2011 Pro GRT round 1 at Port Angeles, WA

(2011 NW Cup, Round 1)

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91 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st53Danny HART (elt) GBR19910920Newbury Park, CAGiant Factory Off Road Team2:50.0412:50.071-
emoji_events2nd29Andrew NEETHLING RSA19840805Newbury Park, CAGiant Factory Off Road Team2:51.5132:52.4822.41s
emoji_events3rd26Duncan RIFFLE USA19861029Santa Barbara, CAGiant Factory Off Road Team2:51.3922:55.1935.12s
 4th63Richie RUDE 209311Golden, COYeti Fox National Team3:01.30212:56.4346.36s
 5th3Bryn ATKINSON 120462Ferndale, WATransition Bikes2:52.1242:57.0556.98s
 6th97Mikey SYLVESTRI 288977Truckee, CASpecialized Allride Academy3:01.64222:57.9267.85s
 7th59Dean TENNANT CAN19880928Victoria, BCDevinci / Dunbar Cycles / Elka2:56.6482:58.3478.27s
 8th79Cody WARREN 160802Alpine, CADRD / Intense / X-Fusion3:00.66182:58.9288.85s
 9th62Tyler IMMER 276049Golden, COYeti Fox National Team2:59.30132:59.1899.11s
 10th58Mitch ROPELATO 240150Ogden, UTSPS North America2:56.3872:59.76109.69s
 11th17Curtis KEENE 112383Capitola, CASpecialized Gravity2:58.24103:00.501110.43s
 12th4Luke STROBEL 181052Issaquah, WAMS Evil3:01.91243:01.261211.19s
 13th41Chris HEATH 177708Henderson, NVKHS Bicycles Inc2:59.75143:01.281311.21s
 14th5Lars STERNBERG 185357Ferndale, WATransition Bikes2:57.7993:01.351411.28s
 15th52Jason MEMMELAAR 161139Chester, NYDRD / Intense / X-Fusion3:05.03373:01.431511.36s
 16th66Andrew MITCHELL CAN19870813Victoria, BCDevinci / Dunbar Cycles / Elka2:59.15123:01.681611.61s
 17th60Shaun O'CONNOR AUS19910713Golden, COYeti Fox Factory Team2:59.87153:01.771711.70s
 18th1Kyle THOMAS 262613Issaquah, WADiamondback Factory Racing3:10.27593:02.021811.95s
 19th47Remi GAUVIN CAN19920616Nanoose Bay, BCDevinci / PerformX3:02.13263:02.761912.69s
 20th68Ethan QUEHL 175816Grayson, GAJudge Racing / Oakley / TLD3:04.18323:02.932012.86s
 21st43Kevin AIELLO 245409Henderson, NVKHS Bicycles Inc3:01.86233:03.092113.02s
 22nd18Bradley BENEDICT 198527Morgan Hill, CASpecialized Gravity3:01.02193:03.542213.47s
 23rd92Chris DEL BOSCO 279969Vail, COCove3:04.29343:03.602313.53s
 24th51Ryan VANDERHAM CAN19900319North Vancouver, BCRocky Mountain Factory Team3:04.21333:03.952413.88s
 24th28Brian BUELL 218052Jamestown, COBanshee / Team Geronimo4:09.80883:03.952413.88s
 26th78J.D. SWANGUEN 175203San Diego, CADRD / Intense / X-Fusion3:03.93293:04.772614.70s
 27th38Derek TEEL 250236Roseville, CARace Brain / Team Teel2:59.08113:05.312715.24s
 28th61Jared GRAVES AUS119545Golden, COYeti Fox Factory Team2:55.4563:05.782815.71s
 29th54Jake PAYNE 258323Placentia, CA3:04.17313:05.822915.75s
 30th22Evan TURPEN 175124Aptos, CATransition Bikes3:02.75273:06.193016.12s
 31st36Tyler ALLISON CAN19920401Whistler, BCGoPro / Marzocchi3:01.94253:06.393116.32s
 32nd49John KEEP 251434Ramona, CATurner Dark Horse Racing3:04.71363:06.453216.38s
 33rd15Logan MULALLY 247832Reading, PAGROM / Specialized3:06.05393:06.493316.42s
 34th87David CAMP 0189468Port Orchard, WA3:11.07623:06.563416.49s
 35th95Charlie SPONSEL 230753Lake Oswego, ORTransition Bikes3:04.57353:06.583516.51s
 36th80Dan SIMS 500142Auckland, NZ3:08.89543:06.753616.68s
 37th34Eric LONEY 230743Longview, WAOne / Project 529 / Santa Cruz / SRAM3:09.61573:06.833716.76s
 38th99Matt ORLANDO 0295526Bellingham, WACove / NW Riders Clothing3:44.03863:07.063816.99s
 39th64Chris BOICE 215006Golden, COYeti Fox National Team3:01.26203:07.133917.06s
 40th14Brian MULLEN 278779Bellingham, go to site / Kona3:04.09303:07.874017.80s
 41st76Adam MANTLE CAN19840511Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:07.67453:08.904118.83s
 41st25Leif LORENZEN 0168141Croton, NYBeacon Cycles / Kona3:07.72463:08.904118.83s
 43rd40Logan BINGGELI 213148Henderson, NVKHS Bicycles Inc3:05.80383:08.934318.86s
 44th70Jared HOBBS 104216Portland, ORRiver City / Viso3:08.86533:09.294419.22s
 45th56Bryson MARTIN Jr. 295629Castaic, CAGoPro / Marzocchi / Oakley / Shimano3:00.06173:09.554519.48s
 46th12Tim PRICE 194155Great Falls, WAGROM / Specialized3:10.43603:09.744619.67s
 47th404Kevin BARTKOWSKI CAN19841024Whistler, BC3:03.29283:09.754719.68s
 48th65Elliot JACKSON 297858Golden, COYeti Fox National Team2:54.7853:09.814819.74s
 49th403Arthur BABCOCK 0312428Fulton, NYOne Ghost Industries3:23.32823:10.554920.48s
 50th30Jess PEDERSEN 186232Heber City, UTTeam Geronimo3:12.69713:10.575020.50s
 51st16Josh BROWN 283594Kings Beach, CASanta Cruz Alliance3:13.72743:10.725120.65s
 52nd57Harold WOOLNOUGH 78962Vancouver, BCCove2:59.88163:10.805220.73s
 53rd72Bradley KING 258129La Quinta, CADRD / Intense / X-Fusion3:09.45563:10.825320.75s
 54th75Graeme PITTS 232939Nevada City, CATurner Dark Horse Racing3:07.53433:10.975420.90s
 55th44Alexander MCGUINNIS 945733Portland, ORTeam Krunk Shox3:06.58413:11.525521.45s
 56th400Evan GILSDORF 247503Sammamish, WADownhill Zone Racing3:06.62423:13.005622.93s
 57th407Aaron DOBIE 79182Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:12.11683:13.025722.95s
 58th11Blair REED 201148Boulder, CO5mac Innovations / Mojo Wheels3:13.77753:13.365823.29s
 59th84Ryan EGUSQUIZA 0293799Nirth Hills, CARock Garden3:12.10673:13.555923.48s
 60th74Rob VENABLES CAN19741231Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:07.56443:13.626023.55s
 61st19Amado STACHENFELD 209079Berkeley, go to site3:12.24703:14.006123.93s
 62nd91Evan GEANKOPLIS 290045Sacramento, CASanta Cruz Alliance3:09.14553:14.676224.60s
 63rd408Ross ROSEINGRAVE 79023Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:08.42483:14.876324.80s
 64th81Kenneth JORGENSEN 277401Goleta, CAOpen Air Bicycles3:08.49493:14.976424.90s
 65th406Adam RANSAVAGE 292661North Bend, WAEvil Bikes3:11.66663:15.486525.41s
 66th37Tim MANGINI 249448Benicia, CAChromag / O'Neal / Wheels in Motion3:09.62583:16.276626.20s
 67th20Bobby LANGIN Jr. 241629Moorpark, CA3:14.69763:16.346726.27s
 68th45Lear MILLER 0221501Sedona, CABanshee / Team Geronimo3:16.816826.74s
 69th55Sam POWERS 254261Lyons, COGoPro / Intense / Marzocchi / Pro-Tec3:08.70513:17.016926.94s
 70th409Bryan CRUM 114586Spokane, WAMonster / Natural Born Do / Utopia Optics3:20.95803:17.267027.19s
 71st90Michael NASH 277198Auburn, WA3:06.38403:17.507127.43s
 72nd67Heikki HALL 117452Durango, COE13 / the hive3:11.09633:17.917227.84s
 73rd88Josh STARK 245787Carnation, WADownhiill Zone / Elka3:11.34643:18.307328.23s
 74th27Michael BUELL 202502Nederland, COBanshee / Team Geronimo3:08.34473:18.327428.25s
 75th94Tyler GILSDORF 228041Sammamish, WADownhill Zone Racing3:16.29793:19.007528.93s
 76th83Phillip KMETZ 0139600Keene, NHFTW Industries3:10.63613:19.107629.03s
 77th71Jesse JACKSON 204139Portland, ORRiver City / Viso3:14.99783:20.917730.84s
 78th31Evan BISSELL 285537Chico, CAThunderbringers3:22.72813:21.827831.75s
 79th402Spenser MEHR 321450St George, UTRed Rock Bikes3:13.09723:24.077934.00s
 80th100Jerry KNIGHT 252778Seattle, WABig Tree Bikes4:07.26873:26.558036.48s
 81st96Dean ABRAMS 268152Newbury Prk, CACanfield Brothers3:12.20693:26.918136.84s
 82nd24Ryan GARDNER 295562Marlboro, NYBeacon Cycles / Kona / ODI / SDG3:14.93773:31.128241.05s
 83rd48Guillaume LAFLEUR-SMITH CAN19911031Granby, QCElka Suspension3:26.97833:31.488341.41s
 84th405Dan GODARD 6254239Waynesville, MOCobb / Mojo Wheels3:40.78853:31.668441.59s
 85th401Keith THOMPSON 35447Issiquah, WAWheel Sport EAST3:08.72523:58.19851:08.12
 86th13Shawn NEER 203249Arvada, COMojo Wheels3:13.70736:55.79864:05.72
 87th32Kyle WARNER 303746Chico, CACanfield Brothers3:11.42658:26.31875:36.24
 35Danny FREY CAN19920316Drayton Valley, ABMarzocchi / The Sect3:08.6250DNS
 410Nathan HOCH 171210Seattle, WABig Trees Bikes / Rock Mountain3:33.6984DNS
 39Trevor TRINKINO 242852Evergreen, CORPM / YetiDNSDNS
 85Robert STENSON 279077Woodinville, WADainese / Deity / Dirt CorpsDNSDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st182Austin WARREN 291587Alpine, CADRD / Intense / X-Fusion3:01.3913:04.051-
emoji_events2nd181Mark WALLACE Duncan, BCExperience Cycling3:05.5023:05.7221.67s
emoji_events3rd184Christian WRIGHT 234304Auburn, CACommencal / Ex Drinks / Marzocchi3:05.7833:08.7734.72s
 4th179Adam KRAL 78973Cobble Hill, BCGoPro / Marty's Mountain Cycle3:08.2143:09.6145.56s
 5th132Max HORNER CAN19930116Whistler, BCDevinci / Marzocchi3:09.5153:10.3956.34s
 6th289Nikolas DUDUKOVICH 305595Port Matilda, PAOne Ghost Industries3:10.7373:12.5268.47s
 7th147Kevin LITTLEFIELD 311006Auburn, WABig Tree Bikes / Yeti3:17.34133:15.30711.25s
 8th185Jonathan ALLYN 310191Kent, WABig Tree3:12.4483:17.38813.33s
 9th312Kole WETHERELL 310603Clatskanie, ORProject 5293:17.47153:17.40913.35s
 10th159Parker DEGRAY 217135Park City, go to site3:13.0593:18.521014.47s
 11th180Grant LESTOCK-KAY Mill Bay, BCChromag / Marty's Mountain Cycle3:09.8463:19.061115.01s
 12th170Lucas COWAN 310952San Diego, CABikeworks3:17.98173:19.491215.44s
 13th321Nikolas CLARKE 334728Redmond, WADirt Corps / Fox / Gregg's Cycles3:22.44193:20.131316.08s
 14th200Blake BRYANT 295176Sequim, WA6613:17.82163:21.541417.49s
 15th145Steven BALDOCK 304831Nevada City, CANorthstar at Tahoe3:24.41213:22.081518.03s
 16th198Kiran MACKINNON 298817Aromas, CAGamut / Max / Santa Cruz / TLD3:13.14103:22.291618.24s
 17th194Trevor PARSON 306082Everson, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:13.18113:22.931718.88s
 18th164Conrad CULLENEY 318536Livermore, CATurner Dark Horse Racing3:27.87283:24.671820.62s
 19th165Brandan BOHL 318538Livermore, CATurner Dark Horse Racing3:13.31123:24.761920.71s
 20th281Trevor THEW CAN19930617Duncan, BCPro City Racing / Race Face3:18.63183:27.582023.53s
 21st103Harrison ORY 230690Denver, COMojo Wheels3:22.64203:27.942123.89s
 22nd173Alexander PFIFFNER 303088Portland, ORGoPro3:26.98273:28.312224.26s
 23rd110Teo BRADBURY 321942Crested Butte, COGiant3:26.29253:30.332326.28s
 24th301Austin HACKETT-KLAUBE 294146Dillon, COTrek / Wolf Rock Racing3:24.88233:30.672426.62s
 25th190Gaelen HARRISON 345800Monroe, ORFlow Cup Racing / Venti's Cafe3:26.32263:33.742529.69s
 26th144Mylan SMITH 279218Vancouver, WABad Monkey Bikes / Northwest Ma3:43.19313:34.262630.21s
 27th106Matt BRANNEY 219366Highlands Ranch, CORPM / Yeti3:33.76293:34.292730.24s
 28th104David RENNE 257929Littleton, COMOJO Whelles3:24.81223:43.852839.80s
 29th125Conner MISHALANIE 264407Kirkland, WAGrizzly Sports / Rotec CyclesDNS3:45.412941.36s
 30th225Jack HILL 293720Eugene, ORNorthwest Riders / Roots Racing3:44.52323:49.713045.66s
 31st171Cody KELLEY 264805Riverton, UTCafe Rio / Enve / Specialized3:17.34133:59.773155.72s
 32nd122Bret GILKEY 294889Woodinville, WAOne Ghost Industries3:40.07304:15.49321:11.44
 157Austin BENGE 280063Angwin, WABenge Racing3:25.5224DNS

Pro: 35+ men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st42Quinton SPAULDING 165835Henderson, NVKHS Bicycles Inc3:16.091-
emoji_events2nd424Matt PATTERSON 231152Snoqualmie, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles / NoTubes / Trek3:20.1424.05s
emoji_events3rd294Jason MOON Kelso, WABoonedog Bikes3:22.6136.52s
 4th77John PITTON 214418Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:23.5047.41s
 5th33Joel ARMSTRONG Vancouver, WA1966Fox / River City3:32.82516.73s

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

47 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st142Michael DANIELS (pro) 263622Santa Clarita, CA3:03.711-
emoji_events2nd134Ryan GAGNON 297032Valencia, CAROYAL Urge Smith Marzocchi3:06.1222.41s
emoji_events3rd224Jason SAMS 0294576Bellingham, go to site / Prospect Street Cafe3:07.0333.32s
 4th140Corey HATCH 344132Castaic, CACorey Hatch3:10.8547.14s
 5th272Evan CHOLTCO-DEVLIN 208539Seattle, WAContour3:15.26511.55s
 6th253Rhys EWING 286964Eugene, ORLifecycle Bike Shop / Roots Racing3:15.95612.24s
 7th256Eben KIEHL 287787Redmond, WAMarzocchi / Team Mukai / Total Bike Tuning3:16.24712.53s
 8th255Douglas FRENCH 293104Rimrock, AZMojo Wheels / Royal / Spy3:16.42812.71s
 9th202Owen DUDLEY 312452Lynden, go to site / Prospect St. Cafe3:16.57912.86s
 10th284Dexter ROBSON CAN19920707Salt Spring Island, BCIntense / Outdoor Gear Canada3:17.171013.46s
 11th344Ben PORTEOUS CAN19900320Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:18.231114.52s
 12th337Trevor LOUVIERE 198696Covington, WAGHY3:18.321214.61s
 13th199Nick MARVIK 341988Bellingham, go to site / NW Riders Clothing3:18.971315.26s
 14th329Hans ELDRIDGE 193583Kingston, WAKicker Audio / MRP / Silverdale Cycles3:21.011417.30s
 15th335Brent VAN FOSSEN 344700Seattle, WAThe Company3:22.161518.45s
 16th299Mason SOWDON 278782Anacortes, WAFanatik Bike Co. / Treelines3:22.381618.67s
 17th228Andrew FRINK 244580Redmond, WAMojo Wheels3:22.511718.80s
 18th119Mac LAWS 291167Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co. / Fit Adventure / Shuttle Nuts Bike Racks3:22.581818.87s
 19th298Victor SMITH Anacortes, WAHidden Wave3:23.141919.43s
 20th258Derek BATCHELDER 295175Beaverton, ORNorth West Max / Orange3:23.862020.15s
 21st227Patrick HUNTER 293359Bellingham, WAProspect Street Cafe / Walk The Ani3:24.122120.41s
 22nd314Anthony LEONARDUZZI 303673Snoqualmie, WASZY / Team Raw / Transition Bikes3:25.482221.77s
 23rd320Erik HATCH 314008Reno, NVGiant O'neal / Northstar3:26.202322.49s
 24th295Clinton GOULD CAN19910421Brackendale, BCHB Productions3:26.432422.72s
 25th341Alan THOMPSON 320584Salem, ORFlow Cup Racing / Venti's Cafe3:26.532522.82s
 26th141Billy ONCEA 244339Saugus, ORTeam CRBTM3:26.792623.08s
 27th304Cameron HOEFER 302528Kenmore, WADirt Corps3:27.202723.49s
 28th342Jesse RANSAVAGE 303895North Bend, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles3:28.972825.26s
 29th155Kris CHRISTENSEN 259558Kirkland, WAMojo Wheels3:29.212925.50s
 30th292Wood SKINNER 294580Hermiston, ORCove3:29.803026.09s
 31st195Shane WISE 309928Everson, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:30.813127.10s
 32nd336Nolan RICHARDS 338330Sammamish, WABroken Spoke Racing3:31.313227.60s
 33rd117Westley LAWS 342826Bainbridge Island, WAShuttle Nuts Bike Racks3:32.933329.22s
 34th340Chris FARM 230744Salem, ORFlow Cup Racing / Venti's Cafe3:33.683429.97s
 35th169Matt PUZEL 279060San Diego, CABikeworks3:35.523531.81s
 36th345Nick WEINSTEIN 279959Bellevue, WAMTNside Bikes3:36.113632.40s
 37th235Alex ZBARAZKY 283841Mountlake Terrace, WADWB / Recycled Cycles3:36.793733.08s
 38th324Jeff MOCERI 344032Covington, WAPacific Mobile Racing3:38.603834.89s
 39th334Clinton OVERMAN 292852Bellingham, WA3:43.663939.95s
 40th162Hans KEISLER 232089Aptos, CATurner Dark Horse Racing3:45.904042.19s
 41st113Bryan KIEFFER 100849Puyallup, WATeam Psycho3:49.454145.74s
 42nd175Ryan VAN NOY 338612Portland, ORFluid / TLD3:55.754252.04s
 43rd112Jess KIEFFER 100850Puyallup, WAAzonic / EVS / Foes / Team Psycho4:44.65431:40.94
 158Colby BENGE 295626Angwin, CABenge RacingDNS
 -Colin MCCARTHY B0169640Eugene, ORRoots RacingDNS
 153Evan PALMER 277862Bellingham, go to siteDNS
 151Eric AUCHMAN 343414Lacey, WAThe Broken SpokeDNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st302Tyler EARNHEART 0293240Bellingham, go to site / Prospect Street Cafe3:10.071-
emoji_events2nd196Jonathan CARD 287932Silverthorne, CO3:10.6020.53s
emoji_events3rd143Max MILLER 281440Portland, ORNorthWestMax-Knolly Bikes3:16.7336.66s
 4th148Nathan MARSH 199663Bonney Lake, WAProject 529 / Santa Cruz Bik / SRAM3:16.9946.92s
 5th121Sean TRACY 236316Santa Rosa, CAThunderbringers3:17.3057.23s
 6th189Nick HARDIN Hood River, ORTeam Dirty Fingers3:23.34613.27s
 7th323R.D. WATTERS 286366Bellingham, WAAzonic / Fanatik Bike Co. / Schwalbe3:23.38713.31s
 8th177Scott KEMP 191554Shoreline, WAGravity Contour factory3:26.73816.66s
 9th176Jeff REES 93452Spokane, WAThe Bike Hub3:26.83916.76s
 10th310Travis ERICKSON 228147Seattle, WAGHY / go to site3:27.451017.38s
 11th166Leo BROCK 293594Bonney Lake, WA3:28.331118.26s
 12th250Eric BROWN (spt) 347698Bellingham, WAHigh Life / Whatcom Trails Co-op3:29.791219.72s
 13th311Andrew KNOTT 312446Enumclaw, WAGHY3:31.411321.34s
 14th126Tristyn DUERR 265439Snohomish, WADirt Corps / NoTubes / Trek3:34.381424.31s
 15th379Brett TOMKY 228148Seattle, WADWB / Recycled Cycles3:37.061526.99s
 16th313Ben DIXON 164690Issaquah, WATeam Raw3:37.241627.17s
 17th367Adam CRAIG Bellingham, WAGrove Street Racing3:37.321727.25s
 18th303Ryan FINNEGAN Seattle, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles3:43.291833.22s
 19th191Stephen ZVORSKY 167804Simi Valley, CAOxygen4Energy / Z-Racing3:48.701938.63s
 20th326Jeff MCAULEY 173733Poulsbo, WASilverdale Cyclery3:51.902041.83s
 260Sam BURKHART 94281Bellingham, WATransition BikesDNS

Cat 1: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st120Brian SOLEM 33432Kirkland, WALucus Orillius / Technologikill3:19.001-
emoji_events2nd275Bryan CONNOLLY 85868Kent, WAPacific Mobile Racing3:27.1428.14s
emoji_events3rd282Chris BENTLEY 199389Fall City, WAByrne Invent / FSA3:27.2538.25s
 4th339Bryan GIOIA CAN19680430Port Moody, BCKaraleen Westmoreland3:29.17410.17s
 5th343Rich DENSMORE 198986Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:33.61514.61s
 6th318Greg SATTERFIELD 335388Puyallup, WAArby's / Center Cycle3:36.96617.96s
 7th139Todd OLSON 163220Welches, ORTeam Krunk Shox3:39.07720.07s
 8th315Shawn FOLEY Snoqualmie, WATzam Raw3:39.30820.30s
 9th203Jerry SOUTHWORTH 283597Black Diamond, WAGHY3:41.21922.21s
 10th420Mike ESTES 263896Hood River, OR3:42.621023.62s
 11th316Andy VOIGHT 269429Seattle, WADWB / Recycled Cycles3:45.051126.05s
 12th192Brad DELZER 137087Gresham, ORShiloh Cyclery3:48.171229.17s
 13th108James GILLESPIE 215566Golden, COMojo Wheels3:48.271329.27s
 14th322Bari STOCKTON 279345Carson, WAConti Tires / Discover Bicycles / MRP3:50.021431.02s
 15th259Kevin KELLY 145132Kirkland, WA3:54.541535.54s
 16th105Todd HOOD 270990Peyton, COMojo Wheels4:07.061648.06s
 358David OVERMAN 329600Vancouver, WATeam StumptownDNF
 -Monty PRICE Kelso, WAHighlander CycleDNS
 243Dugan CRITTENDEN 329210Seattle, WAUvexDNS
 356Darrell JAMIESON 230745Lacenter, WAYetiDNS
 293Shawn SINSKIE 281433Port Angeles, WADNS

Cat 1: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st163Ali MORTEZACI 139465Folsom, CATurner Dark Horse Racing4:08.421-
emoji_events2nd239George SMITH (west) 258930Longview, WA529 / 661 / No Fear / Spy4:19.99211.57s
emoji_events3rd352Doug MINOR 191557Nine Mile Falls, WABicycle Butler / Yeti4:24.99316.57s
 4th229Arnold MUKAI 150045Issaquah, WATBT Racing / Team Mukai4:30.74422.32s

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st384Nic RODGERS 78463Delta, BCDelta bikes3:19.921-
emoji_events2nd261Joseph RAGER II 292284Amboy, WAAzonic / Commencal / Hayes / ODI3:34.42214.50s
emoji_events3rd207Ben GORE Bellevue, WA3:44.47324.55s
 4th357Chase JAMIESON 295632Lacenter, WAYeti4:13.51453.59s

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st217Chris YOUNG Renton, WAPacific Mobile Racing2:57.091-
emoji_events2nd187Dillon EMTMAN Kent, WAN.I.M.3:05.1128.02s
emoji_events3rd204Travis MOROZ Black Diamond, WABlack Diamond Family Racing3:05.3138.22s
 4th266Nicholas ANZALONE 309355Battle Ground, WAparents3:07.18410.09s
 5th115Nico ROLAND Portland, OR3:08.14511.05s
 6th270Stuart GOLD Redmond, WALive Day 13:10.23613.14s
 7th114Anders COOK Lake Oswego, OROne Ghost Industries3:15.07717.98s
 8th354Matt HARDWICK CAN19950202New Westminster, BCC4 Racing3:16.13819.04s
 9th396Kye REFVEM Fall City, WADirt Corps3:16.25919.16s
 10th319Dan HARMON 346168Bainbridge Island, WAClassic Cycle Bainbridge Island3:17.041019.95s
 11th268Joshua RANDALL Redmond, WA3:17.161120.07s
 12th355Bradley ELLIOTT CAN19960713New Westminster, BC3:17.861220.77s
 13th210Kendall SMITH 345228Summerville, OR2 uncles racing3:21.671324.58s
 14th167Mitch DAVIS 244772Maple Valley, WABroken Spoke Racing3:24.051426.96s
 15th363Stephen CLEMENSON Bellingham, WAC3O23:24.111527.02s
 16th218Ryan MILLER (cat1) 310272Auburn, WAByrne Invent / Jet City Velo3:28.431631.34s
 17th246Emmet WILLIAMS Fall City, WA3:35.581738.49s
 18th368Kameron VANDERPOL Lynden, WAVanderPol3:37.131840.04s
 19th174Brad KELLEY (u18) Enumclaw, WA3:38.711941.62s
 20th274Sam SAIMO Snoqualmie, WADirt Corps3:43.962046.87s
 21st348Ben MACMILLAN Snoqualmie, WADirt Corps4:36.97211:39.88
 -Tyler RUA Washougal, WAHighlander bike shop / uncleDNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st391Lucas CHALCRAFT Bonney Lake, WAGHY2:57.051-
emoji_events2nd230Alex COCCO 322850Kirkland, go to site / University of Oregon2:58.4121.36s
emoji_events3rd297Justin FELDHAUS Bellingham, WADemon Dirt / go to site3:00.3033.25s
 4th123Lance HEIM 310660Seattle, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles3:01.9944.94s
 5th154Jason PORTER Bellingham, WADrop n' Zone!!!!3:04.6457.59s
 6th328Brendan BOYER Seattle, WAUW Sport-Biking3:05.3368.28s
 7th183Brian DAVISON Ferndale, WA3:05.8878.83s
 8th138Cory YALOWICKI Lynnwood, WAThis space for sale3:06.2889.23s
 9th374Jesse SCHULTE Renton, WAPacific Mobile Racing3:07.20910.15s
 10th347D.J. MONTGOMERY 345942Washougal, WA3:07.501010.45s
 11th376Zach CROFT Arlington, WAPacific Mobile Racing3:07.581110.53s
 12th371Paris GORE Seattle, WAWheel Sport EAST3:07.951210.90s
 13th291Kyle VASSEUR Seattle, WAAlki Bike & Board3:09.141312.09s
 14th223Brian TUCKER Seattle, WATeam My Little Pony3:09.771412.72s
 15th133Trae WOODFORK Saugus, WAO'Neal3:12.851515.80s
 16th269Matt RITTER Renton, WA3:13.731616.68s
 17th146Brian SAHLIN Auburn, WA3:14.761717.71s
 18th370Alex ELEY 289633Steilacoom, WAThe Bike Hub Racing3:15.491818.44s
 19th290Mathew RUSSELL Seattle, WAAlki Bike & Board3:17.771920.72s
 20th327Evan MARQUARDT Seattle, WAUW Sport-Biking3:22.512025.46s
 21st137Ryan ERNST Portland, WACCP3:23.442126.39s
 22nd346David PAGE-STARR Oxford, UK3:25.502228.45s
 23rd378Bobby MARSEE Bellingham, WA3:25.832328.78s
 24th244Alastair COX Portland, ORWeston Integrated Technologies3:31.622434.57s
 25th360Jay SLAVIN Issaquah, WATMC3:34.562537.51s
 26th393Eric PROSCH-JENSEN 326862Kirkland, WABeaver Basher Racing3:37.632640.58s
 27th116Mike RICE Puyallup, WATeam Psycho3:38.072741.02s
 28th236Dustin ROGERS 344758Snoqualmie, WA3:39.992842.94s
 29th325Steve WESTENHISER Pacific, WAAzo / GoPro / Leatt / Monster3:48.062951.01s
 -Bobby TERRY 207269Bellingham, WAEarls bike shopDNS
 160Chase LORENSEN Seattle, WADNS
 161Max PILTZ Seattle, WADNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st372Sam LARSON Seattle, WAPacific Mobile Racing3:01.011-
emoji_events2nd118Pip MASION Seattle, WADWB / Recycled Cycles3:08.3127.30s
emoji_events3rd279Jason WILLAFORD Woodinville, WAHelen Keller racing3:09.3838.37s
 4th232Andrew PICKERING Woodinville, WADirty Birds3:12.36411.35s
 5th267Tobias ROBERTS Renton, WAGHY Bikes go to site3:12.84511.83s
 6th245Paul SCHMIERER Poulsbo, WABroken Spoke Racing3:12.96611.95s
 7th193Kristopher BAKER 330144Boise, IDSPS North America3:14.32713.31s
 8th188Richard HANDSCHIN Seattle, WAN.I.M.3:14.80813.79s
 9th375Teague BARRINGER Covington, WAPacific Mobile Racing3:14.99913.98s
 10th107Pete SEXTON Port Townsend, WABroken Spoke Racing3:16.591015.58s
 11th364Mike GARCIA Redmond, WATBT Racing / Team Mukai3:16.971115.96s
 12th287Killian FUNK 265538Portland, OR3:21.981220.97s
 13th262Joseph RAGER 277946Amboy, WA3:22.111321.10s
 14th131Andrew UHRIG Portland, ORCCP3:22.801421.79s
 15th380Tobin FOULKE 344096Bothell, WAGamut / Kirkland Bicycle / ODI / Utopia Optics3:24.081523.07s
 16th251Garth GOURLEY Port Townsend, WABroken Spoke Racing3:24.741623.73s
 17th238Geoff GRAHAM Issaquah, WAFelt / Mafia Racing / PBR3:26.031725.02s
 18th359Charlie SHIVEL Portland, ORStumptown Wrecking Crew3:26.811825.80s
 19th381Jeremy MARTIN (west) Tacoma, WA3:27.111926.10s
 20th248Nate CARDOZO Port Townsand, WAThe Broken Spoke3:28.142027.13s
 21st201Mike BOCKNER Bellvue, WA3:31.072130.06s
 22nd231Lance MORENO Redmond, WA3:33.092232.08s
 23rd247William PORTER Lynnwood, WA3:33.792332.78s
 24th215Edward VERGARA East Olympia, WAGreenline Six / Joyride bike3:34.742433.73s
 25th211Joshua ENGSTROM Woodinville, WAHLC & go to site3:36.802535.79s
 26th377James WOODBURN Kirkland, WA3:42.012641.00s
 27th350Rodney HASTY West Linn, go to site3:54.912753.90s
 -Rodney HASTY West Linn, ORInciter Clothing / go to siteDNS
 317Ted DAVIS Seattle, WADWB / Recycled CyclesDNS
 -William PORTER Lynnwood, WASponser MeDNS
 373Eric FLOYD Bothell, WADNS

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st389Michael DILL 343528Seattle, WABig Skee3:07.591-
emoji_events2nd264Jason GIBB 288609Redmond, WAAtomLab / Corsair / GHY3:08.0820.49s
emoji_events3rd394Scott PETETT Renton, WAPetett Chiropractic3:10.4532.86s
 4th365Mike WADHOLM Renton, WATBT Racing / Team Mukai3:10.7243.13s
 5th273Dan SAIMO Snoqualmie, WADirt Corps3:14.8157.22s
 6th240Jim MCCRACKEN Snoqualmie, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles / Trek3:18.35610.76s
 7th254Jeffrey LANE Seattle, WA3:18.89711.30s
 8th362Cary CLEMENSON Bellingham, WAC3O23:24.48816.89s
 9th186Trevor EMTMAN Kent, WAN.I.M.3:25.18917.59s
 10th265Eddie ANZALONE 320606Battle Ground, OR3:29.061021.47s
 11th385Jeff MALVERN Kirkland, WA3:31.261123.67s
 12th252Jim SHAVER Port Hadlock, WABroken Spoke Racing3:34.711227.12s
 13th197Jason EDENS 109036Bothell, WADWB3:36.861329.27s
 14th222Jim DENISON Seattle, WAThe Jim Army3:42.561434.97s
 15th208Jay GORE Bellevue, WA3:55.961548.37s
 16th280Dan NELSON Olympia, WADWB / Recycled / Rotec Cycles15:50.841612:43.25
 -Robert CASTILLO Seattle, WADad rad hausDNS
 128Preston PETERSON Kirkland, WAEvergreen Mountain Bike AllianceDNS

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st300Ron KOCOL Bellingham, WA3:26.331-
emoji_events2nd555Bill KIEFFER 19075Puyallup, WATeam Psycho3:28.3221.99s
emoji_events3rd333Dan OVERMAN 118584Bellingham, WA3:53.20326.87s
 4th136William BAXTER Portland, ORCCP4:02.72436.39s
 124Michael MISHALANIE 278104Kirkland, WACrazy Monkey RacingDNS

Cat 3: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st308Eric HARVEY Carnation, WADirt Corps3:36.961-
emoji_events2nd221Zachary JONES 3309308Covington, WA3:51.51214.55s
emoji_events3rd353Scott FUNSTON 270185Black Diamond, WAOld town bicycle3:53.01316.05s
 4th102Chase SMITH (WA) Fife, WA3:55.68418.72s
 5th361Kyle CLEMENSON Bellingham, WAC3O24:11.52534.56s
 6th263Josh GIBB Redmond, WAGHY / Gibb Nation4:20.06643.10s
 7th288Brad STIPEK Renton, WA4:27.95750.99s
 8th241Zach MCCRACKEN Snoqualmie, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles / Trek5:10.6781:33.71

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st152Kasper DEAN Olympia, WABike Tech3:23.541-
emoji_events2nd307Coda BOGGS Snoqualmie, WA3:40.44216.90s
emoji_events3rd296Grant LUCHANSKY Olympia, WA3:58.70335.16s
 4th234Jacob CARMICHAEL 343998Bellevue, WA4:00.15436.61s

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st330Nicholas OMTA Seattle, WAUW DH4:03.931-
emoji_events2nd111Michael HOWE Bellingham, WA4:11.1727.24s
emoji_events3rd306Jarrett GILMORE Puyallup, WADWB / Recycled Cycles4:45.20341.27s
 -Garrett JOHNSON (east) Bellingham, WADNS

Cat 3: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st149Mark GRAY Woodinville, WAProject 5293:36.421-
emoji_events2nd271L.J. MCALLISTER 343778Everett, WA3:44.7128.29s
emoji_events3rd101William SMITH Fife, WA3:44.8438.42s
 4th309Scott BOGGS Snoqualmie, WA3:49.64413.22s
 5th277Raman SARIN 339034Redmond, WAProject 5294:12.41535.99s
 6th135Bill ERNST Hood River, ORCCP4:48.6461:12.22
 219Norbert MILLER 341692Auburn, WAByrne Invent / Jet City VeloDNS



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Jill KINTNER 186217Ferndale, WATransition Bikes3:13.0413:16.911-
emoji_events2nd46Miranda MILLER CAN19900302Garibaldi Highland, go to site / Santa Cruz / SRAM3:23.6423:22.6025.69s
emoji_events3rd93Katherine SHORT 78302Halfmoon Bay, BCCove3:34.4443:37.43320.52s
 4th82Darian HARVEY 0195177Durango, COVixen Racing3:36.6753:41.78424.87s
 5th69Jaime REES 228046Spokane, WALoeka / The Bike Hub3:31.8533:46.99530.08s
 6th98Dawn FIDLER 214419Mount Vernon, WASpeedy Beaver Racing3:53.5783:49.04632.13s
 7th23Gabriela WILLIAMS CZE19810728Thousand Oaks, CATPR Racing3:39.4463:51.69734.78s
 8th86Mary MONCORGE 285422La Selva Beach, CASanta Cruz Alliance4:06.48114:16.37859.46s
 9th89Jennifer WOLF 260823Mammoth Lkes, CAAll Mountain Cyclery3:55.6094:24.6991:07.78
 10th411Ana RODRIGUEZ 282101Salt Lake City, UTSkullCandy / Staats Bikes4:01.25104:33.87101:16.96
 73Cierra SMITH 234034Reno, NVSpecialized Allride Academy3:51.077DNF
 213Kristen SMART West Vancouver, BCSombrioDNFDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st129Shelby REILLY Gresham, ORCCP4:14.391-

Cat 1 women  dialpad Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st338Karaleen GIOIA 78245Port Moody, BC4:01.271-
emoji_events2nd285Kat SWEET 120909Kenmore, WADirt Corps / Trek4:04.1722.90s
emoji_events3rd257Jessica SERDOWICH 277445Bellingham, WASAMICA4:11.1639.89s
 4th331Emily SMITH 319714Bellingham, WASpeedy Beaver Racing4:19.52418.25s
 5th286Karen O'CONNELL 312430Seattle, WADirt Corps / Gregg's Cycles / Trek4:22.65521.38s
 6th278Kristi PRUITT 347116Woodinville, WA4:24.58623.31s
 7th109Roxanne CANENT 0275026Lafayette, CASanta Cruz Alliance4:44.56743.29s
 8th209Kelly JOHNSON 308412Richland, WA4:53.08851.81s
 9th366Lisa HONG 316400Seattle, WADWB5:01.6891:00.41
 10th305Jennifer EVERHARD 108773Bellevue, WAByrne Invent5:18.53101:17.26
 11th130Bridgette LEBER 312456Bozeman, MTTurner Dark Horse Racing5:36.12111:34.85
 -Lyndsey NEEDHAM 311738Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.DNS

Cat 2: 0-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st205Adrianna MOROZ Black Diamond, WABlack Diamond Family Racing4:23.081-

Cat 2 women  dialpad Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st332Michelle WEEKLY 320612Bellingham, WA3:29.681-
emoji_events2nd242Julie CRITTENDEN Seattle, WA3:31.7522.07s
emoji_events3rd388Gretchen NELSON 343356Seattle, WAChicas Muertas3:46.11316.43s
 4th382Barbara KARABIN Bellingham, WAHoneyBadgerDon'tCare3:51.16421.48s
 5th178Lacy KEMP Shoreline, WAContour Factory / Gravity Factory3:51.25521.57s
 6th216Asta SESTRAP Bellingham, WATeam HoneyBadgerDon'tCare3:53.76624.08s
 7th150Bonnie MILLER 298781Sedona, AZ3:56.05726.37s
 8th249Stephanie WOLF Castaic, CARock Garden3:57.36827.68s
 9th237April GRAHAM 313126Issaquah, WAFelt / Mafia Racing / PBR3:59.73930.05s
 10th206Yvonne GILLETTE Black Diamond, WABlack Diamond Family Racing4:00.381030.70s
 11th226Adrienne BEE LANE Seattle, WASturdy Bitch Racing4:02.421132.74s
 12th392Allison EVANS Seattle, WAHoneyBadgerDon'tCare4:05.591235.91s
 13th168Ann DAVIS 269817Maple Valley, WABroken Spoke Racing4:12.421342.74s
 14th156Diana MILLER 219519Issaquah, WABryneInvent4:14.851445.17s
 15th214Elie YAZDANI 345702Seattle, WAChicas Muertas4:16.261546.58s
 16th212Marie ENGSTROM Woodinville, WASturdy Bitches4:17.431647.75s
 17th387Nadia MELIM 343674Seattle, WA4:20.611750.93s
 18th386Kathy MALVERN 296415Kirkland, WASturdy Bitch Racing4:20.681851.00s
 19th220Rachel DELATEUR Tumwater, WAFriends of Capitol Forest / Greenline Six4:30.29191:00.61
 20th390Nikki NIEVES Bellinhgam, WAHoneyBadgerDon'tCare4:35.72201:06.04
 21st351Bethany PRICE West Linn, ORInciter Clothing / go to site4:51.11211:21.43
 22nd369Megan VALLIANT 211453Bothell, WA4:52.77221:23.09
 383Sandy DENSMORE Spokane, WAWest Coast RacingDNS

Cat 3: 0-18 girls

1 competitor found

Cat 3 women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area YoB Sponsors Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st233Margaret SORK Port Townsend, WAThe Broken Spoke4:34.981-
emoji_events2nd276Tina SARIN Redmond, WAProject 5295:09.85234.87s
emoji_events3rd283Dani VERGARA East Olympia, WAGreenline Six / Joyride Bikes5:23.94348.96s
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