Canadian National Champs '10 at Panorama Resort, BC

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53 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark147Andrew MITCHELL CAN19870813Victoria, BCDunbar Cycles / Intense / Sombrio3:28.001-
bookmark24Jamie BILUK CAN19850815Winnipeg, / go to site / Suspensionwerx3:29.8021.80s
bookmark366Dean TENNANT CAN19880928Sidney, BCDunbar Cycles / Sombrio3:30.4032.40s
 433Thomas VANDERHAM CAN19840430North Vancouver, BC3:30.5042.50s
 532Ryan VANDERHAM CAN19900319North Vancouver, BC3:30.9052.90s
 665Adriano DIGIACINTO CAN19850303North Vancouver, BCBryson Racing Clan3:31.6063.60s
 767Kenny SMITH CAN19840109Whistler, BCChromagg / Dakine / Evil Bikes / SRAM3:32.3074.30s
 828Benoit RIOUX CAN19840117Cowansville, QCequipe qc xprezo borsao3:34.1086.10s
 954Yann GAUVIN CAN19901020Quebec, QCLama Cycles3:34.3096.30s
 1064Rob FRASER CAN19900912Pickering, ONPrimary Racing3:34.50106.50s
 112Simon GARSTIN CAN19900623Courtenay, BCTeam B.C.3:34.60116.60s
 1260Julien LARAMEE CAN19871126Ste-melanie, QCQuilicot3:35.00127.00s
 1321Phil CYRENNE BLANCHARD CAN19911205Drummondville, QCCycle Neron / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:35.10137.10s
 1418Nick QUINN CAN19790211Calgary, ABBryson Racing Clan3:35.20147.20s
 1519Andy THIBODEAU CAN19790627Anjou, QC3:36.00158.00s
 1655Charles-Alexandre DUBE CAN19840511Quebec, QCOn the Edge Canada3:37.20169.20s
 1740Ewan FAFARD CAN19830531Pemberton, BCCove3:37.60179.60s
 1837Matt ZDRILUK CAN19890331Beamsville, ONLapierre / Race Face3:37.70189.70s
 1924Tyler GORZ CAN19890415Coquitlam, BCpinke & CBR go to site3:37.90199.90s
 2052Matthew BEER CAN19860926St.johns, NL3:38.002010.00s
 2136Harold WOOLNOUGH CAN19871102Thornhill, ONSilent Devinci Racing3:38.202110.20s
 2259Jordie LUNN CAN19830822North Vancouver, BCJamis Biles / Rockstar Energy3:38.302210.30s
 2249Drew PAUTLER CAN19801205Brampton, ONPrimary / SRAM / Trek3:38.302210.30s
 2443Jeff HUNTER CAN19850920North Vancouver, BCCove3:38.602410.60s
 2462Tyler GNITT CAN19861230Kamloops, BC3:38.602410.60s
 267Dan SKOGLAND CAN19830224Pemberton, BCCove3:40.002612.00s
 2729Sidney SLOTEGRAAF CAN19881207Hamilton, ONLapierre / Race Face3:43.002715.00s
 2858Ross MEASURES CAN19870212North Vancouver, BCKnolly Bikes / SRAM3:44.102816.10s
 2935Cameron WOODS CAN19910430North Vancouver, BCDevinci / go to site3:44.202916.20s
 3030Jean Sebastien THERRIEN CAN19760325Coquitlam, BCBanshee Racing / Trident Sports3:45.003017.00s
 3151Jeff BEESTON CAN19780504Courtenay, BCEatmore Sprouts / Trail Bicycles3:45.103117.10s
 3222Aaron DOBIE CAN19900103Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:47.503219.50s
 3356Justin MACKNISH CAN19830112Shebrooke, QCLamar Cycles / Morewood3:47.603319.60s
 3446Ross ROSEINGRAVE IRL19830118Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:48.803420.80s
 3442James FROST CAN19911002Singhampton, ONLeatt / Rudy Project / Utopia Optics3:48.803420.80s
 3631Mitch THORNTON CAN19871203Calgary, ABCyclepath / Dakine / Giant3:49.103621.10s
 3750Benoit LABELLE CAN19821125Sherbrooke, QCLama Cycles3:50.303722.30s
 3823Maxime FORTIN-FAUBERT CAN19900713Valleyfield, QC3:51.303823.30s
 3941Ken FAUBERT CAN19890603Coquitlam, BCDunbar Cycles3:51.803923.80s
 4061Guillaume LAFLEUR-SMITH CAN19911031Granby, QCXprezo3:54.904026.90s
 4163Kevin LANDRY CAN19850929Squamish, BCBanshee / Trident Factory Racing3:55.004127.00s
 4227Bryden RIGETS CAN19790616North Vancouver, BCCCN / Intense / Suspensionwerx3:56.204228.20s
 4334Rob VENABLES CAN19741231Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:56.804328.80s
 4444Tyler PAKSI CAN19890617Calgary, AB4:08.904440.90s
 4545Derek PLEHWE CAN19900819St. Albert, ABXpress Racing4:09.404541.40s
 4657Mike TRICKETT CAN19870810Mount Pearl, NLFreeride Mountain Sports4:10.604642.60s
 4753Mark NOFTALL CAN19891104St.johns, NLFreeride Mountain Sports4:21.004753.00s
 4838Cole CARTER CAN19901229North Vancouver, BCDHRacer / Intersport / Nema / Specialized5:04.10481:36.10
 25Kyle LOCKYER CAN19890129Toronto, ONDevinciDNS
 48Adam MANTLE CAN19840511Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles / SombrioDNS
 39A.J. CLEARY CAN19791102Coldstream, BCSkyride CycleDNS
 26Bill MACEWEN CAN19800521Vancouver, BCSteed CyclesDNS
 16Taylor ROWLANDS CAN19900613Nottawa, ONDNS

Expert: 15-16 boys  dialpad View finish spread

15 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1313Jordan GOSTELI CAN19940418Squamish, BCC4 Racing / Cycling BC / MMR3:44.391-
bookmark2312Shelby SMITH CAN19940501Mount Pearl, NLFreeride Mountain Sports3:49.4325.04s
bookmark3315Mckay VEZINA CAN19951022Newbury Park, CANewbury Park Bike Shop3:51.6037.21s
 4318Lee JACKSON CAN19950425Squamish, BCC4 Racing3:52.4448.05s
 5317Jordan HODDER CAN19940219Mount Pearl, NLFreeride Mountain Sports3:53.1658.77s
 6314Zander GEDDES CAN19950422Whistler, BCC4 Racing / Fanatik Bike Co.3:53.4469.05s
 6306??? FOREST 3:53.4469.05s
 8311Brennan WALSTROM CAN19940828Ladner, BCCove Factory Team3:53.9689.57s
 9307Kip SHORTREED CAN19940218Squamish, BCBanshee / Cycling BC / MMR / Trident Sports3:55.28910.89s
 10301Graeme DUFF CAN19940306Toronto, ONPrimary / Trek4:00.931016.54s
 11316Dexter HOOK CAN19940324Kamloops, BCFull Boar DH Race team4:06.111121.72s
 12308Jamie TICE CAN19950324Toronto, ONSilent Devinci Racing4:07.301222.91s
 13309Mark WALLACE CAN19950601Duncan, BCExperience Cycling4:12.121327.73s
 14305Trevor LEBLANC CAN19940131Drayton Valley, ABPark Cycle Racing4:34.351449.96s
 302Harrison DUXBURY-SLEEP CAN19940811Gibsons, BCSunshine Coast Cycling Club / Team BCDNS

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

29 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1233Remi GAUVIN CAN19920616Nanoose Bay, BCEvil Bikes / PerformX3:28.501-
bookmark2210Nick GEDDES CAN19930519Whistler, BCNorco Factory Team and BC Team3:31.8023.30s
bookmark3219Kyle SANGERS CAN19930412Kingston, ONJ&J Cycle3:33.3034.80s
 4221Riley SUHAN CAN19930911Golden, BCDarkside / Devinci / go to site / Smith3:33.4044.90s
 5211Max HORNER CAN19930116Whistler, BCBryson Racing Clan3:37.0058.50s
 6238Chayse MARSHALL CAN19920304Sun Peaks, BCfull boar bike store / Knolly Bikes / Sun Peaks3:39.90611.40s
 7209Danny FREY CAN19920316Drayton Valley, ABDECAL WORKS / The Sect3:40.70712.20s
 8204Tyler ALLISON CAN19920401Whistler, BCTeam BC3:41.60813.10s
 9218Cody RATTE CAN19930426Calgary, ABBryson Racing Clan3:43.80915.30s
 10208Linden FENIAK CAN19930728Sechelt, BCCove / Sunshine Coast Cycling Club3:45.001016.50s
 11214Guillaume LABRIE CAN19930407Valleyfield, QCÉquipe du Québec / Lama Cycles3:47.501119.00s
 12207Alex CURRIE CAN19920520North Vancouver, BCDevinci / go to site3:48.601220.10s
 13215Philippe MORIN CAN19930310Blainville, QCQuebec Provincial Team3:50.301321.80s
 13212Brandon INDIC CAN19920630Jasper, AB3:50.301321.80s
 15213Brenden KLASSEN CAN19920406Calgary, AB3:51.401522.90s
 16237Michael OOSTERVELD CAN19930527Waterdown, ONSilent Davince3:52.501624.00s
 17225Justin DALE CAN19920119Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:52.901724.40s
 18231Sky GUSTIN CAN19920207Port Alberni, BCCycling BC / Lama Cycles3:54.201825.70s
 19228Kye WALSTROM CAN19921219Ladner, BCCove Factory Team3:56.701928.20s
 20222Samuel THIBAULT CAN19930721Chambly, QCÉquipe du Québec - Gravité Sports3:57.002028.50s
 21230Taylor SMITH CAN19920512Nanaimo, BCCycle Component Network4:01.802133.30s
 22206Brennen BROSINSKY CAN19930102Rocky Mountain, AB4:04.302235.80s
 23217Cameron PORTEOUS CAN19921025Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles4:05.102336.60s
 24235Al RAINES CAN19920219Courtenay, BCMC 1 Racing4:07.302438.80s
 25227Braeden ONCIUL CAN19930202Edmonton, ABExpress Racing4:09.302540.80s
 26223Nick GRIMM CAN19920721North Vancouver, BCBryson Racing Clan4:10.802642.30s
 27236Cam HILTS CAN19930609North Vancouver, BCDevinci / go to site4:24.602756.10s
 232Cale GLITHERO CAN19920714Thornburt, ONKamikaze / TLDDNS

Expert: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1709Ben PORTEOUS CAN19900320Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:56.691-
bookmark2715Kurtis WALTON CAN19890630Kamloops, BC3:57.3120.62s
bookmark3702Grady BEGG CAN19911114Langley, BC4:07.17310.48s
 4713Jordan MASSE CAN19880413New Westminster, BCSteed Cycles4:07.45410.76s
 5708Simon GAUTHIER CAN19870526Nelson, BCDevinci4:08.94512.25s
 6705Clinton GOULD CAN19910421Brackendale, BC4:10.08613.39s
 7718Warren LIBA CAN19940406Warbury, ABThe Sect4:11.15714.46s
 8719Justin JOHNSON CAN19910311Milner, BCVELOCITY CYCLES4:14.45817.76s
 9714Paul SALES CAN19910809Vancouver, BC4:14.57917.88s
 10710Zac SMITH CAN19810201Coquitlam, BCBanshee Racing / Trident Sports4:15.131018.44s
 11716Jesse BALLHAUSEN CAN19911217Pemberton, BCC4 Racing / Hayes / Race Face4:19.451122.76s
 12700Simon AYOTTE CAN19901203Chambly, QC4:28.511231.82s
 13704Reilly FORSTER CAN19910921Calgary, ABSki Cellar / Smith / TLD4:40.791344.10s
 14703Andrew BUIS CAN19860308Kamloops, BCfull boar bike store4:47.591450.90s
 712Ray FAUBERT CAN19911216Coquitlam, BCDunbar CyclesDNF
 711Craig WAGNER CAN19810702Edmonton, ABXpress RacingDNS
 717Cameron SOMERVILLE CAN19820411Vancouver, BCDNS

Expert: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

10 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1412Cory LECLERC CAN19740408Squamish, BCC4 Racing3:41.801-
bookmark2401Darryl BARTLETT CAN19800824Coquitlam, go to site3:45.0623.26s
bookmark3404Aaron CLARKE CAN19760524Invermere, BCColumbia Cycle / CVCS3:52.90311.10s
 4402Russell BOCK CAN19771130Calgary, AB3:53.80412.00s
 5403Steve BOUCHER (1974) CAN19741005Kamloops, BCBanshee / FullBoar / Trident3:54.55512.75s
 6413Michael RAYTON CAN19760914Calgary, AB3:57.43615.63s
 7411Simon STEVENSON CAN19740731Courtenay, BCEatmore Sprouts / Trail Bicycles4:02.26720.46s
 8405Jean-Francois DES LAURIERS CAN19740412Calgary, ABadhra4:14.44832.64s
 9410Mark WOLSTENHOLME CAN19751130Edmonton, ABXpress Racing4:27.67945.87s
 400Kieran ARDS CAN19760407Sherwood Park, ABPark Cycle RacingDNS

Expert: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1500Graham BEATTY CAN19700502Garibaldi Highlands, BCHate and Discontent4:06.161-
bookmark2503Richard RATTE CAN19640331Calgary, AB4:08.1021.94s
bookmark3505Bryan GIOIA CAN19680430Maple Ridge, BC4:18.27312.11s
 4501Chris CHECK CAN19701102Edmonton, ABPedalhead Racing4:20.33414.17s
 5550Dave DYMENT CAN19601225Abbotsford, BCMonaVie / Sun Hang Do / Wentings4:40.38534.22s
 504Scott SINCLAIR CAN19651014Toronto, ONAngry Johnny's / Cycle SolutionsDNS

U15 boys  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1802Sawyer LOGAN CAN19960710Invermere, BCBicycle Works - Invermere4:13.161-
bookmark2801Nik DUNN CAN19960628Fernie, BCBike Base / Fernie Alpine / Kona4:16.6523.49s
bookmark3803Logan RATTE CAN19970226Calgary, AB4:25.16312.00s
 4805Wyatt KELLN CAN19960327Drayton Valley, ABDu Crew / Park Cycle4:43.82430.66s
 5804Kyle SHIMKO CAN19960510Beaumont, ABUnited Cycle (Grass Roots Cycling)4:49.40536.24s

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1822Alex ARNOLD CAN19940101Sparwood, BC3:57.931-
bookmark2828Andre VOLARD CAN19940901Cranbrook, BC4:14.21216.28s
bookmark3823Nathan BABICHUK CAN19940204Beaumont, ABThe Sect4:24.47326.54s
 4824Kolby KLASSEN CAN19940830Calgary, AB4:31.85433.92s
 5310Mackenzie WERSTIUK CAN19940224Rocky Mountain, ABadhra / United Cycle4:48.66550.73s
 6821Jayden ADRIAN CAN19940924Rocky Mountain, ABRocky Mountain Bike n Board5:21.1361:23.20
 7826Cameron STARCHESKI CAN19940628Leduc, ABXpress Racing8:31.2074:33.27

Sport: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1953Evan BLACKWELL CAN19930826Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle3:45.171-
bookmark2827Daniel BANKS CAN19930509Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle3:45.5120.34s
bookmark3950Isaac BARKHOUSE CAN19930911Beaumont, ABLeatt / United Cycle4:12.65327.48s
 4951Mitchell Ace HAYDEN CAN19920116Kamloops, BCBanshee / Race Face / Royal / Smith4:26.25441.08s
 5952Cole MINTZ CAN19931215Kamloops, BCfull boar bike store5:57.4052:12.23

Sport: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1707Garrett MACINTOSH CAN19901002Calgary, ABadhra4:00.301-
bookmark2605Travis MOIR CAN19810321Edmonton, ABRevolution Cycle / Xpress Racing4:20.44220.14s
bookmark3602Heath STERNA CAN19891026Calgary, AB4:25.00324.70s
 4604Chad PERREAULT CAN19880507Calgary, ABThe Sect4:38.11437.81s
 5600Daniel SUNDERLAND CAN19890202Edmonton, ABPark Cycle Racing4:44.64544.34s
 6601Andrew MALLON CAN19910417Calgary, ABSpecialized / The Bike Shop5:00.3861:00.08
 613Jesse MCCUE CAN19850115Edmonton, ABThe SectDNF
 606Kyle JOHNSON (19+) Edmonton, ABDNF

Sport: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1901Patrick FAGAN CAN19740906Kimberly, BC4:08.031-
bookmark2407Bruce POMEROY CAN19781118Garibaldi Highlands, BC4:08.3020.27s
bookmark3409Dalen STANLEY CAN19760504Coquitlam, BCBanshee Racing / Trident Sports4:32.19324.16s
 4502Steve EMBREE CAN19660310Calgary, AB5:43.0641:35.03
 406Ryan KUHN CAN19730910Rossland, BCPerformXDNS



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread

14 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1105Micayla GATTO CAN19880821North Vancouver, BCCycling BC / Oakley3:55.101-
bookmark2116Miranda MILLER CAN19900302Garibaldi Highlands, BCCycling B.C / go to site / Santa Cruz / SRAM4:03.3028.20s
bookmark3118Casey BROWN CAN19901027Revelstoke, BC4:08.30313.20s
 4102Rebecca MCQUEEN CAN19851217Whistler, BC4:13.10418.00s
 5114Kjersten LONE CAN19910104Victoria, BCKali / Pro City Racing4:17.40522.30s
 6106Anne LAPLANTE CAN19901015Gatineau, QCBorsao / Équipe du Québec / Xprezo4:17.50622.40s
 7117Vaea VERBEECK CAN19901125Granby, QC4:20.60725.50s
 8103Danice UYESUGI CAN19790901North Vancouver, BCCCN / Intense / Race Face4:24.40829.30s
 9115Jennifer MCMILLAN CAN19810619Port Coquitlam, go to site4:30.50935.40s
 10112Jaime HILL CAN19790706Pemberton, BCCycle Component Network / TLD4:31.501036.40s
 11111Kristen COURTNEY CAN19811103Garibaldi Highlands, BC4:42.301147.20s
 12113Terri-Anne HOWARD CAN19880424Leduc, ABOne Ghost Industries / Park Cycle5:08.00121:12.90
 119Kristen SMART CAN19850510North Vancouver, BCCove / Sombrio ClothingDNF
 120Lorraine BLANCHER CAN19751029Revelstoke, BCDNS

Expert: 17-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1271Kelsey BEGG CAN19930201Langley, BCCycling BC5:15.101-
 273Holly FENIAK CAN19950717Sechelt, BCCove / Sunshine Coast Cycling ClubDSQ

Sport: 19-29 women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1671Amanda GIRARD CAN19831121Nelson, BC5:45.281-

30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1471Karaleen GIOIA CAN19731012Port Moody, BC4:59.361-
bookmark2470Carolyn SOULES CAN19590121Calgary, ABCalgary Crankmasters8:57.2123:57.85


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