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The images here are by myself (John) and Sylvia who run Digital Swaledale. I've been a keen sports photographer for many years, mainly shooting motor sport. I moved up to the Yorkshire Dales ten years ago and began to shoot MTB events. This has all been new and scary stuff for Sylvia but she has learnt quickly from me and enjoys getting out there.

We not only shoot the action shots, but also try and capture the atmosphere of the event in the pit area. Each image is carefully processed before uploading to enable the best quality for you to download. We do not rush to be the first to get our images up on here, as we believe that quality counts. We also take a lot more images than those shown here, so we may have a shot that you prefer but we need to stick to the guidelines of the website where we are not allowed to post a series of images of the same rider.

At events, we move from stage to stage to help capture more of the event, rather than sit in one area all day, giving you a selection of images to choose from.

We hope you enjoy looking at our images and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to capture you in 'action'.

If you have an event you would like us to cover then please get in touch.

John and Sylvia

P.S. If you would like to licence any of these images for commercial use then please get in touch.

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