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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

59 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Troy BROSNAN HT Components / Monster / RockShox / Specialized / SRAM4:39.6614:38.351-
emoji_events2nd4Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) Giant / Thredbo MTB4:44.8934:43.4825.13s
emoji_events3rd2Graeme MUDD Lusty Industries / ODI / Orange / TLD4:44.3824:44.4636.11s
 4th5Liam PANOZZO 4:56.5894:49.62411.27s
 5th35Tim EATON 4:51.2544:51.56513.21s
 6th3Dean LUCAS DEVINCI GLOBAL RACING / FoxHead / Rowney Sports4:53.7964:52.22613.87s
 7th6Aiden VARLEY 4:55.4284:52.62714.27s
 8th54Luke GARNHAM 4:56.79104:52.66814.31s
 9th36David MCMILLAN 4:57.61114:52.96914.61s
 10th32Brent SMITH Endeavour Cyc / Galvanized / Green2Gold / Replay / SRAM / TWE4:58.59134:54.061015.71s
 11th8Jackson DAVIS FJC / Kabuto / Specialized4:57.79124:54.721116.37s
 12th38Benjamin DENGATE 5:04.34164:55.621217.27s
 13th43Angus MUDDERN 5:02.67154:58.851320.50s
 14th40Jesse BEARE 5:04.56185:01.171422.82s
 15th51Rick BOYER 5:06.10215:01.491523.14s
 16th55Shane WODE 5:58.35465:02.281623.93s
 17th53Tim WINDSHUTTLE 5:06.62225:03.141724.79s
 18th23Daniel HALLAM 5:05.64195:03.201824.85s
 19th49Matt HARDWICK 5:06.82235:03.771925.42s
 20th14Carl PICKERSGILL 5:05.98205:04.012025.66s
 21st19Robert ARMSTRONG 5:11.79295:04.412126.06s
 22nd26Mitchell BRYANT 5:10.32285:06.032227.68s
 23rd46Tom WYATT 5:09.23255:06.722328.37s
 24th57Samuel BROWNLIE 5:09.19245:07.322428.97s
 25th39Jack O'HARE 5:13.28305:11.762533.41s
 26th29Joshua SINCLAIR 5:09.31265:12.162633.81s
 27th10Conor CLANCY Avanti-Plus / Deity5:19.23355:12.772734.42s
 28th22George MURRAY 5:19.02345:14.442836.09s
 29th15Taran GOIRIS 5:22.44385:14.852936.50s
 30th60Phillip PIAZZA 5:20.42375:15.633037.28s
 31st27Ian JONES Spent Clothing5:17.09335:16.563138.21s
 32nd58Spencer GRAF 5:29.40425:16.923238.57s
 33rd44Matt SWANN 5:24.37405:17.313338.96s
 34th13Elliot RIED 5:16.44315:18.223439.87s
 35th18Harrison REIBELT Stoich Racing5:23.91395:18.243539.89s
 36th28Connor MACKNE alltrack bicycles7:20.91485:19.213640.86s
 37th59Gerard LAGANA 5:26.27415:25.233746.88s
 38th50Ben CORY 4:52.1255:26.363848.01s
 39th47Andrew JEPHCOTT 5:33.313954.96s
 40th37Aaron HODGE 16:00.30505:36.174057.82s
 41st45Richard KREUZER 5:04.51175:36.554158.20s
 42nd30Luke BALL 5:16.78325:36.804258.45s
 43rd48Kye HORE 5:44.18445:37.134358.78s
 44th56Bruce MOIR 5:09.50275:42.51441:04.16
 45th31Jarrod WYNN 5:40.70435:43.91451:05.56
 46th16Alex JAEGER 6:02.11475:45.19461:06.84
 47th24Oliver HOCKEY 5:56.33455:52.54471:14.19
 48th9Jordan PROCHYRA Carine cycles / Giant4:54.3576:11.20481:32.85
 49th41Oliver ZWAR 14:22.33498:19.66493:41.31
 50th12Darcy GROOBY 5:19.82368:21.46503:43.11
 7Rhys ATKINSON FEKTOR CLOTHING / FJC / Oakley / Specialized / SRAM4:59.3514
 25Conor BULLARD Bilt Bikes
 20Joshua BUTTON Fox / Giant / SRAM
 11Murray STEPHENS
 17Sam HILL (elt)
 21Mike JONES (elt)
 33Christopher BIRD
 34Michael PARKER

Open men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st917Jed JELLY 8:12.23155:18.971-
emoji_events2nd903Madison GILES 5:51.2585:30.47211.50s
emoji_events3rd902Ben BLOOMFIELD Magneto Industries / Revolution Spi / S and J cycles5:35.0235:36.34317.37s
 4th904Reece CARTER 5:47.2665:40.17421.20s
 5th905Mathias BUTCHER DENTBIZ / DVO Suspension5:41.5655:41.68522.71s
 6th910Christopher MACLURCAN I wish :(5:39.9445:42.33623.36s
 7th909Thomas STEELE-MCLAREN 5:27.8815:50.73731.76s
 8th912Jerome STAELENS 5:52.7195:53.02834.05s
 9th907George GEORGOUDIS TankTrail5:55.07936.10s
 10th913Kelvin SMITH 6:14.76115:57.401038.43s
 11th914Regan CARTWRIGHT 6:11.29106:02.761143.79s
 12th908Jake MITCHELL 6:28.75126:31.89121:12.92
 13th911Lachlan TACTOR 5:48.7176:33.16131:14.19
 901Liam THOMAS (elt) 5:30.142
 916Carl MACKEPRANG 8:00.7313
 906Jarryd ADAWAY 8:03.2414
 915Daniel MCCOMB

U13 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st793Jackson CONNELLY 5:51.8015:39.471-
emoji_events2nd791Troy WEINERT Thredbo MTB / tight'n'toned fitness6:00.0125:47.5028.03s
emoji_events3rd792Thomas KRPAN 7:32.9537:46.2732:06.80
 4th794Samuel CASH 8:48.8648:26.4242:46.95

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st751James FINDLAY 5:24.3715:15.341-
emoji_events2nd755Kye A'HERN 5:36.3625:37.92222.58s
emoji_events3rd752Oskar WHITE 5:49.0235:53.73338.39s
 4th756Liam SURGEONER 6:02.8446:01.45446.11s
 5th757Caleb REES 6:12.4556:02.61547.27s
 6th753Nathan CUBIT 6:54.8176:38.1461:22.80
 7th758Noah CORNELIUS 7:21.8987:24.0572:08.71
 754Angus PRICE 6:43.526

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st720Joshua CLARK 5:05.3414:59.601-
emoji_events2nd718Harry PARSONS Bilt Bikes5:06.8335:01.9622.36s
emoji_events3rd710Harri JONES Jones Sport Perf / Planet Cycles / Planet-PCS racing5:05.7325:04.4134.81s
 4th705Matt ELLISON 5:17.1685:08.0248.42s
 5th701Baxter MAIWALD 5:11.5345:12.73513.13s
 6th719Riley HORSMAN High Country Fitness / The Sacred Ride Jindabyne5:14.8165:12.79613.19s
 7th721Benjamin ZWAR KVIST 5:20.0395:15.37715.77s
 8th702Matthew DINHAM Mondraker for MTB and Downhill5:13.4755:16.27816.67s
 9th722Patrick BUTLER Lusty Industries / Santa Cruz5:16.3075:19.74920.14s
 10th709Aaron GUNGL 5:27.69115:23.791024.19s
 11th706Matt KELLY (u19) Aldgate Bike Shop / FJC / Scott / VON ZIPPER5:34.04135:24.421124.82s
 12th723Dylan FRASER 5:32.64125:27.191227.59s
 13th717Tom HANSEN 5:35.15145:33.101333.50s
 14th704Dylan LOMBARD 5:25.28105:36.921437.32s
 15th712Isaac RIDLEY 5:46.29155:41.691542.09s
 16th708Cameron CUBIT 5:53.07165:42.271642.67s
 17th725Tom DAMM 6:09.55185:56.151756.55s
 18th711James GUALDI 6:21.96206:09.85181:10.25
 19th714Andy BEER 7:18.89227:33.21192:33.61
 20th724Zack GALBRAITH 6:24.35217:43.92202:44.32
 21st716Oscar MOWER 7:58.29237:45.25212:45.65
 22nd713Zachary INGRAM 6:12.131911:57.76226:58.16
 715Jordan CLEMENTS jnlracing team / New Leaf Australia6:02.8217DNF
 707Harry ALFORD

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

36 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st201Andrew CRIMMINS 100% / Fox MTB / Kona Factory / Monster / SRAM4:43.1414:46.341-
emoji_events2nd203Max WARSHAWSKY BERGAMONT HAYES WORLD TEAM / Fektor5:03.7134:50.3424.00s
emoji_events3rd202Jackson FREW Leatt / Maxxis / Onyabike Canb5:23.30144:51.8535.51s
 4th204Joel WILLIS bike minded / Specialized / TLD22:05.25324:54.3047.96s
 5th221Remy MORTON 4:59.8824:55.4559.11s
 6th205Dan BOOKER RIDE BELLERIVE / track X5:11.1765:05.38619.04s
 7th222Harry BUSH 5:12.0075:10.65724.31s
 8th207Duke MILLINGTON Blue Star Stainless Steel5:10.6655:11.67825.33s
 9th232Christopher CLARK DRIFT bikes / Specialized Australia19:18.04315:12.83926.49s
 10th211Joshua LEA 5:16.5095:13.191026.85s
 11th214Jackson WHITE 5:18.35105:13.471127.13s
 12th237Chris TYE 5:20.26125:14.311227.97s
 13th228Alec REID 5:24.48155:16.471330.13s
 14th216Tim BLACK Banshee5:22.18135:18.301431.96s
 15th234Jack LUMB 5:58.66265:18.741532.40s
 16th218Luke BUTCHER DENTBIZ / DVO Suspension9:14.13305:18.901632.56s
 17th215Robert WEST 5:34.74185:25.621739.28s
 18th208Matthew TAYLOR Fox / Kona / Kona Factory Team - Aust. / SRAM5:24.97165:25.801839.46s
 19th233Callum DAWES Bilt Bikes / Nuke Optics Australia5:39.51205:32.141945.80s
 20th225Kieran OSBORNE 5:48.81245:39.412053.07s
 21st227Andrew REGAN 5:48.72235:46.242159.90s
 22nd212Harry DONALD pcs racing team / Planet Cycles5:18.67115:47.23221:00.89
 23rd224Aaron LEAGAS 5:41.42225:47.71231:01.37
 24th217Zeb FARMILO 5:56.74255:52.77241:06.43
 25th231Angus LAVERACK 6:09.50275:53.17251:06.83
 26th229Zac POWELL 6:15.99295:56.02261:09.68
 27th223Chad KAY 6:10.06286:03.41271:17.07
 28th230Aidan WYNN PHANTOM RACING / Scott5:36.08196:04.69281:18.35
 29th236Mitch ROWLEY 5:34.471712:56.66298:10.32
 209Hayden STEAD 5:06.474DNF
 219Jeremy ARMSTRONG 5:13.628DNF
 226Ryan PLUNKETT Mum & Dad / Pushys Fyshwick5:40.2021DNF
 210Jacob MOSSNER
 213Jarrod MURPHY
 220Dalton BELL
 235Lachlan GIBSON

Hardtail men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st952Daniel CAMPBELL 6:42.1216:27.531-

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st406Ben DAVIES 5:20.9415:17.431-
emoji_events2nd404Ben MORRISON 5:27.3035:24.1926.76s
emoji_events3rd402Sean MARTIN 5:23.4325:38.15320.72s
 4th408Rick KEHOE 5:47.9545:42.82425.39s
 5th403Andrew PENNINGTON 6:14.5866:12.32554.89s
 6th405Craig ANGER 6:08.6157:23.6662:06.23
 7th407Mike DORIA Flowbikes / Mondraker Bikes Australia6:25.2078:11.1372:53.70

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st508Robert STONE 5:16.4715:17.691-
emoji_events2nd502Tom GILFEDDER 5:32.5135:29.72212.03s
emoji_events3rd505Anthony MITCHELL Mitchell & Co Traditional Butchery Wonthaggi5:43.5445:43.78326.09s
 4th509Douglas POLLOCK 5:46.5065:46.23428.54s
 5th511Joel BATY Moruya Bikes6:58.92105:50.59532.90s
 6th504Andy MURNANE CYCLE WORX AVANTI PLUS5:45.5355:51.65633.96s
 7th503Chris LIGHTFOOT 6:25.5176:16.00758.31s
 8th514Daniel TALIANA 5:18.3226:21.2881:03.59
 9th513Dean CONKEY 6:54.9696:25.8591:08.16
 10th510Shane DUCE 8:25.36117:26.13102:08.44
 11th512Trent JOHNSTON 6:54.0388:26.64113:08.95
 506Greg CLANCY
 507Gavin POLLOCK
 515Anton FOURIE

50-59 men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st603Richard LUMB 6:28.6226:17.431-
emoji_events2nd604Craig KIRKPATRICK 6:26.0516:20.8123.38s
emoji_events3rd602Steven BULLARD Bilt Bikes7:03.6336:30.44313.01s

60+ men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st661Steve COLES 7:00.6517:07.071-



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Tegan MOLLOY Fox / Kona / SRAM / Thredbo MTB5:21.9615:20.061-
emoji_events2nd6Ronja HILL-WRIGHT 5:57.9025:52.76232.70s
emoji_events3rd1Sarah BOOTH avid / Kona Factory / Mavic / RockShox / SRAM5:59.6435:59.23339.17s
 4th4Kellie WEINERT DHaRCO / Mondraker Australia / tight'n'toned fitness6:10.8646:07.04446.98s
 5th3Michelle CRISP Deity / Gamut / Norco / Schwalbe6:15.0456:18.79558.73s
 5Sarah SILVERLOCK 6:41.206DNF

Open women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st901Tash BONNEY 7:27.4517:24.261-

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st703Mackenzie DIVER 7:04.2417:20.481-
emoji_events2nd702Jessica SERGO 8:09.3028:19.21258.73s

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st203Ellie WALE 6:17.161-
emoji_events2nd202Sian A'HERN 7:02.3316:52.71235.55s

50-59 women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st602Coleen BOYES 6:33.0416:25.791-
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