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Photographer: William Hook

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Please note:

1. All photos are post-processed (to improve colours, etc) before being uploaded to R&R. What you see on the website is what you'll get, but if you do want any further changes, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to help.

2. Uncropped images are likely to be upwards of 5000x3000px. In some cases, I may have chosen to crop the photo so as to frame it better - in which case, the resolution will be less; the photo you get will (usually) be a minimum of 3000px though. If you'd like the original uncropped image, feel free to ask either in the order notes, or via email after purchasing, and I'll send it over.

3. If you're using the photo online, credit would be appreciated but is entirely up to you. You can credit me with any of the following:

Website: http://williamtm.com
Facebook: http://fb.me/williamtm
Instagram: @williamtm
Mastodon: williamtm@mastodon.social
Twitter: @williamtmWilliam Hook

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