2013 NW Cup round 2 at Port Angeles, WA

(2013 Grand Prix of MTB, Round 1 - Underworld Cup)

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

77 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st79Steve SMITH 2:22.441-
emoji_events2nd83Josh BRYCELAND 2:24.6922.25s
emoji_events3rd61Connor FEARON 2:25.1532.71s
 4th78Aaron GWIN 2:25.1742.73s
 5th58Brook MACDONALD 2:26.3253.88s
 6th85Andrew NEETHLING 2:26.4964.05s
 7th86Cam COLE 2:26.8374.39s
 8th80Nick BEER 2:27.0084.56s
 9th57Neko MULALLY 2:27.0694.62s
 10th38Luke STROBEL 2:27.09104.65s
 11th76Troy BROSNAN 2:27.17114.73s
 12th59Greg WILLIAMSON 2:27.39124.95s
 13th88Richie RUDE 2:27.79135.35s
 14th77Mitch ROPELATO 2:29.04146.60s
 15th275Mark WALLACE 2:29.08156.64s
 16th401Kyle SANGERS 2:29.33166.89s
 17th17Remi GAUVIN 2:29.48177.04s
 18th1Kirk MCDOWALL 2:29.63187.19s
 19th68Mikey SYLVESTRI 2:29.82197.38s
 20th60Cédric GRACIA 2:31.21208.77s
 21st89Jack MOIR 2:31.50219.06s
 22nd87Jared GRAVES 2:31.55229.11s
 23rd4Lars STERNBERG 2:32.982310.54s
 24th35Kevin LITTLEFIELD 2:33.352410.91s
 25th47Ken FAUBERT 2:33.402510.96s
 26th72Phillip KMETZ 2:33.662611.22s
 27th44Dean TENNANT 2:34.072711.63s
 28th12Matt ORLANDO 2:34.662812.22s
 29th81Darren BERRECLOTH 2:34.762912.32s
 30th11Victor SMITH 2:34.803012.36s
 31st28Adam MANTLE 2:34.983112.54s
 32nd65Bas VAN STEENBERGEN 2:35.223212.78s
 33rd63Nick GEDDES 2:35.303312.86s
 34th97Cameron PORTEOUS 2:35.443413.00s
 35th519Cody WARREN 2:35.483513.04s
 36th13Evan GEANKOPLIS 2:35.983613.54s
 37th75Graeme PITTS 2:36.133713.69s
 38th5Trevor PARSON 2:36.463814.02s
 38th67Spencer BURBACK 2:36.463814.02s
 40th46Dan SIMS 2:36.574014.13s
 41st62Bradley BENEDICT 2:36.964114.52s
 42nd92Chris HIGGERSON 2:37.964215.52s
 43rd70Ben FURBEE 2:38.034315.59s
 43rd464Adriano DIGIACINTO 2:38.034315.59s
 45th96Aaron DOBIE 2:38.494516.05s
 46th69John KEEP 2:38.724616.28s
 47th71Nate FURBEE 2:38.764716.32s
 48th94Mike HADERER 2:38.804816.36s
 49th84Corey HATCH 2:38.864916.42s
 50th23Nick TUTTLE 2:39.245016.80s
 51st82Grant LESTOCK-KAY 2:39.635117.19s
 52nd51Jonathan ALLYN 2:39.895217.45s
 53rd53Boe MCGEE 2:40.045317.60s
 54th73Leif LORENZEN 2:40.335417.89s
 55th6Keith THOMPSON 2:40.375517.93s
 56th43Lucas CHALCRAFT 2:40.455618.01s
 57th48Robert STENSON 2:40.915718.47s
 58th39Kent BILLINGSLEY 2:41.455819.01s
 59th66Patrick HENNESSEY 2:41.585919.14s
 60th54Adam RANSAVAGE 2:42.146019.70s
 61st36Anthony LEONARDUZZI 2:42.346119.90s
 62nd42Joshua KAHN 2:44.076221.63s
 63rd8Matt PATTERSON 2:44.096321.65s
 64th475Craig HILL 2:45.186422.74s
 65th98Ben PORTEOUS 2:45.976523.53s
 66th3Charlie SPONSEL 2:47.086624.64s
 67th31Jake GROB 2:48.136725.69s
 68th494Bryan CRUM 2:48.306825.86s
 69th469Geoff AYR 2:51.306928.86s
 70th95Andrew SLOWEY 2:52.337029.89s
 71st465Dan GODARD 2:52.767130.32s
 72nd100Jerry KNIGHT 2:53.477231.03s
 73rd25Max MILLER 2:54.857332.41s
 74th468Steven BAFUS 2:55.807433.36s
 75th74Mitchell DELFS 3:12.687550.24s

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st104Matt HARDWICK 2:34.001-
emoji_events2nd148Zander GEDDES 2:35.6021.60s
emoji_events3rd384Chase NELSON 2:35.6631.66s
 4th90Jay FESPERMAN 2:36.0942.09s
 5th150Galen CARTER 2:36.7452.74s
 6th395Lee JACKSON 2:38.3064.30s
 7th385Shane LESLIE 2:38.5374.53s
 8th202Kole WETHERELL 2:38.7184.71s
 9th450Matt BRANNEY 2:39.9595.95s
 10th389Jack ILES 2:41.04107.04s
 11th203Corey CRAIG 2:44.811110.81s
 12th109Thomas DOYLE 2:45.201211.20s
 13th190Nic RODGERS 2:46.341312.34s
 14th231Takoda CRAWFORD 2:46.561412.56s
 15th516Nikolas CLARKE 2:51.231517.23s
 16th293Joshua RANDALL 2:53.731619.73s
 17th204Joseph RAGER II 2:53.841719.84s
 18th315Kye REFVEM 2:55.201821.20s
 19th387Bowen IRVINE 2:56.141922.14s
 20th224Jacob CARMICHAEL 2:56.542022.54s
 21st467Nick CHAPPELL-MOSS 3:01.912127.91s
 22nd411Eric HARVEY 3:03.212229.21s
 23rd111Shane COOK 3:05.552331.55s
 24th156Bret GILKEY 3:08.512434.51s
 25th390Dylan HOOVER 3:10.012536.01s
 431Wyatt FREIER DNF

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

34 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st309Curtis HOFFMAN 2:41.371-
emoji_events2nd308Cameron HOEFER 2:44.4023.03s
emoji_events3rd307Alex COCCO 2:47.5636.19s
 4th138Rhys EWING 2:48.3847.01s
 5th139Austen BOWMAN 2:49.1257.75s
 6th141Jack CASEY 2:49.7368.36s
 7th268Alec WATTS 2:50.3078.93s
 8th436Tim WINTER 2:50.3488.97s
 9th143Jack HILL 2:51.0299.65s
 10th304Jesse RANSAVAGE 2:51.381010.01s
 11th219Kyle HANLEY 2:51.811110.44s
 12th206Nicholas ANZALONE 2:51.961210.59s
 13th443Ryan VAN NOY 2:52.571311.20s
 14th225Kris CHRISTENSEN 2:52.801411.43s
 15th305Alex William FLOYD 2:54.681513.31s
 16th410Gaelen HARRISON 2:54.721613.35s
 17th220Ryan ERICKSON 2:55.341713.97s
 18th400Caleb DOANE 2:56.221814.85s
 19th189Mylan SMITH 2:56.871915.50s
 20th209Zach CROFT 2:57.672016.30s
 21st269Chris SANCHEZ 2:58.282116.91s
 22nd130Cory YALOWICKI 2:58.332216.96s
 23rd302Steve CETO 2:58.352316.98s
 24th131Dan ZELLER 2:58.572417.20s
 25th221Patrick FUNK 2:59.832518.46s
 26th455Mac LAWS 3:00.002618.63s
 27th453Lloyd SMITH 3:00.422719.05s
 28th167Brian DAVISON 3:00.902819.53s
 29th524Nolan RICHARDS 3:01.042919.67s
 30th294Stuart GOLD 3:01.253019.88s
 31st227Clinton OVERMAN 3:05.123123.75s
 32nd146Bryan KIEFFER 3:16.963235.59s
 303Andrew FRINK DNF
 306Barry LUNDEN DNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st451Tyler EARNHEART 2:44.131-
emoji_events2nd195Scott KEMP 2:46.8722.74s
emoji_events3rd312Daniel FALCONI 2:48.1934.06s
 4th270Tyler BATES 2:48.9144.78s
 5th170Colin MCCARTHY 2:51.3757.24s
 6th437Nate SPENCER 2:52.9068.77s
 7th155Jeff REES 2:54.22710.09s
 8th171Sam LARSON 2:55.64811.51s
 9th424Ben DIXON 2:57.73913.60s
 10th235Andrew KNOTT 2:57.941013.81s
 11th330Josh NOTING 2:58.701114.57s
 12th236Travis ERICKSON 2:59.141215.01s
 13th200Jason QUEEN 2:59.621315.49s
 14th425Ryan CLEEK 3:00.001415.87s
 15th273Nathan MCDONALD 3:05.351521.22s
 16th267Adam ANDRADE 3:07.051622.92s
 17th496Brett TOMKY 3:14.531730.40s
 18th397Charlie SHIVEL 3:22.561838.43s
 19th207Joseph RAGER 3:25.341941.21s
 20th222Jesse KIEFFER 3:38.312054.18s

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st164Bryan CONNOLLY 2:47.741-
emoji_events2nd249Bryan GIOIA 2:51.9224.18s
emoji_events3rd278Michael DILL 2:55.3337.59s
 4th229Greg SATTERFIELD 2:59.35411.61s
 5th491Shawn FOLEY 2:59.38511.64s
 6th178Dugan CRITTENDEN 3:01.90614.16s
 7th446Eric BROWN (spt) 3:04.09716.35s
 8th416Chris BENTLEY 3:04.41816.67s
 9th153Jason GIBB 3:05.37917.63s
 10th132Brad DELZER 3:06.011018.27s
 11th144Todd OLSON 3:07.351119.61s
 12th182Martin NEWMAN 3:07.751220.01s
 13th492Rich DENSMORE 3:10.871323.13s
 14th184Ed REILLY 3:11.371423.63s
 15th433Andy VOIGHT 3:12.581524.84s
 16th417Jerry SOUTHWORTH 3:17.541629.80s
 17th420Mike ESTES 3:19.861732.12s
 18th454George SMITH (west) 3:37.631849.89s
 408Darrell JAMIESON DNS

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st432Finn ILES 3:00.841-
emoji_events2nd113Ben JOHANSEN 3:02.1421.30s
emoji_events3rd476Scott FUNSTON 3:13.28312.44s
 4th258Andrew SEMANSKEE 3:16.11415.27s
 5th406Sam MORRIS 3:16.47515.63s
 6th244Benjamin VAN VEEN 3:24.84624.00s
 7th490Zach MCCRACKEN 3:27.46726.62s
 8th372Nikolai JELINEK 3:27.63826.79s
 9th186Colton WIERSUM 3:27.74926.90s
 10th488Ethan LIEB 3:32.521031.68s
 11th486Cameron WAMSLEY 5:18.16112:17.32

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st392Kasper DEAN 2:49.921-
emoji_events2nd174Bjorn MEJLAENDEL 2:52.7822.86s
emoji_events3rd354Lukas MACKAAY 2:57.3437.42s
 4th371Ben JELINEK 2:58.4548.53s
 5th217Alex WYNAKOS 2:59.3759.45s
 6th230Zachary JONES 2:59.8569.93s
 7th106Jasper WESSELMAN 3:01.46711.54s
 8th345Ryan MILLER (cat1) 3:03.13813.21s
 9th122Kyle LEGROW 3:05.20915.28s
 10th211Connor CAWTHORN 3:06.401016.48s
 11th256Brandon WAMPLER 3:06.421116.50s
 12th301Eli MURPHY 3:08.331218.41s
 13th316Trevor ALTIZER 3:08.661318.74s
 14th388Matt DEALY 3:08.721418.80s
 15th261Shaden NUGENT 3:09.201519.28s
 16th407Bryce HELBLING 3:09.601619.68s
 17th356Ben GORE 3:09.701719.78s
 18th343Curtis BERGEN 3:15.481825.56s
 19th154Josh GIBB 3:19.401929.48s
 20th213Anthony MARSIANO 3:19.592029.67s
 21st348Bailey VILLALOVOS 3:20.172130.25s
 22nd498Kevin SWEENEY 3:23.252233.33s
 23rd358Eddie PONCE 3:24.432334.51s
 24th335Devon SIMS 3:26.202436.28s
 25th296Conrad GOLD 3:30.142540.22s
 26th126Kevin SINFIELD 3:32.582642.66s
 27th460Griffin BEESTON 3:38.242748.32s
 28th485Alex WAMSLEY 4:07.36281:17.44
 29th212Dillon MEIRE 7:28.48294:38.56
 208Colton HAGUE DNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

36 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st363Nate CHEYNE 2:46.001-
emoji_events2nd314Kody CLARKE 2:47.4821.48s
emoji_events3rd383Julian HENNESSEY 2:51.1935.19s
 4th290Jared KUENZI 2:56.24410.24s
 5th422Aaron ISOM 2:57.23511.23s
 6th393Sanders BROADLAND 2:58.28612.28s
 7th133Bryson WELSH 2:58.77712.77s
 8th140Kevin BALL 3:01.09815.09s
 9th260Mitchell SAPIZAK 3:02.40916.40s
 10th505Eli STEVENS 3:03.061017.06s
 11th241Nick FELURE 3:03.811117.81s
 12th334Kyle BARRETT 3:04.101218.10s
 13th439Alex ZBARAZKY 3:04.891318.89s
 14th350Jon STEINBIS 3:05.001419.00s
 15th480Jesse SCHULTE 3:05.121519.12s
 16th481Colin KREBSBACH 3:06.271620.27s
 17th313Adam DALMAN 3:08.631722.63s
 18th362Zach FRASER 3:11.591825.59s
 19th456Mason SHANNON 3:14.051928.05s
 20th135Sam GURST 3:14.842028.84s
 21st386Scott GILE 3:16.872130.87s
 22nd430Forrest TAYLOR 3:20.212234.21s
 23rd413Jake BRANNEY 3:22.102336.10s
 24th515Paul GANNON 3:22.312436.31s
 25th457Alex ANDERSON (pro) 3:26.822540.82s
 26th466Richard Garrett WALTSAK 3:27.032641.03s
 27th501Philip SCHNEIDER 3:28.162742.16s
 28th511Kyle JOHNSON (19+) 3:33.542847.54s
 29th521Chris BUCKLEY 3:50.56291:04.56
 30th119Michael HOWE 3:51.49301:05.49
 31st506Chase MYERS 4:19.47311:33.47
 32nd234Jarrett GILMORE 4:21.28321:35.28
 33rd336Tim STATON 4:42.45331:56.45
 347Taylor JOHNSON DNS
 452Blake GRAHAM DNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

37 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st329Cullen PROKOP 2:54.811-
emoji_events2nd181Brian FROST 2:59.6924.88s
emoji_events3rd403Eric ALBERS 3:00.5035.69s
 4th297Mike BRAWLEY 3:01.3846.57s
 5th255Joseph MOSQUERA 3:01.5956.78s
 6th257Tristyn DUERR 3:03.0168.20s
 7th272Andrew CLAIBORNE 3:05.17710.36s
 8th402Eduardo LAMOTHE 3:05.24810.43s
 9th324Rory MCLEOD 3:05.41910.60s
 10th357Andrew PICKERING 3:06.281011.47s
 11th173Paul SCHMIERER 3:07.791112.98s
 12th484Patrick WHEELOCK 3:09.461214.65s
 13th332Ray DOTTERER 3:09.841315.03s
 14th428Orion WATSON 3:11.041416.23s
 15th346Brandon WEEKLY 3:12.041517.23s
 16th137Joseph REED 3:12.491617.68s
 17th262Dante RUIZ 3:13.031718.22s
 18th101Brett PORTER 3:13.351818.54s
 19th152Marshal MORRIS 3:13.881919.07s
 20th361Dustin ROGERS 3:15.842021.03s
 21st440Eric VAN STEEN 3:16.472121.66s
 22nd355Adam DAY 3:18.382223.57s
 23rd509Luke CLEVELAND 3:18.902324.09s
 24th414Mitch FALKNER 3:21.452426.64s
 25th169Travis KLAAS 3:22.782527.97s
 26th502Jamie HASS 3:22.832628.02s
 27th445Lars SOMMER 3:23.262728.45s
 28th434Michael PAVSEK 3:23.672828.86s
 29th333Patrick ZUEST 3:24.662929.85s
 30th381Daniel COMITO 3:26.223031.41s
 31st349Jerry VILLALOVOS 3:27.893133.08s
 32nd281Ron GREER 3:31.233236.42s
 33rd512Jacob EARLY 3:43.023348.21s
 34th495Pete KINSEY 3:43.273448.46s
 412Erik DUKES DNS
 415Pete SKENE DNS
 -William PORTER DNS

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st197Kim WOLFKILL 3:04.831-
emoji_events2nd482Joe MURPHY 3:07.9323.10s
emoji_events3rd375Pete JELINEK 3:11.4836.65s
 4th299Justin SELF 3:11.9847.15s
 5th477John FOX 3:13.4858.65s
 6th102Todd MCCARTHY 3:13.7568.92s
 7th351Ralph HAVENS 3:13.9079.07s
 8th259Joel LAVIN 3:14.2289.39s
 9th271L.J. MCALLISTER 3:18.62913.79s
 10th518Lance WOODKE 3:19.621014.79s
 11th191Todd WIERSUM 3:20.721115.89s
 12th238Scott BOGGS 3:21.181216.35s
 13th394David WIKTORSKI 3:24.171319.34s
 14th114Brian STILL 3:26.371421.54s
 15th377Colin BRISSEY 3:27.201522.37s
 16th254Anthony BARLOW 3:27.421622.59s
 17th487Tim LIEB 3:29.271724.44s
 18th478Rodney HASTY 3:33.381828.55s
 19th183Mitch SCHMIDT 3:36.211931.38s
 20th449David RANDALL 3:37.792032.96s
 21st448Walter YI 3:44.272139.44s
 462Tory BLAND DNS

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st120Jim DENISON 3:18.951-
emoji_events2nd555Bill KIEFFER 3:23.0324.08s
emoji_events3rd510Louis BRUMBAUGH 3:23.2934.34s
 4th405George TRIANTAFILLOU 3:26.7947.84s
 5th228Dan OVERMAN 3:31.52512.57s
 6th489Doug MINOR 3:31.79612.84s

Cat 3: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st245Dominick VAN VEEN 4:25.111-
emoji_events2nd185Joey RODRIGUEZ 4:26.5221.41s
emoji_events3rd373Tim HOGAN (u40) 4:27.0431.93s
 4th232Ezra NORTHERN 4:32.6247.51s
 5th376Ruandy ALBISUREZ 4:43.82518.71s
 6th473Andre STROM 4:44.81619.70s
 7th520Jackson GOLDSTONE 4:45.14720.03s
 8th233Talon NORTHERN 4:59.44834.33s
 9th507Dalton NELSON 5:04.49939.38s
 10th134Braden DELZER 6:03.29101:38.18
 11th471Kyle STROM 7:05.84112:40.73
 12th474Gavin STANTON 8:09.63123:44.52
 13th503Wyatt MCKENZIE 9:47.63135:22.52

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st328Erik ZOBA 4:02.321-
emoji_events2nd447Cole TOWNSEND 4:03.9821.66s
emoji_events3rd326Austin STENBERG 4:08.8436.52s
 4th523Tyler LOEBER 4:14.58412.26s
 5th325Ian ROBINSON 4:19.64517.32s
 6th522Garrett MARSHALL 4:44.49642.17s

Cat 3: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st429Matthew WALKER 3:59.231-
emoji_events2nd108Tyler MCMAHON 3:59.5920.36s
emoji_events3rd264Jesse HOCH 4:10.71311.48s
 4th172Craig MIILLI 4:46.76447.53s
 5th127Chris SINFIELD 5:01.2251:01.99

Cat 3: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st459Scott HOLM 3:49.201-
emoji_events2nd112Cody BRUINSMA 4:00.19210.99s
emoji_events3rd517Clayton PETERSON 4:15.04325.84s
 4th458Craig FRANCHUK 4:33.22444.02s
 5th288Zachary SLOTA 4:41.94552.74s

Cat 3: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st508Jason NEUMANN 4:15.181-
emoji_events2nd513Alex ALTIZER 4:16.1320.95s
emoji_events3rd243Tom VAN VEEN 4:17.5932.41s
 4th479Keith SCHOENROCK 4:18.2143.03s
 5th470Tim WILLIAMSON 4:24.5559.37s
 6th472Shawn STROM 4:28.56613.38s
 7th216Michael HAWAKA 5:02.82747.64s
 497Francis SWEENEY DNS

Cat 3: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st311Gary GOODSPEED 4:21.741-
emoji_events2nd218Mike WYNAKOS 4:25.1223.38s
emoji_events3rd215John RODGERS 4:29.9938.25s
 461Joseph METCALF DNS



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st49Jill KINTNER 2:41.321-
emoji_events2nd18Miranda MILLER 2:43.8422.52s
emoji_events3rd64Casey BROWN 2:48.5237.20s
 4th463Vaea VERBEECK 2:57.05415.73s
 5th19Jaime REES 2:58.91517.59s
 6th91Jaime HILL 3:01.62620.30s
 7th99Lauren DANEY 3:04.43723.11s
 8th32Michelle WEEKLY 3:04.87823.55s
 9th93Britney WHITE 3:07.01925.69s
 10th24Dawn FIDLER 3:10.421029.10s
 11th37Adrian HOPKINS 3:15.441134.12s
 12th33Emily SMITH 3:24.381243.06s
 13th26Shelby REILLY 3:31.931350.61s
 56Amber PRICE DNF

Cat 1 women  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st250Karaleen GIOIA 3:09.501-
emoji_events2nd187Aja PHILP 3:11.3821.88s
emoji_events3rd423Christina CHAPETTA 3:17.3537.85s
 4th276Gretchen NELSON 3:18.9049.40s
 5th188Penny DECK 3:28.60519.10s
 6th444Kristi PRUITT 3:32.52623.02s
 7th283Ruth THOMAS 3:53.54744.04s
 8th279Lacy KEMP 3:59.14849.64s
 9th396Bridgette LEBER 4:00.53951.03s
 10th391Sam HOOVER 4:02.561053.06s
 11th493Sandy DENSMORE 4:05.061155.56s

Cat 2: 0-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st483Kyleigh STEWART 4:10.331-

Cat 2: 19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st426Katie JACKSON 3:28.271-
emoji_events2nd374Tori BROUGHTON 3:29.4321.16s
emoji_events3rd252Darcie GRAY 3:35.1036.83s
 4th438Rebecca PARISH 3:38.54410.27s
 5th323Jane MAUSER 3:39.90511.63s
 6th499Lanette FIDRYCH 3:44.49616.22s
 7th265Leigh WOODY 3:45.54717.27s
 8th149Amy JOSEFCZYK 3:46.31818.04s
 9th419Adrianna MOROZ 3:55.13926.86s
 10th427Sonya KEPLER 4:01.461033.19s
 11th124Kirsten FORS 4:01.481133.21s
 12th239Rachel DELATEUR 4:05.211236.94s
 13th418Yvonne SOUTHWORTH 4:05.901337.63s
 382Corinna BOLENDER DNS

Cat 3: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st242Margot ENRIGHT-DOWN 4:43.661-
emoji_events2nd266Kaytlin MELVIN 5:19.43235.77s
emoji_events3rd421Liberty SOUTHWORTH 5:59.1231:15.46
 4th399Sierra RAGER 6:23.2441:39.58

Cat 3: 19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st514Danielle KLINKHAMER 4:44.721-
emoji_events2nd320Trish GRIFFEN 4:44.7820.06s
emoji_events3rd435Hannah JOHNSON 4:45.6830.96s
 4th291Kate TEGELER 4:48.2643.54s
 5th300Kerry TARULLO 4:55.50510.78s
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