2011/12 Australian Gravity Cup round 1 at Thredbo, NSW

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

75 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Troy BROSNAN 5:39.0625:31.541-
emoji_events2nd74Sam HILL (elt) 5:48.4245:33.8722.33s
emoji_events3rd11Jared GRAVES 5:37.7415:34.6333.09s
 4th26Ben CORY Fox / Giant / Onya Bike Belconnen and Civic5:40.2835:38.7647.22s
 5th1Rhys ATKINSON Alpinestars / Specialized / SPECIALIZED tyres / SRAM5:52.7975:42.15510.61s
 6th15Graeme MUDD GoPro / Orange5:52.9585:42.82611.28s
 7th5Ben POWER Elka Suspension / For the Riders / Santa Cruz5:53.72105:44.23712.69s
 8th3Rick BOYER Monster / Orange / Team Lusty Industries6:02.62265:44.30812.76s
 9th58Brendan MOON 5:55.56125:46.79915.25s
 10th72Cody EICHHORN 6:02.60255:47.151015.61s
 11th7Phillip PIAZZA Fox / Onya Bike Civic / Schwalbe / Tekin Suspension5:57.50155:48.451116.91s
 12th8Cillian KENNEDY Specialized bicycle components Australia5:56.51145:49.371217.83s
 13th6Kaine CANNAN Bike Ride / Gary Cannan Electrica / Track X Clothing5:49.3355:49.651318.11s
 14th23Lindsay KLEIN 5:53.7195:50.121418.58s
 15th51Daniel LAVIS Giant / Maxxis / Spearmans Cycles / SRAM6:01.96235:50.611519.07s
 16th36Mark CONLIFFE 6:04.67285:51.361619.82s
 17th68Alex SWANN 5:57.59165:51.401719.86s
 18th19Charlton DURIE go to site / Phantom Cycles5:58.28175:52.621821.08s
 19th12Jesse BEARE Commencal5:58.64185:52.841921.30s
 20th43Doug DUNN 5:52.6365:52.962021.42s
 21st9Marcus FAIRBANKS CWR BOXXER ZERODE TEAM6:00.01215:53.412121.87s
 22nd31Regan ARTHUR 5:58.98195:53.772222.23s
 23rd13Chris BARLIN RENEGADE CYCLES / Trek6:04.28275:53.962322.42s
 24th14Bruce MOIR 6:07.37345:54.002422.46s
 25th63Karl PEEL Tekin Suspension6:05.42325:54.562523.02s
 26th4Tim EATON Alpinesta / Clint White Racing / Mavic / SRAM / Zerode5:54.38115:55.302623.76s
 27th17Angus MADDERN 6:04.78295:55.982724.44s
 28th49Jacob HUNTER Tripp Industries6:02.08245:56.112824.57s
 29th62Daniel PAINE RENEGADE CYCLES / Trek7:47.61715:56.302924.76s
 30th46Kent HAMILTON BOS / Deity / GoPro / Morewood Bikes / Ogio5:59.92205:57.453025.91s
 31st70Lewis WINTON 6:05.21305:57.573126.03s
 32nd29Steven GEBERT 6:08.06365:57.623226.08s
 33rd20Ben GOFF 6:13.32455:58.403326.86s
 34th67Adam SMITHSON 6:11.22425:59.703428.16s
 35th42Damien DISKIN Blackman Bicycles6:08.66375:59.743528.20s
 36th76Hugh MANSFIELD 6:10.63416:01.573630.03s
 37th10Aaron OATES 4Shaw Agencies / Cyclingo / RockShox / Santa Cruz / SRAM6:05.24316:02.323730.78s
 38th21Liam PAIARO go to site / Santa Cruz / SRAM6:00.82226:03.283831.74s
 39th18Matthew DODD For the Riders / Jetblack / NSDYNAMICS6:11.28436:05.363933.82s
 40th16Ryan CONNELL cycle logic6:18.83496:07.314035.77s
 41st32Luke BALL 6:09.12396:08.514136.97s
 42nd66Nicholas SHIELDS 6:20.15526:10.694239.15s
 43rd41Isaac DENNY* 6:12.76446:11.394339.85s
 44th60Nathan NEWELL Axo / Factory Craftworks / Golding Projects / Yamaha6:30.10606:12.764441.22s
 45th56Lachlan MCKILLOP RENEGADE CYCLES / Trek6:09.09386:12.824541.28s
 46th28Ngari JENKINS 6:30.61616:13.744642.20s
 47th37Jarrad CONNOLLY Erina Bike Worx PT Cast Training6:07.91356:13.754742.21s
 48th73Fabian BILL 6:09.23406:14.044842.50s
 49th39Ben CRUNDWELL 6:29.20586:15.754944.21s
 50th38Kyle COUTTS 6:18.55486:16.225044.68s
 51st54Todd MADSEN 5:56.00136:16.395144.85s
 52nd52Ben LESLIE 6:29.41596:17.795246.25s
 53rd61Nick NORTON 6:19.60506:18.265346.72s
 54th45Geoff GRENNAN 6:13.89466:20.765449.22s
 55th34Cameron BRADBURY 6:31.62626:23.165551.62s
 56th40Michael DARGAN 6:33.00636:23.885652.34s
 56th33Josh BISHOP 6:33.07646:23.885652.34s
 58th50Kieran JENKINS Cycle Worx6:26.00556:23.905852.36s
 59th71Kye HORE 6:29.18576:25.805954.26s
 60th24Nathan MURPHY (elt) All4Bikes / GU Energy / Magneto Designs / go to site6:20.09516:26.196054.65s
 61st47Darren HOBBY 6:28.42566:26.376154.83s
 62nd69Dean WHITE 6:23.02536:27.196255.65s
 63rd44Brad EARL BRE Pro Service6:24.71546:30.526358.98s
 64th22Oscar OTTESEN 6:35.55666:30.976459.43s
 65th65Matthew ROWLAND 6:46.12686:41.15651:09.61
 66th59Zenon MURTAGH 7:11.86706:43.03661:11.49
 67th48Zach HOSKIN 6:39.73676:43.98671:12.44
 68th27Ben MORRISON 6:16.70478:15.37682:43.83
 69th35Ricky CLARKE Trailmix-Procon Racing6:06.203310:07.58694:36.04
 57James MERCER 6:35.0365
 30Luke ADAMS Epic Action Cams Standish / SMX Optics / Zumbi6:51.6269
 25Michael MANNING DNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st318Chris MARTIN 6:11.0825:59.451-
emoji_events2nd310Kurt MOORE 6:06.5116:08.5029.05s
emoji_events3rd316Ian JONES 6:31.2746:21.21321.76s
 4th306Sebastien DEUBEL Deubel Bycicles6:34.1356:25.61426.16s
 5th317Fred MCCLELLAND 6:24.9536:26.81527.36s
 6th308Pedr LAPP 7:41.96136:27.21627.76s
 7th303Nathan BELL 6:48.4766:39.19739.74s
 8th314Simon WARREN 7:24.61126:53.76854.31s
 9th315Tim THREADGATE 6:57.3786:54.42954.97s
 10th307Jared GARLICK 7:04.58106:57.691058.24s
 11th305Thomas COHEN 2keen6:54.5177:07.33111:07.88
 12th312Bromley RICHARDS 8:39.45147:27.90121:28.45
 13th311Tom MORRISON Cycle Worx / Daktari sport7:08.77117:36.50131:37.05
 14th302Aaron BATCHELOR 8:47.04158:50.95142:51.50
 309Adrian MAIN Trouble Makers - Tupperware7:04.369
 313Martin SEYMOUR DNS
 304Mikhail CHAI Bike AddictionDNS

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st802Michael DEBONO 7:16.7717:14.581-
emoji_events2nd810Matthew HUTH 7:53.6437:37.07222.49s
emoji_events3rd806Tim HOLBERTON 7:59.7557:54.78340.20s
 4th811Cale ANDERSON 9:07.9967:57.22442.64s
 5th807Christian MEREDITH 7:31.8927:59.11544.53s
 6th803Peter DENYER 7:56.3548:10.21655.63s
 7th805Scott HARVEY 10:15.86710:06.2672:51.68
 804Mathew DIXON DNS

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st743Remy MORTON 6:17.5816:21.031-
emoji_events2nd742Jackson FREW Commencal / high roller energy / Lennock Motors6:35.7126:28.1427.11s
emoji_events3rd744Alex DICKSON 7:24.0337:12.09351.06s
 4th748Jack MCINNES 7:34.5747:26.5541:05.52
 5th745Jack RICHARDSON 8:43.4867:46.8951:25.86
 6th747Joshua MATTHES 8:15.8759:14.2062:53.17
 7th746Riley HORSMAN 8:58.2479:21.5973:00.56

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st502Andrew CRIMMINS avid / Intense / RockShox / SRAM / The Sacred Ride Jindabyne / truvativ5:49.1415:57.751-
emoji_events2nd503Joel WILLIS Insane Cycles / Santa Cruz6:08.5435:59.8322.08s
emoji_events3rd505Matthew MCCORKELL CYCLE CITY - LYNEHAM / SCV Imports / SOUTH EAST MTB6:02.3226:03.0035.25s
 4th520Aiden VARLEY 6:20.3766:10.75413.00s
 5th507Hamish COWAN 6:17.7156:14.30516.55s
 6th508Fergus COWAN 6:23.8386:16.86619.11s
 7th524Benjamin DENGATE 6:26.0296:19.50721.75s
 8th517Ryan O'LINN 6:48.26116:28.80831.05s
 9th526Darcy REYNOLDS 6:36.61106:33.95936.20s
 10th510Koe BOWMAKER 7:05.35176:38.101040.35s
 11th504Callum MORRISON Cycle Worx / Daktari sport / GT Bikes / Rs GraphicDNF6:38.471140.72s
 12th521Alec REID 6:53.13126:44.231246.48s
 13th518Josh POLLOCK 7:00.67156:46.901349.15s
 14th509Tim BLACK 6:55.88146:57.711459.96s
 15th522Jackson STREETER 6:55.08137:02.91151:05.16
 16th516Tom MILLARD 7:02.31167:09.45161:11.70
 17th513Nicholas GREENTREE 7:17.02187:13.60171:15.85
 18th514Saxon HORN 7:31.49207:25.10181:27.35
 19th511William CLARKE 7:17.83197:30.33191:32.58
 20th519Michael POTTER 8:04.81217:41.90201:44.15
 21st506Connor O'DWYER 6:15.2248:32.08212:34.33
 22nd512Tom GREEN 9:10.79228:41.38222:43.63
 23rd515David MAGGS 6:21.58710:22.21234:24.46
 525Dylan BROWN DNS

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

57 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st256Joey VEJVODA 5:45.0815:44.661-
emoji_events2nd203Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) avid / Intense / RockShox / SRAM / The Sacred Ride Jindabyne / truvativ5:49.1635:45.3420.68s
emoji_events3rd201Connor FEARON Adidas / Fox Head / Kona Factory10:15.71555:49.1334.47s
 4th222Jack MOIR Giant / Kempsey Bike Shop / KWT-Maxxis5:52.6365:53.6949.03s
 5th209Henry BLAKE CWR BOXXER ZERODE TEAM / Mitcham Cycles9:29.74545:55.05510.39s
 6th206Brent SMITH endeavour cycles / Knolly Bikes / TWE Wheelsets5:51.3845:55.25610.59s
 7th217Conor BULLARD Bilt Bikes5:56.9385:55.58710.92s
 8th211David MCMILLAN Specialized bicycle components Australia5:47.6525:58.00813.34s
 9th257Luke ELLISON 5:57.3595:58.34913.68s
 10th214Trent PIRIBAUER Pinnar design / Santa Cruz5:52.1356:03.591018.93s
 11th221Angus MCCARTHY Gamut / ODI / Onya Bike Belconnen and Civic6:00.10126:03.871119.21s
 12th207Brent CAPEL ulverstone bikes6:09.01176:04.541219.88s
 13th208Lachlan MCLAREN Banshee / Edge Cycles LKIDNF6:04.621319.96s
 14th218Cameron RYAN (elt) 2624 bikes / Kila Industries6:07.52166:04.661420.00s
 15th212Nicholas BOHLE The Bike Shed Mortdale / go to site6:00.86136:06.481521.82s
 16th204Peter KNOTT Crank'd Cycles / Loosekid Industries5:57.52106:06.671622.01s
 17th225Lyndon NUGENT Bellys Bikes / Spy6:04.84146:06.801722.14s
 18th205Liam TOWERS Fox / Giant / RockShox / Spearman Cycles, Wollongong / SRAM5:59.98116:07.111822.45s
 19th223Max HUGHES Bilt Bikes / DH Direct / Imperial / Schuss Ski Club6:12.34196:10.751926.09s
 20th219Daniel BENDER Insane Cycles / Santa Cruz / SMX Optics6:06.58156:11.542026.88s
 21st226Elijah MARINOV Bike Edge Wodonga6:15.03226:12.842128.18s
 22nd237Angus JACKSON Bike Barn / Scott Goggles6:18.42276:14.802230.14s
 23rd250Mitchell SCOTT 6:14.41206:15.462330.80s
 24th210Jai MOTHERWELL Yarra Valley Cycles6:41.32446:16.892432.23s
 25th255Jacob WALKER 6:29.86356:18.532533.87s
 26th241Gary MCIVOR 6:22.41296:19.642634.98s
 27th245James MURPHY Mullumbimby Motorcycles6:10.51186:20.752736.09s
 28th239Mitchell KRISTIANSEN 6:16.47256:21.232836.57s
 29th215Wade BUDDEN DRIFT bikes6:14.60216:22.532937.87s
 30th213Oliver ZWAR 6:17.62266:23.483038.82s
 31st224Josh MITCHELL Total Rush / Wheel Demon6:44.96456:25.233140.57s
 32nd247Hayden POPTIE Nema / power2perform / Taylor Cycles6:15.19236:25.893241.23s
 33rd258Liam FALTUM 6:27.14316:28.123343.46s
 34th253Remy ADDERTON 6:36.49416:28.383443.72s
 35th243Daniel MIKIC 6:15.45246:28.443543.78s
 36th228Mackenzie BAKER downhill distributions / the booner brigade6:30.56386:28.693644.03s
 37th252Bradley TREMBATH 6:27.65336:31.313746.65s
 38th220Daniel CAMPBELL Palm Beach SuperCycles6:28.45346:33.373848.71s
 39th244Loughlin MURPHY 6:29.94366:36.263951.60s
 40th229Tyler BLAMEY Argonauts tree & timber service / Central Coast Cycles6:26.91306:36.564051.90s
 41st248Harrison REIBELT 6:37.99426:38.034153.37s
 42nd230Liam DALEY DNF6:38.374253.71s
 43rd254Mac WEST-MOORE 6:27.57326:39.784355.12s
 44th240Charlie MARTINDALE 6:30.07376:39.804455.14s
 45th238Nicholas JOHNSON 6:46.60466:51.45451:06.79
 46th232Michael HANRAHAN MICKDAWG RACING GEOFF HARRIS ILY6:57.60506:53.52461:08.86
 47th251Luke SIMPSON 6:19.01286:55.77471:11.11
 48th235Aaron HUNT 6:53.67496:56.63481:11.97
 49th234Austen HAWKINS 6:51.92476:59.46491:14.80
 50th242Alexander MCKINLAY 7:09.08527:03.29501:18.63
 51st231Adam DICKSON 7:02.71517:18.95511:34.29
 52nd246Patrick NEVILLE 8:34.93538:51.77523:07.11
 53rd202Dean LUCAS Bike Edge Wodonga5:56.84712:15.00536:30.34
 54th249Sam ROHDMANN 6:40.144317:56.125412:11.46
 227Jake ADAMS Epic Action Cams Standish / SMX Optics / Zumbi6:31.5539
 216Alex FREEMAN 6:32.4040
 233Geoffrey HARRIS 6:53.6548

Master men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st609Darren WILLIS Insane Cycles6:41.7526:31.141-
emoji_events2nd602Andy MURNANE Avanti Plus / Cycle Worx6:37.0016:31.2020.06s
emoji_events3rd604Jason ARCHER 6:44.7846:35.9734.83s
 4th610John PETERSEN 6:45.6656:38.2247.08s
 5th603Stephen ANDREASEN 6:42.5536:44.03512.89s
 6th608Neil DAVIS the bike superstore7:13.5167:08.69637.55s
 606Kym BOXALL 7:20.577
 605Justin BARNES DNS
 607Michael CHANCE DNS

Veteran men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st415Daniel TALIANA 6:05.9416:09.471-
emoji_events2nd403Daniel CHERMAK 6:16.0126:12.8023.33s
emoji_events3rd402Nicholas BAILLY 6:17.8336:15.9136.44s
 4th413David SHARP 6:25.0746:19.0749.60s
 5th406Rick KEHOE 6:27.3456:28.12518.65s
 6th414Mathieu TARIS 6:38.7276:29.20619.73s
 7th407Nick KING iTrain / MC*Racing / S & J Cycles6:42.4686:33.68724.21s
 8th411Michael RODOKAL 6:51.6996:34.02824.55s
 9th412Tim SCHILLER 6:34.4466:41.10931.63s
 10th408Calvin MCKINLEY 6:58.55116:45.021035.55s
 11th405David GRUPE Jet Black Products6:56.71106:58.551149.08s
 12th410Matthew O'CONNOR 7:15.31137:01.021251.55s
 13th409Hugh MCLEAY 7:02.91127:02.251352.78s
 14th404Shane DUCE 9:22.96148:28.75142:19.28

Super Master men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st663Dean MCIVOR 7:43.6717:19.051-
emoji_events2nd662Roger CAMPBELL Palm Beach SuperCycles7:55.8028:02.17243.12s
emoji_events3rd664Duncan MORRISON Cycle Worx / Daktari sport10:42.1139:39.3632:20.31



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st7Tracey HANNAH 6:14.8116:15.731-
emoji_events2nd4Claire WHITEMAN Onya Bike Belconnen and Civic7:10.7736:56.24240.51s
emoji_events3rd5Michelle CRISP 6:53.6926:59.05343.32s
 4th2Holly BAARSPUL avid / Kona Factory / Mavic / RockShox / SRAM9:36.7267:25.4641:09.73
 5th10Trudy NICHOLAS 661 / Jet Black Products / Pivot7:31.3147:27.9851:12.25
 6th9Philippa ROSTAN 7:44.8757:55.3361:39.60
 3Genevieve MCKEW DNS

Sport women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st803Mandy DAVIS 8:02.1918:07.611-
emoji_events2nd802Lucy BRANDON 9:13.9529:10.0421:02.43

U17 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st501Tegan MOLLOY Kona / South East Mtn Biking6:46.1516:42.861-

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st202Danielle BEECROFT Craftworks Bikes / FICEDA MOTORCYCLE ACCESSORIES6:40.6316:54.701-
emoji_events2nd204Ella SCANLAN-BLOOR 8:22.8128:21.0321:26.33
emoji_events3rd203Gemma GREENTREE 10:33.63310:32.4133:37.71

Master women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st602Coleen BOYES 8:09.4518:09.031-

Veteran women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st402Joanne FOX 7:22.8717:04.071-
emoji_events2nd403Kellie MEEHAN 9:23.7329:17.0222:12.95
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