2013 BC Cup round 3 & BC Champs at Silver Star, BC

(2013 Dunbar Cycles Summer Series, Round 1)

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st9Chris KOVARIK Whistler, BC3:03.461-
emoji_events2nd17Kirk MCDOWALL Anmore, BC3:05.0021.54s
emoji_events3rd38Bas VAN STEENBERGEN Kelowna, BC3:05.8432.38s
 4th28Bryden RIGETS North Vancouver, BCCycle Component Network3:06.7143.25s
 5th3Adriano DIGIACINTO North Vancouver, BC3:07.6054.14s
 6th7Dean TENNANT Saanichton, BCDunbar Cycles3:08.0464.58s
 7th27Cameron PORTEOUS Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:09.4175.95s
 8th8Rob VENABLES Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:10.2786.81s
 9th29Regan HOGELIE Vernon, BCPivot Death Grip Racing3:11.0297.56s
 10th11Spencer GRAF Kelowna, BCVirtu Media3:13.00109.54s
 11th24Cody RATTE Calgary, AB3:13.21119.75s
 12th34Alejandro PAZ CALMET Lima, PE3:13.601210.14s
 13th39Shelby SMITH Mount Pearl, NL3:14.481311.02s
 14th23Remy METAILLER Whistler, BC3:14.531411.07s
 15th35Sylvain CELAIRE Vancouver, BCLoudentreprise3:15.801512.34s
 16th19Cody MACARTHUR Cranbrook, BC3:16.811613.35s
 17th37Drew PAUTLER North Vancouver, BC3:16.861713.40s
 18th10Anthony EVANS Peachland, BC3:17.861814.40s
 19th33Aaron DOBIE Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:18.221914.76s
 20th20Kip SHORTREED Brackendale, BC3:18.942015.48s
 21st36Jeffery BRYSON North Vancouver, BC3:20.552117.09s
 22nd12Nick GRIMM West Vancouver, BC3:20.842217.38s
 23rd32Alexandre CARBONNEAU Sherbrooke, QC3:21.162317.70s
 24th26Ben PORTEOUS Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:23.032419.57s
 25th25Rob CHAPMAN Okotoks, AB3:23.532520.07s
 26th31Jay BOYSEN Bowen Island, BC3:25.322621.86s
 27th18Braeden ONCIUL Edmonton, AB3:26.342722.88s
 28th22Mitch THORNTON Airdrie, AB3:34.622831.16s
 29th1Dan SIMS Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:38.462935.00s
 30Evan BLACKWELL Calgary, ABDNF
 16Garrett MACINTOSH Calgary, ABDNS
 21Cameron STARCHESKI Whistler, BCDNS

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st226Magnus MANSON Sechelt, BCDunbar Cycles3:12.031-
emoji_events2nd231Max LEYEN Chilliwack, BC3:14.2022.17s
emoji_events3rd225Sean FINCHAM Garibaldi Highlands, BCTeam Squamish3:20.5438.51s
 4th222Nic RODGERS Delta, BCDunbar Cycles3:22.12410.09s
 5th233Rhys VERNER Garibaldi Highlands, BCC43:22.68510.65s
 6th229Bracken CAMILLERI Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training3:25.91613.88s
 7th220Dillon MORRISON North Saanich, BCCove3:29.38717.35s
 8th224Chad HARRISON Cochrane, AB3:33.94821.91s
 9th230Logan RATTE Calgary, AB3:37.77925.74s
 10th221Jack ALMOND West Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training3:47.961035.93s
 11th232Kelton RAINBACHER Prince George, BC3:49.161137.13s
 223Henry FITZGERALD West Vancouver, BCSteed CyclesDNF
 228Lynden SANDY Kamloops, BCDNF

Expert: Junior men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st69Lee JACKSON Squamish, BCNorco3:09.341-
emoji_events2nd57Matt HARDWICK New Westminster, BCCycle Component Network3:10.9821.64s
emoji_events3rd76Jack ILES Whistler, BC3:11.9032.56s
 4th67Chris BENNETT Calgary, AB3:13.1643.82s
 5th74Benjamin YEAGER Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club3:15.9056.56s
 6th65Mitchell O'KEEFE Calgary, AB3:16.9967.65s
 7th61Nik DUNN Fernie, BC3:17.4878.14s
 8th63Isaac MARANGONI Whistler, BC3:19.75810.41s
 9th66Hayden GENOUD Calgary, AB3:20.81911.47s
 10th71Wyatt KELLN Drayton Valley, AB3:23.051013.71s
 11th81Dylan HOOVER Vernon, BC3:23.121113.78s
 12th79Bowen IRVINE Whistler, BC3:24.431215.09s
 13th80Thomas DOYLE Victoria, BCOak Bay Bikes3:29.201319.86s
 14th68Jeremy MCDOWELL Calgary, AB3:29.781420.44s
 15th77Sandy THOMPSON Williams Lake, BC3:31.331521.99s
 16th64Sebastian LUTZ Nelson, BC3:31.861622.52s
 17th75Eric SMEETON Calgary, AB3:32.941723.60s
 18th78Jayson GIORIO Victoria, BC3:36.701827.36s
 19th73Nick CHAPPELL-MOSS Mission, BC3:40.451931.11s
 20th70Filip GLAZER Calgary, AB3:47.392038.05s
 21st72Brandon JOHNSON Chestermere, AB3:51.232141.89s

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st200Finn ILES Whistler, BC3:24.771-
emoji_events2nd185Kendall MCLEAN Victoria, BC3:29.4824.71s
emoji_events3rd205Pierson MCKIBBON Calgary, AB3:41.98317.21s
 4th191Jacob STEFIUK North Vancouver, BCCove3:44.15419.38s
 5th203Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, AB3:47.19522.42s
 6th207Nathan HARVEY Kamloops, BC3:49.17624.40s
 7th199Iain HOPKINS Calgary, AB3:49.20724.43s
 8th198Cole MOONEY North Vancouver, BC3:50.06825.29s
 9th186Jacob HOWITT North Vancouver, BC3:58.89934.12s
 10th196Willem ZWIERS North Vancouver, BC4:03.591038.82s
 11th188Braedon MCNICOL Calgary, AB4:04.911140.14s
 12th206Ben WALLACE Vancouver, BCNorth Shore BMX4:05.081240.31s
 13th187Jackson PHILLIPS Kamloops, BCBicycle Café4:09.051344.28s
 14th201Javante MARCHIO Kamloops, BCBicycle Café4:14.141449.37s
 15th197Sean SAMPSON West Vancouver, BC4:14.451549.68s
 16th194Jordan STAIRS Canmore, AB4:18.451653.68s
 17th202Matthew COETSER Airdrie, AB4:19.001754.23s
 18th193Joseph WITWICKI Coquitlam, BCAbbotsford BMX4:25.74181:00.97
 19th204Mason SEAWARD Williams Lake, BC4:27.14191:02.37
 20th195Josh DZIWENKA Victoria, BC4:34.73201:09.96
 21st189Lucas MOODY Calgary, AB5:11.17211:46.40
 190Joshua MARANGONI Whistler, BCDNS

Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st105Rhys ELLIS Calgary, AB3:15.391-
emoji_events2nd97Colin HILL Calgary, AB3:23.6128.22s
emoji_events3rd101Jack CASSANDRA North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training3:24.0438.65s
 4th90Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, AB3:25.2449.85s
 5th92Hugo LANTHIER Vancouver, BCLoudenterprise3:26.80511.41s
 6th104Mark SACKNEY Calgary, AB3:27.01611.62s
 7th108Jonathan SMITH Kamloops, BC3:28.22712.83s
 8th93Adrian CAMPOSILVAN Whistler, BC3:31.08815.69s
 9th94Erik LUSTIG Burnaby, BC3:32.43917.04s
 10th103Marc-André PHANEUF St-Hyacinthe, QC3:34.341018.95s
 11th95Trevor LEBLANC Drayton Valley, AB3:34.551119.16s
 12th99Thomas SULLIVAN Kamloops, BC3:36.461221.07s
 13th91Justin WOODMAN Invermere, BC3:37.411322.02s
 14th109Matthew FITCH Langley, BC3:37.531422.14s
 15th102Travis TAYLOR Kelowna, BCDeath Grip / Pivot3:38.991523.60s
 16th107Kyle STOJKE Kamloops, BCBicycle Café3:41.551626.16s
 17th100Kaegan MURPHY Vernon, BC4:00.531745.14s
 98Landon PINETTE Williams Lake, BCDNF
 106Kevin BALL North Vancouver, BCDNF
 96Nick SPOTTOCK Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and SkiDNS

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st278Adam MOWAT Delta, BC3:17.631-
emoji_events2nd246Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BC3:19.7622.13s
emoji_events3rd343Tyrell DESROCHERS Pritchard, BCBicycle Café3:19.8732.24s
 4th261Max SCHARF Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:23.5245.89s
 5th268Kurt HEERING Delta, BC3:25.1857.55s
 6th277Brad JANSEN Whistler, BC3:32.66615.03s
 7th258Danny SPALDING Calgary, AB3:32.95715.32s
 8th265Justin SHUDO Delta, BC3:33.98816.35s
 9th243Myles HARPER Victoria, Bc, BC3:42.92925.29s
 10th256Alex AUGER Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training3:43.081025.45s
 11th270Eric KEEP Calgary, AB3:44.641127.01s
 12th272Tom BEARDMORE Victoria, BC3:48.461230.83s
 13th248Parker TOWNES Calgary, AB3:48.871331.24s
 14th263Ian CUNDIFF North Vancouver, BC3:50.721433.09s
 15th266Caleb HARAPNUIK Edmonton, AB3:51.441533.81s
 16th275Adam WOODHOUSE Anmore, BC3:51.821634.19s
 17th245David SYMONS Anmore, BC3:54.021736.39s
 18th249Evan SPEKE Maple Ridge, BCC4 Rider Training3:56.971839.34s
 19th264Nelson KLEER Lee Creek, BC3:57.451939.82s
 20th259Max NUTINI Trail, BC3:58.972041.34s
 21st273Lukas SADOWNYK Calgary, AB3:59.802142.17s
 22nd242Michal CHERAK Calgary, AB3:59.912242.28s
 23rd247Noah MA Kamloops, BCBicycle Café4:02.102344.47s
 24th255Nick BEAVER Kamloops, BC4:05.352447.72s
 25th253Mitch CORLESS Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski4:07.172549.54s
 26th240Cameron HALLIDAY Langley, BC4:07.822650.19s
 27th252Vasko GEORGYEV Prince George, BC4:08.552750.92s
 28th250Jacob VENOS Anmore, BC4:08.902851.27s
 29th271Mason KOZAK Kamloops, BCBicycle Café4:11.352953.72s
 30th251Chet GOERZEN Kelowna, BC4:17.343059.71s
 31st276Jack AYRTON Calgary, AB4:27.98311:10.35
 32nd279Samir SAMJI Calgary, AB4:28.13321:10.50
 33rd260Ryan MASCHEK Kelowna, BC4:45.26331:27.63
 34th254Ben CROFT Airdrie, AB5:17.17341:59.54
 35th274Jesse DEWALD Creston, BC5:21.48352:03.85
 36th267Nathan BRYSON Calgary, AB5:55.87362:38.24
 269Ethan FOLKMANN North Vancouver, BCDNF
 241Matthew MCLEAN Victoria, BCDNS
 244Dylan KIMOTO Anmore, BCDNS
 262Davis THOMPSON Rossland, BCDNS

Sport: Junior men  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st134Tayller MCLEAN Revelstoke, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:26.491-
emoji_events2nd130Tom CUNDIFF North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training3:27.7321.24s
emoji_events3rd141Arnau MUSET ROCA Squamish, BC3:33.5037.01s
 4th128Kyle STINN Vernon, BC3:33.9647.47s
 5th126Cole JONES Port Moody, BCCove3:34.6058.11s
 6th138Colin GRANT Victoria, BCOak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers3:35.6769.18s
 7th125Wesley BROWN Port Moody, BC3:37.18710.69s
 8th136Gregory LUM Port Moody, BC3:37.96811.47s
 9th124Ryan VAN KAMPEN Abbotsford, BC3:39.32912.83s
 10th123Kyle SHIMKO Beaumont, AB3:41.931015.44s
 11th127Josh ROBERTSON-MATTHEW Smithers, BC3:42.271115.78s
 12th131Tanner ZINCK Scotch Creek, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:42.441215.95s
 13th122Evan MCARTHUR Cochrane, AB3:48.431321.94s
 14th133Josh STADNYK Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:50.211423.72s
 15th137Rayce BRAZIER Pitt Meadows, BC3:51.771525.28s
 16th129Arron PITRE Calgary, AB3:57.521631.03s
 17th140Logan JOHNSON Calgary, AB3:59.871733.38s
 18th121Marshall FUGLSANG Stony Plain, AB4:01.491835.00s
 19th135Matt POKA Port Moody, BC4:04.921938.43s
 20th132Braden WATTS Beaumont, AB4:27.76201:01.27
 21st139Jason REDDY Aldergrove, BC4:33.10211:06.61
 22nd120Quinn RICHARDS Airdrie, AB5:12.07221:45.58

Citizen: U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st340Alex SILVERTHORNE Calgary, AB3:32.061-
emoji_events2nd304Max BERKOWITZ West Vancouver, BC3:47.00214.94s
emoji_events3rd338Patrick LADYMAN Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:51.60319.54s
 4th323Brendan MCCLENNON Calgary, AB3:52.85420.79s
 5th283Brett FICHTNER Kamloops, BC3:59.07527.01s
 6th257Sam TOMKINS North Vancouver, BC4:00.07628.01s
 7th282Bailey LARUSSON Kelowna, BC4:00.88728.82s
 8th281Nat MCGRATH Invermere, BC4:03.40831.34s
 9th318Taylor PARSONS Mission, BC4:09.91937.85s
 10th192Jacob TOOKE Vernon, BC4:15.551043.49s
 11th284Dexter MACDONALD Anmore, BC4:15.661143.60s
 12th322Brendan MERKS Coquitlam, BC4:18.541246.48s
 13th341David SILVERTHORNE Calgary, AB4:18.971346.91s
 14th334Zach VAN RUYSKENSVELDE Creston, BC4:23.561451.50s
 15th332Brock CUMMING West Kelowna, BC4:24.151552.09s
 16th333Noah KORABEK Westbank, BC4:29.031656.97s
 17th346Steven BOBYN Kelowna, BC4:30.861758.80s
 18th321Brando WILLIAMS Kelowna, BC4:31.751859.69s
 19th285Mitchell BARTON West Kelowna, BC4:53.84191:21.78
 20th345Drayden DOUGAN Vernon, BC5:07.16201:35.10
 280Brendan GAUTHIER Port Moody, BCDNS
 286Jeff KELLERMAN West Kelowna, BCDNS

Citizen: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st326Sam PERRY NZ3:15.311-
emoji_events2nd336Aiken COLLINGE Whistler, BC3:17.9322.62s
emoji_events3rd302Richard SMITH Vancouver, BC3:19.9734.66s
 4th287Tom POWER Vancouver, BC3:20.7545.44s
 5th292Michael KERKOVIUS West Kelowna, BC3:25.0459.73s
 6th301Greg O'KEEFE Vancouver, BC3:25.80610.49s
 7th339Luke NELSON Fernie, BCKootenay Bike Team3:28.19712.88s
 8th331Matt SIMS Vancouver, BC3:28.96813.65s
 9th295Shane STOCKER Penticton, BC3:30.63915.32s
 10th298Steven COLK Kelowna, BC3:35.501020.19s
 11th299Sean COLLIER North Vancouver, BC3:37.231121.92s
 12th344Vincent BURKHOLDER Pritchard, BC3:39.781224.47s
 13th327Scott BEDFORD NZ3:40.311325.00s
 14th325Jamie ROXBORGH Vernon, BC3:42.351427.04s
 15th337Eric HARTLEY Port Moody, BC3:46.091530.78s
 16th348Brad MILLS Vernon, BCSkyride Cycle3:48.461633.15s
 17th297Brant WOERTMAN Spruce Grove, AB4:02.411747.10s
 18th296Michael KOOTNIKOFF Penticton, BC4:07.841852.53s
 19th314Mike KITT Calgary, AB4:08.381953.07s
 20th294Patrick THIBODEAU Vancouver, BC4:35.47201:20.16
 21st320Otto AKKERMAN Brackendale, BC4:38.35211:23.04
 291Thomas FRAME Coldstream, BCDNF
 290Bob BAILEY Calgary, ABDNS
 293Blayne FARRANT Vernon, BCDNS

Citizen: 30+ men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st347A.J. CLEARY Vernon, BC3:21.971-
emoji_events2nd316Gore HAMILTON Tampa, FL3:35.63213.66s
emoji_events3rd319Jeremy NULL Brackendale, BC3:41.39319.42s
 4th289Oisin ROE Dublin, IR3:44.01422.04s
 5th310Todd HOVDE Chilliwack, BC3:59.66537.69s
 6th305Dave ROBINSON Vancouver, BC4:00.58638.61s
 7th308Adam MEEKS Calgary, AB4:08.40746.43s
 8th313Sean MARECHAL Winlaw, BC4:08.94846.97s
 9th307Richard HALL North Vancouver, BC4:17.29955.32s
 10th309Paul CARMODY Vancouver, BC4:18.121056.15s
 11th303Stephen LANGRELL Vancouver, BC4:19.751157.78s
 12th312Jon THIBODEAU Vancouver, BC4:24.78121:02.81
 13th315Tim SEAWARD Williams Lake, BC4:28.70131:06.73
 14th306Andrew CARMICHAEL Chilliwack, BC4:30.67141:08.70
 15th330Edmund SMITH (sen) Vancouver, BC5:09.09151:47.12
 16th288Rob LANE Booterstown, IR5:09.26161:47.29
 17th311Rob PARKHILL Calgary, AB5:26.62172:04.65
 317Charles MARSH North Vancouver, BCDNS

Hardtail men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
 9250Jacob VENOS Anmore, BCDNS
 9259Max NUTINI Trail, BCDNS
 9272Tom BEARDMORE Victoria, BCDNS

C4 runner men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st4444Cory LECLERC BC3:32.201-

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st160Jamie BATTLE Calgary, AB3:25.941-
emoji_events2nd167Ryan SCHNEPF Kelowna, BCdeathgripracing.ca3:30.9425.00s
emoji_events3rd157Patrick FAGAN Kimberley, BC3:33.7537.81s
 4th162Mark WOLSTENHOLME Edmonton, AB3:34.8248.88s
 5th159Tyler MCCOMB Langley, BC3:34.9659.02s
 6th166D'arcy O'CONNOR Burnaby, BC3:39.51613.57s
 7th165Matt ZURBUCHEN North Vancouver, BC3:41.97716.03s
 8th161Chad PETERS Abbotsford, BC3:44.44818.50s
 9th164Greg FRANSON New Westminster, BC3:48.91922.97s
 10th163Dave MCINNES North Vancouver, BC3:51.411025.47s
 11th158Tyler REID Calgary, AB4:02.981137.04s
 12th156Dan WEBSTER Coquitlam, BCLoudenterprise4:03.681237.74s
 155Matthew BROWN Abbotsford, BCDNS

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st176Bryan GIOIA Port Moody, BC3:29.571-
emoji_events2nd173Jeff LAROUCHE Victoria, BCPro City Racing3:38.0828.51s
emoji_events3rd172Ryan KUHN Rossland, BC3:38.7839.21s
 4th174Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BCCove3:41.18411.61s
 5th171Darryll KIRBY North Vancouver, BC4:01.25531.68s
 6th177Jerrod HOSKINS Calgary, AB4:33.9961:04.42
 175Richard RATTE Calgary, ABDNF

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st181Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BC4:01.671-
emoji_events2nd182Richard WIESS Calgary, AB5:00.47258.80s



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st47Claire BUCHAR Whistler, BC3:32.171-
emoji_events2nd50Vaea VERBEECK Granby, QC3:40.3928.22s
emoji_events3rd45Tara MOWAT Vancouver, BCLoudenterprise3:49.39317.22s
 4th48Veronika VORACEK Brackendale, BC4:04.18432.01s
 5th41Bernadine JACQUES North Vancouver, BC4:06.23534.06s
 6th42Lindsay TRIMBLE Burnaby, BC4:08.41636.24s
 7th110Brittany WOOD Port Moody, BC4:22.01749.84s
 51Danice UYESUGI North Vancouver, BCCycle Component NetworkDNF

U15 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st215Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BCBicycle Café5:11.051-

Senior women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st113Casey SPEARIN Vernon, BC4:12.921-
 112Kristine WIESS Calgary, ABDNS

Citizen: U19 women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st342Devin KNOX Rossland, BC7:32.391-

Citizen: 19-29 women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st300Michelle GRIFFITHS Winlaw, BC3:45.071-
emoji_events2nd328Marielou DUQUETTE Revelstoke, BC4:26.32241.25s
emoji_events3rd329Ashley BRASSINGTON Langley, BC4:51.0031:05.93

Citizen: 30+ women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
 324Sheila SOVEREIGN Squamish, BCDNS

17-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st86Kirby MCLEAN Victoria, BC4:36.901-

30+ women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st150Keara CLARK North Vancouver, BC4:09.561-
emoji_events2nd335Jacky MARTIN Kelowna, BCMudbunnies5:19.3621:09.80
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