2014 Midlands XC round 1 - XCE at Ringwood

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The original results are available at https://midlandsxc.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/2014-mxc-1-xce-results.pdf

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Gender Both

U13 boys

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsCategoryCategory positionFinish
bookmark1-Ben ASKEY 461899Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportUnder 13's1

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsCategoryCategory positionFinish
bookmark1-William GASCOYNE 723881Specialized Concept Store NottinghamYouth1st1
bookmark2-Harry YATES 718703Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportYouth2nd2
bookmark3-Ben TURNER (jun) 704913Dinnington RCYouth3rd3
 4-Harry SHEPHERD 956182Lyme RCYouth4th4
 5-Harry LEWIS 894364Sherwood Pines Cycles / SRAM RTYouth5th5
 6-Solomon KERFOOT-ROBSON 459441Marsh Tracks RTJuvenille1st6
 7-Lewis ASKEY 708444Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportJuvenille2nd7
 8-Timothy ELSMORE-MARTIN 719348Sherwood Pines Cycles / SRAM RTJuvenille3rd8
 9-Tom DUSSEK 471337Nottingham Clarion CCJuvenille4th9
 10-Archie LEWIS 975453Sherwood Pines Cycles / SRAM RTJuvenille5th10
 11-Alan AVERY 920090Nottingham Clarion CCYouth6th11
 12-Harvey ROLLASON 841495Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportJuvenille6th12
 13-Marcus HOLMES 832311Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportJuvenille7th13
 14-James SWADLING 718272Nottingham Clarion CCJuvenille8th14
 15-Finn MANSFIELD 886917Nottingham Clarion CCJuvenille9th15
 16-Peter AVERY 881035Nottingham Clarion CCJuvenille10th16
 17-Jack MANSFIELD 886916Nottingham Clarion CCYouth7th17

17+ men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsCategoryCategory positionFinish
bookmark1-Jack HUMPHREYS 443460Wheelbase Altura MGDExpert1st1
bookmark2-Mike MOORE (exp) 8241469Bar / Paleo RacingExpert2nd2
bookmark3-Dave SAUNDERS 467504The TrailheadSport1st3
 4-Paul ASKEY 413835Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportVeteran1st4
 5-Ross MARRIOTT 889746HAIBIKE / Impsport / Naked Bikes RTJunior1st5
 6-Paul ROLLASON 841488Lichfield CCC / Zipvit SportVeteran2nd6
 7-Andy ROBSON RLS CCSport2nd7
 8-Michael KERCEL 897762Planet X RTSport3rd8
 9-David NICHOLSON (mas) 869949Bolsover & District Cycling ClubSport4th9
 10-Nathan PEEL 919317Loughborough Students CCSport5th10
 11-Neil MANSFIELD 715664Nottingham Clarion CCVeteran3rd11
 12-Tom CLEVERLY 712501University of Birmingham CCSport6th12
 13-David BETTRIDGE 989071Derby Mercury RCVeteran4th13
 14-Peter TURNER 704162Derby Mercury RCGrand Vet1st14
 15-John LORD 440143Bigfoot MBCVeteran5th15
 16-David ALVEY Sport7th16
 17-Lee WESTWOOD 715765Torq PerformanceEliteDNF17
 18-Gregg BOOKER 720753Paul Bethell Electrical / Team EliteJuniorDNF18



U10 girls

1 competitor found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsCategoryCategory positionFinish
bookmark1-Rosie MANSFIELD 887068Nottingham Clarion CCUnder 10's1

U13 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsCategoryCategory positionFinish
bookmark1-Lotta MANSFIELD 886918Nottingham Clarion CCUnder 13's1
bookmark2-Daisy ROLLASON 841491Lichfield CCC / ZipvitUnder 13's2
bookmark3-Lucy BUCKLEY Under 13's3

Women  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameLicenceSponsorsCategoryCategory positionFinish
bookmark1-Molly WILLIAMS 922587Wxc World RacingJunior1st1
bookmark2-Diane LEE 468898Mule Bar Girl - Sigma SportExpert1st2
bookmark3-Isabelle BOON 466458Derby Mercury RCYouth1st3
 4-Elena SMITH 836972Matlock CCJuvenille1st4
 5-Nicola HARTLE 717372PH Mas CyclingVeteran1st5
 6-Alison HOLMES 719933Go Run & RideVeteran2nd6
 7-Madeline SMITH 929006Bolsover & District Cycling ClubVeteran3rd7
 8-Caroline MANSFIELD 881080Nottingham Clarion CCVeteran4th8
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