2013 BC Cup round 1 - Race the Ranch at Kamloops, BC

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The original results are available at http://www.kamloopsbikeranch.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/2013-RTR-DH-Race-Res…

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Elite men  dialpad View finish spread

29 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark13Jamie BILUK North Vancouver, BC1:45.891-
bookmark2472Luke STEVENS Calgary, AB1:46.3920.50s
bookmark3475Daniel SIMS Vancouver, BC1:46.8530.96s
 418Adam MANTLE Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles1:46.9341.04s
 511Nick GEDDES Whistler, BCNorco1:47.6051.71s
 624Chayse MARSHALL Kamloops, BC1:47.6461.75s
 715Anthony EVANS Peachland, BC1:48.2472.35s
 81Adriano DIGIACINTO North Vancouver, BCBryson Racing Clan1:48.2782.38s
 9474Dean TENNANT Saanichton, BC1:48.3792.48s
 102Jeffery BRYSON North Vancouver, BC1:48.47102.58s
 118Spencer GRAF Kelowna, BCJoystick Components / Knolly Bikes / Virtu Medi1:49.71113.82s
 126Rob VENABLES Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles1:50.24124.35s
 139Regan HOGELIE Vernon, BCDeath Grip Racing1:50.50134.61s
 14478Nick GRIMM West Vancouver, BC1:51.65145.76s
 15476Kip SHORTREED Brackendale, BC1:52.30156.41s
 1629Sylvain CELAIRE Vancouver, BCLoudenterprise1:52.36166.47s
 17473Drew PAUTLER North Vancouver, BCPrimary Isram1:52.41176.52s
 1827Alexander MACMILLAN Calgary, AB1:52.48186.59s
 19471Evan BLACKWELL Calgary, ABThe Base Race Team1:53.07197.18s
 20477Shelby SMITH Mount Pearl, NLFreeride MS1:53.24207.35s
 2126Cameron STARCHESKI Whistler, BC1:53.68217.79s
 2230Braeden ONCIUL Edmonton, AB1:53.71227.82s
 23470Karl HELDT Kamloops, BC1:57.742311.85s
 2423Nathan FRIESEN Hinton, ABAFD Grass Roots Racing1:57.782411.89s
 2522Dexter ROBSON Vancouver, BCExperience Cycling Club1:58.432512.54s
 26479Tony PEJRIL Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:22.092636.20s
 27196Brandon LOREE Chilliwack, BC2:37.002751.11s
 19Jay BOYSEN Bowen Island, BCDNF
 21Trevor THEW Duncan, BCPro City RacingDNS

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark164Rhys VERNER Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 Cycling1:49.061-
bookmark268Lynden SANDY Kamloops, BC1:52.1023.04s
bookmark359Magnus MANSON Sechelt, BCDunbar Cycles1:55.3336.27s
 460Luke DI MARZO Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 Rider Training1:56.4247.36s
 562Jack ALMOND West Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training1:58.4659.40s
 663Max LEYEN Chilliwack, BC1:58.9669.90s
 766Tristan KEEGAN Calgary, AB2:00.12711.06s
 869Dillon MORRISON North Saanich, BCCove2:01.64812.58s
 967Kelton RAINBACHER Prince George, BC2:04.98915.92s
 1061Craig KRUPA Edmonton, AB2:05.921016.86s
 1165Carter PASCHINSKI Red Deer, AB2:08.741119.68s

Expert: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread

22 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark141Lee JACKSON Squamish, BCNorco1:44.481-
bookmark2421Stuart DICKSON Revelstoke, BC1:49.9525.47s
bookmark343Matt HARDWICK New Westminster, BC1:50.0335.55s
 457Jayson GIORIO Sannich, BCCommencal / PerformX1:52.6848.20s
 547Nik DUNN Fernie, BCKootenay Bike Team1:52.7158.23s
 642Hayden GENOUD Calgary, AB1:53.5269.04s
 758Mitchell O'KEEFE Calgary, AB1:54.1479.66s
 856Jeremy MCDOWELL Calgary, AB1:55.23810.75s
 954Branden OSTOFOROFF Kamloops, BC1:55.48911.00s
 1055Thomas DOYLE Victoria, BCOak Bay Bikes1:57.691013.21s
 1150Isaac MARANGONI Whistler, BC1:58.801114.32s
 1252Wyatt KELLN Drayton Valley, AB1:59.041214.56s
 13425Bowen IRVINE Whistler, BC2:00.221315.74s
 1448Nick CHAPPELL-MOSS Mission, BC2:00.721416.24s
 1551Sebastian LUTZ Nelson, BC2:01.271516.79s
 1653Filip GLAZER Calgary, AB2:01.501617.02s
 17426Dylan HOOVER Vernon, BC2:03.231718.75s
 1845Eric SMEETON Calgary, AB2:03.401818.92s
 1949Tyler GREGSON Edmonton, ABXpress Racing2:05.561921.08s
 2044Chris BENNETT Calgary, AB2:05.932021.45s
 21420Benjamin YEAGER Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club / Ruckus2:41.102156.62s
 424Sandy THOMPSON Williams Lake, BCDNS

U15 boys  dialpad View finish spread

21 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1155Finn ILES Whistler, BC1:58.791-
bookmark2173Braedon MCNICOL Calgary, AB2:03.4624.67s
bookmark3163Kendall MCLEAN Victoria, BC2:03.9135.12s
 4157Josh DZIWENKA Victoria, BC2:08.4249.63s
 5152Iain HOPKINS Calgary, AB2:09.06510.27s
 6174Javante MARCHIO Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:10.32611.53s
 7153Pierson MCKIBBON Calgary, AB2:11.23712.44s
 8175Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, ABRadBike.ca2:11.75812.96s
 9166Jacob HOWITT North Vancouver, BC2:12.98914.19s
 10162Jackson PHILLIPS Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:14.191015.40s
 11164Andrew KLASSEN Kamloops, BC2:17.891119.10s
 12171Sean SAMPSON West Vancouver, BC2:20.941222.15s
 13176Austin FEDORA Kamloops B.C, BC2:21.711322.92s
 14151Nathan HARVEY Kamloops, BC2:21.891423.10s
 15167Cole MOONEY North Vancouver, BC2:22.041523.25s
 16169Hunter VERNER Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 Rider Training / Team Squamish2:25.671626.88s
 17172Frederik FOURNIER Rossland, BC2:26.121727.33s
 18156Joseph WITWICKI Coquitlam, BC2:37.431838.64s
 158Jacob STEFIUK North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training / CoveDSQ
 159Evan ROBINSON Sechelt, BCDNS
 168Rhett KELLN Drayton Valley, ABDNS

Senior men  dialpad View finish spread

24 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1185Kurtis WALTON Kamloops, BCBicycle Café1:52.731-
bookmark2179Andre VOLARD Cranbrook, BC1:53.4820.75s
bookmark3198Erik LUSTIG Burnaby, BC1:54.5131.78s
 4178Jack CASEY North Vancouver, BCC4 Cycling1:55.5442.81s
 5199Hugo LANTHIER Vancouver, BCLoudenterprise1:56.2153.48s
 6200Dan DIEDRICKSEN Whistler, BC1:57.0964.36s
 7189Matthew FITCH Langley, BC1:58.4775.74s
 8190Adrian CAMPOSILVAN Whistler, BC1:58.5385.80s
 9202Travis TAYLOR Kelowna, BCPivot Death Grip Racing1:58.5495.81s
 10197Landon PINETTE Williams Lake, BC1:58.99106.26s
 11192Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, AB1:59.46116.73s
 12419Jimmy VUKELICH Burnaby, BC1:59.58126.85s
 13194Kevin BALL North Vancouver, BCC4 Cycling1:59.79137.06s
 14201David FRIESEN Squamish, BCTantalus Bike Shop2:01.34148.61s
 15180Tanner ROSS Fernie, BCKootenay Bike Team2:01.99159.26s
 16191Chris DRAPER Whistler, BC2:02.06169.33s
 17186Justin WOODMAN Invermere, BC2:02.20179.47s
 18181Jonathan SMITH Kamloops, BC2:04.621811.89s
 19187Nick SPOTTOCK Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski2:05.931913.20s
 20195Jayden GISBORNE Ladysmith, BCCowichan Cycles2:06.282013.55s
 21184Mychal BIANCHI Calgary, ABXpress Racing2:06.732114.00s
 22188Iain CAMERON Mission, BC2:19.572226.84s
 23286Cory POPE Chilliwack, BC2:36.982344.25s
 182Kyle STOJKE Kamloops, BCBicycle CaféDNS

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

35 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1146Tyrell DESROCHERS Pritchard, BCBicycle Café1:52.821-
bookmark2123Adam MOWAT Delta, BC1:55.1522.33s
bookmark3141Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BC1:56.7133.89s
 4117Max SCHARF Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski1:56.9144.09s
 5142Liam STEVENS Rossland, BC1:57.2754.45s
 6115Alex AUGER Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training1:57.8665.04s
 7102Brad JANSEN Whistler, BCSpicy Sports Smith Optics1:58.7075.88s
 887Matthew MCLEAN Victoria, BC2:02.6789.85s
 9127Tom BEARDMORE Victoria, BCAFD Grass Roots Racing2:02.7399.91s
 10131Noah MA Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:02.971010.15s
 11124Danny SPALDING Calgary, AB2:03.061110.24s
 12116Simon TELLIER Victoria, BCOak Bay wheelers2:03.121210.30s
 13121Justin SHUDO Delta B.C, BC2:04.141311.32s
 14134Jacob VENOS Anmore, BC2:05.361412.54s
 15145Nick BEAVER Kamloops, BC2:05.511512.69s
 16122Travis ARCAND Mission, BC2:05.711612.89s
 17144Justin PYETT Kamloops, BC2:06.991714.17s
 18128Mitch CORLESS Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski2:08.001815.18s
 19120Parker TOWNES Calgary, AB2:08.101915.28s
 20136Mason KOZAK Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:08.882016.06s
 21118Vasko GEORGYEV Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club2:09.052116.23s
 22139Sam TOMKINS North Vancouver, BC2:09.242216.42s
 23133David SYMONS Anmore, BC2:09.452316.63s
 24137Ethan FOLKMANN North Vancouver, BC2:12.482419.66s
 25143Oliver SZENOWICZ Vancouver, BCOne Industries2:14.332521.51s
 26129Chet GOERZEN Kelowna, BC2:14.422621.60s
 27135Dylan KIMOTO Anmore, BC2:14.992722.17s
 28119Ian CUNDIFF North Vancouver, BC2:16.502823.68s
 29110Max NUTINI Trail, BC2:16.642923.82s
 30138Nelson KLEER Lee Creek, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski2:16.653023.83s
 31132Adam WOODHOUSE Anmore, BC2:17.223124.40s
 32111Pete DUNN Fernie, BCKootenay Bike Team2:18.543225.72s
 33114Davis THOMPSON Rossland, BC2:19.063326.24s
 34113Ryan MASCHEK Kelowna, BC2:33.083440.26s
 140Cole TUNINGLEY Surrey, BCDSQ

Sport: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread

24 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark185Colin GRANT Victoria, BCOak Bay Bikes1:56.341-
bookmark2423Ryan VAN KAMPEN Abbotsford, BC1:57.4721.13s
bookmark3193Gregory LUM Port Moody, BC1:58.8532.51s
 491Cole JONES Port Moody, BCCove1:59.3443.00s
 580Tom CUNDIFF North Vancouver, BC1:59.5853.24s
 686Arnau MUSET ROCA BCC4 Cycling2:00.2163.87s
 792Rayce BRAZIER Pitt Meadows, BC2:01.7075.36s
 8101Tanner ZINCK Scotch Creek, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski2:02.7986.45s
 998Kyle SHIMKO Beaumont, AB2:03.7897.44s
 1083Chase KOSTELECKY Drumheller, AB2:04.04107.70s
 1188Josh STADNYK Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski2:04.26117.92s
 1284Keenan KOVACS Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:05.22128.88s
 1399Brad KOHUT  Drayton Valley, AB2:05.67139.33s
 1495Evan MCARTHUR Cochrane, AB2:06.23149.89s
 1581Josh ROBERTSON-MATTHEW Smithers, BC2:06.901510.56s
 1682Marshall FUGLSANG Stony Plain, ABAFD Grass Roots Racing2:06.981610.64s
 1789Brandon JOHNSON Chestermere, AB2:10.981714.64s
 1894Justin TOPOROWSKI North Vancouver, BCC4 Cycling2:14.241817.90s
 1996Arron PITRE Calgary, AB2:14.791918.45s
 2090Wesley BROWN Port Moody, BC2:15.552019.21s
 2179Codie REGNIER Grande Prairie, BC2:16.942120.60s
 22103Jason REDDY Aldergrove, BCFVMBA2:18.712222.37s
 2397Braden WATTS Beaumont, AB2:31.652335.31s
 93Callum CAMERON New Westminster, BCDSQ

Citizen: U19 men  dialpad View finish spread

26 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1438Kevin PYETT Kamloops, BC1:56.231-
bookmark2266Patrick LADYMAN Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski1:58.2322.00s
bookmark3264Matt KLASSEN Kamloops, BC2:01.4435.21s
 4274Tristan KLAUSAT Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:01.5645.33s
 5270Lewis SEAGRAM Nelson, BC2:03.3257.09s
 6444Kieran HEYMAN Kamloops, BC2:04.0667.83s
 7436Brett FICHTNER Kamloops, BC2:04.8078.57s
 8271Ansel ANDERSON Nelson, BC2:12.33816.10s
 9268Brendan GAUTHIER Port Moody, BC2:12.45916.22s
 10439Rhys HEYMAN Kamloops, BC2:13.081016.85s
 11263Tristan LLOYD Barriere, BC2:14.431118.20s
 12273Sam ALLEGRETTO North Vancouver, BC2:14.991218.76s
 13267Curtis BERGEN Surrey, BC2:16.001319.77s
 14319Jonny STANHOPE Kamloops, BC2:18.381422.15s
 15269Dylan SANDBERG North Vancouer, BC2:19.901523.67s
 16435Sam BREWSTER Calgary, ABBow Cycle2:22.661626.43s
 17260Dean SHEMILT Victoria, BC2:22.981726.75s
 18440Arthur STEGEMANN Kamloops, BC2:23.381827.15s
 19317Bailey LARUSSON Kelowna, BC2:26.111929.88s
 20318Jared KAYAL West Kelowna, BC2:26.902030.67s
 21320Alec HOLTSBAUM Calgary, AB2:30.642134.41s
 22261Fin REED Kamloops, BC2:32.312236.08s
 23160Ethan JOLY Kamloops, BC2:34.972338.74s
 24316Jeff KELLERMAN West Kelowna, BC3:02.40241:06.17
 445Lewis BURKHOLDER Pritchard, BCDNF
 262Carter RUDD Barriere, BCDNS

Citizen: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

15 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1285Allen COLLINGE Whistler, BC1:52.831-
bookmark2292Michael SMITH Kamloops, BC1:55.0222.19s
bookmark3289Quinn HANLEY Nelson, BC1:57.0234.19s
 4279Ali CHAPPLE Whistler, BC32421:57.5644.73s
 5290Alex VOLOKHOV Nelson, BC1:59.5656.73s
 6278Patrick MEEN Whistler, BC2:01.6668.83s
 7291Matt SIMS Vancouver, BC2:02.0979.26s
 8293Peter MURI Kelowna, BC2:03.52810.69s
 9281Russell RAY Nelson, BC2:03.76910.93s
 10276Mark Andrew DI PRATA Maple Ridge, BC2:14.661021.83s
 11288Mike KITT Calgary, AB2:14.711121.88s
 12277Dema MOSSOUNOV Calgary, AB2:15.041222.21s
 13282Dustin TUMBACH Calgary, AB2:40.851348.02s
 284Ryan KARLOWSKY Abbotsford, BCDNF
 283Vincent BURKHOLDER Pritchard, BCDNS

Citizen: 30+ men  dialpad View finish spread

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1297Ryan REED Kamloops, BC2:20.901-
bookmark2298Greg BERGEN Surrey, BC2:22.6021.70s
bookmark3296Andrew CARMICHAEL Chilliwack, BC2:23.0932.19s
 4304Andrew PRENTY North Vancouver, BC2:25.6444.74s
 5294Jason WITWICKI Coquitlam, BC2:26.5555.65s
 6299Eric SANDBERG North Vancouer, BC2:34.94614.04s
 300Wes ANDERSON Dawson Creek, BCDNF
 301Peter SAMPSON West Vancouver, BCDNS

30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1207Jamie BATTLE Calgary, ABDOC1:56.731-
bookmark2211Ryan SCHNEPF Kelowna, BCDeath Grip Racing2:00.6123.88s
bookmark3212Jason POLNAU Port Moody, BC2:02.2935.56s
 4214Dave MCINNES North Vancouver, BC2:02.8146.08s
 5204D'arcy O'CONNOR Burnaby, BCRocky Mountain Cycles2:03.6456.91s
 6203Chad PETERS Abbotsford, BC2:04.3867.65s
 7213Brad MARTYN Squamish, BC2:07.37710.64s
 8210Matthew BROWN Abbotsford, BC2:07.78811.05s
 9208Greg FRANSON New Westminster, BC2:08.28911.55s
 10209Tyler MCCOMB Langley, BC2:11.191014.46s
 206Patrick FAGAN Kimberley, BCDNS

40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1219Ryan KUHN Rossland, BC2:00.201-
bookmark2221Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training / Cove2:03.1722.97s
bookmark3220Syd JACKLIN Edmonton, AB2:03.3933.19s

50+ men  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1227Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BC2:13.791-
bookmark2229Olivier ROUSSEAU Burnaby, BC2:18.5024.71s
bookmark3228Todd EARNSHAW Mission, BC2:19.5935.80s



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark139Jaime HILL Pemberton, BCCycle Component Network2:02.631-
bookmark238Bernadine JACQUES North Vancouver, BC2:10.3327.70s
bookmark332Tara MOWAT Vancouver, BCCCN Loudenterprise2:11.8639.23s
 434Lindsay TRIMBLE Burnaby, BCBryson Racing Clan2:16.77414.14s

U15 girls

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1256Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:36.851-

Senior women  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1247Maria Luz DARQUIER Whistler, BC2:18.281-
bookmark2246Kelsey BEGG Whistler, BC2:27.5729.29s
bookmark3249Sam HOOVER Vernon, BC2:42.39324.11s

Citizen: 30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1245Helena CONEY Vernon, BC2:53.481-
bookmark2336Peta PEMBERTON Mission, BC3:04.73211.25s

17-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark178Jaide FOSTER Sun Peaks, BCBicycle Café2:24.551-
bookmark277Kirby MCLEAN Victoria, BC2:25.8021.25s
bookmark376Mikayla MARTIN Garibaldi Highlands, BCTeam Squamish2:45.56321.01s

30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1239Keara CLARK North Vancouver, BC2:20.241-
bookmark2238Jill CODY Calgary, AB2:38.83218.59s
bookmark3237Jacky MARTIN Kelowna, BCMuddbunnies Riding Inc.2:43.89323.65s