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Sorry, but to ensure a positive user experience photo tagging is only supported on devices at least 600px in width.

If you're using a phone, switching from portrait to landscape should help you. If not you may have to move to a tablet or computer instead.

Apologies for the inconvenience, doing the best I can!


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2024-03-24 08:15:08.000

Untagged photo


The results aren't in yet, but photos can be tagged by bib (e.g. 123) and will be automatically converted to rider names once the results are uploaded. Riders' email alerts will then be sent out also. Alternatively you can tag by name now if you know who the rider is.

610 untagged photos (85.31%) remain from this event

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Tips for tagging photos

  • You can input either a rider's bib number or their name
  • Mouse-over the image for a magnified view - click it for an even better view
  • Type - for an obscured digit to get a hint list - e.g. 2 - 7
  • If you still can't make out a plate you can even try a sponsor to help identify the rider
  • If a rider you've identified isn't found, it means they're not in the results 😔 Maybe they didn't complete the event or are using the wrong board? If you know their name you can still tag them by typing ! before their name - e.g. ! s a m   h i l l

Multiple tagging

  • Use , to save multiple tags in one go - e.g. 7 3 , 8 4
  • To add tags to a photo that's already tagged, type a plus before any tags - e.g. + 6 5 4

Keyboard shortcuts for faster tagging

  • Go full-screen, it's larger & clearer! Try F11 for Windows, or + Control + F on Mac
  • NEW! (Photo owner only) Want to delete one of your photos? Just hit Del - it'll ask you to confirm. What's that? You're a decisive type, who knows what you damn well want? Shift + Del's the one for you.
  • Hitting ] will immediately copy the tags applied to the previous photo
  • Finishing with = will apply your selected tags to all of the photos in the current burst - e.g. 4 2 9 =
  • NEW! Burst clearly shows two different riders, one after the other? Click on the last thumbnail of rider 1, follow your tag with <, then it'll select the first photo of rider 2 which you can tag quickly with >. These keypresses apply your tag to the current shot and all those before it or all those after it, respectively. Sweet!
  • Try to avoid using the mouse. It's slow. Use and to navigate the list of names, and to submit the tag(s) you've selected
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