Hell of the West at Newnham Park

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Open men  dialpad Finish spread

115 competitors found

PosBib Name Lap 1 Diff
emoji_events1st75Sam PANTLING 2h28:251-
emoji_events2nd57Luke KENDALL 2h34:2726:02
emoji_events3rd30Steve FERGUSON 2h39:01310:36
 4th33Tim GERMON 2h39:10410:45
 5th91Dan SMITH (mas) 2h44:37516:12
 6th28Ben FARRER 2h48:00619:35
 7th10Tom BLEASE 2h51:21722:56
 8th59Nick KENT 2h52:33824:08
 9th139Lee HAYWARD 2h53:30925:05
 10th69Mark MOSS 2h57:271029:02
 11th130James ALSEPT 2h58:421130:17
 12th134Colin WRIGHT 2h59:491231:24
 13th136Adam WILKINSON 3h00:001331:35
 14th109Martin VEALE 3h00:131431:48
 15th44Steve HODGSON (vet) 3h01:001532:35
 16th101Andy TAYLOR 3h04:141635:49
 17th83Huw RICHARDS 3h04:461736:21
 18th29Phill FERGUSON 3h05:271837:02
 19th11Stacey BRAY 3h05:341937:09
 20th74Allan ORTON 3h05:532037:28
 21st56Ned KELLY 3h05:592137:34
 22nd144Rob COMMONS 3h06:202237:55
 23rd41Matthew HODDINOT 3h07:302339:05
 24th87Lee SAMPSON 3h07:312439:06
 25th132Paddy SCULLION 3h19:112550:46
 26th133John WILLIAMS (vet) 3h20:132651:48
 27th108Marcus VASEY 3h23:252755:00
 28th73Tom NICKSON 3h23:432855:18
 29th143Gary BEES 3h23:452955:20
 30th66Steve MELHUISH 3h23:513055:26
 31st37William HANCOCK 3h25:033156:38
 32nd25Dean DREDGE 3h25:313257:06
 33rd77Andrew PARR 3h26:083357:43
 33rd84Chris ROBERTS (spt) 3h26:083357:43
 35th9Andrew BINGHAM 3h26:243557:59
 36th106Jonathan TRUDGEON 3h27:253659:00
 37th126Nigel WORSEY 3h28:183759:53
 38th80Jon PITMAN 3h28:32381h00:07
 39th47Simon HUMMERSTONE 3h30:14391h01:49
 40th117Darren WHELAN 3h30:30401h02:05
 41st36Tim HALLORAN 3h31:20411h02:55
 42nd32Will FROST 3h31:21421h02:56
 43rd94Steve STATHAM 3h31:41431h03:16
 44th78Matt PARSONS 3h31:57441h03:32
 45th114Simon WATKINS 3h32:38451h04:13
 46th112Steven WALKLIN 3h33:18461h04:53
 47th88Malcolm SCOTT 3h36:42471h08:17
 48th111Andrew VINE 3h36:43481h08:18
 49th38Ben HARRIS 3h36:44491h08:19
 50th39Daniel HARRIS (vet) 3h36:45501h08:20
 51st68Paul MORTIMER 3h36:46511h08:21
 52nd105David TICKNER 3h37:39521h09:14
 53rd46Frank HORNBY 3h43:06531h14:41
 54th99Ian SUTTON (opn) 3h43:13541h14:48
 55th27Anthony EVERSON 3h43:27551h15:02
 56th141Alan BELLEW 3h44:05561h15:40
 57th15Gary CLEMENTS 3h44:26571h16:01
 58th42Jimmy HODDINOTT 3h44:27581h16:02
 59th120Denzil WILLIAMS 3h44:28591h16:03
 60th45Stephen HOLMES 3h45:44601h17:19
 60th127Michael WRIGHT (vet) 3h45:44601h17:19
 62nd71Stephen MYHILL 3h45:45621h17:20
 63rd5Neil AYRES 3h46:50631h18:25
 64th96Andrew SWEET 3h47:09641h18:44
 65th23Richard DAVID 3h48:40651h20:15
 66th89Ray SHERIDAN 3h50:24661h21:59
 67th53Christopher JUCKES 3h51:19671h22:54
 68th86Mark ROCKETT 3h51:20681h22:55
 69th103Luke TEMPLE-SMITH 3h53:39691h25:14
 70th17Jamie CLOWES 3h54:38701h26:13
 71st115Dave WEST 3h55:19711h26:54
 72nd58Trystan KENDALL 3h57:18721h28:53
 72nd129Duncan BALDIE 3h57:18721h28:53
 74th64Richard LOWERSON 3h59:06741h30:41
 75th135Kelvin EDWARDS 3h59:37751h31:12
 76th6Marc BAKER 4h00:29761h32:04
 76th63Calvin LEACH 4h00:29761h32:04
 78th107Neil TURNER 4h01:08781h32:43
 79th54Greg KAMINSKI 4h01:09791h32:44
 80th60Martin KEW 4h07:45801h39:20
 81st140Matt KELLEY 4h07:46811h39:21
 82nd118David WHITAKER 4h07:47821h39:22
 83rd128Rich TOZE 4h08:07831h39:42
 84th95Mike STEPHENS 4h08:10841h39:45
 85th85Matt ROBINSON (vet) 4h08:23851h39:58
 86th138Robert VIRGO 4h09:34861h41:09
 87th65Ally MACPHERSON 4h10:33871h42:08
 88th43Will HODDINOTT 4h12:14881h43:49
 89th7David BARR 4h19:49891h51:24
 90th52Mark JONES (mas) 4h20:14901h51:49
 91st12Matthew BUELL 4h20:27911h52:02
 92nd61Jez KNAPMAN 4h21:04921h52:39
 93rd137Adam FOREST 4h25:55931h57:30
 94th40Jeremy HAYDEN 4h27:22941h58:57
 94th142Jack FOREST 4h27:22941h58:57
 96th48Carl HUTCHINS 4h29:42962h01:17
 97th35Mark GREGORY 4h30:01972h01:36
 98th104Jim THURKETTLE 4h32:42982h04:17
 99th62Stephen LANG 4h33:05992h04:40
 100th67Russel MORAN 4h36:271002h08:02
 101st19Andy COLLYER 4h36:281012h08:03
 102nd72Adam NEVISKY 4h37:481022h09:23
 103rd51Dave JONES (mas) 4h44:491032h16:24
 104th49Robin JACOB 4h47:161042h18:51
 105th97Malcolm STREET 4h47:391052h19:14
 106th76Terry PARKES 5h01:061062h32:41
 106th113Dan WARD 5h01:061062h32:41
 108th116David WESTELL 5h05:001082h36:35
 109th20Thomas CREDLAND 5h42:001093h13:35
 109th22Tom DALZELL 5h42:001093h13:35
 109th122Rob WILSON 5h42:001093h13:35
 109th124Ade WOON 5h42:001093h13:35
 113rd100Matthew SWAIN 6h10:211133h41:56



Open women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Lap 1 Diff
emoji_events1st50Amy JONES 3h13:141-
emoji_events2nd79Kerry PAUL 3h44:32231:18
emoji_events3rd82Vicky PROUSE 4h01:29348:15
 4th123Millie WILSON 4h27:5041h14:36
 5th70Sarah MYFORD 4h33:4851h20:34
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Ghost FR AMR
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