20172017 IDMS #1 Bree, Co. Wexford157Jacob DICKSON1:24.55Sacha BICKERSTAFF1:48.87
25th Sep 20162016 IDMS #4 Cahir, Co. Tipperary101Michael LEE1:42.34Leah MAUNSELL1:56.72
14th Aug 20162016 IDMS #3 Bree, Co. Wexford122Colin ROSS1:27.73Tara O'BOYLE1:55.20
17th Jul 2016Irish DH National Champs '16 Carrick, Co. Wicklow131James MAC FERRAN2:20.59Chloe CUMMING3:00.27
5th Jun 20162016 IDMS #2 Rostrevor, Co. Down126Colin ROSS2:29.82Tara O'BOYLE3:14.25
22nd May 20162016 IDMS #1Mt Hillary, Co. Cork117Jack CROWLEY2:23.84Leah MAUNSELL2:54.27
6th Mar 2016Winter DH raceBree, Co. Wexford105Dan SHERIDAN1:40.33Leah MAUNSELL2:12.60
27th Sep 20152015 IDMS #5Cahir, Co. Tipperary120Jacob DICKSON1:36.88Sacha BICKERSTAFF1:53.31
30th Aug 20152015 IDMS #4Lumpers, Co. Louth120Conor BATE3:30.16Orla MCCLEAN5:09.84
19th Jul 2015Irish DH National Champs '15Rostrevor, Co. Down144Colin ROSS2:35.62Sacha BICKERSTAFF3:08.30
14th Jun 20152015 IDMS #3Bree, Co. Wexford149Colin ROSS1:30.29Sacha BICKERSTAFF1:43.64
19th Apr 20152015 IDMS #2 Mt Hillary, Co. Cork195Kelan GRANT2:17.32Sacha BICKERSTAFF2:35.99
8th Mar 20152015 IDMS #1Lumpers, Co. Louth173James MAC FERRAN2:29.80Tara O'BOYLE3:05.90
28th Sep 20142014 CRC IDMS #5Carrick, Co. Wicklow186Jacob DICKSON2:10.91Orla MCCLEAN3:00.67
17th Aug 20142014 CRC IDMS #4Bree, Co. Wexford98Stephen MCCORMACK1:34.74Sacha BICKERSTAFF1:57.50
20th Jul 2014Irish DH National Champs '14 Rostrevor, Co. Down160Colin ROSS2:29.17
25th May 20142014 CRC IDMS #3TBACANCELLED
20th Apr 20142014 CRC IDMS #2 Mt Hillary, Co. Cork133Gavin CARROLL1:57.03Sacha BICKERSTAFF2:36.15
9th Mar 20142014 CRC IDMS #1 Rostrevor, Co. Down190Colin ROSS2:42.99Sacha BICKERSTAFF3:41.60
13th Oct 2013Irish DH National Champs '13BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary148Colin ROSS1:28.81Silvia GALLAGHER1:52.46
29th Sep 20132013 CRC IDMS #4Cullohill, Co. Laois116Stephen MCCORMACK1:18.21Tara O'BOYLE1:56.68
25th Aug 20132013 CRC IDMS #3BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary128Stephen MCCORMACK1:20.45Kate RUDD1:46.04
5th May 20132013 CRC IDMS #2 Rostrevor, Co. Down199Christopher MCGLINCHEY2:51.23Nathalie JEDDA3:59.73
7th Apr 20132013 CRC IDMS #1Mt Hillary, Co. Cork116Phil ATWILL2:48.93Tara O'BOYLE5:12.53
30th Sep 20122012 CRC IDMS #5 Yellow Water Forest, Co. Down146Greg CALLAGHAN2:09.18Silvia GALLAGHER4:35.99
19th Aug 20122012 CRC IDMS #4 Bree, Co. Wexford113Greg CALLAGHAN1:37.66Tara O'BOYLE3:20.51
22nd Jul 2012Irish DH National Champs '12 Clonmel, Co. Tipperary183Ewan DOHERTY2:16.62Miriam HASKINS3:35.46
27th May 20122012 CRC IDMS #3 Carrick, Co. Wicklow210Ewan DOHERTY2:02.70Silvia GALLAGHER2:46.40
29th Apr 20122012 CRC IDMS #2 Mt Leinster, Co. Wexford200Greg CALLAGHAN1:40.07Erika MCDERMOTT2:34.23
25th Mar 20122012 CRC IDMS #1 Rostrevor, Co. Down206Ben REID1:57.54Silvia GALLAGHER3:01.84
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