2016 BC Cup round 1 - Race the Ranch at Kamloops, BC

29th May 2016

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The original results are available at http://racetheranch.weebly.com/uploads/2/8/1/4/28148639/2016_rtr_bc_cup_dh1_resu…

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Elite men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark111Chris KOVARIK Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing1:58.36 (1)1:56.02 (1)-
bookmark217Anthony EVANS Peachland, BCSaverelgh Cycle1:59.49 (2)1:56.70 (2)0.68s
bookmark318Spencer GRAF Burnaby, BC2:00.71 (3)1:59.16 (3)3.14s
bookmark429Daniel SHAW North Vanc, BCDevinci / major Cycles2:02.87 (4)1:59.69 (4)3.67s
bookmark55Jack ALMOND West Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:04.36 (5)2:01.44 (5)5.42s
bookmark64Levi HARAPNUIK North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:04.62 (6)2:03.24 (6)7.22s
bookmark726Rhys ELLIS Calgary, ABWinsport2:05.56 (7)2:03.30 (7)7.28s
bookmark78Kurtis WALTON Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:05.74 (8)2:03.30 (7)7.28s
bookmark915Nicholas COURT Duncan, BCVan Isle United2:07.05 (11)2:03.96 (9)7.94s
bookmark1014Braeden ONCIUL Rossland, BCFox / Intense / OGC2:07.30 (12)2:04.13 (10)8.11s
bookmark1135Michael REID Kamloops, BC2:06.62 (9)2:05.03 (11)9.01s
bookmark1221Jacob REEVES North Vancouver, BC2:08.29 (13)2:05.73 (12)9.71s
bookmark131Chris BENNETT Calgary, AB2:06.81 (10)2:05.86 (13)9.84s
bookmark1450Sky DUNN-SARVIS Argenta, BC2:08.53 (14)2:08.51 (14)12.49s
bookmark1534Andrew MITCHELL Victoria, BC2:10.33 (15)2:09.15 (15)13.13s
bookmark1631Travis ROESNER Fernie, BC2:14.13 (16)2:11.05 (16)15.03s

UCI: 13-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark184Tharen MARKLE Sidney, BC2:05.12 (1)-
bookmark271Ethan SHANDRO North Vancouver, BCWhistler Jr. Development Team2:05.98 (2)0.86s
bookmark3206Emmett HANCOCK Kelowna, BC2:12.40 (3)7.28s
bookmark462Dylan FYSH Cochrane, ABCalgary Cycle2:14.24 (4)9.12s
bookmark596Seth SHERLOCK Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:14.99 (5)9.87s
bookmark6215Hayden ZABLOTNY Vernon, BC2:15.68 (6)10.56s
bookmark7212Grady FOCHUK 150 Mile House, BC2:16.20 (7)11.08s
bookmark8184Luis ROHNER Williams Lake, BC2:16.51 (8)11.39s
bookmark956Pete VERHEYDE Bragg Creek, ABWhistler Jr. Development Team2:20.25 (9)15.13s
bookmark10103Jakob JEWETT Squamish, BCWhistler Jr. Development Team2:22.30 (10)17.18s
bookmark11203Levi WHITMAN Kamloops, BC2:26.67 (11)21.55s
bookmark12128Colton SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse2:28.05 (12)22.93s
bookmark13196Taylor MUNDEN Kamloops, BC2:28.42 (13)23.30s
bookmark14167Sandy PHILLIPS Kamloops, BC2:30.45 (14)25.33s
bookmark15181Ben CASWELL North Vancouver, BC2:32.32 (15)27.20s
bookmark16189Ryder EAGLETON Rossland, BC2:35.30 (16)30.18s
bookmark1778John GALBRAITH Langley, BC2:38.17 (17)33.05s

UCI: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

25 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1172Ali CHAPPLE Chilliwack, BCFVMBA2:08.37 (1)-
bookmark2154Tristan KEEGAN Calgary, ABAlberta2:08.61 (2)0.24s
bookmark3146Harry HEAD Squamish, BC2:09.37 (3)1.00s
bookmark490Adam WOODHOUSE Anmore, BCC4 Rider Training2:10.87 (4)2.50s
bookmark5175Mark SACKNEY Calgary, ABBowcycle DH2:14.44 (5)6.07s
bookmark6179David SILVERTHORNE Calgary, ABRace Room2:16.32 (6)7.95s
bookmark7186Cameron HALLIDAY Langley, BC2:17.84 (7)9.47s
bookmark8143Christopher BORN Calgary, AB2:19.48 (8)11.11s
bookmark9133Connor CARSON Ladysmith, BC2:19.83 (9)11.46s
bookmark10120Leo BRANDROLD Squamish, BC2:20.21 (10)11.84s
bookmark11214Félix LABERGE Sainte-Therese, QC2:21.13 (11)12.76s
bookmark12178Bailey LARUSSON Kelowna, BC2:22.15 (12)13.78s
bookmark1387Brandon JOHNSON Chestermere, AB2:23.37 (13)15.00s
bookmark14124Nat MCGRATH Invermere, BC2:23.87 (14)15.50s
bookmark15160Nicholas BARREAU Squamish, BC2:24.23 (15)15.86s
bookmark16171Connor RUNGE Penticton, BC2:26.83 (16)18.46s
bookmark1760Alek CAMPBELL Prévost, QC2:28.00 (17)19.63s
bookmark18126Ethan FOLKMANN North Vancouver, BC2:31.42 (18)23.05s
bookmark19155Callum CAMERON New Westminster, BC2:37.43 (19)29.06s
bookmark20151Nick CHAPPELL-MOSS Mission, BC2:38.74 (20)30.37s
bookmark21121Alexandre WILLIAMS Grande Cach, AB2:40.51 (21)32.14s
bookmark22114Trevor ATTRIDGE Victoria, BC2:49.16 (22)40.79s
bookmark23117Lynden SANDY Kamloops, BC2:51.66 (23)43.29s
bookmark2474Alex MOODY Calgary, AB3:26.53 (24)1:18.16
bookmark153Dakota BOYER Calgary, ABDNF

UCI: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1213Jack JOHNSTON (30+) Kamloops, BC2:18.74 (1)-
bookmark2136Kris HAYNE North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:48.20 (2)29.46s

UCI: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1111Cory LECLERC Squamish, BCC4 Rider Training2:16.00 (1)-
bookmark2105Steve BOUCHER (1974) Kamloops, BCThe District Bike Company2:21.32 (2)5.32s
bookmark3131Tim SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse2:24.24 (3)8.24s
bookmark4169Doug CROOK Duncan, BCVan Isle United2:24.30 (4)8.30s
bookmark5134Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse2:27.32 (5)11.32s
bookmark6190Al EAGLETON Rossland, BC2:29.32 (6)13.32s
bookmark7135Brett CARELS Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:30.28 (7)14.28s

UCI: 50+ men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark199Don VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highland, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:14.90 (1)-
bookmark2205John NIHSNER Golden, BC2:28.85 (2)13.95s
bookmark3191Victor BERESFORD Whistler, BC2:59.49 (3)44.59s

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark191Jessie MCAULEY Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:04.43 (1)-
bookmark277Keegan FRY Rossland, BC2:06.35 (2)1.92s
bookmark3100Logan VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highland, BCWhistler Jr. Development Team2:09.56 (3)5.13s
bookmark4207Steven BOBYN Kelowna, BC2:20.75 (4)16.32s
bookmark583Kael MARKLE Sidney, BCCycling BC3:35.15 (5)1:30.72

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

19 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark113Simon TELLIER Victoria, BC2:02.21 (2)2:01.24 (1)-
bookmark223Braedon MCNICOL Calgary, ABWinsport2:03.49 (4)2:01.33 (2)0.09s
bookmark327Blake BUNTING Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:04.32 (5)2:03.50 (3)2.26s
bookmark4183Paul ROHNER 150 Mile House, BC1:57.93 (1)2:03.56 (4)2.32s
bookmark52Michele BIANCHI Morazzone, ItalyC4 Rider Training2:06.59 (9)2:04.86 (5)3.62s
bookmark625Joshua REGAN Calgary, ABWinsport2:09.98 (12)2:06.10 (6)4.86s
bookmark720Jesiah DYCK Abbotsford, BCLifecycles / Rocky Mountain Cycles2:07.48 (10)2:07.18 (7)5.94s
bookmark87Josh DZIWENKA Victoria, BC2:06.55 (8)2:08.13 (8)6.89s
bookmark96Caleb HARAPNUIK North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:06.30 (7)2:08.21 (9)6.97s
bookmark1012Jacob STEFIUK North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:07.64 (11)2:09.16 (10)7.92s
bookmark1132Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, AB2:05.38 (6)2:09.66 (11)8.42s
bookmark1233Alex SILVERTHORNE Calgary, ABPedalhead Race Room2:02.58 (3)2:09.95 (12)8.71s
bookmark1322David LEMIEUX Canmore, AB2:10.26 (14)2:11.46 (13)10.22s
bookmark1416Willem ZWIERS Garibaldi Highland, BC2:11.33 (16)2:13.01 (14)11.77s
bookmark153John WALKER Duncan, BC2:10.88 (15)2:13.39 (15)12.15s
bookmark1624Matthew COETSER Airdrie, ABWinsport2:10.13 (13)2:14.51 (16)13.27s
bookmark1728Jack AYRTON Calgary, ABCycling Canada Cyclisme2:17.32 (19)2:18.99 (17)17.75s
bookmark1830Aidan MYHRE Williams Lake, BC2:15.33 (18)2:19.42 (18)18.18s
bookmark199Cam QUADRELLI New Westminster, BC2:11.64 (17)2:25.54 (19)24.30s

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

28 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1107Jacob MURRAY Brackendale, BCWhistler Jr. Development Team1:56.81 (1)-
bookmark2163Ruben GUIBERT Mount Currie, BC2:01.95 (2)5.14s
bookmark3166Jackson PHILLIPS Kamloops, BC2:03.22 (3)6.41s
bookmark4192Marcus CANT Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company2:03.50 (4)6.69s
bookmark594Lucas CRUZ Pemberton, BCWhistler Jr. Development Team2:05.08 (5)8.27s
bookmark666Justin CLEMENTS Calgary, AB2:06.54 (6)9.73s
bookmark7109Jackson HARE Winfield, BC2:07.32 (7)10.51s
bookmark853Grayden WHELAN Halfmoon Bay, BC2:08.80 (8)11.99s
bookmark9176Nick KNAPTON Whistler, BCTeam Squamish2:08.89 (9)12.08s
bookmark10188Logan MERRINGER Rossland, BC2:09.18 (10)12.37s
bookmark11125Kei NAKAI Whistler, BC2:11.54 (11)14.73s
bookmark1286J.T. BJARNASON Fruitvale, BC2:11.77 (12)14.96s
bookmark1395Jacob BEECROFT Burnaby, BC2:11.90 (13)15.09s
bookmark14210Levi FEHLAUER Abbotsford, BC2:12.95 (14)16.14s
bookmark15173Brad FIELDING Kamloops, BC2:13.36 (15)16.55s
bookmark16148Jack MAZURY Calgary, ABWinsport2:13.64 (16)16.83s
bookmark1764Fin REED Kamloops, BCBicycle Café2:15.28 (17)18.47s
bookmark18132Mason SEAWARD Willams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse2:16.96 (18)20.15s
bookmark19112Joseph WITWICKI Coquitlam, BCC4 Rider Training2:23.11 (19)26.30s
bookmark20142Liam BERESFORD Whistler, BCIndependent2:25.83 (20)29.02s
bookmark21116Caleb GEORGE Montrose, BC2:28.00 (21)31.19s
bookmark22209Gavin DEVINE Mission, BC2:28.44 (22)31.63s
bookmark2382Aiden BRUMMELHUIS Fruitvale, BC2:31.22 (23)34.41s
bookmark2461Alexander CHA (1) Calgary, ABWinsport2:31.53 (24)34.72s
bookmark25140Parker JONES Burnaby, BC2:37.45 (25)40.64s
bookmark200August NESBITT Victoria, BCDNF
bookmark187Gavin PATTERSON Rossland, BCDNS
bookmark197Bentley MACKINNON Sooke, BCDNS

Sport: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

20 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1129Alex AUGER Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training2:06.31 (1)-
bookmark276Owen HUNTER Vancouver, BC2:08.75 (2)2.44s
bookmark3123Daniel FROESE North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training / Lynn Valley Bikes2:10.33 (3)4.02s
bookmark4150Nikolas HALLETT Calgary, AB2:11.13 (4)4.82s
bookmark5144Noah BIRKKJAER Calgary, ABWinsport2:11.90 (5)5.59s
bookmark6180Nathan HARVEY Kamloops, BC2:11.97 (6)5.66s
bookmark7115Max NUTINI Trail, BC2:12.22 (7)5.91s
bookmark851Owen O'BRIEN Heffley Creek, BC2:14.09 (8)7.78s
bookmark9113Ben THIRLWELL Victoria, BCVan Isle United2:14.94 (9)8.63s
bookmark1075Adrian LEE Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:16.82 (10)10.51s
bookmark11147Jacob NEWKIRK Calgary, ABWinsport2:16.85 (11)10.54s
bookmark1292Yusuke YAMAMOTO Burnaby, BC2:17.32 (12)11.01s
bookmark13110Spencer COLETTI Prince George, BC2:18.16 (13)11.85s
bookmark14145Ben WILKINSON West Vancouver, BC2:18.29 (14)11.98s
bookmark1585Kolt HOYLE Mount Currie, BC2:20.09 (15)13.78s
bookmark16199Daniel NIKKEL Abbotsford, BC2:20.63 (16)14.32s
bookmark1752Morgan O'BRIEN Heffley Creek, BC2:22.16 (17)15.85s
bookmark18193Peter HOFFMAN Prince George, BC2:25.55 (18)19.24s
bookmark1973Lucas MOODY Calgary, AB2:34.59 (19)28.28s
bookmark208Stirling ANDERSON North Vancouver, BCDNS

13-16 boys  dialpad View finish spread NEW

12 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark172Johnathan HELLY Kamloops, BC2:10.75 (1)-
bookmark2157Derek PRIEST Chilliwack, BC2:15.88 (2)5.13s
bookmark3204Gabriel NERON Sun Peaks, BC2:16.53 (3)5.78s
bookmark489Gavin REIS Garibaldi Highland, BC2:16.80 (4)6.05s
bookmark570Riley HOLOWATIUK Heffley Creek, BC2:20.02 (5)9.27s
bookmark669Devon FABIO Port Moody, BC2:20.55 (6)9.80s
bookmark755Gavin LAROCQUE Redwood Meadow, AB2:23.83 (7)13.08s
bookmark880Aidan BARTHWICK Delta, BC2:24.02 (8)13.27s
bookmark9119Kahleb BOSSON Grande Cache, AB2:29.26 (9)18.51s
bookmark10141Finn MCINTOSH Nelson, BC2:29.67 (10)18.92s
bookmark11138Maxym MAJ Port Moody, BC2:33.63 (11)22.88s
bookmark1263Noah CRAWFORD Wetaskiwin, AB2:59.03 (12)48.28s

17-29 men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

19 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1108Josh SOLMAN Rossland, BC2:01.06 (1)-
bookmark2101Tristan KLAUSAT Kamloops, BC2:03.46 (2)2.40s
bookmark3201Mark ALLISON Vancouver, BC2:08.19 (3)7.13s
bookmark459Stephen SCHWARZ Kamloops, BC2:08.36 (4)7.30s
bookmark5162Garry RACE Chilliwack, BC2:11.80 (5)10.74s
bookmark6216Tristin SINCLAIR Nakusp, BC2:16.40 (6)15.34s
bookmark798Michael BARNES Delta, BC2:18.57 (7)17.51s
bookmark858Graham MANN Sherwood Park, AB2:20.23 (8)19.17s
bookmark9161Rory GIRARD Chilliwack, BC2:20.49 (9)19.43s
bookmark10159Mikhail GABRIEL Mount Currie, BC2:23.31 (10)22.25s
bookmark1181Jason REDDY Aldergrove, BC2:23.95 (11)22.89s
bookmark1267Connor HAGGARTY Kamloops, BC2:25.65 (12)24.59s
bookmark13130Brandon LEGREE Coquitlam, BC2:34.29 (13)33.23s
bookmark14156Jeremy DAN Mount Currie, BC2:34.30 (14)33.24s
bookmark15149Curtis DOIRON Calgary, AB2:40.09 (15)39.03s
bookmark16127Tye PELLICHERO Coquitlam, BC3:02.59 (16)1:01.53
bookmark165Rob GIBBONS Surrey, BCDNS
bookmark170Thomas CASTELLANI Vancouver, BCDNS
bookmark152Matteo MUELLER West Vancouver, BCDNS

30+ men  dialpad View finish spread NEW

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1177Freddy TUCKEY Calgary, AB2:11.27 (1)-
bookmark2174Tyler GNITT Kamloops, BC2:13.01 (2)1.74s
bookmark3185Tyler MERRINGER Rossland, BCSeven Summits Gravity Racing2:23.54 (3)12.27s
bookmark465Steve WONG North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse2:24.28 (4)13.01s
bookmark554Shawn FOKEMA Fort Saskatchewan, AB2:24.80 (5)13.53s
bookmark657Jordan KNIAZ Exshaw, AB2:27.19 (6)15.92s
bookmark7158Matt PRIEST Chilliwack, BC2:31.50 (7)20.23s
bookmark104Daryl LEDUKE Kamlooops, BCDNS



Elite women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark110Claire BUCHAR Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:16.45 (1)2:12.95 (1)-

UCI: 15-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark193Piper ALLMAN Whistler, BCIntense / Kovarik Racing2:29.08 (2)2:27.29 (1)-
bookmark2102Stephanie DENROCHE Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training / Norco2:28.54 (1)2:27.66 (2)0.37s
bookmark379Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BCGiant / LivDNS2:37.70 (3)10.41s

UCI: 19-29 women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark168Laurie CITYNSKI Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse2:22.68 (1)-
bookmark2137Ruth DYCK Williams Lake, BCKnolly Grassroots2:22.84 (2)0.16s
bookmark397Savannah GLENNIE Courtenay, BC2:23.81 (3)1.13s

UCI: 30+ women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1139Dannielle OSWELL Kamloops, BCRippers Lounge Racing2:28.18 (1)-
bookmark2198Crystal TOWNSEND Vernon, BCMuddbunnies Riding2:30.15 (2)1.97s
bookmark3168Claire HINCHLIFFE Duncan, BCVan Isle United2:34.32 (3)6.14s

13-16 girls  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1106Aleda TORONITZ Brentwood Bay, BC2:39.04 (1)-
bookmark288Gabby KEEN Port Moody, BC2:52.03 (2)12.99s
bookmark3118Brianna KELLY Pritchard, BCDistrict Bicycle Company2:54.17 (3)15.13s

17-29 women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1194Do PETERS Squamish, BC2:31.98 (1)-
bookmark2164Karolyn GEORGE Nelson, BC3:03.94 (2)31.96s
bookmark3202Anna HALAMIC Williams Lake, BC3:07.11 (3)35.13s

30+ women  dialpad View finish spread NEW

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsSeedRaceDiff
bookmark1182Keara CLARK Squamish, BC2:24.76 (1)-
bookmark2195Caroline ROUSSELLE Rossland, BC2:33.18 (2)8.42s
bookmark3122Genevieve LAMBERT Jasper, AB2:56.37 (3)31.61s