Oceania Continental Champs '07 at Thredbo, NSW

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

52 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Sam HILL (elt) Parkerville, AUSMad Catz Iron Horse6:14.391-
emoji_events2nd2Nathan RENNIE Gold Coast, AUSTeam Syndicate6:16.7822.39s
emoji_events3rd15Jared RANDO AUSGiant6:21.1236.73s
 4th6Bryn ATKINSON Wentworth Falls, Blue Mtns, AUS6:23.2748.88s
 5th10Amiel CAVALIER Keiraville, AUSFox suspension / Giant / Shimano / Spearman Cycles6:25.41511.02s
 6th44Liam PANOZZO Surrey Hills, AUSSsangYong-fusion Pro Team6:27.63613.24s
 7th20Ben CORY AUS6:28.99714.60s
 8th21Tim EATON Garran, AUSBlur Optics / Manitou / The Bike Shed canberra / TLD6:29.71815.32s
 9th26Wyn MASTERS New Plymouth, NZLBike New Zealand6:32.50918.11s
 10th22Craig YATES Camden Park, AUSGIANT AUSTRALIA-SRAM-AVID-ROCKSHOX-FOX6:33.611019.22s
 11th16Cam COLE Christchurch, NZLBike New Zealand6:36.551122.16s
 12th45Christopher PANOZZO Surrey Hills, AUSSsangYong-fusion Pro Team6:37.781223.39s
 13th19Rick BOYER Blue Mountains, AUS6:38.461324.07s
 14th51James BASHFORD AUS6:39.491425.10s
 15th55Shane WODE AUS6:40.691526.30s
 16th11Kieran BENNETT Nelson, NZLBike New Zealand6:40.941626.55s
 17th23Richard LEE Breddon, AUS6:41.331726.94s
 18th61Andrew MILLS AUS6:42.131827.74s
 19th50Alex SWANN AUS6:42.191927.80s
 20th40Jon ODAMS Bonnet Bay, AUS661 / go to site / Dragon Downhill / E13 / Orange / Royal / T.H.E6:45.592031.20s
 21st49Hayden MCGREGOR AUS6:45.852131.46s
 22nd37Adam DOSSETOR Lyneham, AUSAnomia Designs / Bilt / DH Direct / Imperial / Raw NRG / Turner6:45.892231.50s
 23rd27Michael DAVIS Auckland, NZLBike New Zealand6:46.302331.91s
 24th67Adam SMITHSON AUS6:47.862433.47s
 25th62Rhys ATKINSON AUS6:49.982535.59s
 26th54Tim MANN AUS6:53.362638.97s
 27th65Garreth PATON AUS6:53.692739.30s
 28th52Tom RICHARDS AUS6:54.912840.52s
 29th46Chris WHITELOCK Warburton East, AUSpinnical cycles / Steve cramer products6:55.322940.93s
 30th47Robbie MCNAUGHTON Newcastle, AUS6:56.523042.13s
 31st48Isaac HEPPELL AUS6:56.563142.17s
 32nd24Dean ROBSON AUSFoes / Magura / Manitou / TLD6:57.083242.69s
 33rd58Cillian KENNEDY AUS6:57.153342.76s
 34th59Hamish ARMSTRONG AUS6:59.703445.31s
 35th39John FARROW Turramurra, AUSAppalache / SIC usa7:00.003545.61s
 36th42Jarl JENSEN AUS7:01.833647.44s
 37th56Thomas ROSE AUS7:02.993748.60s
 38th66James MCMILLAN AUS7:03.053848.66s
 39th41Chris BARLIN AUSAppalache / Hoots / SIC usa7:04.103949.71s
 40th29Ben MORRISON K Ass Kustomcompound, AUSBlack Phoinex Films / Foes / Manitou / Raw NRG / TLD / Utopia Optics7:04.194049.80s
 41st64Adam BASHFORD AUS7:04.714150.32s
 42nd63Scott GRAHAM AUS7:07.734253.34s
 43rd28Ben GOFF AUSOrange / Royal7:07.824353.43s
 44th30Trevor BURKE Wheelers Hill, AUSwoodduck`s extreme squid fishing glass bottom boats rides.co7:08.344453.95s
 45th38Dean DAVIES AUSAshgrove Cycles / Health Fusion Natural Therapy / neezy pty ltd7:14.83451:00.44
 46th33Thomas KERNEY AUS7:17.62461:03.23
 47th31Brendan WOOD AUSYarra Valley Cycles7:19.93471:05.54
 48th35Jimmy DANCHAUD FRAComite Regional de Cyclisme New Caledonia7:22.61481:08.22
 49th60Kye HORE AUS7:32.73491:18.34
 32Andrew DAPRE Chapman, AUS
 36Ouamba LEGER FRAComite Regional de Cyclisme New Caledonia
 43Damien PERRY St Ives, AUSInner City Cycles

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st629Will RISCHBIETH AUSAldgate Bikes / Drizabone Australia / Giant6:32.431-
emoji_events2nd627James MALTMAN Surrey Hills, AUSSsangYong-fusion Pro Team6:33.7921.36s
emoji_events3rd605Matthew SCOLES Alexsandra, NZLBike New Zealand6:33.8031.37s
 4th601Tom PATTON AUSBike Addiction / Blur Optics / Manitou / Orange / steve cramer / TLD6:40.0947.66s
 5th614Joshua BUTTON Boambee East, AUSDee Why Cycles / mongoose Bikes / Sign FX Sydney6:41.5559.12s
 6th603Dylan PROHM AUSAstrix Sports / endeavour cycles6:42.4069.97s
 7th630Samuel WARD North Turramurra, AUSMonza Imports / The Bike Shed Mortdale6:44.21711.78s
 8th611Michael LANGFORD Wellington, NZLBike New Zealand6:46.32813.89s
 9th625Kent HAMILTON St Ives, AUSSt Ives Cycles6:46.57914.14s
 10th606David SCANDRETT Christchurch, NZLBike New Zealand6:46.611014.18s
 11th607Peter COOPER Nelson, NZLBike New Zealand6:46.621114.19s
 12th631Reuben JOEL AUS6:47.541215.11s
 13th609Joel DANIELS Wanganai, NZLBike New Zealand6:48.451316.02s
 14th610Daniel MEILINK Wellington, NZLBike New Zealand6:52.561420.13s
 15th602Matt VINCENT AUSDH-Direct / GLA / severe6:53.291520.86s
 16th623Chris COOMBE AUS6:54.531622.10s
 17th608Joseph NATION NZLBike New Zealand6:57.781725.35s
 18th621James TAORMINA AUSbike culture sydney6:58.721826.29s
 19th613Murray STEPHENS Bendigo, AUSBendigo Cycles6:58.991926.56s
 20th628Ryan MEADER Lane Cove, AUS7:02.292029.86s
 21st616Tim WINDSHUTTLE AUSRaw NRG Thredbo7:06.402133.97s
 22nd604Cameron ALLONBY Camp Mountain, AUS7:08.372235.94s
 23rd626Ben LEAPER Wahroonga, AUSThe Bike Shed Mortdale7:08.552336.12s
 24th633David HABICHT AUS7:14.422441.99s
 25th635Brenton GOWEN AUS7:17.242544.81s
 26th617David GNANY AUSSpy7:19.912647.48s
 27th619Tom MAURY FRAComite Regional de Cyclisme New Caledonia7:24.552752.12s
 28th612Mark BEEKSMA Woronora Heights, AUScycle logic / Rotec Cycles7:26.682854.25s
 29th624Pat YOUNG Merewether, AUS7:46.28291:13.85
 30th615Mitchell MCKINLAY AUS7:56.63301:24.20
 31st634Dale LECLUSE AUS8:34.47312:02.04
 32nd632Tyson JONES AUS9:54.56323:22.13



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

Pos Bib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
 8th310Rosemary BARNES O'connor, AUS8:40.8281:30.63
 5th311Joanne FOX AUS7:58.87548.68s
emoji_events3rd304Scarlett HAGEN Queenstown, NZLBike New Zealand7:20.45310.26s
emoji_events2nd302Tracey HANNAH AUS7:18.2328.04s
 9th309Sarsha HUNTINGTON go to site8:43.1591:32.96
 4th303Amy LAIRD Christchurch, NZLBike New Zealand7:39.92429.73s
emoji_events1st308Jennifer MAKGILL Auckland, NZLBike New Zealand7:10.191-
 6th307Cara SMITH Rivett, AUSOnya Bike Belconnen / Paton Performance8:18.5461:08.35
 7th306Claire WHITEMAN Conder, AUSKona8:18.7371:08.54

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st681Caroline BUCHANAN Kambah, AUSBike Shed Canberra / Crank Brothers / KHS Bicycles Inc / Unit clothing7:55.791-
emoji_events2nd682Holly KERNOHAN-SMITH NZLBike New Zealand8:09.30213.51s
emoji_events3rd683Kelly HUGHES AUS8:22.38326.59s
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