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Gender Both

Elite men

10 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark11Duncan FERRISphoto_library 1st
bookmark23Luke CRYERphoto_library 2nd
bookmark344Jack HUDSONphoto_library 44 Racing Rockstar3rd
 4184Will EVANS (exp)photo_library 4th
 526Alex METCALFEphoto_library 1st-B
 622Davi ROBERTSphoto_library 2nd-B
 742Will SOFFEphoto 3rd-B
 8101Charlie CURRIE °photo_library 4th-B
 970Connor HUDSONphoto_library 44 Racing Rockstar
 1018Daniel WAGSTAFFphoto

° Rider racing out of category

10-12 boys

9 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1242Tyler PARTRIDGEphoto_library 1st
bookmark2240Louie PARTRIDGEphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3284Fin HUDSONphoto_library 3rd
 4363Reuben MILLS 4th
 5262William CHATERphoto 1st-B
 6300George MADLEYphoto 2nd-B
 7211Luke MADLEYphoto_library 3rd-B
 8295Jack HOAREphoto 4th-B
 9281Felix WHETTER

13-14 boys

4 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1259William FUELLphoto_library
bookmark2204Will MILLSphoto_library
bookmark3210Ruben MASIphoto_library
 4308Rhys MAHON

15-16 boys

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1400Oscar POWELL (jun)photo 1st
bookmark2192Finlay KEOGH DBS2nd
bookmark3360Tom BELL (jun)photo_library 3rd
 4254Lewis GIDDINGSphoto 4th
 5309Alex PIPER DBS

19-29 men

10 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark192Ben JONES (4x)photo_library 1st
bookmark224Lewis ASHEphoto 2nd
bookmark321Tom BURCHphoto_library 3rd
 4392Joseph PRESSWOOD 4th
 599Matthew WILSON (4x)photo_library 1st-B
 655Mike HAYWARDphoto_library 2nd-B
 735Alastair KEENphoto_library 3rd-B
 868Mop HEAD 4th-B
 923Oliver CULLEN
 1095James FERRANDphoto_library

30+ men

8 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark184Lee FEERYphoto_library 1st
bookmark2264Jason JESSOPphoto_library 2nd
bookmark3322Michael DEWSNAPphoto_library 3rd
 466David JAQUINphoto 4th
 5267Simon RICKETTphoto_library 1st-B
 6377Neil HARBOUR 2nd-B
 7374John LORDphoto 3rd-B
 8250Andrew CALLANDphoto_library 4th-B

Fun men

7 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark1283Zac HUDSONphoto 1st
bookmark2287Robert BEARDphoto 2nd
bookmark3265Jan STOCKLEYphoto 3rd
 4214Robert GRAHAMphoto 4th
 5275Alec BELLphoto_library 1st-B
 6285Simon LOEBER-HUGHESphoto DBS2nd-B
 7279Ian VELLENDER 3rd-B



Open women

5 competitors found
Pos BibNameSponsorsFinal
bookmark13Heather KAYphoto_library 1st
bookmark2282Rona STRIVENSphoto_library 2nd
bookmark35Hannah ESCOTTphoto_library 3rd
 4302Claire CALLANDphoto_library 4th
 5271Melanie NICEphoto_library
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