2012 Quebec Cup round 5 & Quebec Champs at Owl's Head, QC

30th September 2012

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Elite men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

34 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark151Matthew BEER TNFox Racing Shox / Intense / TLD2:58.989 (1)-
bookmark260Hans LAMBERT QCXPREZO-BORSAO3:00.332 (2)1.343s
bookmark326Phil CYRENNE BLANCHARD QCsports aux puces3:05.764 (3)6.775s
bookmark428Yann GAUVIN QCKona / Race Face3:10.492 (4)11.503s
bookmark553Julien LARAMEE QCCycle Neron / Specialized3:11.061 (5)12.072s
bookmark666Maxime GIGUÈRE-VIGER QC3:11.857 (6)12.868s
bookmark740Simon DALLAIN QCLessard Bicycles3:12.096 (7)13.107s
bookmark86Samuel VALLEE QCDevinci / Lessard Bicycles / Silverwax 13.2103:12.199 (8)13.210s
bookmark94James JEANNET QCFox Intense3:12.998 (9)14.009s
bookmark107Jonathan LEFRANCOIS QCCycle Neron / Specialized3:16.527 (10)17.538s
bookmark1111Maxime FORTIN-FAUBERT QC3:17.598 (11)18.609s
bookmark129Vincent POLISENO QC3:17.862 (12)18.873s
bookmark1335Charles-Alexandre DUBE QCOn the Edge Canada3:18.223 (13)19.234s
bookmark143Jonathan ALLARD QCXPREZO-BORSAO3:18.846 (14)19.857s
bookmark155Mathieu LAGRANGE QCProCycle / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:20.046 (15)21.057s
bookmark1615Bastien MAJOR QCCycle Neron / Specialized3:20.128 (16)21.139s
bookmark1752Guillaume LARAMÉE QCCycle Neron / Specialized3:22.099 (17)23.110s
bookmark1822Nicolas KONOW QCLama Cycles3:22.181 (18)23.192s
bookmark1927Félix-Antoine LESSARD QCsports aux puces3:24.439 (19)25.450s
bookmark2038Olivier LAPRADE QCOGC / Opus3:25.181 (20)26.192s
bookmark211Marc POIRIER QCsports aux puces3:25.908 (21)26.919s
bookmark2270Jacob REEVES QC3:26.007 (22)27.018s
bookmark2371William VIENS QCsports aux puces3:30.402 (23)31.413s
bookmark248Guillaume LAFLEUR-SMITH QCBontrager / Trek3:30.741 (24)31.752s
bookmark252Matthew WOODS QC3:34.445 (25)35.456s
bookmark2669Jeff D'OLIVEIRA QC3:45.671 (26)46.682s
bookmark2754Benoit RIOUX QCXPREZO-BORSAO3:50.224 (27)51.235s
bookmark2862Alex IACHETTA QC3:56.656 (28)57.667s
bookmark2929Francis GAGNON-PAQUIN QCProCycle / Rocky Mountain Cycles4:35.021 (29)1:36.032
bookmark21Simon POIRIER GIROUX QCDakine / S4 SUSPENSION / vertigeDNF
bookmark32Dominick MENARD QCDevinciDNS
bookmark13Samuel THIBAULT QCCycles Performance / NiquetDNS
bookmark31David CHARBONNEAU (u40) QCsports aux pucesDNS
bookmark33Dylan MORLEY QCDNS

Expert: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1265Alexandre CARBONNEAU QC3:13.750 (1)-
bookmark2258Patrick PARE-MARTIN QCindépendant3:22.047 (2)8.297s
bookmark3254Louis BROCHU MARIER QCProCycle / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:29.437 (3)15.687s
bookmark4257Simon CHAPDELAINE QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:29.790 (4)16.040s
bookmark5277Philippe RICARD QCIndianracing.ca3:30.366 (5)16.616s
bookmark6250Jordan LAPOINTE QCsports aux puces3:36.161 (6)22.411s
bookmark7262Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN QC3:41.666 (7)27.916s
bookmark8260Pierre-Luc LÉVESQUE QC3:58.191 (8)44.441s
bookmark9274Hugo LANGEVIN QCCycles Performance / Niquet6:58.602 (9)3:44.852
bookmark253Philippe LECLERC QCDNF
bookmark2003Graham TAYLOR ONDNS

Expert: Senior men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

18 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1645Jean-Philippe DA SILVA QC3:25.096 (1)-
bookmark2639Hugo LALUMIERE QC3:25.203 (2)0.107s
bookmark3648David WIDMER QC3:25.425 (3)0.329s
bookmark4666Philippe BERGERON QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:34.919 (4)9.823s
bookmark5625Gabriel DISTILIO QC3:37.666 (5)12.570s
bookmark6620Alexandre QUINTAL QC3:40.483 (6)15.387s
bookmark7617Maxime BEAUDRY QCGiant Montreal3:43.479 (7)18.383s
bookmark8642Edouard LEVESQUE QC3:48.882 (8)23.786s
bookmark9649Colin PRÉVOST-LEMIRE QC3:49.599 (9)24.503s
bookmark10608Marc-André PHANEUF QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:50.305 (10)25.209s
bookmark11600Simon AYOTTE QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:55.104 (11)30.008s
bookmark12651Jordan MESSIER QC4:00.593 (12)35.497s
bookmark13606Christophe PERREAULT QCMaaxx Events Faction4:00.973 (13)35.877s
bookmark14647Stéphane PELLETIER QCCycle Lambert4:02.484 (14)37.388s
bookmark15609Maxime PERREAULT QC4:05.642 (15)40.546s
bookmark16650Nick PORQUET ON4:18.147 (16)53.051s
bookmark17643Antoine LAROSE QC4:25.083 (17)59.987s
bookmark18646Alek CAMPBELL QC4:31.109 (18)1:06.013

Expert: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1919Philipe MENARD QCQuilicot-Rackultra3:18.275 (1)-
bookmark2914Stephane MAILHOT QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:25.262 (2)6.987s
bookmark3903Éric BEAUCHAMP-LACHAPELLE QC3:30.414 (3)12.139s
bookmark4918Philippe BENOÎT QC3:30.548 (4)12.273s
bookmark5908Dominic TOUPIN QCS4 SUSPENSION3:41.276 (5)23.001s
bookmark6907Benoit LECLAIR QC3:41.796 (6)23.521s
bookmark7910Frédéric MAROIS QC4:15.992 (7)57.717s
bookmark8912Kyle STASIUK ONKamikaze4:21.776 (8)1:03.501

Expert: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11015Michel MASSIA QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:41.426 (1)-
bookmark21014Sean BARRON QCNSK Bearings3:52.309 (2)10.883s
bookmark31005Brian WHALEN ONOver The Edge4:28.551 (3)47.125s
bookmark41004Scott MCEACHERN QC5:40.614 (4)1:59.188

Cadet men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11273Raphael BARIL QC3:36.191 (1)-
bookmark21263Félix LECLERC QCCycles Performance / Niquet3:36.651 (2)0.460s
bookmark31252Benjamin MAROIS QCubac3:46.609 (3)10.418s
bookmark41259Loucas CORBEIL-BRACONNIER QC3:51.336 (4)15.145s
bookmark51253Francis PERRON QC4:14.743 (5)38.552s
bookmark61256William MORRISSETTE QC4:15.781 (6)39.590s
bookmark71261Emile BUREAU QCindépendant4:21.141 (7)44.950s
bookmark81251Mathieu LANGEVIN QC4:36.272 (8)1:00.081
bookmark91257Quentin GRAVEL QCDirt Camp4:38.632 (9)1:02.441
bookmark101250Léo LAMY-LALIBERTÉ QC4:57.527 (10)1:21.336
bookmark1274Sean LAVALLÉE QCDNS

Sport: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11410Samuel CYR QC4:03.340 (1)-
bookmark21424Arturo FRANSOLET QC4:04.250 (2)0.910s
bookmark31403Mark PEDERSON ON4:05.126 (3)1.786s
bookmark41422Xavier DAUPHINAIS QC4:11.181 (4)7.841s
bookmark51418Krystof CHARBONNEAU QCLa Shop4:17.487 (5)14.147s
bookmark61407Yannick CASTONGUAY QCsports aux puces4:43.084 (6)39.744s
bookmark71417Pablo SEGUNA-FRANCO QC5:45.092 (7)1:41.752
bookmark81450Daniel DUNN QC6:16.280 (8)2:12.940
bookmark1423Alexandre JODOIN QCDNS
bookmark1420Gabriel LACROIX QCDNS
bookmark1421Nick BERNARD QCDNS

Sport: Senior men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

23 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1449Nicolas CANTIN QC3:59.391 (1)-
bookmark2448Luc BOUTHILLIER QC4:04.573 (2)5.182s
bookmark3407Vincent RACINE-LABERGE QC4:08.224 (3)8.833s
bookmark4416Chris SINCLAIR (u30) ONPrivateer Phat Moose4:08.568 (4)9.177s
bookmark5402Mathieu BOUTHILLIER QCAccrocycle4:10.348 (5)10.957s
bookmark6439Christophe MORISSET QCTeam DH Docteur Velo4:19.050 (6)19.659s
bookmark7434Félix GAGNON QC4:23.788 (7)24.397s
bookmark8447Alexandre LEDUC QC4:28.344 (8)28.953s
bookmark9404Alex AUBIN QCProCycle / Rocky Mountain Cycles4:31.249 (9)31.858s
bookmark10444Tristan BORDELEAU-ST-CYR QC4:34.164 (10)34.773s
bookmark11442Alexander PATENAUDE ST PIERRE QCdocteur Velo4:40.346 (11)40.955s
bookmark12445Hans FREDERIKS QC4:47.722 (12)48.331s
bookmark13411Olivier COURCHESNE QCProCycle / Rocky Mountain Cycles4:49.497 (13)50.106s
bookmark14424Alexandre BABINEAU QC4:50.151 (14)50.760s
bookmark15443Jean-Daniel MONTPELLIER QC5:07.752 (15)1:08.361
bookmark16432Bruno OSTIGUY QC5:16.010 (16)1:16.619
bookmark17441Étienne VIGNERON QC5:16.394 (17)1:17.003
bookmark18408Ilka MCSWEEN QC5:39.764 (18)1:40.373
bookmark19403Julien LEBOEUF QCAccrocycle5:49.673 (19)1:50.282
bookmark20438Benoit FERLAND QCTeam DH Docteur Velo5:56.758 (20)1:57.367
bookmark2001Pierre-Marc GAGNON QCDevinciDNS
bookmark423Francois BABINEAU QCDNS
bookmark446Nicolas PLOURDE QCDNS

Sport: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

12 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1767Patrick PRATTE QC3:49.298 (1)-
bookmark2754François GAUDREAULT QC3:55.305 (2)6.007s
bookmark3909Patrick DUBOIS QC3:57.557 (3)8.259s
bookmark4755Stéphane PERRIER QCAccrocycle / Eternal Riders3:58.755 (4)9.457s
bookmark5751Jean-Pierre THERIAULT QCOn the Edge Canada4:21.845 (5)32.547s
bookmark6770Etienne TREMBLAY QC4:42.781 (6)53.483s
bookmark7760Patrick LEBLANC QCAccrocycle4:43.418 (7)54.120s
bookmark8756Mathieu DUPELLE QCKona4:50.886 (8)1:01.588
bookmark9764Joel GAGNE QC5:30.650 (9)1:41.352
bookmark766Jean-Philippe SIMARD QCKona / Race FaceDNS
bookmark769Pascal HALLÉ QCDNS
bookmark768Max BRUNEAU QCDNS

50+ men

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11000Michael THOMPSON QBAccrocycle5:00.145 (1)-



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1104Vaea VERBEECK QCFox Racing Shox / GoPro / Intense / TLD4:17.738 (1)-
bookmark2201Kristen COURTNEY ONAdrenalineracer / ToWheels4:52.269 (2)34.531s
bookmark3200Claudia PAQUIN QC4:53.523 (3)35.785s
bookmark4211Audrée VAILLANCOURT QC5:27.223 (4)1:09.485
bookmark5551Arianna VEGTER ONKamikaze8:45.439 (5)4:27.701