2001 NPS round 3 at Hamsterley

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st75David ARMSTRONG 2:34.5471-
emoji_events2nd5Edward MOSELEY Animal / Orange2:35.39820.851s
emoji_events3rd70Dan ATHERTON Muddy Fox2:35.62131.074s
 4th4Tim PONTING Giant2:37.09942.552s
 5th3Rob WARNER 2:38.57754.030s
 6th10Stuart HUGHES Team DH 242:40.14765.600s
 7th59Stu THOMSON Royal2:42.81178.264s
 8th22Will LONGDEN MBUK2:43.34988.802s
 9th2Crawford CARRICK-ANDERSON Giant / Toyota UK2:43.91099.363s
 10th29James ALLAWAY 2:44.056109.509s
 11th16Jonny CHEETHAM Halfords Bike Hut2:44.191119.644s
 12th73Richard BARLOW Royal2:44.339129.792s
 13th9Neil DONOGHUE Halfords Bike Hut2:44.6281310.081s
 14th65Paul FRENCH 2:46.1631411.616s
 15th60Alan BLYTH (mas) THE CLAN2:49.4851514.938s
 16th35Aidan BISHOP UK DH2:51.2541616.707s
 17th43Paul EVERETT (ret.) 2:51.6591717.112s
 18th61Iain COOKSON Sandy Wallace Cycles2:53.0901818.543s
 19th26Scott BEAUMONT FORD FOCUS / Team Kona2:53.4801918.933s
 20th11Shaun WILSON Dirt Magazine2:54.1212019.574s
 21st49Steve BARKER Mr Big Racing2:54.9192120.372s
 22nd57Mark HARRIES Hope2:55.4032220.856s
 23rd14Gareth HOPKINS Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene2:55.7172321.170s
 24th72Neil HARRIS (spt) DH / UK2:56.3532421.806s
 25th33Chris WHITFIELD 2:56.8902522.343s
 26th24Alan BLOOD 2:58.2672623.720s
 27th23Mark DAVIS Giant / Toyota UK2:59.3722724.825s
 28th80Joe FINNEY Giant / TDR3:02.3472827.800s
 29th981James HUGHES (vet) Leisure Lakes3:04.3362929.789s
 30th40Ross TRICKER FORD FOCUS / Team Kona3:06.4733031.926s
 31st76Andrew MILLS 3:08.2023133.655s
 32nd37Paul MAY 3:09.7393235.192s
 33rd19Dave WARDELL MBUK3:10.2503335.703s
 34th6Matt FARMER Diamondback3:12.3493437.802s
 35th51Martyn REELEY 4:05.036351:30.489

Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

52 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st166Neil ARNOLD Hope2:43.3771-
emoji_events2nd102Chris BALL (1) THE CLAN2:48.10024.723s
emoji_events3rd155David FAIRSERVICE MPH2:49.33335.956s
 4th176Paul GARRETT 2:51.04247.665s
 5th194James MARPLES Leisure Lakes2:53.471510.094s
 6th104Andrew TITLEY Royal2:55.822612.445s
 7th148Rick MINSHULL Tom Royle Cycles2:57.625714.248s
 8th163Luke FOWLER Pearce Cycles2:58.370814.993s
 9th201Dan CRITCHLOW Leisure Lakes2:58.871915.494s
 10th192Jan CZUGALINSKI Ride-On2:59.1701015.793s
 11th243Rowan SORRELL Halfords Bike Hut / Muddy Fox2:59.4121116.035s
 12th209Rob FRANCIS Sensible Bike Co2:59.8041216.427s
 13th101Graeme DUKE FASTRIDER X RT3:00.3061316.929s
 14th152Sion JONES (vet) Leisure Lakes3:02.0291418.652s
 15th100Daniel BROWN (ebik) Dave Mellor Cycles3:02.6281519.251s
 16th172Steve JONES (vet2) Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene3:03.0531619.676s
 17th196Jamie SMITH (mas1) RATZ3:04.1751720.798s
 18th222Jyoti GONGBA 3:04.7361821.359s
 19th149Alex DROMGOOLE 3:05.2961921.919s
 20th181Andrew SMITH (scot) SHAF'D3:05.6752022.298s
 21st216Alastair WARD Tallywhacker Racing3:05.8292122.452s
 22nd185Lee WHITE OWEN'S CYCLES3:06.1292222.752s
 23rd186Ben BOLTON (mas) Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene3:06.8902323.513s
 24th199Col WILLIAMS Leisure Lakes3:06.9552423.578s
 25th255Daniel JOHNSON (ret.) 3:07.0562523.679s
 26th167Nev DUGGAN Leisure Lakes / STUNTS.ORG3:07.2402623.863s
 27th107Steve GOODE Dyson Cycles3:08.4212725.044s
 28th158Kevin JAMES Animal / Orange3:08.5112825.134s
 29th208Alan MILWAY Birmingham University3:08.7052925.328s
 30th224Angus CROMBIE 3:08.9563025.579s
 31st177Tom CARWARDINE Launch Bikes3:10.0353126.658s
 32nd205Rob MARSHALL ODYSSEY / Saracen3:10.0853226.708s
 33rd143Robin WEAVER ODYSSEY / Saracen3:12.6333329.256s
 34th223Darren WAINWRIGHT 3:13.3913430.014s
 35th118Alex COVENTRY 3:14.5383531.161s
 36th193Luke DEWEY Dorset Rough Riders3:14.6593631.282s
 37th150Ian CURRY Teesdale Development3:17.5393734.162s
 38th124Edward BRIERTON 3:17.9813834.604s
 39th136James DALLEYWATER 3:18.0523934.675s
 40th174Steven PONTING SHAFD3:21.0364037.659s
 41st125Simon PHILBRICK XTREME3:21.6064138.229s
 42nd253Dave FARMER Dragon Downhill3:21.7524238.375s
 43rd165Stuart EDGAR FASTRIDER X RT3:23.0694339.692s
 44th173Barney PHILLIPS 3:23.9804440.603s
 45th251Jack BENNETT CRUZ SHOES YORK3:24.9034541.526s
 46th187Paul BOWYER RATZ3:26.2024642.825s
 47th244Chris BARNETT (mas1) 3:34.1234750.746s
 48th147Gary DICKENSON FACTORY TEAM VERVE3:38.6004855.223s
 49th237Aaron DOIG 3:42.2894958.912s
 50th257Duncan MCCANN 3:46.217501:02.840
 51st123Phil REED Leisure Lakes / Stunts4:04.605511:21.228
 52nd130Brian MIDDLETON TWEED VALLEY CYCLE SPORTS4:28.650521:45.273

13-16 boys  dialpad Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st800Gee ATHERTON Muddy Fox2:33.7301-
emoji_events2nd844Sammy COTTON Ancillotti UK2:57.687223.957s
emoji_events3rd802Mark HERITAGE (ret.) MBUK3:00.258326.528s
 4th803Ben REID X MTB3:06.846433.116s
 5th825Will ROWLANDS (mas1) 3:07.241533.511s
 6th840Pete CROOKES 3:08.117634.387s
 7th817Danny KENDRICK 3:08.785735.055s
 8th813Sam WOODSFORD X-Lite3:08.874835.144s
 9th856Lee PINCHER INTEGRA SYSTEMS3:09.361935.631s
 10th831Michael GRAY Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene3:12.5831038.853s
 11th830Stuart JENKINSON Print Express3:14.7051140.975s
 12th822Tom DEACON Pearce Cycles3:15.1381241.408s
 13th821Alex FLORIAN 3:16.6191342.889s
 14th835Steve ROCKS CYCLE FORCE3:16.7051442.975s
 15th828Aaron JONES (ret.) Don Skene Cycles #Teamskene3:17.8491544.119s
 16th836Chris ROCKS CYCLE FORCE3:19.2781645.548s
 17th853Matthew ROACH RUGBY VC3:19.5961745.866s
 18th805Dan STANBRIDGE Muddy Fox3:24.0031850.273s
 19th814Stuart JONES (mas) In Gear RC3:24.7041950.974s
 20th829Nick TURNER (1) MTS3:27.3442053.614s
 21st837Simon PARKINSON SCOTT SCHOLARSHIP3:32.0932158.363s
 22nd820Steven RUFFELL 3:34.427221:00.697
 23rd832Karl PARRY 3:40.825231:07.095
 24th848Andrew GULLIVER Descend3:43.537241:09.807
 25th827Josh QUICK Presentations3:46.697251:12.967
 26th855Max NEELY (sen) Descend Hamsterley3:49.865261:16.135
 804Daniel HUME Meerkat DHDNF

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

34 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st607Marc BEAUMONT Orange / Royal2:45.9311-
emoji_events2nd635Kris HARGREAVES Team Cruz2:47.71621.785s
emoji_events3rd609Billy CHEETHAM Halfords Bike Hut2:50.04334.112s
 4th626Dave DUGGAN SCOTTUK2:51.14145.210s
 5th600Chris MARSHALL Ancillotti UK2:54.68458.753s
 6th634Robert POLLOCK GONZO RACING2:56.393610.462s
 6th639Lewis WHITE (mas) OWEN'S CYCLES2:56.393610.462s
 8th606Nick PLATT MBUK2:56.587810.656s
 9th628James PINNER Team DH 243:01.709915.778s
 10th604Ashley CROSS Orange3:02.7741016.843s
 11th603Jonathan BRAIN Pearce Cycles3:03.2371117.306s
 12th625Philip ASHBRIDGE FULL MENTAL / Riks Bike Shed3:06.6881220.757s
 13th601William CORRY 3:06.9821321.051s
 14th632Chris ROSS (mas) 3:10.8381424.907s
 15th611Luke MARSHALL ODYSSEY / Saracen3:11.5311525.600s
 16th677Ross MCLEAVY 3:12.6091626.678s
 17th633Oliver MORRIS 3:13.2761727.345s
 18th638Peter GALLACHER SHAFD3:14.3161828.385s
 19th630David DUNN (mas) THE CLAN3:14.3191928.388s
 20th653Brad SHEENAN 3:14.8682028.937s
 21st647Dave SMITH (exp) Dirt Magazine3:16.3962130.465s
 22nd613Kris READ Team Cruz3:18.1972232.266s
 23rd636James GREENWOOD (mas) 3:20.0972334.166s
 24th655Ben QUICK Presentations3:21.9732436.042s
 25th616Andy O'BRIEN (ret.) 3:25.9122539.981s
 26th614Tom BRAITHWAITE (elt) 3:26.5972640.666s
 27th660Ben UMFREVILLE go to site3:26.8602740.929s
 28th631Marc HENSHAW 3:34.7182848.787s
 29th675Ash STEPHENSON 3:35.4772949.546s
 30th643Graham WEBB (exp) 3:41.3353055.404s
 31st644Tom SMART 4:04.146311:18.215
 32nd676Antony DALTON 4:25.135321:39.204
 602Ryan GOLDING Don Skene Cycles #TeamskeneDNF

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st453Keith WILSON (gvet) go to site / Orange2:50.6381-
emoji_events2nd446Steven JONES (gvet) BIKE HUT / Halfords Bike Hut / Schwinn2:51.47220.834s
emoji_events3rd400Darren HOWARTH FORD FOCUS / Team Kona2:53.39532.757s
 4th423Steve GEALL Animal / Orange2:55.42744.789s
 5th442Rich SIMPSON Cycle Shop Newbury / SOCAL2:57.06456.426s
 6th418Ian DANIEL Team MPH3:01.629610.991s
 7th404Paul SLATER Leisure Lakes3:02.105711.467s
 8th401Rob JOHNSTON 3:02.607811.969s
 9th429Paul HUDSON Saracen3:05.393914.755s
 10th454Jerry TWIGG Cycleworld Racing3:05.7071015.069s
 11th444James CRAIK ODYSSEY / Team Saracen3:05.9351115.297s
 12th414Bill THACKRAY GORGONZOLA3:06.4681215.830s
 13th436Michael KAY Dragon Downhill3:09.6851319.047s
 14th402Gerald HODGKINSON Ride-On3:09.7661419.128s
 15th462Jim BUCHANAN DIRT MAGAZINE RT3:12.1231521.485s
 16th471David LUMLEY 3:12.3451621.707s
 17th439Phillip THOMSON 3:13.0691722.431s
 18th417Gary MILLINGS Ride-On3:13.5511822.913s
 19th403Craig ROBERTSON (gvet) Ride-On3:14.3191923.681s
 20th447Richard WORMALD 3:18.3942027.756s
 21st469Colin JAMES 3:20.4462129.808s
 22nd406James STEWART (vet) 3:30.7472240.109s
 23rd449Richard BALLANTINE Terrain Teradactyles3:30.7832340.145s
 24th437Mark MACKAREL GONZO RACING3:31.2182440.580s
 25th432Adrian LONG Meerkat DH3:32.9412542.303s
 26th421James BRINSDEN 3:54.061261:03.423
 27th448Kevin BAXTER 3:56.227271:05.589
 28th440Andy TAIT 4:05.163281:14.525

40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st550Nibs KELLETT Royal3:03.4721-
emoji_events2nd551Ross MINTON Giant / TDR3:20.750217.278s
emoji_events3rd561Rob MUNN Dyson Cycles3:24.311320.839s
 4th560Adrian HUME Meerkat DH3:35.572432.100s
 5th553Mark CHAPMAN ODYSSEY / TEAM SARACEM3:49.690546.218s
 6th552Rob KINSEY Marie Curie3:55.666652.194s
 7th571Paul BRAITHWAITE (vet) 5:13.83772:10.365



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st82Fionn GRIFFITHS Ancillotti UK / Zeal Optics3:00.6951-
emoji_events2nd81Tracy MOSELEY FORD FOCUS / Team Kona3:14.373213.678s
emoji_events3rd83Helen GASKELL Santa Cruz3:15.666314.971s
 4th88Helen MORTIMER Giant3:25.702425.007s
 5th86Jo PONTING Halfords Bike Hut / Schwinn3:44.261543.566s
 6th90Renée DIWELL Giant / TDR3:52.050651.355s
 7th84Adele PEAT ANIMAL ORANGE3:53.400752.705s
 8th91Petra WILTSHIRE BN3 / DBR / Focus Group4:40.05081:39.355

Senior women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st392Emily HORRIDGE Giant / TDR3:54.5141-
emoji_events2nd390Jaymie MART Giant / TDR4:32.232237.718s
emoji_events3rd395Tamsin JONES SRAM / TEAM BN35:05.42431:10.910

14-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st890Rachel ATHERTON 3:53.1421-
emoji_events2nd691Rhian ATHERTON Muddy Fox3:59.22626.084s
emoji_events3rd692Anna COLLINS 4:05.979312.837s
 4th690Lucy COLLINS 4:22.100428.958s

30+ women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st540Karen BALLANTINE Terrain Teradactyles3:29.8891-
emoji_events2nd541Victoria HOLLING SRAM / TEAM BN34:28.341258.452s
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