2014 Canada Cup round 2 at Panorama Resort, BC

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Elite men  dialpad View finish spread

51 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark146Kyle SANGERS Kingston, ON2:38.641-
bookmark253Samuel THIBAULT Chambly, QCÉquipe du Québec / Lama Cycles / NS Bikes2:41.4822.84s
bookmark350Remi GAUVIN Nanoose Bay, BC2:42.6834.04s
 447Mark WALLACE Duncan, BCDEVINCI GLOBAL RACING2:43.4744.83s
 548Kirk MCDOWALL Anmore, BC2:43.8455.20s
 651Mckay VEZINA Newbury Park, CA2:45.6366.99s
 749Forrest RIESCO Gibsons, BC2:46.2177.57s
 886Nick GRIMM W. Vancouver, BC2:47.6789.03s
 972Dean TENNANT Saanichton, BCDunbar Cycles2:47.9499.30s
 1054Hugo LANGEVIN Bromont, QCCycles Performance-Niquet / Équipe du Québec2:49.121010.48s
 1183Matt HARDWICK Squamish, BCAFD Racing2:50.441111.80s
 1256Philippe RICARD Bromont, QCÉquipe du Québec / Lama Cycles / NS Bikes2:50.731212.09s
 1388Rob VENABLES Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles2:50.781312.14s
 1481Lee JACKSON Squamish, BC2:50.921412.28s
 1592Bryce STIRLING Nanaimo, BC2:51.961513.32s
 1695Julien LARAMEE Montréal, QCÉquipe du Québec2:52.261613.62s
 1757Taylor ROWLANDS Nottawa, ON2:52.521713.88s
 1868Chris BENNETT ° Calgary, ABThe Base Race Team2:52.721814.08s
 1955Bryden RIGETS N. Vancouver, BCIntense National Team2:53.121914.48s
 2093Rhys ELLIS Calgary, ABWinSport Academy2:54.332015.69s
 2162Shelby SMITH Mount Pearl, NFLIntense / OGC2:54.922116.28s
 2258Jack ALMOND ° W. Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training / Cycling BC / Race Face2:55.092216.45s
 2370Cameron PORTEOUS Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles2:55.282316.64s
 2474Evan BLACKWELL Calgary, ABThe Base Race Team2:56.182417.54s
 2587Patrick MCCARTER Kelowna, BC2:57.452518.81s
 2676Isaac MARANGONI ° Whistler, BC2:58.272619.63s
 2785Nic RODGERS ° Delta, BCDunbar Cycles2:59.412720.77s
 2859Nik DUNN ° Courtenay, BCCycling BC High Performance Team2:59.882821.24s
 2960Hayden GENOUD ° Calgary, AB3:00.752922.11s
 3071Christopher MCDOWELL Calgary, ABWinsport Academy Mountain Bike Club3:01.723023.08s
 3175Garrett MACINTOSH Calgary, ABPeak performance racing3:02.073123.43s
 3284Max LEYEN ° Chilliwack, BC3:02.643224.00s
 3390Trevor THEW Duncan, BCExperience Cycling3:04.963326.32s
 3461Félix LECLERC ° Montreal, QCCycles Performance-Niquet / Équipe du Québec3:05.923427.28s
 3552Rob FRASER Victoria, BCDunbar Cycles3:06.913528.27s
 3689Takoda CRAWFORD Coombs, BCArrowsmith Bikes / Race Face3:07.523628.88s
 3765Raphael BARIL ° Thetford Mines, QCÉquipe du Québec3:09.083730.44s
 3863Mitchell O'KEEFE Calgary, AB3:11.423832.78s
 3998Wyatt KELLN ° Drayton Valley, ABMud Sweat and Gears3:11.973933.33s
 4077Jayden GISBORNE Ladysmith, BCCowichan Cycling Cartel3:15.604036.96s
 4164Dakota BOYER Calgary, AB3:16.604137.96s
 4267Nick HANLON ° Mount Pearl, NFL3:17.874239.23s
 4394Nicholas COURT ° Duncan, BCExperience Cycling3:19.044340.40s
 4482Levi HARAPNUIK ° N. Vancouver, BCPeak performance racing3:19.684441.04s
 4573Eric KEEP ° Calgary, ABThe Base Race Team3:22.244543.60s
 4666Jack HICKEY ° St. Johns, NFL3:22.314643.67s
 4791Tristan KEEGAN ° Calgary, AB3:23.944745.30s
 4880Kyle SHIMKO ° Beaumont, ABXpress Racing3:27.704849.06s
 4997Logan JOHNSON ° Calgary, AB3:37.744959.10s
 5096Dylan HOOVER ° Vernon, BC5:36.54502:57.90
 78Jeremy MCDOWELL ° Calgary, ABWinsport Academy Mountain Bike ClubDNS

° Riders racing out of category

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1230Magnus MANSON Sechelt, BCDunbar Cycles2:53.721-
bookmark2235Finn ILES Whistler, BC2:58.1624.44s
bookmark3231Kendall MCLEAN Victoria, BCAFD Racing2:59.8236.10s
 4232Simon TELLIER Victoria, BC3:08.89415.17s

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

14 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1502Caleb HARAPNUIK N. Vancouver, BCCove3:20.111-
bookmark2504Pierson MCKIBBON Calgary, AB3:28.7628.65s
bookmark3511Matthew COETSER Airdrie, ABThe Base Race Team3:33.91313.80s
 4506Jack AYRTON Calgary, ABThe Base Race Team3:43.48423.37s
 5503David LEMIEUX Canmore, ABThe Base Race Team3:44.37524.26s
 6513Caleb MOHAMED Calgary, ABThe Base Race Team3:45.49625.38s
 7507Jordan STAIRS Canmore, ABThe Base Race Team3:45.72725.61s
 8512Keaton HARTZELL Calgary, ABWinsport4:01.14841.03s
 9515Aaron SIXSMITH Calgary, ABThe Base4:15.48955.37s
 508Jack MAZURY Calgary, ABWinsport DH AcademyDNF
 509Noah BIRKKJAER Calgary, ABWinSport AcademyDNF
 514Parker WOOD Calgary, ABThe Base Race TeamDNF
 505Braedon MCNICOL Calgary, ABWinSport AcademyDNS

Sport: Junior men  dialpad View finish spread

9 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1425Logan RATTE Calgary, AB3:19.411-
bookmark2424Carter PASCHINSKI Red Deer, ABAFD Racing3:20.9721.56s
bookmark3429Arron PITRE Calgary, ABWinSport Academy3:22.4533.04s
 4430Brad KOHUT  Drayton Valley, ABXpress Racing3:37.13417.72s
 5420Jordan COLE Duncan, BCExperience Cycling Club3:41.03521.62s
 6428Braden WATTS Beaumont, ABXpress Racing4:00.01640.60s
 7427Alec HOLTSBAUM Calgary, ABWinsport Adademy Mountain Bike Club4:12.05752.64s
 8422Ben CROFT Airdrie, AB4:22.7281:03.31
 9426Nathan BRYSON Calgary, AB5:08.2191:48.80

Citizen: 19+ men  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1247Jason LOX Coleman, AB3:32.201-
bookmark2820Tyler REID Calgary, AB3:44.50212.30s
bookmark3246Cameron THOMSON Calgary, ABWinSport Academy3:48.47316.27s
 4248Sean ALEXANDER Calgary, AB4:08.60436.40s
 5440Steve KNOX Rossland, BCRevolution Cycle & Sales5:32.3952:00.19
 821Stephan MALETTE Panorama, BCPanorama Bike ParkDNS

Citizen: U19 men  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1707Nat MCGRATH Invermere, BC3:29.181-
bookmark2708Max YOUNK Invermere, BC3:31.1922.01s
bookmark3706Michal CHERAK Calgary, AB3:31.3132.13s
 4709Braedon LANGIN Calgary, ABCalgary Olympic Park3:51.53422.35s
 5705Tate THOMPSON Calgary, AB3:51.92522.74s
 6710Jacob NEWKIRK Calgary, AB4:22.48653.30s
 711Bobby BEDWARD Crowsnest Pass, BCDNF

19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

12 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1608Jorgen SAKARIASSEN Calgary, AB2:57.831-
bookmark2617Sam MCCONNERY Canmore, ABBack Door / Panorama Resort3:03.0825.25s
bookmark3616Cameron STARCHESKI Leduc, ABXpress Racing3:16.24318.41s
 4613Justin WOODMAN Invermere, BC3:24.98427.15s
 5605Brandon JOHNSON Chestermere, ABWinsport Academy Mountain Bike Club3:25.37527.54s
 6615Sean HAYZELDEN Calgary, AB3:32.79634.96s
 7610Dustin TUMBACH Calgary, ABThe Base DH Race Team3:38.68740.85s
 8607Kaegan MURPHY Vernon, BC4:08.7781:10.94
 9611Reid WESTREN Calgary, AB6:21.2093:23.37
 609Paul STICHBURY Calgary, ABPeak performance racingDNF
 614Matt MONOD Banff, ABBack Door / Panorama ResortDNF
 606Trevor LEBLANC Drayton Valley, ABXpress RacingDNS

30+ men

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1805Richard RATTE Calgary, AB3:40.981-



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1111Danice UYESUGI N. Vancouver, BCIntense National Team3:39.671-
bookmark2113Kirby MCLEAN Victoria, BCAFD Racing3:49.6429.97s
bookmark3110Kristen COURTNEY Toronto, ON3:49.6639.99s
 4112Jenn LEBLANC Tottenham, ON4:22.50442.83s

U17 girls  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1114Kyleigh STEWART ° Kamloops, BCAFD Racing4:18.271-
bookmark2115Devin KNOX Rossland, BC6:02.7621:44.49

° Rider racing out of category

19-29 women  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1151Katie LONGHURST Edmonton, ABPrairie Girls Racing9:32.401-
 153Darlene PARANAQUE Edmonton, ABPrairie Girls RacingDNS
 612Deanne COISH Sherwood Park, ABPrairie Girls RacingDNS

30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1902Allison OLIVER Sherwood Park, ABPrairie Girls Racing4:11.471-
bookmark2901Angie LOEWEN Edmonton, ABPrairie Girls Racing5:53.7121:42.24
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