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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

106 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st85Nathan RENNIE Qld3:20.3413:13.741-
emoji_events2nd52Bryn ATKINSON NswCra / CTI / Dylan Dean Designs / GT Bikes / Oakley / THE3:25.1223:19.9526.21s
emoji_events3rd80Mitchell DELFS Wa3:29.8833:22.9639.22s
 4th2Amiel CAVALIER NswGiant / Spearman Cycles3:32.4053:23.4249.68s
 5th36Ben CORY Act3:35.90143:25.58511.84s
 6th45Shane WODE Qld3:33.7083:26.34612.60s
 7th61Rick BOYER 3:35.28123:27.81714.07s
 8th31Adam DOSSETOR ActAnomia Designs / Bilt / DH Direct / Imperial / Turner3:36.22153:30.98817.24s
 9th27Lindsay KLEIN go to site / go to site / Santa Cruz3:34.40103:31.09917.35s
 10th66Dave WEST SaGiant / inform health / RockShox / scu3:37.91193:31.491017.75s
 11th11Kaine CANNAN TasCYCLINGO BIKE SHOP / gary cannan electrical3:35.68133:32.051118.31s
 12th91Dennis BEARE Qld3:34.0593:32.231218.49s
 13th1Will RISCHBIETH Sa3:37.44183:32.451318.71s
 14th6Bradley BENEDICT NswAmiel Cavalier Racing.... Spearman Cycles3:40.08243:32.801419.06s
 15th53Lincoln VERASS VicDownhill Direct3:36.84173:32.931519.19s
 16th87Brad OIEN Vic3:34.80113:33.091619.35s
 16th10Adam SMITHSON Nsw3:39.75233:33.091619.35s
 18th5Craig YATES SaFox / Giant / SRAM3:41.30273:34.441820.70s
 19th41Tim COX Nsw3:40.92263:34.841921.10s
 20th14Richard LEE ActIron Horse Bikes / RockShox / SRAM3:42.23293:35.382021.64s
 21st3Tim EATON ActHayes / sun ringle / TLD / Yeti3:36.42163:36.102122.36s
 22nd12Brad KELLY NswFSA / gravity / PUSHY GALORE / Specialized3:40.87253:37.802224.06s
 23rd55Simon FRENCH TasRide-Bellerive3:38.63213:38.872325.13s
 24th82Tom RICHARDS Qld3:33.5673:42.852429.11s
 25th7Joshua BUTTON NswAdidas / Crank Brothers / Fox / lotek / MONGOOSE-SRAM3:39.73223:44.142530.40s
 26th75Stuart MCDONALD Wa3:37.95203:50.102636.36s
 27th69Jared RANDO ActFox Racing Shox / Giant / Michelin / Shimano3:32.8765:53.60272:39.86
 28th43Darcy MURRELL Qld3:31.8648:09.48284:55.74
 97John FARROW Nsw3:41.9328DNF
 99Sam HOCKEN Vic3:42.4330
 34Cillian KENNEDY Nswblackheath fitness / Cove / southshore imports3:42.5231
 100Brad EARL Sa3:42.7232
 8Michael GEALE QldFor the Riders3:42.9833
 19Deon BAKER Wa3:43.0834
 28Josh MCDONALD Tas4Shaw Agencies / Mcbain Cycles / Monza Imports3:43.8235
 51Tom LEWIS Nswmtb imports / Ufo3:43.8936
 1006Mitch AFFLICK QldFor the Riders / Unit Clothing Co3:44.0337
 17Cody EICHHORN NswSpearman Cycles / Spy3:44.5238
 22Damien BOGATEK QldAzonic / Fuel Clothing / Hayes / Utopia Optics3:44.6839
 62Shane PEARSE Qld3:45.0840
 57Dean DAVIES NswAsgrove Cycles / Health Fusion Natural Therapy / neezy pty ltd3:45.8541
 67Dean ROBSON NswSpearman Cycles3:46.2842
 16Dean TOTTERMAN Qld3:46.4843
 74Miikael KINNUNEN Wa3:46.9544
 13Michael MANNING QldImperial Locksmiths3:47.1845
 73Fergus MILNE Sa3:47.3746
 35Ben LYONS Qld3:47.3847
 90Steven SLOOTS Qld3:47.8948
 37Jarl JENSEN Vic3:48.3849
 4Alex SWANN VicKona Mt Buller Factory Team3:49.0550
 83Dylan WOLSKY Nsw3:50.5351
 50Brendan WOOD VicCommencal Aus Charles Purton Imports Yarra Valley3:50.8652
 60James MCMILLAN Nsw3:51.6853
 96Chris BARLIN Nsw3:53.1854
 71Mark BEEKSMA Nswcycle logic / Freelap / Rotec Cycles3:53.2255
 54David BOWDEN Vic3:53.6556
 76Luke GARNHAM Nsw3:55.6257
 39Nathan WICKER SaTMK Consulting Engineers3:58.6058
 23Hayden LESTER go to site3:58.8559
 94Toby BREHENY Vic3:59.3960
 56James MALTMAN Qld3:59.8661
 86Ben MORRISON ActCropthorn / mongoose Bikes4:00.3862
 77Leigh GEORGE Sa4:00.5563
 1008Scott MILLETT go to site / Santa-Cruz4:01.2964
 48Regan ARTHUR NswHillbillie Racing...YAAAWWWW!!!4:01.4965
 1007Gareth BLOWER QldTC's Bike Bar4:01.9766
 72James FRENCH SaMaxxis / SCU standish cycles unley4:01.9867
 79Isaac HEPPELL Vic4:02.1168
 1005Jay TAYLOR Qld4:02.1969
 1004Brett PENGELLEY Vic4:03.1670
 46Troy FRASER Nsw4:03.4871
 98Chris COOMBE Act4:04.1972
 38Cameron TOMLINSON Qld4:04.8073
 33Trevor BURKE Vicmother hubbards extreme big red water finding wands.4:05.0974
 30Louis PIJPERS Qld4:06.3475
 40Jake PENDLETON Nswerina bikeworx4:06.7976
 63Michael ILLING QldBridge Street Cycles4:08.1377
 58Jesse SUTTON Qld2Stage Bikes4:08.4378
 15Cameron ALLONBY go to site4:10.4479
 64Dan MCEWAN Qld4:12.2080
 70Todd WEBSTER Qld4:14.5381
 24Matthew HODGES QldSpy4:14.8082
 93Nicholas CRUICKSHANK Vic4:14.9983
 84Matt TODD Qld4:15.9784
 47Thomas MOESKER Qld4:16.3085
 49Cameron NOLAN Qld4:19.9786
 95Jason MENNITZ Tas4:20.3987
 29Oscar BUCKLE Vic4:20.9288
 92Kye HORE Act4:23.0689
 81Thomas KERNEY Act4:24.6190
 1001Evan MCROBB Qld4:25.4091
 42Sean SHRIMP Qld4:29.5892
 26Adam LEONARDI QldAtomLab / Hayes4:43.1193
 1002Brock MCROBB QldDad4:46.0194
 65Michael JOBSON NswBlackman Bicycles4:53.5695
 1003Jordan PAYN Qld5:24.9496
 59Jack WILSON QldFor the Riders5:40.4697
 32Ben GOFF NswTeds bike shop7:12.6398
 25Scott GRAHAM NswDNF
 44Tim MCCULLOUGH QldFor the RidersDNF
 88Jonathan TAYLOR NswRevolution MagDNF
 18Josh MCDONALD Tas4Shaw Agencies / Mcbain Cycles / Monza ImportsDNS
 21Karl PEEL VicDNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st119Darrell EDWICK Qldnerang mountain bike centre4:00.121-
emoji_events2nd102Tim CHADD NswAustralian Open of MTB / Raw NRG / Shimano4:07.2327.11s
emoji_events3rd106Lachlan MAZZER Qld4:08.8538.73s
 4th105Aaron CAIRNS QldMTBcut.Tv4:10.74410.62s
 5th136Aden WALKER Qld4:11.91511.79s
 6th129Brendan KOVARIK Qld4:15.91615.79s
 7th108Jacob COLES Nsw4:16.55716.43s
 8th110Kane LOWE Vic4:18.91818.79s
 9th107Corrie MULLIN QldGravity FX4:20.02919.90s
 10th137Eric STRAW Qld4:20.361020.24s
 11th114Shaun FRY QldAnaconda / Fluid Bikes (4x)4:23.501123.38s
 12th117William FRASER QldGravity-FX4:24.001223.88s
 13th118Ben LUSCOMBE Qldbikeology4:24.941324.82s
 14th121Michael HOUGHTON Qld4:27.561427.44s
 15th127Nicholas SHIELDS NswEmbrace Gravity / Thomas & Coffey4:32.071531.95s
 16th134Jim THOMASON Tas4:41.401641.28s
 17th128Anthony TRACEY Tas4:45.501745.38s
 18th130Kelsey DOUGALL Qld4:48.551848.43s
 19th112Adrian JOHNSTON 4:48.831948.71s
 20th125Josh DALLAS QldAnaconda4:50.752050.63s
 21st126Joshua THOMPSON Qld4:52.872152.75s
 22nd123Ryan AGNEW QldAlcholics Anonymous / Bundaberg Rum4:53.272253.15s
 23rd124Rhys CRAIGIE Vic5:03.80231:03.68
 24th135Julian LANG QldAnaconda5:21.03241:20.91
 25th138Andrew LEITCH Qld5:55.72251:55.60
 26th120Andrew KARAS SaCBR6:35.63262:35.51
 27th113Jiel CASE Qld7:06.74273:06.62
 109Sam BUTLER (exp) QldShi-ty Wok RestaurantDNS
 132Shane FLOWER QldDNS
 131Glen PEDLEY QldDNS

Hardtail: Junior men  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st953Dain CASE Qld4:43.211-
emoji_events2nd959Nathan THOMASSON Qldhostile riding systems4:43.5320.32s
emoji_events3rd961Connor ROBERTSON Qldhostile riding system4:44.1530.94s
 4th952Tom LYNCH Qld4:46.4843.27s
 5th954Liam THOMAS (elt) QldTeam Bubsy Racing4:55.58512.37s
 6th955Jared OLDFIELD QldUtopia Optics5:06.09622.88s
 7th962Jon MESSER Qld5:15.15731.94s
 8th963Shaun THOMSON Qld5:27.65844.44s
 9th957Kieran ROONEY QldUtopia Optics5:32.31949.10s
 10th964Ben MORTISON Qld5:49.81101:06.60
 11th958Brendon HATHAWAY Qldbelray / team bubbsy racing / tony bogarrts cycletune6:04.46111:21.25
 12th960George HICKMAN Qld6:29.66121:46.45
 956Arjan SIDHU QldDNS

Hardtail: Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st904Joseph LESTER QldAshgrove Cycles4:21.611-
emoji_events2nd908Richard LEVINSON QldAshgrove Cycles4:26.4824.87s
emoji_events3rd909Leigh WOOD Vic4:26.8635.25s
 4th902Zac MACANALLY Qld4:27.6246.01s
 5th905Johnny TRENT Qld4:29.2457.63s
 6th906Rhys JONES go to site / Flaming Cool / hostile riding systems4:43.06621.45s
 7th907Roshin SIDHU QldMerida / Race Face / UMF4:54.72733.11s
 8th910Shane WILSON Qld6:24.9782:03.36
 903Wayne SMITH QldDNS

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st801Connor FEARON SaGlen Osmond Cycles / Mum and Dad4:04.451-
emoji_events2nd803Henry BLAKE SaMaxxis / mitcham cycles (adelaide) / Mum and Dad4:22.27217.82s
emoji_events3rd802David MCMILLAN ActCORC (Canberra Off-Road Cyclists)4:28.66324.21s
 4th806Max HUGHES ActDH Direct / EBG / Mal-adjusted Bicycles / Mum and Dad / Turner4:44.04439.59s
 5th813Ben FORBES Qld5:02.01557.56s
 6th812Tom PHILLIPS Nsw5:06.0761:01.62
 7th805Remy MORTON QldRecognise5:09.0571:04.60
 8th811Robin BISHOP Qld5:30.3881:25.93
 9th807Max WARSHAWSKY Qld6:23.1792:18.72

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st701James SHEPHERD SaC.R.I.M.E. Cycles3:50.811-
emoji_events2nd720Brandon YRTTIAHO QldAshgrove Cycles3:54.9024.09s
emoji_events3rd704Antony MOORE Qlddakibomon roast3:59.6038.79s
 4th706Daniel LAVIS NswAllfab Constructions / SDG USA4:01.34410.53s
 5th721Ben POWER QldHarvey Power (International) Pty Ltd4:03.70512.89s
 6th702Troy BROSNAN SaAdidas / lotek / Mongoose / Trak cycles4:06.20615.39s
 7th712Joshua DICKINSON QldBikes & Beans / Katrina Miller4:10.42719.61s
 8th714Aaron OATES TasCYCLINGO BIKE SHOP / Garry Cannan Electrical / Mum and4:11.16820.35s
 9th728Reece KUHN Nswerina bikeworx / Giant / high roller energy4:17.41926.60s
 10th711Kevin BACKHOUSE VicMum & Dad4:18.051027.24s
 11th735Sam NIKORA Qld4:18.231127.42s
 12th715James GREEN (u19) Act4:19.251228.44s
 13th710Joshua BLAKE SaMaxxis / Mitcham Cycle Centre / Mum & Dad4:20.451329.64s
 14th707Chris LEAPER NswThe Bike Shed Mortdale4:22.791431.98s
 15th724Ben BARRETT NswDad4:23.521532.71s
 16th732Matthew SCOTT Qldbikeology4:23.641632.83s
 17th703Blake NIELSEN NswCove / Lifecycles / SOUTHSHORE DIST4:24.631733.82s
 18th729Keiran SULLIVAN Nswbike hub wollongong cleary brothers4:25.701834.89s
 19th727Samuel JONES (sen) NswMum and Dad / Spearman Cycles4:26.111935.30s
 20th717Tom NORTON-LAHENEY 4:27.972037.16s
 21st718Will GILES SaAldgate Bike Shop / Chromag / Maxxis / Transition Bikes4:28.422137.61s
 22nd708Jaxon ELLYARD SaC.R.I.M.E cycles / s.r.b4:33.492242.68s
 23rd723Graeme MUDD Nswavent / DRIFT / RockShox / SRAM4:33.592342.78s
 24th716Phillip PIAZZA Nsw4:34.512443.70s
 25th726Bobby DAVIES Nsw4:36.162545.35s
 26th737Alex STRAW Qld4:45.362654.55s
 27th705John GOLIK Nsw4:49.282758.47s
 28th713Brendan JONES (u30) NswRaw NRG Thredbo / RawNRG Junior Development4:55.68281:04.87
 29th737Sam SMYTHE Nsw4:56.01291:05.20
 30th734Justin GRAY Qld5:05.82301:15.01
 31st739Will HICKMAN QldNERANG MOUNTAIN BIKE SHOP5:09.42311:18.61
 32nd738Cory SCHWEIKERT Qld5:10.40321:19.59
 33rd722Sam HORSPOOL Nsw5:35.81331:45.00
 34th725Kye MORTON Qld5:47.23341:56.42
 35th709Aaron SHILLINGTON Qld6:02.97352:12.16
 730Joe KHAN QldDNS

Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st210Andrew BLAIR NswGiant / Maxxis / Spearman Cycles4:10.811-
emoji_events2nd207Rhys ELLISON Qld4:12.5121.70s
emoji_events3rd201Leigh WEBSTER SaC.R.I.M.E. Cycles4:18.2737.46s
 4th220Peter BRADNAM Qld4:24.77413.96s
 5th221Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) Qld4:24.91514.10s
 6th228Daniel HALLAM QldGreg Swain / Merida / QAS / Race Face4:26.47615.66s
 7th217Peter KARAS SaThe CBR Program / Trak Cycles Norwood4:33.14722.33s
 8th222Joshua CURRALL Nsw4:39.89829.08s
 9th224Michael MCLENNAN Nsw4:40.65929.84s
 10th208Kendon PEEL Act4:41.741030.93s
 11th204Ben GYETVAY Qld4:53.881143.07s
 12th205Michael ASGILL Qld4:55.141244.33s
 13th223Chris HENDERSON Qld4:57.761346.95s
 14th214Joel WALKER Qld5:01.671450.86s
 15th216Luke SURAWSKI Qld5:03.931553.12s
 16th219Scott KOVARIK Qld5:05.301654.49s
 17th209Tim ASHE Qld5:16.29171:05.48
 18th211David HUGHES Qld5:16.75181:05.94
 19th226Chris ABBOTT Qld5:26.43191:15.62
 20th225Mitchell MARSDEN Qld5:26.57201:15.76
 21st227Tom PATTERSON Nsw5:28.95211:18.14
 22nd218Kerrin HETHERINGTON Qld5:53.65221:42.84
 215Asher ZOOMERS QldDNF

Master men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st502Geoff LOVIE Act4:09.841-
emoji_events2nd508Glynn HICKS QldBrodie Bikes4:18.5428.70s
emoji_events3rd504Darren ECKHOLD Qld4:22.80312.96s
 4th505David MEILAK Qld4:29.39419.55s
 5th503David BADMAN Nsw4:31.44521.60s
 6th509Jamie MORTON Qld4:47.80637.96s
 7th506Peter JONES NswSpearman Cycles / Wonderful wife5:07.33757.49s
 507Wally KAFER QldDNS

Veteran men  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st428Mark SKROBLIN Qld3:46.841-
emoji_events2nd402Jason ARCHER Wahiway cycles / kj johnson & co / Utopia Optics3:52.5625.72s
emoji_events3rd414Jason BLACKMORE QldMorewood / Ufo3:54.2437.40s
 4th419Greg PALMER Qld3:57.29410.45s
 5th420Dale THOMAS NswTeam Hillbillie. Gateshead Cycles.3:57.77510.93s
 6th421Scott EDWARDS Nsw3:59.54612.70s
 7th423Wayne MCGREGOR Nsw4:06.53719.69s
 8th405Daniel TALIANA NswRaw NRG Thredbo4:14.97828.13s
 9th427Steven LINNELL Qld4:16.48929.64s
 10th411Jason DAVIES Qld4:17.431030.59s
 11th410Troy BROMLEY Nswventoux cycles4:19.151132.31s
 12th418Drew HAMILTON NswMorewood Bikes / UFO Mtb Imports4:19.361232.52s
 13th406Marc ELLIS NswAustralian Open of Mountain Biking / Raw NRG4:20.121333.28s
 14th424Daniel WOLFIK QldCove / Southshore Distribution4:21.121434.28s
 15th408Michael STRATTON WaHighwaycyles4:24.411537.57s
 16th422Ian HARWOOD Qld4:24.581637.74s
 17th407Ryan SCOTT Qld4:25.201738.36s
 18th425Adrian KELSEY Qld4:28.621841.78s
 19th412Joff MEDDER Sa4dh / Steep Descent4:29.571942.73s
 20th409Brenton BLIGHT Qldred cat hair waterford4:35.742048.90s
 21st416John PETERSEN VicBorsari Cycles4:38.422151.58s
 22nd415Lee TREASURE QldMorewood / Ufo4:43.242256.40s
 23rd413Ty MCLEAN VicKona-Mt.Buller Factory Team / Marzocchi / Shimano4:54.37231:07.53
 426Tony CARSON QldDNS
 417Stephen JACOBS QldDNS

Super Master men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st552Steve COLES Nsw5:15.441-

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st608Rhys WILLEMSE Qld3:23.9713:25.481-
emoji_events2nd604Tamryn MURRELL Qld3:33.7123:29.6724.19s
emoji_events3rd603Shaun O'CONNOR Nsw3:40.9653:29.9234.44s
 4th609Laurie DINHAM SaCycleworx Adelaide3:40.5443:32.2446.76s
 5th601Dylan PROHM NswAstrix Bikes / endeavour cycles / IXS-Gravity3:42.4963:34.8859.40s
 6th638Liam PAIARO Qld3:46.75103:40.79615.31s
 7th623Murray STEPHENS VicBendigo Cycles3:47.68123:41.66716.18s
 8th616Dave MAUD VicBendigo Cycles3:43.1373:43.11817.63s
 9th619Alex WINTON Qld3:47.70133:43.89918.41s
 10th622Brodie STURGESS Qld3:49.94153:44.181018.70s
 11th607Elliot SMITH SaMitcham Cycles3:47.39113:44.671119.19s
 12th615Mitch FORBES Nsw3:47.83143:45.381219.90s
 13th612Austin HICKS VicIntence fox Monza Imports3:52.28163:45.991320.51s
 14th606David HABICHT VicBilt / Downhill Direct / Turner3:52.84173:46.691421.21s
 15th632Benjamin WILSON (20+) NswILLAWARRA SPORTS ACADEMY / Mum & Dad3:57.61213:46.871521.39s
 16th611Tommy ROWE SaAldgate Cycles3:57.36193:46.941621.46s
 17th624Jock FARRINGTON Qld3:45.0793:46.981721.50s
 18th637Oscar LAPSTUN NswBike Addiction3:57.40203:47.911822.43s
 19th605Matt VINCENT ActDH Direct / severe3:44.3683:57.721932.24s
 20th620Jack PAYNE SaAldgate Bike Shop3:54.83184:00.742035.26s
 602James TAORMINA go to site / Maxxis3:35.583DNF
 635Jack BELLOTTI Qld3:57.7822
 613Raffi MOSS Nsw3:58.6523
 636Ben LEAPER NswThe Bike Shed Mortdale4:00.5924
 617Ryan HUNT NswCamden Cycles / Utopia Optics4:01.8925
 641Tyson JONES Qld4:07.7926
 639Richard ANDERSON QldWigum4:08.4727
 642Adam WALKER Qld4:08.7128
 626Peter APPLETON QldAshgrove Cycles4:11.9029
 631Matt BAKER Qld4:14.1730
 633Kim BISHOP Qld4:15.1131
 627Matthew DOOLEY NswDee Why Cycles4:18.1532
 629Tom MALLETT Act4:19.3033
 610Ben NYLEN ActAustralian Yetti Gravity Team4:26.3434
 634Pat YOUNG NswDRIFT4:27.8235
 630Mark HELLYER Qld5:01.8136
 625Thomas NEWBURY Qld5:04.3037



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st309Tracey HANNAH Qld3:52.5213:49.331-
emoji_events2nd302Emma MCNAUGHTON NswAdidas / Gamut / Kona / Marzocchi / Mavic / Mt Buler / Shimano4:16.6624:16.19226.86s
emoji_events3rd301Claire WHITEMAN Act4:21.6634:19.62330.29s
 4th304Cara SMITH ActOn Ya Bike Civic & Belconnen / Paton Performance4:29.9444:28.94439.61s
 5th311Lea HARLEY Qld4:31.4354:41.87552.54s
 312Sarah BOOTH Sa4:41.946
 303Caroline BUCHANAN ActCrank Brothers / KHS Bicycles Inc / Oakley / Unit clothing4:45.257
 308Edwina HUGHES Tas4:52.728
 305Jayne RUTTER SaBiomechanics Cycles and Repairs4:53.329
 307Rosemary BARNES ActGiant4:56.1110
 310Jessica VOGT Qld5:09.9211
 306Shannon CHUGG Nsw5:34.3612

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

Senior women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st351Samantha GAMBRILL Qld6:02.101-

Master women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st593Sharon HEAP Qld5:36.791-

Veteran women

1 competitor found

Pos Bib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st482Emma WOODHALL Qld6:40.841-
iXS Trigger AM helmet
iXS Trigger AM helmet
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