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Sorry, but to ensure a positive user experience photo tagging is only supported on devices at least 600px in width.

If you're using a phone, switching from portrait to landscape should help you. If not you may have to move to a tablet or computer instead.

Apologies for the inconvenience, doing the best I can!


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4,356 untagged photos (23.6%) remain from this event

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Tips for tagging photos

  • You can input either a rider's bib number or their name
  • Mouse-over the image for a magnified view - click it for an even better view
  • Type - for an obscured digit to get a hint list - e.g. 1 - 4
  • If you still can't make out a plate you can even try a sponsor to help identify the rider
  • If a rider you've identified isn't found, it means they're not in the results 😔 Maybe they didn't complete the event or are using the wrong board? If you know their name you can still tag them by typing ! before their name - e.g. ! s a m   h i l l

Multiple tagging

  • NEW! Use , to save multiple tags in one go - e.g. 9 1   ,   38
  • To add tags to a photo that's already tagged, type a plus before any tags - e.g. + 1 1 7

Shortcuts for faster tagging

  • Go full-screen, it's larger & clearer! Try F11 for Windows, or + Control + F on Mac
  • Hitting ] will immediately copy the tags applied to the previous photo
  • Finishing with = will apply your selected tags to all of the photos in the current burst - e.g. 8 1 4 =
  • Try to avoid using the mouse. Use and to navigate the list of names, and to submit the tag(s) you've selected
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