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Gender Both

Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st4ZKJon BUCKELL INCYCLE4:16.21-
emoji_events2nd741ZKLeland TURNER 4:29.2213.0s
emoji_events3rd742ZKMatthew ERBENTRAUT Marin Bikes4:29.6313.4s
 4th829ZKCody JOHNSON (pro) Dad4:31.1414.9s
 5th416ZKZak RUSTIGIAN Lapierre / TheBikeCo.4:31.5515.3s
 6th67ZKJames LUCCHESI Kona4:33.4617.2s
 7th31ZKChad HUBBARD (40+) Intense / OneBike / ScorpianBikeStands4:39.8723.6s
 8th803ZKOndrej BERECKEI 4:47.7831.5s
 9th22ZKMike DIORIO Intense / OneBike / Scorpian Bike Stands5:00.6944.4s
 10th2ZKJerome LACOTE Commencal5:10.01053.8s
 11th168ZKIan ODOM Big Bear Bikes15:14.71110:58.5

Expert: 0-34 men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st800ZMScott BURTNESS 4:35.91-
emoji_events2nd151ZMJordan STEYER RELAMPAGO RACING / The Path Bike Shop4:47.3211.4s
emoji_events3rd653ZMKyle JOSEPHSON Daily Cycles4:47.5311.6s
 4th191ZMJake MARR 4:48.2412.3s
 5th159ZMNicolas PATRICIO The Path Bike Shop4:48.5512.6s
 6th227ZMDaniel GENDRON 4:50.4614.5s
 7th303ZMMatthew MORRISON (u40) One Industries4:56.7720.8s
 8th712ZMSébastien O'NEILL 4:57.7821.8s
 9th154ZMHank EVANS THE PATH4:59.0923.1s
 10th202ZMGavin KIRBY CYCLEOGICAL5:03.01027.1s
 11th28ZMJoseph WARREN Inland Sports Photography5:11.51135.6s
 12th704ZMRoss HARVEY Bike Religon5:14.51238.6s
 13th91ZMNathan HICKEY PAP5:18.01342.1s
 14th740ZMBogdan-Daniel BONDOR 5:25.11449.2s
 15th442ZMDanny MOLLINEDA Rocky Mountain Cycles / THE PATH5:26.61550.7s
 16th14ZMVahe AIVAZIAN ° Orion5:26.71650.8s
 17th765ZMSteven NADASKAI The Path Pike Shop5:30.21754.3s
 18th186ZMIan MORTON Kenda Tires / The Path Bike Shop5:38.4181:02.5
 19th231ZMBill MOL Cycleogical Bike Shop5:47.7191:11.8
 20th753ZMPeter-John WEGRYNOWSKI Bike Zone Racing6:04.0201:28.1

° Rider racing out of category

Expert: 35+ men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st788ZNMichael BORJA Jinkee Racing4:53.61-
emoji_events2nd184ZNStuart BURTON Universal Cycles Studio City4:55.822.2s
emoji_events3rd237ZNRobert LEFTWICH Az Home Therapy4:56.733.1s
 4th170ZNEd DACOSTA 5:03.349.7s
 5th714ZNStephane SIMMND 5:03.559.9s
 6th786ZNBob VIGIL The Squeky Wheel Bike Shop5:04.1610.5s
 6th329ZNMike SNODGRASS 5:04.1610.5s
 8th357ZNBrian HUNOT 5:05.8812.2s
 9th775ZNDan WILLIAMS 5:18.8925.2s
 10th150ZNKevin WESTON Kenda / Koobi5:19.11025.5s
 11th158ZNJason SIMPSON INCYCLE5:24.11130.5s

Sport: 0-34 men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st789ZPSean SMALL 5:06.61-
emoji_events2nd162ZPDavid SANDERSON The Path Bike Shop5:08.822.2s
emoji_events3rd221ZPCameron ADCOX Covina Valley Cyclery5:09.933.3s
 4th173ZPTurner CONWAY FULLERTON BIKES5:11.845.2s
 5th9ZPDerek DONALDSON La Habra Cyclery5:13.156.5s
 6th739ZPAlkos ISTVALNOI KK5:14.367.7s
 7th776ZPNick THORPE Cyclelogical / live nonchalant5:15.578.9s
 8th781ZPSpencer BURNS he Squeaky Wheel5:19.9813.3s
 9th527ZPThomas SEAMAN 5:25.8919.2s
 10th844ZPSean MCCANN 5:26.51019.9s
 11th230ZPLance HANSON 5:34.41127.8s
 12th291ZPChase HALE 5:39.41232.8s
 13th29ZPGreg GREENWELL INCYCLE5:41.81335.2s
 14th813ZPBryce ELSTON 5:47.51440.9s

Sport: 35+ men  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st720ZRCraig JOHNSON BLOCK BIKES5:05.01-
emoji_events2nd779ZRShawn CHARLTON 5:06.921.9s
emoji_events3rd778ZRBarry HIRST Cycleworld5:13.538.5s
 4th20ZRBrian PARKER Knolly Bikes5:16.2411.2s
 5th263ZRCy ZUIDEMA Peace, Love, and Anarchism5:45.0540.0s
 6th189ZRRick ORONA 5:52.2647.2s
 7th745ZRMark FULGAR 5:55.3750.3s
 8th345ZRLloyd STURDY 5:58.4853.4s
 9th805ZRGarry DE JESUS 6:01.4956.4s
 10th225ZRRyan GILMORE 6:34.7101:29.7
 11th178ZRZachary GRAVES The Path Bike Shop6:46.6111:41.6
 12th185ZRDavid HOLTMAN The Path Bike Shop7:04.7121:59.7

Beginner: 11-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st783ZWSkylar ARCIDIACONO 5:48.01-
emoji_events2nd425ZWTravis CLAYPOOL 5:55.227.2s
emoji_events3rd228ZWBlake WRAY The Path Bike Shop5:56.038.0s
 4th33ZWEthan KOERS 9:12.643:24.6

Beginner: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st787ZWCayden PHIPPS 5:27.51-
emoji_events2nd771ZWIain MORGAN 5:43.5216.0s
emoji_events3rd659ZWAngelo LOSKOTA BLOCK BIKES6:08.8341.3s
 4th758ZWQuinn DIAMOND 100% / 10Speed / Knolly Bikes6:14.7447.2s
 5th441ZWBryce STEVENSON JAX BICYCLE CENTER7:00.751:33.2
 6th440ZWZack BOHLER JAX BICYCLE CENTER7:29.862:02.3

Beginner: 19+ men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st219ZUJaykerr FERIDO 4:41.21-
emoji_events2nd754ZUWill SMITH 5:32.9251.7s
emoji_events3rd747ZUMark LICOS Family / My Parents5:43.631:02.4
 4th751ZUChris HUNT KIKUS 5:46.641:05.4
 5th205ZUKyle COOPER 5:49.751:08.5
 6th550ZUDaniel HICKS 5:58.761:17.5
 7th171ZUChris KELLER 5:59.371:18.1
 8th8ZUWillie YOUNGBERG 6:00.981:19.7
 9th450ZURicky LUNDBERG 6:02.491:21.2
 10th784ZURon OCAMPO JPL Bike Club6:03.3101:22.1
 11th785ZUAlex FONE 6:11.5111:30.3
 12th2ZUCarlos RODRIGUEZ tcmtb racing6:15.5121:34.3
 13th451ZUChris PITCHER 6:16.0131:34.8
 14th777ZUGus TARIN 6:31.4141:50.2
 15th165ZUCrisstopher STODGELL 6:32.0151:50.8
 16th405ZURobert LINDEWALL 6:33.2161:52.0
 17th748ZUSatoru TERADA 6:52.7172:11.5
 18th761ZUZeke PATTERSON 6:53.5182:12.3
 19th427ZUVincent AMARO 7:27.8192:46.6
 20th782ZUJohn HOLDEN Jax Claremont7:53.7203:12.5



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st796ZLRachel THROOP GT Bikes / Kenda5:36.41-
emoji_events2nd409ZLAmy RAMBACHER Fly / petal power6:12.8236.4s

Open women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st804ZTFiona PETERSEN SIMPLE GREEN6:29.01-
emoji_events2nd375ZTMegan WELCH The Path Bike Shop6:32.523.5s
emoji_events3rd424ZTJill HAMILTON petal power6:41.9312.9s
 4th773ZTMorgan BARAJAS JAX BICYCLES6:53.0424.0s
 5th2ZTLeticia VILLARREAL The Path Bike Shop8:35.452:06.4
 6th414ZTKim IRWIN The Path Bike Shop9:18.962:49.9
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