2012 BC Cup round 4 at Silver Star, BC

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The original results are available at http://cyclingbc.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Silver-Star-DH-Results-Overall.pdf

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Elite men  dialpad View finish spread

32 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark120Nick GEDDES Whistler, BCC4 Cycling Club3:10.371-
bookmark240Ken FAUBERT Coquitlam, BCDunbar Cycles3:13.7323.36s
bookmark39Cory BRUNELLE 150 Mile House, BC3:14.4634.09s
 417Rob VENABLES Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:14.5344.16s
 538Jeff HUNTER North Vancouver, BCCove3:15.4055.03s
 630Glenn FRANKS Vancouver, BC3:15.5365.16s
 710Jeffery BRYSON North Vancouver, BC3:15.5875.21s
 829Luke STEVENS Calgary, BC3:16.2585.88s
 97Harold WOOLNOUGH Burnaby, BC3:16.3896.01s
 1037Spencer GRAF Kelowna, BCDeath Grip Racing3:17.11106.74s
 1157Anthony EVANS Peachland, BC3:17.51117.14s
 1216Evan BLACKWELL Calgary, BCCalgary Cycle3:21.981211.61s
 1319Cody RATTE Calgary, AB3:22.541312.17s
 1413Daniel BANKS Calgary, ABXpress Racing3:22.651412.28s
 1512Tim COLEMAN Coquitlam, BCJohn Henry Rides / Pedals and Pint3:23.091512.72s
 1625Jordan MASSE New Westminster, BCSteed Cycles3:23.111612.74s
 176Regan HOGELIE Vernon, BCDeath Grip Racing3:23.431713.06s
 183Adriano DIGIACINTO North Vancouver, BCBryson Cycling Clan3:23.551813.18s
 195Tyler GORZ Coquitlam, BC3:23.641913.27s
 2022Dexter ROBSON Burnaby, BCIntense3:24.042013.67s
 2127Jeff AUSTIN Victoria, BCPro City Racing3:24.252113.88s
 2235Brian SERNEELS Vancouver, BCCove3:24.672214.30s
 2315Ryan SCHNEPF West Kelowna, BC3:24.902314.53s
 244Jamie BILUK North Van, BCBond Training / Rocky Mountain Cycles3:25.922415.55s
 2524Jordan BROMLEY Burnaby, BC3:26.942516.57s
 2623Braeden ONCIUL Edmonton, BCXpress Racing3:27.352616.98s
 2711Rob CHAPMAN Okotoks, AB3:29.262718.89s
 2839Daniel ANDERSON North Vancouver, BCCove3:40.402830.03s
 2928Tristan OLK North Vancouver, BCSteed Cycles3:41.512931.14s
 3018Ewan FAFARD Maple Ridge, BC3:42.943032.57s
 26Dan SIMMS Vancouver, BCDunbar CyclesDNS
 21Remi GAUVIN Nanoose Bay, BCDNS

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

12 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark168Wyatt KELLN Drayton Valley, BC3:28.261-
bookmark260Sandy THOMPSON Williams Lake, BCKona3:29.0520.79s
bookmark363Adison MACDONALD Whistler, BCKona3:30.6932.43s
 469Jeremy MCDOWELL Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle3:35.4447.18s
 566Nik DUNN Fernie, BC3:36.0357.77s
 670Nic RODGERS Delta, BC3:36.6568.39s
 765Jack ILES Whistler, BC3:40.58712.32s
 864Hayden GENOUD Calgary, AB3:41.00812.74s
 967Sawyer LOGAN Invermere, BC3:41.42913.16s
 1061Ben LESLEY 150 Mile House, BC3:41.511013.25s
 1162Dylan HOOVER Vernon, BC3:41.521113.26s
 1271Lynden SANDY Kamloops, BC4:00.401232.14s

Expert: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread

16 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark141Mark WALLACE Duncan, BCExperience Cycling Club3:05.011-
bookmark243Mckay VEZINA Newbury Park Californi, Ca3:09.9224.91s
bookmark349Forrest RIESCO Gibsons, BC3:10.3435.33s
 454Lee JACKSON Squamish, BC3:11.6246.61s
 553Zander GEDDES Whistler, BCC4 Cycling Club3:15.96510.95s
 644Grant LESTOCK-KAY Mill Bay, BC3:19.30614.29s
 755Stuart DICKSON Revelstoke, BCFlowt Bikes / NRG3:21.69716.68s
 848David TRONNES Bentley, AB3:22.48817.47s
 956Cole SWANSON Delta, BC3:25.92920.91s
 1051Jayson GIORIO Vernon, BC3:29.181024.17s
 1152Cameron STARCHESKI Leduc, AB3:29.881124.87s
 1245Andre VOLARD Cranbrook Bc, BC3:30.471225.46s
 1347Benjamin YEAGER Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club3:33.911328.90s
 1442Trevor LEBLANC Drayton Valley, ABXpress Racing3:47.831442.82s
 1546Nick CHAPPELL-MOSS Mission, BC4:05.84151:00.83
 1650Neil MCGINNIS Calgary, AB14:29.871611:24.86

U15 boys  dialpad View finish spread

23 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1169Tyrell DESROCHERS Pritchard, BC3:30.651-
bookmark2166Magnus MANSON Sechelt, BC3:33.8323.18s
bookmark3159Finn ILES Whistler, BC3:37.0636.41s
 4163Bracken CAMILLERI Whistler, BCC4 Cycling Club3:37.5546.90s
 5175Sam BERRISFORD Squamish, BC3:37.6156.96s
 6154Henry FITZGERALD West Vancouver, BC3:47.25616.60s
 7157Matthew MCLEAN Sherwood Park, AB3:47.47716.82s
 8162Max MCCULLOCH Victoria, BC3:51.35820.70s
 9167Simon TELLIER Victoria, BCOak Bay Bikes - Victoria Wheelers3:55.17924.52s
 10164Alex AUGER Whistler, BCC4 Cycling Club3:56.631025.98s
 11158Kelton RAINBACHER Prince George, BC3:59.031128.38s
 12156Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, BC4:01.531230.88s
 13161Dylan VIK Sherwood Park, BCAFD Racing / Gravity Project4:11.851341.20s
 14160Pete DUNN Fernie, BCDr Vie Superstore / Local Ride4:14.211443.56s
 15153Pierson MCKIBBON Calgary, AB4:21.031550.38s
 16165Jacob STEFIUK North Vancouver, BC4:21.271650.62s
 17171Javante MARCHIO Kamloops, BC4:21.501750.85s
 18155Michal CHERAK Calgary, AB4:23.741853.09s
 19151Davis THOMPSON Rossland, BC4:25.921955.27s
 20152Max NUTINI Trail, BC4:26.782056.13s
 21170Tye WELSH-HICKS Kamloops, BCTaboo Cycles5:12.70211:42.05
 168Parker TOWNES Calgary, BCDNS
 174Nick BEAVER Kamloops, BCDNS

Senior men  dialpad View finish spread

36 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1190Patrik KUSTER Zurich, SUIStocklibike Geraldswil3:18.721-
bookmark2415Kyle QUESNEL Squamish, BCRyders Crew CCN3:23.3124.59s
bookmark3414Peter MURI Winfield, BC3:24.3335.61s
 4197Devlin MONTANA Whistler, BC3:24.3945.67s
 5184Jay BOYSEN Bowen Island, BCCookies of Course3:25.5856.86s
 6183Trevor THEW Duncan, BCPro City Racing3:25.8367.11s
 7186Jamie BATTLE Calgary, BC3:27.2078.48s
 8180Hugo LANTHIER Vancouver, BC3:28.2389.51s
 9409Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle3:30.38911.66s
 10179Kevin GLASS Cochrane, BC3:31.751013.03s
 11408Andrew HARGREAVES Calgary, AB3:34.191115.47s
 12182Garrett MACINTOSH Calgary, BC3:35.391216.67s
 13417Erik LUSTIG Burnaby, BC3:37.851319.13s
 14181Kyle STOJKE Kamloops, BCBicycle Café3:39.621420.90s
 15202Bruce THOMPSON New Westminster, BC3:41.091522.37s
 16177Djordje PETROVIC Calgary, BC3:41.361622.64s
 17196Adrian CAMPOSILVAN Hamilton, On3:41.401722.68s
 18406Mike HILL Ft. St. John, BC3:41.971823.25s
 19195Eric JAILLET Vancouver, BC3:42.101923.38s
 20178Greg MCDONALD Canmore, BC3:43.062024.34s
 21191Nick SPOTTOCK Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:47.812129.09s
 22187Luke WARTMAN Calgary, AB3:48.082229.36s
 23199Colton DAVIES Victoria, BCPro City Racing3:48.482329.76s
 24189Kristopher NICOL North Vancouver, BC3:48.762430.04s
 25194Phil DEGUISE Coquitlam, BC3:49.572530.85s
 26192Andrew VINCENT Edmonton, BC3:50.652631.93s
 27201Kurtis WALTON Kamloops, BCBicycle Café3:52.022733.30s
 28188Lucas PECORD Vail, CORoyal Racing, Smith3:53.852835.13s
 29413Blayne FARRANT Edmonton, BC3:58.112939.39s
 30193Mychal BIANCHI Leduc, ABXpress Racing4:04.763046.04s
 31407Landon PINETTE Williams Lake, BC4:16.033157.31s
 32411Kyle BROWN Calgary, AB4:17.143258.42s
 33185Matt SALISBURY Sherwood Park, BC4:26.36331:07.64
 34412Michael ZATYLNY Calgary, BC4:43.57341:24.85
 200Nathan BOYCE Maple Ridge, BCDNF
 410Mark SACKNEY Calgary, ABDNS

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

42 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1135Rhys VERNER Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:21.001-
bookmark2132Fabian KUSTER Zurich, SUIStocklibike Geraldswil3:26.8325.83s
bookmark3116Chris BENNETT Calgary, AB3:32.99311.99s
 4122Chad HARRISON Cochrane, BC3:33.28412.28s
 5117Josh BURTON Calgary, BC3:35.24514.24s
 6134Luke DI MARZO Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:38.17617.17s
 7110Max LEYEN Chilliwack, BC3:39.08718.08s
 8125Logan RATTE Calgary, AB3:42.41821.41s
 9118Brad JANSEN Whistler, BCSpicy Sports3:44.19923.19s
 10123Eric SMEETON Calgary, AB3:44.751023.75s
 11142Dillon MORRISON North Saanich, BC3:45.101124.10s
 12136Jared LULKA Tsawwassen, BC3:45.311224.31s
 13141Tristan KLAUSAT Kamloops, BCBicycle Café3:46.351325.35s
 14137Kyle STINN Vernon, BC3:47.741426.74s
 15126Kurt HEERING Delta, BC3:49.211528.21s
 16113Kyle SHIMKO Beaumont, AB3:51.551630.55s
 17127Alec BURCHELL Fort St John, BC3:51.801730.80s
 18146Patrick LADYMAN Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:53.441832.44s
 19144Filip GLAZER Calgary, BCMojo Wheels North3:53.881932.88s
 20131Craig KRUPA Edmonton, AB3:55.012034.01s
 21119Carter PASCHINSKI Red Deer, BC3:56.342135.34s
 22130Marshall FUGLSANG Stony Plain, AB3:56.622235.62s
 23139Logan ROSS Edmonton, BC3:57.832336.83s
 24115Evan SPEKE Maple Ridge, BC3:59.092438.09s
 25111Connor RIX Courtenay, BCMCC4:01.552540.55s
 26138Rayce BRAZIER Pitt Meadows, BC4:01.722640.72s
 27124Lukas SADOWNYK Calgary, AB4:03.722742.72s
 28149Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BC4:09.312848.31s
 29176Adam WOODHOUSE Anmore, BC4:11.732950.73s
 30147Dylan ROBERTS Kelowna, BCCycle Path Kelowna4:12.343051.34s
 31172Tristan KEEGAN Calgary, BC4:13.923152.92s
 32173Alex MONKMAN Gibsons, BC4:15.713254.71s
 33143Mason KOZAK Kamloops, BC4:20.083359.08s
 34140Vasko GEORGYEV Prince George, BC4:23.26341:02.26
 35112Braden WATTS Beaumont, AB4:28.65351:07.65
 36129Brock CUMMING West Kelowna, BC4:28.79361:07.79
 37150Garnet ARONYK Vernon, BC4:29.10371:08.10
 38145Adam ZWICKER Blackfalds, BC4:37.27381:16.27
 39128Toben SPENCER-LANG Red Deer, ABCentral Alberta Bicycle Club4:41.28391:20.28
 40148Chris SCHMALZ Kelowna, BC4:50.48401:29.48
 41120Alex SORENSON Calgary, BC4:53.99411:32.99
 42133Callum CAMERON New Westminster, BC5:11.77421:50.77

Sport: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread

26 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark191Felix KLEE Zurich, SUIStocklibike Geraldswil3:13.011-
bookmark288Matt HARDWICK New Westminster, BC3:23.92210.91s
bookmark395Mitch ZACHARIAS Maple Ridge, BC3:28.75315.74s
 493Jack CASEY North Vancouver, BC3:30.67417.66s
 594Kevin BALL North Vancouver, BC3:32.59519.58s
 699Sebastian LUTZ Nelson, BC3:33.72620.71s
 779Colin HILL Calgary, AB3:34.13721.12s
 8102Gregory LUM Port Moody, BC3:41.20828.19s
 987Ryan STANDERWICK Tsawwassen, BC3:41.69928.68s
 10103Wesley BROWN Port Moody, BCCycling BC3:47.011034.00s
 1189Tanner ZINCK Scotch Creek, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:49.011136.00s
 1298Scott NEWTON (jun) Kamloops, BC3:49.601236.59s
 13100Keenan KOVACS Kamloops, BCBicycle Café3:52.291339.28s
 1497Dakota BOYER Calgary, AB3:53.331440.32s
 1586Josh ROBERTSON-MATTHEW Smithers, BC3:56.471543.46s
 1682Dylan MAREK Smithers, BC3:58.461645.45s
 1783Thomas CORSIATTO Red Deer, AB4:00.881747.87s
 1890Spencer MILLER Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski4:01.581848.57s
 19101Jonathan LADYMAN Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski4:03.321950.31s
 2081Brandon JOHNSON Chestermere, AB4:04.572051.56s
 2192Tyler GREGSON Edmonton, AB4:08.162155.15s
 22104Codie REGNIER Grande Prairie, AB4:12.882259.87s
 2384Brenden THEW Prince George, BC4:38.15231:25.14
 80Graham HUGHES Okotoks, ABDNF
 85Liam WALLACE Calgary, ABDNS
 105Josh QUISSY Mission, BCDNS

Citizen: U19 men  dialpad View finish spread

25 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1262Tayller MCLEAN Revelstoke, BCRevelstoke Cycling Association3:27.531-
bookmark2427Denver TONKIN Kelowna, BCCycle Path Kelowna3:34.2926.76s
bookmark3421Michael KERKOVIUS West Kelowna, BC3:37.0639.53s
 4260Hamish HALL Dardanup, AUSLower 45 Bike Camps3:40.00412.47s
 5273Tyler HANGHOFER Kamloops, BC3:41.36513.83s
 6270Zach DZUBA Grand Prarie, AB3:45.42617.89s
 7439David SYMONS Anmore, BC3:57.43729.90s
 8422Mitch CORLESS Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski3:58.44830.91s
 9271Lewis SEAGRAM Nelson, BC4:01.64934.11s
 10420Kieran HEYMAN Kamloops, BC4:03.871036.34s
 11268Nicholas COURT Duncan, BCUnited Riders of Cumberland4:05.021137.49s
 12267Ryan MARANO St. Alberta, AB4:08.901241.37s
 13269Mike KITT Calgary, AB4:10.161342.63s
 14423Lewis BURKHOLDER Pritchard, BC4:16.581449.05s
 15263Mark Andrew DI PRATA Maple Ridge, BC4:16.911549.38s
 16264Evan MCARTHUR Cochrane, AB4:22.111654.58s
 17419Rhys HEYMAN Kamloops, BC4:36.12171:08.59
 18290Cole MOONEY North Vancouver, BC4:36.98181:09.45
 19425Nathan HARVEY Kamloops, BC4:45.16191:17.63
 20275Brando WILLIAMS Kelowna, BC4:46.84201:19.31
 21265Willem ZWIERS North Vancouver, BC5:17.15211:49.62
 22272Grant MCARTHUR Cochrane, AB5:52.47222:24.94
 266Wyatt KELLN Drayton Valley, ABAFD Racing / Gravity ProjectDNS
 261Calen MCLEAN Revelstoke, BCRevelstoke Cycling AssociationDNS
 428Riley HEAL Calgary, ABDNS

Citizen: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

29 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1346Simon GARSTIN Courtenay, BCMountain City Cycles, Kindly3:12.401-
bookmark2360Eric PRICE Vernon, BC3:20.8928.49s
bookmark3293Tom POWER Vancouver, BC3:21.4739.07s
 4278Tae Hyeok KANG Daegu, KOR3:26.37413.97s
 5356Kevin HILL Vernon, BC3:26.45514.05s
 6276Josh JEAN Calgary, ABRidleys Cycle3:30.08617.68s
 7289George AMOS Maidstone, GB3:30.85718.45s
 8283Brad STEELE West Kelowna, BC3:34.73822.33s
 9348Terence GIESBRECHT Vernon, BC3:36.06923.66s
 10285Oliver SONNTAG Bischberg, DE3:36.241023.84s
 11286Kyle HANLEY Bellingham, WaDNZ3:36.421124.02s
 12291Brett STEVENSON Grand Prarie, AB3:36.841224.44s
 13274Lukas SMITH Kaslo, BCUnited Riders of Cumberland3:45.951333.55s
 14363Brad MILLS Vernon, BC3:46.671434.27s
 15277Ryan OLGIVIE Calgary, ABRidley's Cycle3:52.211539.81s
 16345Brian MCCLELLAND Kelowna, BCChainLine Cycle3:53.021640.62s
 17352Mark ELLIOTT Kelowna, BC3:53.671741.27s
 18288Jay SAWATSKY Chilliwack, BC3:56.591844.19s
 19282Morgan DOUGLAS Westbank, BC4:06.971954.57s
 20287Yuri ELIASHEVSKY Canal Flats, BC4:07.602055.20s
 21279Brant WOERTMAN Whistler, BC4:10.382157.98s
 22281Paul STICHBURY Calgary, AB4:11.152258.75s
 23284Ryan MOON North Vancouver, BC4:44.19231:31.79
 24424Ty FUNK THOMPSON Kamloops, BC5:07.67241:55.27
 256Chris DRAPER Whistler, BCDNS
 292Thomas FRAME Coldstream, BCDNS
 344Shane STOCKER Penticton, BCDNS
 351Santino DEZORZI Calgary, BCDNS
 357Ashton OLSEN Kelowna, BCDNS

Citizen: 30+ men  dialpad View finish spread

26 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1306Boyd GRINSTEAD Nelson, NZ3:22.761-
bookmark2294A.J. CLEARY Coldstream, BCSkyride Cycle3:22.9320.17s
bookmark3315Theo RIECKEN Victoria, BC3:44.24321.48s
 4309Sandy REID Coquitlam, BC3:44.55421.79s
 5303Todd HOVDE Chilliwack, BC3:48.17525.41s
 6314Greg FRANSON Delta, BC3:48.32625.56s
 7364Jason STEBBINGS Kelowna, BC3:48.81726.05s
 8295Brian BRITTAIN Burnaby, BC3:49.43826.67s
 9280David POUVREAU North Vancouver, BC3:54.38931.62s
 10329Peter DOREY Vernon, BC3:58.111035.35s
 11319Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BC3:59.371136.61s
 12311Matthew FITZHARDINGE North Vancouver, BC4:03.321240.56s
 13316Stephen LANGRELL Vancouver, BC4:09.661346.90s
 14312Paul CARMODY Vancouver, BC4:10.301447.54s
 15307Rod SHIGEOKA Vernon, BC4:16.001553.24s
 16330Jason WEBBER North Vancouver, BC4:17.581654.82s
 17368Michael GIESBRECHT Vernon, BC4:19.271756.51s
 18366Richard HALL North Vancouver, BC4:21.341858.58s
 19305Andrew CARMICHAEL Chilliwack, BC4:23.96191:01.20
 999Evans LORTIE Lethbridge, ABLoud EnterpriseDNS
 310Kyle SIMPSON Vancouver, BCDNS
 318Dave VANDERVEEN West Kelowna, BCDNS
 320Chris VATER Nanaimo, BCDNS
 328Bob DZUBA Grand Prarie, ABDNS
 367Bert BODRY Golden, BCDNS
 372Nathaniel BALL Surrey, BCDNS

30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

14 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1208D'arcy O'CONNOR Burnaby, BC3:33.741-
bookmark2205Ryan KUHN Rossland, BC3:33.9720.23s
bookmark3206Patrick FAGAN Kimberley, BC3:36.0332.29s
 4211Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BC3:38.0244.28s
 5217Mark WOLSTENHOLME Edmonton, AB3:39.0255.28s
 6214Chad PETERS Abbotsford, BC3:45.52611.78s
 7216Dave MCINNES North Vancouver, BC3:46.29712.55s
 8210Tyler MCCOMB Langley, BC3:51.86818.12s
 9209Dan WEBSTER Coquitlam, BC3:57.41923.67s
 10212Robert MCCULLOUGH Spruce Grove, BC4:07.121033.38s
 11203Jason LATREILLE Calgary, BC4:10.241136.50s
 12204Arnold PEDERSEN Edmonton, AB4:29.791256.05s
 13213Dave MACDONALD Calgary, AB8:16.33134:42.59
 215Shawn FOKEMA Lamont, BCDNS

40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1219Bryan GIOIA Port Moody, BC3:33.021-
bookmark2222Richard RATTE Calgary, AB3:45.94212.92s
bookmark3224Terry HAUK Burnaby, BCLoudenterprise3:49.36316.34s
 4221Steven FITZGERALD West Vancouver, BC4:08.82435.80s
 5223Shon NEUFELD Kaslo, BCKootenay Mountain Sports4:18.01544.99s
 220Steve EMBREE Calgary, BCDNF

50+ men  dialpad View finish spread

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1227Chris HARDWICK New Westminster, BC3:54.841-
bookmark2230Jeff ZACHARIAS Maple Ridge, BC4:14.29219.45s
bookmark3231Ian RUDD North Vancouver, BC4:18.83323.99s
 4229Gordon MENZIES Pitt Meadows, BCFVMBA4:21.07426.23s
 5226Larry CORSIATTO Red Deer, AB4:40.67545.83s
 6233Richard WIESS Calgary, BC5:01.6961:06.85
 7228Gordon LONGDEN Vancouver, BC5:14.4171:19.57
 232Chris AUGUST Langley, BCDNS



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark132Tara MOWAT Vancouver, BCCycle Component Network / Mansauce / Ride-o3:44.771-
bookmark231Katherine SHORT Halfmoon Bay, BCCove / Smash and Shorty3:58.78214.01s
bookmark333Lindsay TRIMBLE Burnaby, BCTHE CLAN4:04.51319.74s
 434Kristen SMART West Vancouver, BCSmash & Shorty4:07.16422.39s
 536Emily SMITH Bellingham, Wa4:32.87548.10s

U15 girls

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
 257Gracia JOULIE Calgary, BCDNS

Senior women  dialpad View finish spread

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1253Brittany WOOD Coquitlam, BC4:15.361-
bookmark2250Trish BROMLEY Toronto, On4:27.66212.30s
bookmark3247Lydia SCHAYES Chilliwack, BC4:29.87314.51s
 4248Kristine WIESS Calgary, AB5:00.76445.40s
 5246Kenzie WADE Whistler, BC5:17.1951:01.83
 6251Diana BRUCCULIERI Stoney Creek, BC5:23.2661:07.90
 249Monica MCCOSH Squamish, BCDNS
 252Karen BERNARDY 150 Mile House, BCDNS

Citizen: U19 women  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1385Lauren DUDAR Surrey, BC5:01.441-
bookmark2386Hanna TURNER-GERVAIS Kelowna, BC5:25.95224.51s

Citizen: 19-29 women  dialpad View finish spread

9 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1321Michelle GRIFFITHS Winlaw, BC3:47.701-
bookmark2325Maria Luz DARQUIER Whistler, BC3:55.9628.26s
bookmark3323Tara KATAMAY-SMITH Vancouver, BC4:19.79332.09s
 4326Krysta LONGRIDGE Vancouver, BCDifferent Bikes4:29.60441.90s
 5322Marielou DUQUETTE Revelstoke, BC4:29.63541.93s
 6332Ashley BRASSINGTON Langley, BC4:34.11646.41s
 7333Samantha LEACH Kelowna, BC4:46.34758.64s
 8324Helene MILES Kaslo, BC5:00.1581:12.45
 327Ricki DZUBA Grand Prarie, ABDNS

Citizen: 30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1336Harriet HARPER Nelson, NZ3:41.451-
bookmark2342Jill CODY Calgary, AB4:41.11259.66s
bookmark3341Sandy KYLE North Vancouver, BC4:44.3431:02.89
 4340Tanya CROCKER North Vancouver, BC5:00.4741:19.02
 338Christine BOEHRINGER Coquitlam, BCDNS

Hardtail women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1499Barb HALEY Peachland, BC4:59.311-

17-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark177Jaide FOSTER Sun Peaks, BC4:53.421-
bookmark276Samantha HOOVER Vernon, BCSky Ride5:09.02215.60s

30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1240Veronika VORACEK Brackendale, BC4:03.801-
bookmark2241Keara CLARK North Vancouver, BCMuddbunnies Riding Inc.4:09.9826.18s
bookmark3237Karaleen GIOIA Port Moody, BC4:11.7637.96s
 4343Kelly KOZEVNIKOV Heffley Creek, BC4:12.0548.25s
 5238Heather PADAVELL Edmonton, AB4:50.54546.74s
 6239Mandy NICKEL Edmonton, BC5:14.3061:10.50
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