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What constitutes “personal use”?

Unless stated otherwise, all photos sold are for personal use and must not be used for commercial purposes.

I think that we can all agree that making a bike is expensive. Years of R&D go into it, not to mention expensive machining and expert craftsmanship. Likewise, taking a professional quality photograph of you on your bike is also an expensive business. The equipment can cost thousands (often more than your bike) and years of experience go into making you look as ace* as possible (*some turds just don't polish). So here at R&R we ask that you support our photographers and consider the intended use of your purchase.

If you are just wanting to look rad on Instagram, or print a photo for your nan, then the personal use product is for you. If your sponsor wants to show off what you did on a bike, you should message the photographer to check if that's ok or if it should be a commercial use purchase. If your sponsor or a business wants to use you looking rad to sell a product or event, then this is definitely commercial use.

Essentially, if someone is making money—directly or indirectly—from the photographer's work, then they should be spreading the love and paying a fair price for that work.

R&R and its photographers rely on you doing the right thing and supporting them in their work. Otherwise we may see less (or less talented) photography at these events and then we all suffer. Especially you, if you rely on those photography skills to make you look epic.

Note: If you do require commercial use, bear in mind that every use case is different—as is every photographer—but prices may be a lot more reasonable than you think. Don't be put off from using that blinder of a shot, get in touch and see what your options are. Sometimes the price will even be the same, all the photographer will want is credit for the photo.

In summary…

  • …throwing shapes on personal social media page - absolutely A-OK, fill yer boots
  • …print a photo for your cat - unusual, but who are we to judge - crack on
  • ? …sponsor wants to polish your ego by sharing your photo - probably OK, but you MUST check with the photographer
  • ? …you want to include one or more photos in an event report you're writing - hard to say - generally this is going to vary from photographer to photographer. Be sure, start a conversation.
  • …sponsor wants to use your photo explicitly as marketing to sell something - absolutely not OK, seek a commercial price
  • …you're a sponsor, buying a rider's photo to use in an advert for your business - ha ha ha NO. Start a commercial use enquiry with the photographer

OK, understood, please take me back

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