Australian National Champs '16 at Bright, VIC

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

54 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Troy BROSNAN 3:45.461-
emoji_events2nd2Connor FEARON 3:47.1421.68s
emoji_events3rd19Joshua BUTTON 3:51.5936.13s
 4th3Dean LUCAS 3:52.0546.59s
 5th22Oliver ZWAR 3:56.92511.46s
 6th5Mick HANNAH 3:57.46612.00s
 7th4Andrew CRIMMINS 3:58.50713.04s
 8th8Jordan PROCHYRA 3:59.48814.02s
 9th21Aiden VARLEY 4:00.07914.61s
 10th7Sam HILL (elt) 4:01.791016.33s
 11th25Ben CORY 4:02.501117.04s
 12th10Joel WILLIS 4:03.351217.89s
 13th15Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) 4:03.811318.35s
 14th6Graeme MUDD 4:04.641419.18s
 15th11Liam PANOZZO 4:05.151519.69s
 16th27Cameron ALLONBY 4:06.581621.12s
 17th30Angus MADDERN 4:07.571722.11s
 18th9David MCMILLAN 4:07.791822.33s
 19th42Rick BOYER 4:08.511923.05s
 20th28Brent SMITH 4:08.572023.11s
 21st24Tim EATON 4:09.122123.66s
 22nd48Luke ELLISON 4:09.232223.77s
 23rd40Shannon HEWETSON 4:09.462324.00s
 24th12Carl PICKERSGILL 4:10.392424.93s
 25th45Will RISCHBIETH 4:10.602525.14s
 26th13Benjamin DENGATE 4:11.212625.75s
 27th16Jake NEWELL 4:12.242726.78s
 28th26Richard KREUZER 4:15.922830.46s
 29th31Sam FRASER 4:16.862931.40s
 30th33Jesse BEARE 4:17.443031.98s
 31st29Callum MORRISON 4:17.643132.18s
 32nd23Ben POWER 4:17.813232.35s
 33rd17Matthew MCCORKELL 4:19.113333.65s
 34th20Jacob REEVES 4:22.553437.09s
 35th53Sam HOCKEN 4:25.663540.20s
 36th36Alex JAEGER 4:27.793642.33s
 37th35Elliot RIED 4:32.373746.91s
 38th32Daniel BENDER 4:33.453847.99s
 39th49Conor CLANCY 4:38.893953.43s
 40th38Bill CARRUTHERS 4:39.514054.05s
 41st54Matthew DODD 4:43.314157.85s
 42nd44Joel BARRINGTON 4:44.594259.13s
 43rd55Tylah BREESE 4:45.324359.86s
 44th34Ashlee GOLDING 4:46.85441:01.39
 45th43Benjamin HALSALL 4:49.06451:03.60
 46th52Ngari JENKINS 4:49.81461:04.35
 47th37Pat KLEIN 4:53.96471:08.50
 48th50Terence HALL 4:54.93481:09.47
 49th56Samuel O'SHEA 5:06.34491:20.88
 50th18Jackson DAVIS 5:08.99501:23.53
 51st39Angus JACKSON 5:38.88511:53.42
 52nd41Isaak WILSHER 6:08.23522:22.77

B Grade men  dialpad Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st316Ben BLOOMFIELD 4:47.191-
emoji_events2nd302Angus MACAULAY 4:48.6221.43s
emoji_events3rd308Tom ANDERSON 4:54.5337.34s
 4th305Mathias BUTCHER 4:57.0249.83s
 5th311Elliot WEBB 4:57.87510.68s
 6th318Adam DAVIS 5:00.02612.83s
 7th303Sean FRITH 5:00.64713.45s
 8th307James MOUSTAFA 5:07.15819.96s
 9th309Christopher RICHARDS 5:13.35926.16s
 10th317Travis DAWKINS 5:14.251027.06s
 11th315Lachlan TACTOR 5:16.721129.53s
 12th304Tim FORSYTHE 5:19.821232.63s
 13th312Christopher MACLURCAN 5:25.101337.91s
 313Joshua TOBIN DNS

U13 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st781Jackson CONNELLY 5:24.301-
emoji_events2nd783Wil STOCKTON 7:01.4721:37.17
emoji_events3rd784Beau JOHNSON 7:51.2632:26.96
 4th782Angus FALCONER 9:02.4543:38.15

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st752Troy WEINERT 5:00.751-
emoji_events2nd757Cody MAN 5:12.59211.84s
emoji_events3rd759Jayden SMITH 5:15.19314.44s
 4th753Matthew EMPEY 5:24.29423.54s
 5th755Jake LOVEDAY 5:38.78538.03s
 6th758Finnigan ROSSER 5:44.84644.09s
 7th754Kaia ELLIS 5:59.92759.17s
 8th761Max WOOD 6:00.8781:00.12
 9th762Fergus DRENDEL 6:13.0791:12.32
 10th760Zac BARNHILL 6:13.62101:12.87
 756Charlie JONES DNS

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

43 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st701Patrick BUTLER 4:08.671-
emoji_events2nd703Kye A'HERN 4:17.3028.63s
emoji_events3rd702Matthew DINHAM 4:30.22321.55s
 4th724Yuliang SEOW 4:30.87422.20s
 5th716Zachary INGRAM 4:31.64522.97s
 6th709Jay COTTRELL 4:33.10624.43s
 7th729Declan O'CONNOR 4:33.95725.28s
 8th713Bryce HEATHCOTE 4:34.45825.78s
 9th708Niki BARBER 4:34.57925.90s
 10th704Zack HUTCHISON 4:35.601026.93s
 11th733Roly KYME 4:40.791132.12s
 12th705Harry ALFORD 4:42.321233.65s
 13th720Tom HANSEN 4:42.911334.24s
 14th735Luke BRADY 4:45.421436.75s
 15th718Louis TANCREDI 4:48.351539.68s
 16th740Harrison WRIGHT 4:49.501640.83s
 17th712Jay SUTHERLAND 4:50.261741.59s
 18th719Christopher PALSER 4:50.291841.62s
 19th710Caleb REES 4:50.871942.20s
 20th707Oskar WHITE 4:52.182043.51s
 21st737Haiden DE WIT 4:52.482143.81s
 22nd734Matt CARTER 4:55.152246.48s
 23rd717Cooper DOWNEY 4:56.152347.48s
 24th742Jack ROWLEY 4:56.762448.09s
 25th736Sam WALSH 5:01.942553.27s
 26th715Pacey STOCKTON 5:02.122653.45s
 27th727Cadel ADAMS 5:02.822754.15s
 28th706Ethan CORNEY 5:08.392859.72s
 29th730Logan WAKELING 5:14.87291:06.20
 30th732Jaxon SAWYER 5:18.35301:09.68
 31st723Tarky WALL 5:22.13311:13.46
 32nd728Jack O'CONNOR 5:24.02321:15.35
 33rd731Jack DREVER 5:25.37331:16.70
 34th744Harrison WARD 5:27.40341:18.73
 35th725Greg STANLEY 5:31.39351:22.72
 36th738Jake HORN 5:35.35361:26.68
 37th721Luke INGEMAN 5:38.45371:29.78
 38th726Riley WESTRA 5:39.23381:30.56
 39th711Nathan CUBIT 5:54.46391:45.79
 40th722Ross NEL 6:05.53401:56.86
 41st741Noah CORNELIUS 6:17.10412:08.43
 42nd743Campbell BYRNE 6:55.72422:47.05

C Grade men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st806James CLIMAS 5:45.321-
emoji_events2nd803Michael COOK 5:53.2727.95s
emoji_events3rd805Jerome STAELENS 5:54.7039.38s
 4th802Terence ROSS 6:11.67426.35s

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

41 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st239Joshua CLARK 3:59.591-
emoji_events2nd202Jackson FREW 4:02.3022.71s
emoji_events3rd203Remy MORTON 4:02.5732.98s
 4th208Harry BUSH 4:05.9146.32s
 5th205Baxter MAIWALD 4:06.4556.86s
 6th207Benjamin ZWAR KVIST 4:10.99611.40s
 7th211Darcy COUTTS 4:13.28713.69s
 8th209Jackson WHITE 4:17.83818.24s
 9th210Matt ELLISON 4:18.16918.57s
 10th218Aaron LEAGAS 4:18.671019.08s
 11th206Harry PARSONS 4:20.321120.73s
 12th213Lachlan GIBSON 4:20.611221.02s
 13th225Nicholas TANCREDI 4:21.301321.71s
 14th233Jake MARSHALL 4:25.901426.31s
 15th204Duke MILLINGTON 4:26.951527.36s
 16th240Oakley MARTIN 4:29.721630.13s
 17th242Ellis HAYES-HILLS 4:39.611740.02s
 18th217Luke BUTCHER 4:42.591843.00s
 19th238Matt KELLY (u19) 4:43.811944.22s
 20th223Lleyton LOTHIAN 4:44.422044.83s
 21st220Jacob SCHELLEN 4:45.752146.16s
 22nd234Liam JEFFRIES 4:46.642247.05s
 23rd230Samuel BUCHANAN 4:47.892348.30s
 24th235Oliver NICHOLAS 4:54.132454.54s
 25th231Jordon BYRNE 4:57.722558.13s
 26th221Paul STANDISH 4:57.882658.29s
 27th227Nathan SIVEC 4:57.892758.30s
 28th216Cameron CUBIT 5:01.70281:02.11
 29th226Liam PICKERING 5:10.55291:10.96
 30th224Mason GOLDSWORTHY 5:14.93301:15.34
 31st237Joel TANCREDI 5:18.58311:18.99
 32nd229Lucas EVE 5:21.97321:22.38
 33rd214Jacob MOSSNER 5:24.17331:24.58
 34th241Addison FLETT 5:24.38341:24.79
 35th232Louis O'DONNELL 5:24.52351:24.93
 36th228Ben SILKSTONE 5:25.05361:25.46
 37th222Cameron WALE 5:27.13371:27.54
 38th236Luke VIVONA 6:21.14382:21.55
 39th215Jeremy ARMSTRONG 9:50.33395:50.74
 219Loic FERRY DNS

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st414Chris MARTIN 4:32.131-
emoji_events2nd408Miikael KINNUNEN 4:34.9922.86s
emoji_events3rd416Matt SWANN 4:39.0836.95s
 4th405John SIMPSON 4:40.1748.04s
 5th407Kose MICHIELSEN 4:50.38518.25s
 6th410Nick SWAYN 4:50.92618.79s
 7th404Conor SIMPSON 4:52.51720.38s
 8th411Shannon RADEMAKER 4:53.18821.05s
 9th402David SHARP 5:01.62929.49s
 10th406Shane ROSHER 5:06.941034.81s
 11th415Reece CARTER 5:08.951136.82s
 12th403Ben ANDERSON 5:11.501239.37s
 13th413Armando FLOREZ 5:11.961339.83s
 14th418Brett BARRETT 5:33.24141:01.11
 15th409Joshua CLAUSS 5:33.32151:01.19
 16th412Michael SLOMAN 5:39.59161:07.46

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st506Paul ROWNEY 4:33.311-
emoji_events2nd508Adrian WALSH 4:42.8029.49s
emoji_events3rd505Robert STONE 4:45.94312.63s
 4th509Paul WILKINSON 4:46.29412.98s
 5th512Ben WATKINS 4:49.72516.41s
 6th504Adrian SCHELLEN 4:51.96618.65s
 7th503Paul WALTON 4:52.01718.70s
 8th516Matt WISE 4:55.24821.93s
 9th513Dean DAVIES 4:58.19924.88s
 10th515Peter ELLIS 5:07.621034.31s
 11th507Justin ROMANOWICZ 5:19.291145.98s
 12th502Tom GILFEDDER 5:23.791250.48s
 13th517Joff MEDDER 5:27.771354.46s
 14th518Andrew BYRNE 5:35.31141:02.00
 15th519Greg CLANCY 5:38.94151:05.63
 16th511Scott MICHIE 5:50.01161:16.70
 17th510Rob EVANS 6:04.16171:30.85
 18th514Graham GODDARD 6:52.63182:19.32

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st607Lucas MCDONALD 5:18.491-
emoji_events2nd606Mark OPIE 5:26.0327.54s
emoji_events3rd604David EMPEY 5:43.98325.49s
 4th603Peter INGRAM 6:05.91447.42s
 5th605Christopher SUMNER 6:10.33551.84s
 6th602Steve COLES 6:34.8061:16.31



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Tracey HANNAH 4:39.121-
emoji_events2nd10Lisa MATHISON 4:55.94216.82s
emoji_events3rd7Danielle BEECROFT 5:15.87336.75s
 4th2Kellie WEINERT 5:15.91436.79s
 5th6Shelly FLOOD 5:30.42551.30s
 6th4Sarah BOOTH 5:30.97651.85s
 7th8Victoria ARMSTRONG 5:31.31752.19s
 8th5Ellie WALE 5:51.7281:12.60
 9th3Michelle CRISP 5:53.8991:14.77
 10th11Savannah GLENNIE 5:55.13101:16.01
 11th9Christel DALL'OZZO 5:59.77111:20.65

B Grade women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st302Tash BONNEY 7:54.801-

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st702Ellie SMITH 5:31.571-
emoji_events2nd701Mackenzie DIVER 7:37.9322:06.36

U19 women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st202Sian A'HERN 5:11.391-
emoji_events2nd203Rachel WEINERT 6:12.6521:01.26

Master women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st602Coleen BOYES 5:45.841-
emoji_events2nd603Tracey KNIGHT 6:25.47239.63s
emoji_events3rd604Philippa ROSTAN 6:59.4531:13.61
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