2013 B-Maaxx round 1 at Bromont, QC

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st39Jonathan LEFRANCOIS Cycle Neron / Specialized1:51.891-
emoji_events2nd64Julien LARAMEE Cycle Neron / Specialized1:56.3324.44s
emoji_events3rd1Samuel THIBAULT Lama Cycles / Maaxx1:56.7434.85s
 4th26Philippe RICARD Lama Cycles / Maaxx1:56.9945.10s
 5th61Hans LAMBERT Xprezo1:57.0255.13s
 6th32Hugo LANGEVIN Cycle Performance / Niquet1:57.3965.50s
 7th63Philippe BENOÎT xprezo borsao1:57.8675.97s
 8th62Nicolas KONOW Lama Cycles / Maaxx1:58.1186.22s
 9th29Dominick MENARD Devinci1:58.4596.56s
 10th69Vincent POLISENO sports aux puces1:58.77106.88s
 11th41James JEANNET 1:59.39117.50s
 12th58Marc POIRIER sports aux puces1:59.58127.69s
 13th60Benoit RIOUX 1:59.89138.00s
 14th67David FONTAINE 2:00.27148.38s
 15th34Jordan LAPOINTE 2:01.05159.16s
 16th40Bastien MAJOR Cycle Neron / Specialized2:01.24169.35s
 17th35Philippe MORIN 2:01.80179.91s
 18th42Jeff D'OLIVEIRA docteur Velo2:04.801812.91s
 19th65Maxime FORTIN-FAUBERT 2:04.991913.10s
 36Francis GAGNON-PAQUIN Rocky Mountain CyclesDNF

Amateur men  dialpad Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st356Jonathan DOHERTY 2:05.211-
emoji_events2nd410Xavier DAUPHINAIS 2:08.7723.56s
emoji_events3rd337Marc-Andre BESSETTE 2:09.2134.00s
 4th339Jason CASSY 2:09.4244.21s
 5th325Frédérick RUEL-DUMAIS 2:11.4956.28s
 6th324Anthony POULSON 2:11.6166.40s
 7th323Liam ROURKE docteur Velo2:11.6476.43s
 8th346Jacob LANGLOIS 2:12.1486.93s
 9th352Marc-Andre DUFRESNE 2:12.3697.15s
 10th314Yannick CASTONGUAY docteur Velo2:12.64107.43s
 11th349Lucas REY-SIERRO 2:12.70117.49s
 12th345Simon DE VARENNES 2:13.55128.34s
 13th355Jean-Philippe GAGNÉ 2:13.86138.65s
 14th353Etienne TREMBLAY 2:14.30149.09s
 15th336Christian AUDET 2:15.17159.96s
 16th326Jimmy BEAUDOIN 2:15.271610.06s
 17th443Francis GIRARD 2:15.361710.15s
 18th348Gabriel BERNADA 2:15.861810.65s
 19th318Tristan BORDELEAU-ST-CYR 2:16.301911.09s
 20th354Gabriel ROBERT 2:16.642011.43s
 21st321Alex AUBIN Rocky Mountain Cycles2:17.362112.15s
 22nd341Pablo SEGUNA-FRANCO 2:18.272213.06s
 23rd319Louis-Philippe CHAREST 2:19.362314.15s
 23rd317Malcolm MCKEEVER 2:19.362314.15s
 25th347Antoine ROGER-KEURENTJES 2:20.142514.93s
 26th393Ken CHARTRAND 2:20.952615.74s
 27th345Alexandre GARNIER messier Bicyclettes2:23.832718.62s
 28th340Alex CHAPDELAINE 2:24.392819.18s
 29th327Vincent LÉGARÉ 2:25.582920.37s
 30th322Bernard CHAZÉ 2:25.703020.49s
 31st429Gérard GENDRON 2:54.363149.15s
 32nd344Albert DIAS 2:54.863249.65s
 351Jean-François SÉGUIN DNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st146Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN Dirt Camp Race Team1:59.301-
emoji_events2nd178Cedrick POULSON Dirt Camp2:03.4924.19s
emoji_events3rd138Felix DENIS-DALLAIRE 2:03.5834.28s
 4th143Etienne HEYBURN 2:03.9544.65s
 5th103Gabriel DISTILIO 2:04.5255.22s
 6th148Guibert OULLETTE sports aux puces2:05.8366.53s
 7th139Yann ROY-VALLEE 2:06.7477.44s
 8th142Christophe MORISSET docteur Velo2:07.9588.65s
 9th153Sébastien LACASSE 2:08.7499.44s
 10th151Pierre-Luc LÉVESQUE 2:08.99109.69s
 11th147Étienne TURCOTTE 2:09.14119.84s
 12th100Simon AYOTTE Cycles Performance / Niquet2:09.24129.94s
 13th137Mathieu BLOUIN 2:09.27139.97s
 14th198Martin ARSENAULT 2:11.111411.81s
 15th141Louis-Mathieu FERRON 2:12.111512.81s
 16th140Félix-Antoine HOULE 2:12.331613.03s
 17th152Stephane LINCOURT 2:12.831713.53s
 18th145Benoit FERLAND Blackspire / Devinci / docteur Velo2:21.611822.31s
 19th144Pierre ROBICHAUD 2:22.861923.56s
 197Maxime ST-PIERRE DNS
 201Vincent GIRARD DNS



Women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st508Nelly GAGNON sports aux puces2:26.891-
emoji_events2nd505Magali CÔTÉ 3:01.11234.22s
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