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Photographer: down_in_the_dirt_photography

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David Snyder here, local (retired) trail builder, advocate, and mountain biker, I'm stoked to shoot pictures of y'all!

I built publicly and professionally for almost 20 years working in Dalton, Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Sequatchie, and Sand Mountain; building hiking and mountain bike trails! I'm one of 10 core guys who started and built out the TTC Gravity Park at the Trials Training Center in Sequatchie, TN, and through that experience launched a 10 year long professional career as a trail builder!

After trail building by hand for that long, my body couldn't take it anymore and I put down my pick and chainsaw and picked up a camera. Now I'm stoked to be capturing the up and coming groms and old dudes alike, pushing themselves to go just a little bit faster!

Check out my Instagram (down_in_the_dirt_photography) and watch for what I'll be wearing and where to find me, starting with the Go Nuts Enduros.

Currently I do real estate photography full time, but would love to shoot mountain bikes full time!

If you want to set up a session at your local trail with your friends and shred some different features for an hour or two let me know, I'll capture it all for your Instagram or Facebook profiles đź‘Ťdown_in_the_dirt_photography

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