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Sorry, but to ensure a positive user experience photo tagging is only supported on devices at least 600px in width. If on a phone, switching from portrait to landscape may help you. If not you may have to move to a tablet or computer instead. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Tips for tagging photos

  • You can input either a rider's bib number or their name
  • You can even input a sponsor to help identify obscured riders
  • Mouse-over the image for a magnified view (click it for an even better view)
  • Type “-” for an obscured digit to get a hint list - e.g. 5 - 1
  • If a rider you've identified isn't found, it means they're not in the results :( Maybe they didn't complete a run or are using the wrong board? If you know their name you can still tag them; prefix it with ! - e.g. ! s a m   h i l l

Multiple tagging

  • To add a second/third/etc tag to a photo, start the tag with a “+” - e.g. + 1 5 8 or + s t e v e   p e a t

Shortcuts for faster tagging

  • Go full-screen for a larger, clearer view; try F11 on a windows PC, or + Control + F on a Mac
  • Hitting = or ] will immediately tag a photo the same as the previous photo
  • Finishing a tag with an “=” will apply that tag to all of the photos in the current burst - e.g. 3 4 0 =


Photos for this World Cup event have duplicate number boards. All four event categories use the same range. So there's four #1s, four #2s, four #13s, etc etc.

The solution?

If you're tagging by number instead of name, you neeed to append 'g', 'b' or 'p' at the end of the number depending on the colour of the board. If you can't tell the colour, please skip on to the next photo.

Elite men have white boards, and require no suffix. Elite women have pink, junior men have green and junior women have blue boards.

For example, tag 4 as '4', 18 as '18p', 29 as '29g' and 3 as '3b'.

Ta, I understand, let me crack on with tagging!

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