Australian National Champs '08 at Stromlo, Canberra, ACT

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

66 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st67Nathan RENNIE AUS198105312:43.2522:37.951-
emoji_events2nd4Bryn ATKINSON AUS19821209Crank Brothers / Dylan Dean Designs / GT Bikes / Oakley / THE Helmets2:41.0612:40.1122.16s
emoji_events3rd9Ben CORY AUS19830119Dragon optical / Foes / Intense Tyre Systems / Mal-adjusted Bicycles / Manitou / Shimano / TLD4:12.41612:41.4733.52s
 4th60Steve SMITH CAN198911252:43.8632:42.7444.79s
 5th2Jared RANDO AUS19810622Fox Racing Shox / Giant / Michelin / Shimano2:44.9642:43.1355.18s
 6th3Amiel CAVALIER AUS19870324Giant / Spearman Cycles2:45.8152:43.8165.86s
 7th10Rick BOYER AUS19810316avid / Dangerboy / Orange / RockShox / Smith / SRAM2:47.0982:44.2276.27s
 8th5Mitchell DELFS AUS19890725MD racing2:47.64102:44.6686.71s
 9th17Brad KELLY AUS19770727FSA / gravity / PUSHY GALORE / Specialized2:48.87132:44.7896.83s
 10th18Richard LEE AUS19881208avid / Fox / Iron Horse Bikes / RawNRG.E13 / RockShox / SRAM / Truvativ.Dainese / Walking Clinic.2:49.01142:45.13107.18s
 11th27Darcy MURRELL AUS198908222:55.15342:45.26117.31s
 12th63Stuart MACDONALD AUS198310022:47.93112:46.17128.22s
 13th24Cillian KENNEDY AUS19830108Cove / southshore imports3:36.74602:46.79138.84s
 14th8Will RISCHBIETH AUS19891203Aldgate Bikes / Drizabone Activ / Giant / Ogio2:49.69172:47.04149.09s
 15th19Deon BAKER AUS198802142:49.32152:47.79159.84s
 16th22Lindsay KLEIN go to site / go to site / Santa Cruz2:48.45122:47.94169.99s
 17th52Kent HAMILTON AUS19891023Drift Bike Style / Fox / GT Bikes2:56.57402:48.821710.87s
 18th37Chris COOMBE AUS198906252:54.65322:48.861810.91s
 19th35Jarah BREESE AUS19860118Scott Goggles / Streamline Cycles / Swift Strength and Conditioning2:55.42352:49.181911.23s
 20th64Dennis BEARE CAN19830726Specialized Bike2:53.73282:49.842011.89s
 21st62Aaron BASHFORD AUS19840423Team Bashie2:56.49392:49.882111.93s
 22nd68Brad OIEN 2:53.40252:50.032212.08s
 23rd29Tom LEWIS AUS19890423mtb imports / Ufo2:53.65272:50.312312.36s
 24th14Cody EICHHORN AUS19880413EVS / No Fear / SCOTT USA / Spearman Cycles2:49.95182:50.522412.57s
 25th23Chris WHITELOCK AUS198808182:59.56432:51.152513.20s
 26th25Rhys ATKINSON AUS19880328robbie bourdon2:49.51162:51.192613.24s
 27th12Alex SWANN AUS19880112Adidas / ENERVIT / Gamut / Kona / Marzocchi / Mavic / Mt.Buller / Shimano / Yarra Valley Cycles2:53.84292:51.282713.33s
 28th13Kaine CANNAN AUS198509164Shaw Agencies / Mcbain Cycles / Monza Imports2:51.95202:51.362813.41s
 29th6Tim EATON AUS19870202Fox suspension / Hayes / ODI / SRAM / sun ringle / Yeti Australia2:46.4162:52.092914.14s
 30th20Luke GARNHAM AUS19870503Raw NRG Thredbo2:57.64412:52.513014.56s
 31st31Michael KEARTON AUS19860825Addidas / Crank Brothers / Fox / lotek / Maxxis / mongoose Bikes / RockShox / SRAM2:56.26382:52.703114.75s
 32nd33Dean DAVIES AUS19690726Ashgrove Cycles / Health Fusion Natural Therapy / Santa Cruz Australia2:53.90302:52.873214.92s
 33rd56Hamish ARMSTRONG AUS19880809Maladjusted Bicycle Emporium2:56.22372:53.053315.10s
 34th32Hayden LESTER go to site2:54.47312:53.463415.51s
 35th7Craig YATES AUS19730524Fox / Giant / SRAM2:52.20212:53.533515.58s
 36th30Brendan WOOD AUS19871122Yarra Valley Cycles2:58.02422:55.703617.75s
 37th26Miikael KINNUNEN FIN19810808Hi-Way Cycles / Maxxis3:17.01582:55.913717.96s
 38th46Glen WARD AUS197609262:53.46262:55.993818.04s
 38th43Toby BREHENY AUS198911033:02.45462:55.993818.04s
 40th48Harry ARMSTRONG AUS19880822Derrico Cycles3:03.92482:56.054018.10s
 41st34Isaac HEPPELL AUS19850320Buller Ski Lifts3:00.57442:56.294118.34s
 42nd42Trevor BURKE AUS19851231digby`s not quite right apricots / Streamline Cycles3:03.12472:57.184219.23s
 43rd65Cameron ALLONBY AUS198907083:06.48502:57.934319.98s
 44th59Thomas ROSE AUS198410272:46.5272:58.144420.19s
 45th45Oscar BUCKLE AUS198910263:01.57452:58.884520.93s
 46th44Ben MORRISON AUS19800707Cropthorn Clothing / Leatt / mongoose Bikes3:09.60532:58.944620.99s
 47th55Christian TUCKER AUS19831031Onya Bike Belconnen2:55.01332:59.114721.16s
 48th47Michael JOBSON AUS19890428blackman bicyles3:04.31493:00.174822.22s
 49th71Thomas KERNEY AUS19861115MAD Roota Racing / Paton Performance3:09.48523:00.574922.62s
 50th49Ryan ANDREWS AUS19881229Carine cycles / cottosloe cycles2:55.95363:02.035024.08s
 51st72Mark BEEKSMA AUS198902113:15.24573:03.315125.36s
 52nd61Zac MACANALLY AUS19890710DNF3:03.365225.41s
 53rd66Jared BLACKMORE AUS198808093:08.89513:04.485326.53s
 54th57Benjamin AYLING AUS198802033:11.38563:05.095427.14s
 55th11Joshua BUTTON AUS19891125Adidas / Crank Brothers / Dee Why Cycles / Fox / lotek / Maxxis / MONGOOSE-SRAM / RockShox2:53.31243:05.535527.58s
 56th58Jacob COLES CAN198301023:10.02543:06.685628.73s
 57th70Simon GLANVILLE AUS198610103:22.18593:19.315741.36s
 58th38Brett PENGELLEY AUS1983071114:21.87633:37.405859.45s
 59th28Andrew MILLS AUS19781201Dragon Optics / Fox / Michelin / SRAM2:52.23223:50.74591:12.79
 60th16Adam SMITHSON AUS19771023Fox / GT Bikes / Ogio3:10.04553:56.78601:18.83
 61st36Jamie GREEN AUS197410272:51.36194:05.68611:27.73
 21Adam DOSSETOR AUS19820728Anomia Designs / Bilt / DH Direct / Imperial / Turner2:47.098DNF
 69Lincoln VERASS AUS198507232:52.5723DNF
 53Ryan MEADER Bling Industries8:34.1362DNS
 15Dave WEST Gamut / Giant / inform health / Maxxis / RockShox / scuDNS
 41Garreth PATON Bilt / DH Direct / Onya Bike Belconnen / Paton Performance / TurnerDNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st109Adam KING 2:55.031-
emoji_events2nd120Randal HUNTINGTON go to site / Norco / SRAM / Trivativ2:56.9621.93s
emoji_events3rd51Jason CAPENECAS 2:59.9134.88s
 4th104Louis PIJPERS 3:01.1846.15s
 5th50Roy JOLLIFFE Bunnings3:01.2056.17s
 6th107Dale GRIXTI 3:02.6067.57s
 7th112Callan RIDGE 3:04.4879.45s
 8th101Aaron CAIRNS MTBcut.Tv3:04.9289.89s
 9th103Kane LOWE 3:05.09910.06s
 10th110Jiel CASE 3:05.591010.56s
 11th117Daniel PAINE AA CYCLES3:06.541111.51s
 12th39Corey MCGHIE 3:09.051214.02s
 13th106Nick KING Mallard Cycles3:09.821314.79s
 14th118Aaron TENARDI 3:10.891415.86s
 15th122Matthew WALKER 3:12.321517.29s
 16th123Brett BLACKMAN 3:14.341619.31s
 17th115Brein SVENDSEN 3:17.641722.61s
 18th105Greg DOERKSEN 3:17.981822.95s
 19th116Tim BARDSLEY-SMITH 3:23.511928.48s
 20th111Brynn LLEWELLYN 3:24.352029.32s
 21st108Simon BOW hiway cycles3:26.632131.60s
 22nd121Aaron MILLARD Azonic / Kuringai Cycles / O'Neal3:29.142234.11s
 23rd114Steve YANN 3:42.902347.87s
 102Tim CHADD Raw NRG / Shimano InterschoolsDNS

Sport men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st205Steven GEBERT C.R.I.M.E cycles3:06.241-
emoji_events2nd201Jarrad CONNOLLY The Edge3:14.1427.90s
emoji_events3rd204Dylan SALAMON 3:18.47312.23s
 4th206Peter YOUNG 3:23.20416.96s
 5th202Andrew PENNINGTON 3:36.72530.48s
 6th207Cale ANDERSON coolum cycles / Raine and Horne - Mary Valley3:43.92637.68s
 7th628Sam HORSPOOL Mum & Dad4:08.1271:01.88
 8th203Rob PARBERRY Surly Flinging Monkey Racing4:09.5381:03.29

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st802David MCMILLAN CORC2:57.691-
emoji_events2nd801Connor FEARON Glen Osmond Cycles (SA)3:09.62211.93s
emoji_events3rd815Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) The Sacred Ride Jindabyne3:10.39312.70s
 4th803Henry BLAKE Maxxis / Mitcham Cycles / Mum & Dad3:12.79415.10s
 5th805Matthew SMITH CORC Junior DH Development Squad3:14.92517.23s
 6th824Joey VEJVODA 3:18.17620.48s
 7th807Conor BULLARD Mum & Dad3:19.35721.66s
 8th804Max HUGHES Chapman IGA / DH Direct / EBG / Mal-adjusted Bicycles / Mum and Dad3:20.26822.57s
 9th813James CARTER 3:21.77924.08s
 10th822Liam TOWERS 3:29.681031.99s
 11th818Cameron LAWLIS M & D TRANSPORT3:30.631132.94s
 12th808Nelson KREILIS Mum & Dad3:36.491238.80s
 13th820Mitchell KRISTIANSEN bike superstore / photopirate3:41.921344.23s
 14th816Jackson FREW Ballistice Oneal Aus / Lennock Motors / Mal-adjusted Bicycles3:42.771445.08s
 15th825Zac RANYARD 3:44.951547.26s
 16th806Josef NEUBAUER 3:50.861653.17s
 17th811Alexander MCKINLAY Mum and Dad4:01.66171:03.97
 18th814Luke ELLISON edl4:12.51181:14.82
 19th819William BISSAKER HAMMER AND CYCLE / The Bike Shed4:17.36191:19.67
 20th812Caleb ANTILL Maladjusted Bicycle Emporium4:30.93201:33.24
 21st823Angus MCCARTHY 4:39.18211:41.49
 22nd809Keiran DIXON 5:03.66222:05.97
 23rd821Kyle DEMASI 5:11.65232:13.96
 810David MAGGS Freeline Jerseys / Raw NRGDNS

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

42 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st722William GOWER Hi-Way Cycles / Unitriders2:49.211-
emoji_events2nd739Ben BARRETT 2:54.9225.71s
emoji_events3rd717Jesse WENT Mal-adjusted Bicycles2:56.6337.42s
 4th705Reece KUHN erina bikeworx / Giant / high roller energy / Utopia Optics2:57.1747.96s
 5th702Troy BROSNAN Adidas / Fox / lotek / Maxxis / Mongoose / RockShox / SRAM / Trak cycles2:57.5858.37s
 7th708Brandon YRTTIAHO Ashgrove Cycles2:58.3379.12s
 8th701James SHEPHERD C.R.I.M.E. Cycles2:58.7889.57s
 9th709James GREEN (u19) 3:00.44911.23s
 10th703Antony MOORE Dakibomon Roast coffee Queensland3:01.521012.31s
 11th731Joshua SINCLAIR 3:01.701112.49s
 12th742Chris LEAPER 3:03.261214.05s
 13th706Daniel LAVIS Allfab Constructions / SDG USA3:03.501314.29s
 14th707Aaron OATES CYCLINGO BIKE SHOP / Gary Cannan Electrical Services3:03.711414.50s
 15th719Marcus FAIRBANKS Ballarat / Fairbanks Eye Gallery3:03.971514.76s
 16th723Selby PRESS 3:05.061615.85s
 17th714Phillip PIAZZA 3:07.411718.20s
 18th741Tim BRANSGROVE 3:11.291822.08s
 19th710Will GILES 2Stage Bikes / Aldgate Bike Shop / Maxxis / Utopia Optics3:11.551922.34s
 20th728Lachlan SAUNDERS 3:13.532024.32s
 21st720Bobby DAVIES 3:16.332127.12s
 22nd721George NEWHAM 3:17.282228.07s
 23rd711Joshua BLAKE Maxxis / Mitcham Cycle Centre / Mum & Dad3:18.162328.95s
 24th713Kevin BACKHOUSE Mum and Dad3:19.282430.07s
 25th725Brock HARRISON The Sacred Ride Jindabyne3:20.292531.08s
 26th729Michael DARGAN Country Energy / Raw NRG Thredbo / SERAS3:20.652631.44s
 27th715Tom NORTON-LAHENEY Maxxis / Mitcham Cycles3:20.952731.74s
 28th726Max LOBIGS 3:21.772832.56s
 29th724Josh MACLEOD RIDE BELLERIVE3:25.632936.42s
 30th718Matthew MULLINS endeavour cycles3:26.523037.31s
 31st733Joel LAWLIS MND TRANSPORT / YEH BOI RACING3:27.923138.71s
 32nd734Tom MARSHALL Raw NRG / Shimano Interschools3:28.393239.18s
 33rd736Anthony FEDOROVITCH 3:28.923339.71s
 34th730Flinders JOHNSTON 3:29.873440.66s
 35th738Kieran THOMPSON 3:39.273550.06s
 36th716Graeme MUDD avent / DRIFT / Elite cycle imports / Intense Tyre Systems3:40.003650.79s
 37th740John GOLIK 3:40.443751.23s
 38th737Milo DAVIDSON 3:44.093854.88s
 39th727Jack SENIOR 3:44.363955.15s
 40th732Aaron SHILLINGTON 3:46.274057.06s
 41st735Tim BEAVER Osiris Shoes / Raw NRG / SparX Helmets / Utopia Optics4:01.04411:11.83
 712Ben POWER Ashgrove Cycles Brisbane / Harvey Power (International) Pty LtdDNF

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st601Dylan PROHM AUS19900605IXS-Gravity2:48.7622:48.971-
emoji_events2nd604Matt VINCENT AUS19900710Bilt / DH Direct / Imperial / Turner2:58.13132:49.2420.27s
emoji_events3rd616Jock FARRINGTON AUS199006092:55.9492:52.1333.16s
 4th641Andrew PHILLIPS (sen1) GBR199001192:54.3252:52.4443.47s
 5th640Hans HADLEY AUS19910822Margaret River Cycles & Repair2:55.0662:52.5153.54s
 6th613Ben NYLEN AUS19910201Yeti Gravity team2:56.77102:52.5263.55s
 7th612David HABICHT AUS19901121Downhill Direct3:09.12202:53.5774.60s
 8th606James TAORMINA go to site / Maxxis2:54.1042:54.5285.55s
 9th610Dave MAUD AUS19900912Bendigo Cycles3:08.11192:55.0196.04s
 10th603Tamryn MURRELL AUS19910721CBD robina / Sloth industries / go to site2:55.4882:55.65106.68s
 11th607Murray STEPHENS AUS19900109Bendigo Cycles2:59.35142:55.77116.80s
 12th611Liam PAIARO go to site / kevin 073:00.93152:55.97127.00s
 13th608Austin HICKS AUS19911002avid / Fox / Intence bikes / Monza Imports / rockshock / SRAM / truvative2:55.2172:56.08137.11s
 14th619Llewellwyn GRIFFITH AUS19901115SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLIES3:06.03182:56.80147.83s
 15th627Hugh WALKER AUS19911208Carine Cylces2:57.63112:57.05158.08s
 16th635Adrian DAWSON AUS199012213:36.36343:02.451613.48s
 17th636Mitchell FLETCHER AUS19900422The Bike Shed Mortdale3:02.901713.93s
 18th646Ben LEAPER AUS199007243:10.18213:03.281814.31s
 19th621Benjamin FAIRBANKS AUS19900406Ballarat / Fairbanks Eye Gallery3:27.21313:04.031915.06s
 20th618Pat YOUNG AUS19900730DRIFT / Ogio8:48.10383:05.132016.16s
 21st643Shaun O'CONNOR AUS19910713Santa Cruz2:45.6813:05.982117.01s
 22nd647Mitch FORBES AUS199111283:04.55173:06.722217.75s
 23rd626Rowan SAUNDERS AUS199004213:11.75223:07.072318.10s
 24th609Elliot SMITH AUS19900124Mitcham Cycles3:04.05163:09.922420.95s
 25th639Tommy ROWE AUS19910815Aldgate Bike Shop3:21.39283:10.002521.03s
 26th637Simon CAMPBELL AUS19910817Active Cycles / Dirtworks / Fox Forks / Hunter Mountain Bike Assiciation3:38.75353:10.642621.67s
 27th642Anthony RODGERS AUS199103113:15.78253:11.272722.30s
 28th614Clark HAWKE AUS19900826Nicolai / Rouler Imports / SRAM2:58.01123:11.962822.99s
 29th623Liam HOWARTH AUS19900606The Bike Shed Mortdale3:17.64263:12.442923.47s
 30th645Tyson JONES AUS199009243:11.96233:13.533024.56s
 31st624Matthew DOOLEY AUS19900410Dee Why Cycles3:15.26243:14.423125.45s
 32nd629Josh JOHNSTON AUS19910603Mum and Dad3:26.52293:15.453226.48s
 33rd622Andrew BRETT AUS199002083:27.14303:15.503326.53s
 34th631Tim SMYTH AUS199012043:30.16333:25.823436.85s
 35th630Adam NORRIS AUS199103313:28.71323:26.463537.49s
 36th602Rhys WILLEMSE AUS19910911Tomac Factory Racing Team2:53.4433:49.72361:00.75
 37th644Benjamin HALE AUS199108253:55.39363:52.09371:03.12
 38th632Anthony VAUGHAN AUS19901003avent / Elite cycle imports / Intense Tyre Systems3:58.64373:56.78381:07.81
 39th633Brad ARDEN AUS19900301Tathra Beach and bike3:20.80276:48.18393:59.21
 634James WRIGHT The Bike Shed MortdaleDNFDNS
 625Jack ROACH
 615Raffi MOSS Raw NRG / Shimano Interschools
 620Tim WINDSHUTTLE Tathra Beach & Bike / UFO Mtb Imports
 617Ryan HUNT Camden Cycles / Utopia Optics

Master men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st509Troy ROWELL Avanti Plus / Specialized / Supreme Cycles3:07.371-
emoji_events2nd502Geoff LOVIE 3:09.7822.41s
emoji_events3rd510Shayne HADLEY 3:10.6633.29s
 4th505Rod GILCHRIST 3:22.61415.24s
 5th506David CALKIN 3:26.66519.29s
 6th512Shane WOLKI 3:36.95629.58s
 7th508Mic LONGHURST Percentage Bikes3:40.61733.24s
 8th504Peter MAGGS 3:43.01835.64s
 9th507Jeffrey SHILLINGTON 3:43.59936.22s
 10th511Mike GADD 3:49.951042.58s
 11th503Steven BULLARD 5:36.14112:28.77

Veteran men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st414Glenn ADAMS 2:55.101-
emoji_events2nd401Jason ARCHER hiway cycles / Utopia Optics3:00.9625.86s
emoji_events3rd408Robert STONE 3:04.2939.19s
 4th411Brett MINION 3:11.88416.78s
 5th407Adrian WALSH 3:14.56519.46s
 6th406Landon JENAWAY 3:15.10620.00s
 7th403Devin SANDO Master Sport and Life3:16.06720.96s
 8th413Glenn SMITHWICK 3:21.43826.33s
 9th402Michael STRATTON highway cycles3:23.78928.68s
 10th410Matt FREE 3:29.801034.70s
 11th409Nicolas JACQUET go to site3:32.361137.26s
 12th404Craig STANLEY 3:47.511252.41s
 13th405Jason STALKER SDI / Treadlies Bike Shop3:52.491357.39s
 412Ross CLARK Bilt / Clark Construction Group / DH Direct / TurnerDNS

Super Master men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st551Tony HUNTER 3:24.181-
emoji_events2nd552Steve COLES 3:35.44211.26s
emoji_events3rd553Martin GRIFFITH SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLIES4:09.78345.60s

Hardtail men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st906Ryan HEANEY mother3:13.551-
emoji_events2nd904Dain CASE 3:15.4421.89s
emoji_events3rd907Andrew DAPRE Token Products3:15.8632.31s
 4th902Michael CALDWELL YEH BOI RACING3:16.0542.50s
 5th901Joseph LESTER Ashgrove Cycles3:20.7757.22s
 6th911Tom POWER 3:26.32612.77s
 7th909Hugh SUTTOR 3:41.51727.96s
 8th908Blake JACKSON 3:51.80838.25s
 9th910Zak WOLKI 3:54.24940.69s



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st308Tracy MOSELEY Kona Factory3:01.9423:01.121-
emoji_events2nd302Tracey HANNAH AUS19880613Raw NRG / Shimano3:00.0413:01.1820.06s
emoji_events3rd301Julia BOER HUN19770803Fox / Intense / Onya Bike Tuggeragong3:21.2333:21.83320.71s
 4th304Claire WHITEMAN AUS19780905Kona / Mal-adjusted Bicycles / Mt.Buller3:32.4363:26.36425.24s
 5th310Leigh DOUGLAS AUS197812034Shaw Agencies / Bling Industries / Treadlies Bike Shop3:31.6653:28.63527.51s
 6th303Sarsha HUNTINGTON go to site / Norco3:37.8983:33.59632.47s
 7th305Cara SMITH AUS19801119Onya Bike Belconnen / Paton Performance3:26.0943:36.07734.95s
 8th313Joanne FOX AUS19730119Cell Bikes / Dave / Jet Black Products / go to site / The Bike Shed Mortdale / UFO Mtb Imports3:37.8873:38.84837.72s
 9th307Jayne RUTTER AUS19790605Biomechanics Cycles and Repairs / GOLD CREDIT CARD3:38.5793:40.29939.17s
 10th309Shannon CHUGG AUS198404163:47.38103:51.891050.77s
 11th306Rosemary BARNES AUS19820827Giant4:26.30133:53.561152.44s
 12th314Edwina HUGHES AUS198310143:52.47114:01.42121:00.30
 13th311Vanessa THOMPSON AUS19800204Pioneer Floorsanding4:06.95124:08.66131:07.54

U15 girls

1 competitor found

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st785Alice MINAHAN Gateshead Cycles / Mum & Dad / go to site3:43.681-
emoji_events2nd781Emily HOCKEY Dad / Maxxis / Mitcham Cycles3:45.0021.32s
emoji_events3rd782Jasmin ROSA metro car detailers3:55.75312.07s
 4th784Holly BAARSPUL Kalamunda Cycles / Three Chillies Trail Design and Construction3:58.09414.41s
 5th783Bec KIRSS Maxxis / Mum and Dad4:04.76521.08s

U19 women

1 competitor found

Veteran women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st481Samantha THOMPSON 3:45.701-
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