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Muddy Shots's digital JPEG file prices:
Full-res JPEG 6000px longest edge£4.00
Editing of chosen photo to Black & White with coloured kit and or bike. 4000px-6000px longest edge help£8.50
Family Affair 4000px-5000px longest edge help£12.00
Muddy Shots's digital JPEG bundle prices:
Full-res JPEGs 6000px longest edge
(Whole set of Muddy Shots photos of a rider at an event) help
Muddy Shots's prints/etc prices (posted):
A4 Print (Glossy) of Photo of choice - all other photos from the race will be included. help£15.00
A3 Print (Glossy) of Photo of Choice - All other photos of you from the race included. help£20.00

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Niner RIM 9 RDO
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