Australian National Champs '09 at Stromlo, Canberra, ACT

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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

74 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st41Mick HANNAH Bell Helmets / giro eyewear / Mongoose2:45.2412:48.621-
emoji_events2nd11Jared GRAVES Fox Racing Shox / Nema / Oakley / Shimano / Yeti2:48.8422:48.9120.29s
emoji_events3rd1Amiel CAVALIER Giant / Spearman Cycles2:51.7152:53.8235.20s
emoji_events3rd4Ben CORY Commencal / Intense / Manitou / Rockstar Energy2:52.9172:53.8235.20s
 5th68Rick BOYER 2:57.90112:55.4456.82s
 6th70Bryn ATKINSON 2:51.3542:55.7767.15s
 7th15Kaine CANNAN 4Shaw Agencies / Gary Cannan / Mcbain Cycles2:58.17122:55.9477.32s
 8th3Will RISCHBIETH BOS / Giant / Ogio2:52.3462:56.1587.53s
 9th7Joshua BUTTON Fox / mongoose Bikes / RockShox / SRAM2:56.6292:57.1098.48s
 10th74Sam HILL (elt) 2:48.9132:57.73109.11s
 11th10Brad KELLY FSA / gravity / Marzocchi / Specialized2:59.19162:59.261110.64s
 12th6Darcy MURRELL KWT Max / Revolution Mag / Supersports / Tomac Racing2:59.93182:59.521210.90s
 13th69Rhys ATKINSON 2:59.82173:00.311311.69s
 14th9James MALTMAN Chumba / Hyperdome Bike Hub / Plush Rides3:00.64193:00.491411.87s
 15th8Ben BELL Big gay Bob's special tours3:05.81343:01.201512.58s
 16th64Mitchell DELFS Kenda Morewood2:59.16153:01.391612.77s
 17th32Tom PATTON Bike Addiction / Fox / Giant3:03.94293:02.241713.62s
 18th27Dylan PROHM Nicolai Bikes / Rouler Imports / TWE Wheels5:41.36703:02.781814.16s
 19th14Cody EICHHORN Gamut / Ogio / Spearman Cycles3:15.86513:02.811914.19s
 20th12Deon BAKER 3:00.86203:03.402014.78s
 21st38Adrian DAWSON 2:57.39103:03.422114.80s
 22nd28Hayden LESTER Ashgrove Cycles3:01.22213:03.972215.35s
 23rd66Aaron BASHFORD 3:37.10653:04.262315.64s
 24th75Brendan FAIRCLOUGH 2:58.45133:04.502415.88s
 25th21Brock NEWLING FSA / Giant / gravity / iXS2:58.77143:04.512515.89s
 26th19David HETHERINGTON XXIV Factory Racing- go to site3:42.47663:04.632616.01s
 27th40Grant JONES 3:05.41323:05.192716.57s
 28th16Alex SWANN Adidas / E13 / Kona / Maxxis / Shimano / YVC3:05.54333:05.222816.60s
 29th72Harry ARMSTRONG 3:02.56233:05.682917.06s
 30th53Thomas ROSE 3:02.88253:05.723017.10s
 31st5Jarah BREESE Ascend Sports Proteins / Santa Cruz / SCOTT USA3:06.87373:06.423117.80s
 32nd25Adam SMITHSON Fox / GT Bikes3:04.15303:06.723218.10s
 33rd18Liam PAIARO go to site / Santa Cruz3:02.57243:07.333318.71s
 34th2Jared RANDO Team Giant2:53.5783:08.183419.56s
 35th29Miikael KINNUNEN Hi-Way Cycles4:27.75683:08.893520.27s
 36th22Lucas KUNCEWICZ DH Direct3:26.46583:09.453620.83s
 37th35Chris COOMBE CTRS3:06.51363:09.713721.09s
 38th47Christian TUCKER Onyabike Belconnen & Civic3:03.64273:09.803821.18s
 39th60Matt HOLGATE 3:07.35383:10.313921.69s
 40th62Ryan ANDREWS 3:02.97263:10.424021.80s
 41st67Kent HAMILTON 3:09.29433:10.434121.81s
 42nd65Daniel PAINE 3:13.59473:13.124224.50s
 43rd17Richard LEE Intense / Monza Imports / RockShox / SRAM3:01.78223:13.264324.64s
 44th45Isaac HEPPELL All Terrain Cycles / go to site10:00.77723:13.584424.96s
 45th26Ben GOFF Black Ball Syndicate3:08.75423:13.774525.15s
 46th46Shannon RADEMAKER All Terrain Cycles / go to site5:40.14693:13.824625.20s
 47th73Robert ARMSTRONG 3:31.64633:14.184725.56s
 48th43Andrew LAIRD Big gay Bob's special tours3:13.11463:15.114826.49s
 49th44Jason CAPENECAS 3:07.41393:15.324926.70s
 50th39Jacob REEVES pedal power plus3:11.79453:17.595028.97s
 51st20Michael MANNING 3:14.36493:18.105129.48s
 52nd50Murray DICKSON 3:15.52503:18.165229.54s
 53rd61Chris BARLIN 3:27.80603:18.555329.93s
 54th34Ben LYONS go to site3:17.38523:20.355431.73s
 55th36Rowan SAUNDERS 3:24.13573:20.805532.18s
 56th57Lachlan SKINNER 3:13.85483:21.535632.91s
 57th58Tyson JONES 3:35.59643:25.405736.78s
 58th24Berend BOER Edge Cycles3:06.24353:26.685838.06s
 59th52Cameron SHILTON Army CSR / Skin Ski & Surf3:17.64533:29.895941.27s
 60th51Michael HOUGHTON 3:21.93553:50.69601:02.07
 61st63Liam WOOLTORTON 3:30.50623:57.17611:08.55
 62nd30Lachlan MAZZER bikeology3:19.58544:00.92621:12.30
 63rd56Matt VINCENT 3:03.71284:13.28631:24.66
 64th48Nicholas SHIELDS Krank Bikes3:08.26414:36.67641:48.05
 65th33Mitchell MCKINLAY CORC / Crank Brothers / ECI / Manitou / Scott optical7:44.32714:59.40652:10.78
 66th54Ben MORRISON 4:17.98678:05.58665:16.96
 71Doug DUNN 3:07.5340DNF
 55Thomas KERNEY 3:23.8956DNF
 59Jesse BEARE 3:04.4931DNS
 42Michael JOBSON Blackman Bicycles.3:09.5244DNS
 49Matt SWANN Adidas / E13 / Kona / Maxxis / Shimano / YVC3:27.6159DNS
 37Benjamin FAIRBANKS 3:30.1161DNS
 31Clint SELLEN ADF - ArmyDNF
 13Lindsay KLEIN go to site / Santa CruzDNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st301Steven GEBERT C.R.I.M.E. Cycles / goodlife gym3:04.771-
emoji_events2nd303Randal HUNTINGTON 661 / For the Riders / Norco / SRAM3:10.4725.70s
emoji_events3rd304Bryce STIRLING 3:12.8638.09s
 4th302Ryan DE LA RUE Berettas Bike Hub Geelong / Geelong Otway3:13.2048.43s
 5th306Bram DUTTON Krank Bikes3:21.29516.52s
 6th307Tim WINDSHUTTLE SE MTB Co / Tathra Beach & Bike3:26.36621.59s
 7th309Adam UGRINOV 3:39.94735.17s

Hardtail: Junior men  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st953Dylan PRICE 3:26.631-
emoji_events2nd952Sean MOLONEY 3:45.75219.12s

Hardtail: Senior men

1 competitor found

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st741Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) SERAS / Smith & Osborne / The Sacred Ride Jindabyne3:12.991-
emoji_events2nd755Jake BYRNE 3:26.82213.83s
emoji_events3rd763Liam TOWERS 3:28.28315.29s
 4th742Luke ELLISON EDL XcR Junior Developement3:28.70415.71s
 5th765Mitchell KRISTIANSEN 3:29.10516.11s
 6th745Jack MCCOSKER 3:30.96617.97s
 7th747Andrew CRIMMINS Crimmins Construction3:31.11718.12s
 8th743Josef NEUBAUER Mum and Dad3:41.11828.12s
 9th749Kaine TREVOR 3:42.20929.21s
 10th762Joel WILLIS Insane Cycles3:42.411029.42s
 11th744Eugene SMITH oz wide rigging / ron gee enterprises3:42.991130.00s
 12th756Thomas CLARKE 3:52.981239.99s
 13th760Benjamin DENGATE Downhill Direct3:55.201342.21s
 14th761Angus THOMSON 3:56.421443.43s
 15th757Darcy REYNOLDS 3:57.211544.22s
 16th746Robin BISHOP Sunshine Bicycle Works Tewantin Qld4:02.641649.65s
 17th764Jackson FREW 4:02.671749.68s
 18th759Sam COOPER 4:08.511855.52s
 19th767Caleb ANTILL 4:13.75191:00.76
 20th751Roan DUNSTONE 4:21.10201:08.11
 21st768Jackson STREETER 4:34.48211:21.49
 22nd766Dylan NICHOLLS 4:42.57221:29.58
 23rd754Ewan DAVIDSON 4:49.22231:36.23
 24th750Hamish MACLACHLAN-LESTER pimp juice5:10.51241:57.52
 25th753Trent ELLISON EDL XcR Junior Developement5:13.70252:00.71
 752Jacob PARKER Three ChilliesDNF
 748David MAGGS Artarmon Bikes / Freeline JerseysDNS
 758Brendan MILLIKEN DNS

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

49 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st502Connor FEARON Cove / JT Cycles / Sombrio3:00.201-
emoji_events2nd510David MCMILLAN Anxious Mothers / Downhill Direct / Persist3:00.3320.13s
emoji_events3rd501Troy BROSNAN Adidas / Fox / Mongoose / SRAM / Trak cycles3:00.4030.20s
 4th506Grant WOMERSLEY Clicked Media / Mum and Dad3:02.6442.44s
 5th508Phillip PIAZZA Commencal / Mal-adjusted Bicycles / TLD3:04.2254.02s
 6th503Brandon YRTTIAHO 3:06.3966.19s
 7th532Jake NEWELL 3:07.6677.46s
 8th507James CARTER Altitude Monza3:08.4988.29s
 9th538Liam DALEY Winning Edge Cycles3:09.6999.49s
 10th526Drew STIPANICEV 3:11.661011.46s
 11th534James SEATON bike superstore3:12.921112.72s
 12th509Ben POWER BrisbaneBoutiqueBikes3:13.251213.05s
 13th504James GREEN (u19) Anxious Mothers / Downhill Direct / Imperial3:16.541316.34s
 14th533Ben MATTHEWS 3:17.111416.91s
 15th539Tom SHORT 3:20.121519.92s
 16th505Henry BLAKE Mitcham Cycles3:21.371621.17s
 17th517Max HUGHES Downhill Direct3:21.561721.36s
 18th531Conor BULLARD Mum and Dad3:22.201822.00s
 19th521Michael DARGAN 2Stage Bikes / Country Energy / SERAS3:22.661922.46s
 20th511Brock HARRISON The Sacred Ride Jindabyne3:22.822022.62s
 21st515Nelson KREILIS 3:23.402123.20s
 22nd547Dean EVANS 3:23.452223.25s
 23rd519Keiran DIXON 3:23.532323.33s
 24th514Graeme MUDD Avent Cycles / Intense Tyre Systems3:23.892423.69s
 25th543Kris ZIDS 3:24.752524.55s
 26th542Jeremy JOHNSTON 3:25.462625.26s
 27th516Sam FRASER 3:25.742725.54s
 28th528Mac WEST-MOORE 3:27.562827.36s
 29th541Daniel BENDER 3:29.872929.67s
 30th548Nicholas BOHLE 3:30.443030.24s
 31st522Ben LESLIE DRIFT bikes3:32.723132.52s
 32nd535Kieran THOMPSON The Bike Shed Mortdale3:35.233235.03s
 33rd513Flinders JOHNSTON 3:35.413335.21s
 34th525Jasper HARKNESS DUNNE Supreme Cycles3:36.673436.47s
 35th524Dylan KING 3:36.973536.77s
 36th540Lyndon NUGENT 3:38.823638.62s
 37th544Scott WEBER 3:43.673743.47s
 38th527Adam FLOWER 3:48.363848.16s
 39th546Lawrence JACOBSEN 3:51.773951.57s
 40th523Josh MITCHELL Wheel King3:54.714054.51s
 41st520Alexander MCKINLAY 4:03.14411:02.94
 42nd518Mathew DWYER 4:13.44421:13.24
 43rd551Sam GREEN 4:15.45431:15.25
 44th529David WILKES 4:24.25441:24.05
 45th537Tom PHILLIPS 4:43.68451:43.48
 46th536Ethan DJORDJEV 5:07.45462:07.25
 47th545Joey VEJVODA 6:19.44473:19.24

Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st803Luke REED 3:36.291-
emoji_events2nd802Justin ROMANOWICZ 3:39.9423.65s
emoji_events3rd861Chris EVANS 3:57.99321.70s
 4th806Alexandre VOGEL-ROBERT 4:01.17424.88s
 5th805Shannon TASEFF big dolls4:29.75553.46s
 6th804James EGAN 9:04.1665:27.87
 860Brendan MILLIGAN DNF

Master men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st610Tony CARSON 3:14.841-
emoji_events2nd605Shane DOBSON Dobcon industeries / Joondalup cycle city3:15.9421.10s
emoji_events3rd609Brett MINION 3:18.9134.07s
 4th606Shayne HADLEY 3:20.5945.75s
 5th611Darren WILLIS Insane Cycles3:21.7756.93s
 6th603Steven BULLARD 3:23.3768.53s
 7th613Paul KING Blackman Bicycles3:26.57711.73s
 8th612Mark O'DONOHUE 3:32.37817.53s
 9th602Dean BYRNE 3:34.80919.96s
 10th607Dug BLACK Fossil Fueled Productions3:49.341034.50s
 11th601Paul NEVE Three Chillies3:57.711142.87s
 12th614Brett THOMPSON 4:15.44121:00.60

Veteran men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st403Karl PEEL 3:03.771-
emoji_events2nd410Daniel CHERMAK Autolab / Bike Addiction / Manly3:12.4028.63s
emoji_events3rd414Daniel TALIANA 3:17.15313.38s
 4th404Nigel DOBSON Mitchell and Brown3:27.69423.92s
 5th411Glenn FAIRWEATHER 3:29.37525.60s
 6th408John PETERSEN Borsari Cycles3:31.26627.49s
 7th406Devin SANDO 3:31.97728.20s
 8th409David GRUPE Jet Black Products3:43.68839.91s
 9th401Jason STALKER Bling Industries / Treadlies Bike Shop3:58.83955.06s
 10th413David MATTISON 4:09.71101:05.94
 11th412Dylan SALAMON 5:44.70112:40.93

Super Master men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st663Geoff LOVIE 3:24.141-
emoji_events2nd661Tony HUNTER 3:25.5821.44s
emoji_events3rd662Martin GRIFFITH SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLIES4:10.99346.85s
 4th664Kim WHEALEY 4:20.27456.13s

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st203Rhys WILLEMSE KWT Max / Revolution Mag / Supersports / Tomac Racing2:54.5622:55.151-
emoji_events2nd202William GOWER Altitude Monza / Team Gower Racing3:00.1642:58.4423.29s
emoji_events3rd201Tamryn MURRELL KWT Max / Revolution Mag / Supersports / Tomac Racing3:13.82192:59.7734.62s
 4th207Hans HADLEY Carine cycles3:27.60353:06.12410.97s
 5th234Shaun O'CONNOR 2:51.5913:06.36511.21s
 6th204Antony MOORE Fitness Plus / Pinned racing / venture cycles2:59.6633:06.37611.22s
 7th206Aden WYBER Berettas Bike Hub Geelong / Geelong Otway3:31.44363:06.89711.74s
 8th281Ben NYLEN 3:23.23293:07.32812.17s
 9th205Ben BARRETT Adidas / Kona / Maxxis / Pedros / Shimano3:08.5773:07.85912.70s
 10th284James SHEPHERD 3:15.96253:08.171013.02s
 11th227Phillip BELLINGHAM Kona3:09.5493:09.541114.39s
 12th235Michael BOURNE Kona3:06.5963:09.761214.61s
 13th240Blake NIELSEN 3:12.31123:11.191316.04s
 14th213Daniel LAVIS Allfab Constructions / Iron Horse Bikes3:15.70243:11.561416.41s
 15th211Jesse WENT Mal-adjusted Bicycles3:01.6053:12.131516.98s
 16th216Aaron OATES Cyclingo3:12.59143:12.421617.27s
 17th209Tommy ROWE Aldgate Bike Shop3:13.43173:13.491718.34s
 18th282Kirby WATTS 3:13.52183:13.841818.69s
 19th283Taylor YOUNG 3:27.48343:13.971918.82s
 20th212Ryan HUNT Banshee / Gamut / Kenda / ODI / SDG / sun ringle3:12.45133:14.182019.03s
 21st214Keiran VOLK E.W.R.T.3:11.58103:14.582119.43s
 22nd232Mark CONLIFFE HORSNBY / KURINGIA CYCLES3:15.38223:14.832219.68s
 23rd228Max LOBIGS 3:14.32203:15.122319.97s
 24th286Lewis WINTON 3:12.73153:16.292421.14s
 25th290Oscar LAPSTUN 3:24.66323:16.792521.64s
 26th221Jack MIDDLEMASS 3:18.48263:17.642622.49s
 27th219Kim BISHOP Sunshine Bicycle Works Tewantin Qld3:11.69113:18.632723.48s
 28th285Brett SLATER 3:15.39233:19.732824.58s
 29th215Josh JOHNSTON Cyclingo3:14.79213:19.742924.59s
 30th208Marcus FAIRBANKS 3:08.8583:19.973024.82s
 31st231Lachlan SAUNDERS 3:24.83333:22.203127.05s
 32nd220Oli LE LIEVRE 3:23.32303:22.853227.70s
 33rd218Bobby DAVIES 3:21.11283:25.903330.75s
 34th236Samuel DOLLING 3:24.12313:27.273432.12s
 35th238Elvis ALLAMBY 3:32.91373:27.283532.13s
 36th287Anthony GHOBRIL 3:12.98163:32.853637.70s
 37th233Benjamin TREBLE Mum and Dad3:34.27383:33.503738.35s
 38th237Andrew WHEALEY 3:38.80403:38.373843.22s
 39th229Sean FITZPATRICK 3:40.73413:39.863944.71s
 40th289Peter LARSEN 3:55.75443:42.234047.08s
 41st210Selby PRESS Cyclingo3:20.662713:42.624110:47.47
 226Cameron SWAIN 3:37.6839DNS
 225Zac GREEN Mum and Dad3:46.6042DNS
 223Justin MESSENGER Mum and Dad3:48.3443DNS



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st8Emmeline RAGOT Suspension Center3:10.2513:15.591-
emoji_events2nd9Julia BOER Fox / Intense / Onya Bike Tuggeragong3:25.4223:27.89212.30s
emoji_events3rd2Claire WHITEMAN Onyabike Belconnen & Civic3:31.6333:29.53313.94s
 4th5Leigh DOUGLAS 4Shaw Agencies / The Train / Treadlies Bike Shop3:34.5343:32.30416.71s
 5th3Cara SMITH Onyabike Belconnen & Civic3:36.2553:34.87519.28s
 6th7Sarah BOOTH C.R.I.M.E. Cycles Mace RAAF3:54.6773:50.69635.10s
 7th1Sarsha HUNTINGTON 661 / For the Riders / Norco / SRAMDNS3:51.86736.27s
 8th4Joanne FOX Cell Bikes / Jet Black Products / go to site3:53.8163:54.63839.04s
 9th10Shannon CHUGG 4:20.5894:05.92950.33s
 10th6Emma LEWIS 3:57.9386:13.17102:57.58

U15 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st741Danielle BEECROFT AUSSIE FREESTYERS4:11.691-
emoji_events2nd742Harriet BURBIDGE-SMITH Bike Culture / Trek4:18.9227.23s
emoji_events3rd743Tegan MOLLOY SE MTB Company4:20.2538.56s

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st501Alice MINAHAN 3:38.631-
emoji_events2nd502Emily HOCKEY Cove / JT Cycles / Sombrio3:55.23216.60s
emoji_events3rd503Katelyn HUMPHRIS Yarra Valley Cycles4:06.00327.37s
 4th504Bec KIRSS go to site4:06.97428.34s
 5th505Jasmin ROSA 4:26.35547.72s
 6th507Danielle ACUNZO 4:46.0061:07.37
 7th506Christie BATT 5:04.4271:25.79

Senior women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st801Petra TESAROVA 5:21.281-

Master women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st601Jillian BRADY 5:39.671-

17-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st201Holly BAARSPUL Neve Contracting / Three Chillies Trail Design3:48.2913:47.191-
emoji_events2nd209Tash BONNEY 4:57.6924:47.6821:00.49
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