Canadian National Champs '16 at Sun Peaks, BC

(2016 BC Cup, Round 4)

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Elite men  dialpad View finish spread

51 competitors found
RankBibNameAreaSponsors  RaceDiff
 40Jordie LUNN Victoria, BCBear Mountain ResortDNS
 4644Kurtis WALTONphoto Kamloops, BCBicycle Café9:24.26464:29.23
 4036Wilson SCHULTZphoto Wetaskiwin, ABBow Cycle DH5:55.49401:00.46
 3323Levi HARAPNUIKphoto North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training5:31.013335.98s
 1020Jack ALMOND West Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training5:09.191014.16s
 166Hugo LANGEVIN Bromont, QCCycle Performance / Team Québec5:13.061618.03s
 367Philippe RICARD Bromont, QCDevinci / major Cycles5:33.513638.48s
 1210Samuel THIBAULT Chambly, QCDevinci / major Cycles5:10.101215.07s
 2722Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BCDevinci / major Cycles5:20.722725.69s
bookmark21Mark WALLACEphoto Duncan, BCDEVINCI GLOBAL RACING4:55.6220.59s
bookmark15Kirk MCDOWALL Anmore, BCDunbar Cycles4:55.031-
 734Nic RODGERS Cobble Hill, BCDunbar Cycles5:07.74712.71s
 625Cody MACARTHUR Duncan, BCDunbar Cycles5:07.32612.29s
 1731Trevor THEWphoto Duncan, BCDunbar Cycles5:13.281718.25s
 159Sidney SLOTEGRAAF Squamish, BCDunbar Cycles5:11.611516.58s
 4530Ben PORTEOUS Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles7:38.50452:43.47
 2248Aaron DOBIE Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles5:16.342221.31s
 2074Daniel SIMS Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles5:14.902019.87s
 2926Dean TENNANT Victoria, BCDunbar Cycles5:22.312927.28s
 924Ken FAUBERT West Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles5:08.90913.87s
 1951Adriano DIGIACINTO North Vancouver, BCDunber Cycles5:14.161919.13s
 84Matthew BEERphoto North Vancouver, BCFox / Intense / OGC5:08.27813.24s
 2347Lee JACKSONphoto Squamish, BCFox / Intense / OGC5:16.902321.87s
 515Mckay VEZINA Newbury Park, CA, USAGiant Cove Factory5:06.68511.65s
 3935Tristan KEEGAN Calgary, ABKona5:44.803949.77s
 4346Raphael BARIL Thetford Mines, QCLaferte6:08.05431:13.02
 3249Maxime FORTIN-FAUBERT Valleyfield, QCLaferte / Team Québec5:29.143234.11s
 2643Spencer GRAF Burnaby, BCNorco5:19.482624.45s
 1817Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN Montreal, QCRoost Racing / Team Québec5:13.411818.38s
 37Francis PERRON Ste-Julie, QCROOSTRACING / sportauxpucesDNS
 421Max SCHARFphoto Salmon Arm, BCSkookum Cycle and Ski5:03.5048.47s
 1414Anthony EVANS Peachland, BCSovereign Cycle5:11.541416.51s
 3542Nicholas COURTphoto Duncan, BCVan Isle United5:31.833536.80s
 2141Colin GRANT Victoria, BCVan Isle United5:15.142120.11s
 1329Rhys ELLISphoto Cochrane, ABWinsport5:10.821315.79s
 3727Chris BENNETTphoto Calgary, AB5:34.773739.74s
 1128Garrett MACINTOSH Calgary, AB5:09.861114.83s
 3845Jeremy MCDOWELLphoto_library Calgary, AB5:38.363843.33s
 243Forrest RIESCO Gibsons, BC5:18.012422.98s
 4773Jacob REEVES Gympie, QLD, Australia9:57.34475:02.31
 4154Lynden SANDY Kamloops, BC5:57.35411:02.32
 4253Joe HOWLETT London, ON5:59.71421:04.68
 50Etienne HEYBURN Montreal, QCDNS
 3470Luciano Jose DE NEUFVILLE PASCAL Quito, Ecauador5:31.273436.24s
 4439Braeden ONCIUL Rossland, BC6:51.27441:56.24
 2872Wiley KAUPAS Silverthorne, CO, USA5:21.702826.67s
 38Harry HEAD Squamish, BCDNS
 3075Dale RUSSELL (elt) Surrey, BC5:24.413029.38s
 3132Isaac MARANGONI Whistler, BC5:28.893133.86s
bookmark371Chris KOVARIKphoto Whistler, BC4:59.2434.21s
 2533Brandon DOUGLAS Williams Lake, BC5:18.222523.19s

UCI: 13-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread

22 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11002Tharen MARKLEphoto Sidney, BC5:23.271-
bookmark21001Ethan SHANDROphoto North Vancouver, BC5:31.5728.30s
bookmark31003Seth SHERLOCKphoto Squamish, BCTeam Squamish5:41.56318.29s
 41016Jakob JEWETT Garibaldi Highlands, BC5:48.55425.28s
 51005Blake ROSS Auckland, New Zealand5:49.00525.73s
 61018Emmett HANCOCK Kelowna, BC5:58.60635.33s
 71013Drew MOZELL North Vancouver, BCWhistler Jr. Development Team6:02.58739.31s
 81009Dylan FYSH Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle6:03.57840.30s
 91007Tyler WALLACE North Vancouver, BC6:14.07950.80s
 101010Eric MILLEY Whistler, BC6:20.341057.07s
 111014Hayden ZABLOTNY Vernon, BC6:26.13111:02.86
 121011Grady FOCHUKphoto 150 Mile House, BC6:29.19121:05.92
 131006Colton SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse6:38.15131:14.88
 141004Luis ROHNER Williams Lake, BC6:38.57141:15.30
 151305Taylor MUNDEN Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company6:52.87151:29.60
 161020Sandy PHILLIPS Kamloops, BC7:11.94161:48.67
 171015Levi WHITMAN Kamloops, BC7:24.96172:01.69
 181017Ryder EAGLETON Rossland, BC7:48.54182:25.27
 191008Jackson STEED Kamloops, BC8:01.01192:37.74
 1021Max TACKphoto Port Moody, BCDNF
 1012Connor HOSKINS Calgary, ABGravitiDriven / KincillyDNS
 1019Ben CASWELL North Vancouver, BCDNS

UCI: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

24 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11201Adam WOODHOUSEphoto Anmore, BCC4 Rider Training5:21.721-
bookmark21214Ali CHAPPLE Chillwack, BCFVMBA5:34.07212.35s
bookmark31207Liam KAIN North Vancouver, BC5:39.74318.02s
 41206Connor CARSON Ladysmith, BCVan Isle United5:40.46418.74s
 51208Ethan FOLKMANN North Vancouver, BC5:47.25525.53s
 61215Travis ROESNER Fernie, BC5:48.87627.15s
 71220Dakota BOYER Calgary, AB5:49.02727.30s
 81209Eric HARTLEY Port Moody, BC5:50.55828.83s
 91210Nat MCGRATHphoto Invermere, BC5:51.92930.20s
 101204Brandon JOHNSON Chestermere, AB5:55.561033.84s
 111218Andrew HARGREAVES Calgary, ABBow Cycle DH5:59.361137.64s
 121202Christopher BORN Calgary, AB6:02.981241.26s
 131211Alek CAMPBELLphoto Prévost, QC6:04.911343.19s
 141223Abdellaziz ZOUAOUI Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles B Team6:06.911445.19s
 151224Cameron HALLIDAY Langley, BC6:11.081549.36s
 161219Dan VOS Hinton, ABBow Cycle DH6:17.391655.67s
 171217Ryan BANYSCH BCKnolly Bikes6:20.151758.43s
 181203Ash SOUTHERN Vancouver, BC6:21.98181:00.26
 191221Nicholas BARREAU Squamish, BC6:37.45191:15.73
 201216Callum CAMERON New Westminster, BC6:51.61201:29.89
 211222Curtis DOIRONphoto Calgary, AB7:30.46212:08.74
 1212Mark SACKNEY Calgary, ABBow Cycle DHDNS
 1213Rob CHAPMAN Okotoks, ABBow Cycle DHDNS
 1205Trevor ATTRIDGE Victoria, BCDNS

UCI: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1602Adam MANTLE Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles5:23.581-
bookmark2603Tom POWER Vancouver, BCDifferent Bikes5:33.78210.20s
bookmark3601Craig WILSON Whistler, BC5:39.69316.11s
 4605George AMOS North Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing5:48.63425.05s
 604Rob DAVIS Squamish, BCLimbinet RacingDNF

UCI: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1710Kurt LINDEMARK Squamish, BC5:59.781-
bookmark2702Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse5:59.9820.20s
bookmark3705Steve BOUCHER (1974)photo Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company6:03.5733.79s
 4707Doug CROOK Duncan, BCVan Isle United6:05.6045.82s
 5701Darren LARSON Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing6:13.84514.06s
 6704Kevin FOWLIE Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing6:19.57619.79s
 7706Tim SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse6:23.86724.08s
 8703Brett CARELS Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge Racing6:51.56851.78s
 9711Al EAGLETON Rossland, BC6:54.87955.09s
 708Jerrod HOSKINS Calgary, ABDNS
 709Dave STRATTON Courtenay, BCDNS

UCI: 50+ men  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1803Don VAN EESTEREN Brackendale, BC5:57.611-
bookmark2801Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse6:15.43217.82s
bookmark3804Mike WALLACE North Vancouver, BC6:15.92318.31s
 4802John NIHSNER Golden, BC6:16.47418.86s
 5805Ian RUDD Norh Vancouver, BC7:03.4051:05.79

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

9 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1410Lucas CRUZ Pemberton, BC5:22.781-
bookmark2405Logan VAN EESTEREN Squamish, BC5:26.1223.34s
bookmark3401Jessie MCAULEY Brackendale, BCCycling BC5:27.3634.58s
 4402Kael MARKLE Sidney, BC5:30.3847.60s
 5408Ian MILLEY Whistler, BC5:37.22514.44s
 6403Willem DENOUDEN Calgary, ABWinsport5:37.85615.07s
 7406Ben WALLACEphoto North Vancouver, BCFox / Intense / OGC5:38.97716.19s
 8409Keegan FRY Rossland, BC5:46.39823.61s
 9407Justin CLEMENTS Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle5:53.58930.80s

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

30 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1201Finn ILESphoto Whistler, BCB Sram / Specialized Gravity P5:01.041-
bookmark2203Magnus MANSON Sechelt, BCDEVINCI GLOBAL RACING5:03.5822.54s
bookmark3204Henry FITZGERALD West Vancouver, BCStevePeatSyndicate5:10.0439.00s
 4206Bracken CAMILLERIphoto Whistler, BC5:12.69411.65s
 5205Blake BUNTING Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training5:13.58512.54s
 6221Simon TELLIER Victoria, BCPro City Racing5:14.26613.22s
 7219Paul ROHNER Williams Lake, BC5:19.72718.68s
 8216Jesiah DYCK Abbotsford, BC5:21.60820.56s
 9220Jacob STEFIUK North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training5:22.51921.47s
 10222John WALKER Duncan, BC5:24.751023.71s
 11226Alex SILVERTHORNE Calgary, ABPedalhead Race Room5:29.791128.75s
 12224Caleb HARAPNUIK North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training5:30.711229.67s
 13212Cole MOONEY North Vancouver, BC5:31.211330.17s
 14218Braedon MCNICOL Calgary, ABWinsport5:32.381431.34s
 15230Noah BIRKKJAER Calgary, ABWinsport5:33.151532.11s
 16209Liam ROURKE Rawdon, QCCycles Performence5:35.911634.87s
 17202Adam ROBBINS London, ONEastern States Cup NA DH Team5:37.651736.61s
 18214Josh DZIWENKA Victoria, BC5:43.801842.76s
 19223Joshua MARANGONI Whistler, BC5:45.401944.36s
 20225Matthew COETSER Airdrie, ABWinsport5:45.672044.63s
 21227Alex AUGERphoto Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training5:50.222149.18s
 22210Cam QUADRELLIphoto BC5:51.012249.97s
 23217Joshua REGAN Calgary, ABWinsport5:54.932353.89s
 24213Willem ZWIERS Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 Rider Training5:56.842455.80s
 25211Jacob HOWITT North Vancouver, BC5:57.862556.82s
 26229Aidan MYHRE Williams Lake, BC6:00.552659.51s
 27208David LEMIEUX Canmore, AB6:00.902759.86s
 28215Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, AB6:05.25281:04.21
 29207Jack AYRTON Calgary, ABWinsport6:13.05291:12.01
 30228Mike MARKOV Markham, ON6:13.11301:12.07

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11112Max EDWARDS Whistler, BC5:49.421-
bookmark21113Logan MERRINGER Rossland, BC5:50.0420.62s
bookmark31108J.T. BJARNASON Fruitvale, BC6:04.24314.82s
 41107Marcus CANT Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company6:04.43415.01s
 51114Jackson HAREphoto Winfield, BC6:05.77516.35s
 61109Jacob BEECROFT Burnaby, BC6:10.15620.73s
 71116Jackson PHILLIPS Kamloops, BC6:19.18729.76s
 81102Mason SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse6:20.28830.86s
 91101Jack MAZURY Calgary, ABWinsport6:20.59931.17s
 101105Brayden STAFFORD Prince George, BC6:23.641034.22s
 111117Levi FEHLAUERphoto Abbotsford, BC6:30.591141.17s
 121106Rylan DYCK Calgary, AB6:57.02121:07.60
 131110Aiden BRUMMELHUIS Fruitvale, BC6:58.89131:09.47
 141111Alexander CHA (1) Calgary, ABWinsport7:09.02141:19.60
 151115Gavin DEVINE Mission, BC7:16.15151:26.73
 1103Aaron SIXSMITH Calgary, ABCalgary CycleDNF
 1104Grayden WHELAN Half Moon Bay, BCDNS

Sport: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11151Kolt HOYLE Pemberton, BC5:39.221-
bookmark21161Daniel FROESE North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training5:44.6325.41s
bookmark31160Owen HUNTERphoto Vancouver, BC5:57.06317.84s
 41154Kei NAKAI Whistler, BC5:57.58418.36s
 51163Nathan HARVEY Kamloops, BC6:01.85522.63s
 61153Ben THIRLWELLphoto Victoria, BCVan Isle United6:05.96626.74s
 71159Adrian LEE Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training6:11.97732.75s
 81157Jacob NEWKIRK Calgary, ABWinsport6:18.90839.68s
 91155Spencer COLETTI Prince George, BC6:19.00939.78s
 101152Owen O'BRIEN Heffley Creek, BC6:22.311043.09s
 111164Nikolas HALLETT Calgary, AB6:24.511145.29s
 121166Daniel NIKKEL Abbotsford, BC6:34.801255.58s
 131158Bryan MEIER Prince George, BC6:41.67131:02.45
 141156Morgan O'BRIEN Heffley Creek, BC6:47.05141:07.83
 151167Zane SIMMONDS Okotoks, ABgraviti driven / Knolly Bikes6:58.78151:19.56
 161162Lucas MOODY Calgary, AB7:03.99161:24.77
 171165Justin RENZ Abbotsford, BC10:53.23175:14.01

13-16 boys  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11303Kahleb BOSSON Grande Cache, AB6:31.401-
bookmark21304Riley HOLOWATIUKphoto Heffley Creek, BC6:39.4328.03s
bookmark31301Benton KILBA Heffley Creek, BC6:47.70316.30s
 41309Milton MCCONVILLE Port Moody, BC7:06.29434.89s
 51308Aidan BORTHWICK Delta, BC7:25.07553.67s
 61307Marco AUFSCHNAITER Blue River, BC9:34.8663:03.46
 1306Gabriel NERON Sun Peaks, BCDNS

17-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

16 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11409Wes BOOTH Kelowna, BC5:48.031-
bookmark21408Colton WIERSUM Anacortes, WA, USA5:48.9220.89s
bookmark31411Nicolas GAUTHIERphoto Chicoutimi, QC5:58.36310.33s
 41420Stephen SCHWARZphoto Kamloops, BC6:06.02417.99s
 51410Christopher GOETZ Merritt, BC6:09.91521.88s
 61406Mark BOE Maple Ridge, BC6:14.65626.62s
 71414Cory KENNELL Kamloops, BC6:17.92729.89s
 81407Luke LORENZ Coquitlam, BC6:18.00829.97s
 91413Félix GAGNON Whistler, BC6:31.29943.26s
 101405David SYMONS Anmore, BC6:47.531059.50s
 111401Masaya FUJIMORA Whistler, BC7:06.31111:18.28
 121412Josh CARNEGIE Kamloops, BC7:09.98121:21.95
 131352Tristin SINCLAIR Nakusp, BC7:10.85131:22.82
 141419Jason REDDY Aldergrove, BCBurnaby Velodrome Club7:19.75141:31.72
 151415Kaegan MURPHYphoto Vernon, BC7:23.07151:35.04
 161403Brad ANDERSON Chase, BC7:40.60161:52.57

30+ men  dialpad View finish spread

15 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11601Trevor BURKE Squamish, BC5:31.651-
bookmark21611Kevin BARTKOWSKI Prince George, BC5:39.0527.40s
bookmark31606Freddy TUCKEY Calgary, AB5:55.52323.87s
 41609Gene HAMILTON Moab, UT, USA6:02.30430.65s
 51302Greg FRANSON New Westminster, BC6:09.79538.14s
 61615Devin KNOPFphoto Revelstoke, BCBicycle Café6:12.82641.17s
 71610Pete ZABLOTNY Vernon, BC6:13.43741.78s
 81604Steve WONG North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse6:24.14852.49s
 91612Tyler MERRINGER Rossland, BCRevolution Cycles Rossland6:34.1591:02.50
 101603Steve SHERLOCK Squamish, BC6:36.81101:05.16
 111608Justin DRINNAN Vernon, BC6:48.79111:17.14
 121613Brent HANCOCK Kelowna, BC7:03.27121:31.62
 131602Dave MACDONALDphoto Calgary, AB7:11.29131:39.64
 141607George TERWIEL Heffley Creek, BC7:58.58142:26.93
 1605Justin SHEEHY Kamloops, BCDNS



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1101Miranda MILLER Squamish, BC5:44.721-
bookmark2104Georgia ASTLEphoto Whistler, BC5:47.8923.17s
bookmark3103Claire BUCHAR Whistler, BC5:47.9533.23s
 4107Vaea VERBEECKphoto North Vancouver, BC5:53.0948.37s
 5105Jaime HILL Brackendale, BC5:58.36513.64s
 6106Michelle GRIFFITHSphoto Winlaw, BC6:06.68621.96s
 111Nicole SOULSBY North Vancouver, BCDNF

UCI: 13-14 girls

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11051Bailey GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC7:20.181-

UCI: 15-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1302Stephanie DENROCHE Whistler, BCC4 Rider Training6:23.201-
bookmark2304Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BCLiv Giant6:40.58217.38s
 501Piper ALLMAN Sooke, BCDNS

UCI: 19-29 women  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11252Savannah GLENNIEphoto Courtenay, BC6:33.701-
bookmark21251Laurie CITYNSKI Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse6:35.8622.16s
bookmark31253Ruth DYCKphoto Williams Lake, BC6:48.21314.51s

UCI: 30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1902Dannielle OSWELL Kamloops, BCRippers Lounge Racing6:58.591-
bookmark2903Crystal TOWNSEND Vernon, BCMuddbunnies Riding7:07.3128.72s

13-16 girls

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11351Brianna KELLY Pritchard, BC8:26.891-

17-29 women  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11453Michelle PITTAM West Vancouver, BC6:54.641-
bookmark21452Jinny DONOVANphoto Williams Lake, BC7:08.89214.25s
bookmark31451Anne BUTTERS 150 Mile House, BC7:57.4431:02.80
 41404Skylar CAMILLE Barrierie, BC8:00.3741:05.73

30+ women  dialpad View finish spread

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark11501Cheryl BEATTIE Kamloops, BCBicycle Café7:13.851-
bookmark21503Caroline ROUSSELLE Rossland, BC7:19.6025.75s
bookmark31502Kelly KOZEVNIKOV Heffley Creek, BC7:19.6335.78s


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