2017 BC Cup round 1 at Whistler, BC

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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad View finish spread

21 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark120Chris KOVARIK Whistler, BC3:03.681-
bookmark218Lee JACKSON Squamish, BC3:04.4420.76s
bookmark316Luke STEVENS Revlestone, BC3:06.7633.08s
 419Remy METAILLER Nice, France3:07.2443.56s
 57Daniel SHAW North Vancouver, BCDevinci / major Cycles3:10.0756.39s
 610Matthew BEER St. John's, NL3:11.4267.74s
 71Braeden ONCIUL Rossland, BCWreckless Racing3:11.4877.80s
 89Ken FAUBERT Coquitlam, BCDunbar Cycles3:11.7688.08s
 96Dale RUSSELL (elt) Coquitlam, BC3:11.9198.23s
 1021Colin GRANT Victoria, BC3:12.68109.00s
 114Aaron DOBIE Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:12.86119.18s
 122Chris BENNETT Calgary, AB3:13.38129.70s
 1314Adam WOODHOUSE Anmore, BCC4 Rider Training3:15.031311.35s
 143Nicholas COURT Duncan, BC3:17.221413.54s
 158Josh SOLMAN Rossland, BC3:19.231515.55s
 1615Pedro FERREIRA (1990) MarianaPL Bike3:19.751616.07s
 175Brandon DOUGLAS Williams Lake, BC3:23.651719.97s
 1817Dakota BAXTER Calgary, AB3:37.271833.59s
 1913Jayden GISBORNE Ladysmith, BC3:39.221935.54s
 2011Levi HARAPNUIK North Vancouver, BCEndless Biking3:39.482035.80s
 2122Liam SMILLIE Squamish, BC3:43.762140.08s

UCI: 13-14 boys  dialpad View finish spread

25 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1435Jakob JEWETT Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:17.221-
bookmark2408Drew MOZELL North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:25.0527.83s
bookmark3409Finn FINESTONE ° Whistler, BC3:29.99312.77s
 4405Coen SKRYPNEK Calgary, ABZEP Racing3:31.74414.52s
 5433Jackson GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC3:32.79515.57s
 6438Ryan COUPAL ° Anmore, BC3:33.23616.01s
 7454Eric MILLEY Whistler, BC3:39.16721.94s
 8430Haydyn WYNTER Squamish, BC3:40.28823.06s
 9410Hayden ZABLOTNY Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:43.08925.86s
 10407Derek PRIEST Chilliwack, BC3:44.771027.55s
 11402Ben CASWELL North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing3:44.841127.62s
 12432Jack LINNELL Pemberton, BC3:46.801229.58s
 13436John GALBRAITH Langley, BCEscape Veloctiy pb Fortius3:47.381330.16s
 14451Taylor MUNDEN Kamloops, BC3:48.741431.52s
 15439Ryder EAGLETON Rossland, BCSeven Summits Gravity Racing4:06.851549.63s
 16437Kian MERRINGER Rossland, BC4:09.101651.88s
 17406Connor WHITE Calgary, AB4:09.281752.06s
 18431Ivan HANCHARD Smithers, BC4:14.411857.19s
 19403Chance MOORE Langley, BCWhistler Race Team4:19.31191:02.09
 20455Matthew DE GIUSTI Calgary, AB4:24.15201:06.93
 21434Jacob WING St. Albert, ABDRIFT RACING4:25.78211:08.56
 22452Trevor MOHL West Kelowna, BC4:26.90221:09.68
 23404Chase EAGLETON Rossland, BCSeven Summits Gravity Racing4:45.52231:28.30
 24213Kieran WALLACE Calgary, AB4:49.58241:32.36

° Riders racing out of category

UCI: 19-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

15 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1607Jake INNES Victoria, BCMARTYS MOUNTAIN CYCLE3:08.521-
bookmark2316Caleb HARAPNUIK North Vancouver, BC3:20.62212.10s
bookmark3610Trevor ATTRIDGE Victoria, BC3:23.76315.24s
 4602Alex MATTHEW Delta, BC3:23.95415.43s
 5755Leo BRANDROLD Squamish, BC3:32.86524.34s
 6612Cam QUADRELLI Langley, BC3:36.28627.76s
 7601Nicholas BARREAU Squamish, BCOTC Racing3:42.42733.90s
 8324Abdellaziz ZOUAOUI Vancouver, BC3:43.35834.83s
 9603Cameron HALLIDAY Fort Langley, BC3:49.78941.26s
 1025Mark ALLISON New Westminster, BCTeam Darkhorse3:49.921041.40s
 11606Jack AYRTON Calgary, ABZEP Racing4:01.961153.44s
 12604Codie REGNIER Maple Ridge, BC4:05.171256.65s
 13609Thomas ROBERTS North Vancouver, BC4:08.92131:00.40
 14605Daryl RANSOM Pitt Meadows, BC4:09.11141:00.59

UCI: 30-39 men  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1504Tom POWER Vancouver, BC3:23.361-
bookmark2502Corey KENAHAN ° Whistler, BC3:23.4520.09s
bookmark3501Ash SOUTHERN Vancouver, BC3:26.8733.51s
 4506George AMOS North Vancouver, BC3:35.38412.02s

° Rider racing out of category

UCI: 40-49 men  dialpad View finish spread

10 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1554Arden GREANYA Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:34.261-
bookmark2555Darren LARSON Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:36.6622.40s
bookmark3551Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse3:39.6335.37s
 4560Ryan KUHN Rossland, BC3:40.1245.86s
 5552Tim SEAWARD Williams Lake, BC3:49.15514.89s
 6557Kevin FOWLIE Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:53.06618.80s
 7558Michael SCHLENDER North Vancouver, BC4:00.65726.39s
 8556Jen CHOU Sechelt, BC4:11.17836.91s
 9559Peter KRAUSE Smithers, BC4:16.49942.23s
 553Brett CARELS Vancouver, BCRippers Lounge RacingDNS

UCI: 50+ men  dialpad View finish spread

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1572Michael MOONEY North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse3:34.841-
bookmark2571John NIHSNER Golden, BCDerailed Sports3:54.28219.44s
bookmark3573Pete ZABLOTNY Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:58.63323.79s
 4574Ian RUDD North Vancouver, BC4:16.43441.59s
 5575Jason WEBBER North Vancouver, BC4:29.89555.05s

Expert: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

4 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1205Ian MILLEY Whistler, BC3:14.751-
bookmark2204Seth SHERLOCK Squamish, BCKovarik Racing Magura RD3:22.8428.09s
bookmark3203Justin CLEMENTS Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:24.6039.85s
 4201Gideon BENDER Duvall, WARad racing NW3:56.85442.10s

Expert: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

17 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1101Aaron GUNGL Bright, VIC, AustraliaMTBA3:05.681-
bookmark2105Jacob STEFIUK North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing3:12.2426.56s
bookmark3112Kendall MCLEAN Victoria, BC3:12.4036.72s
 4103Cole MOONEY North Vancouver, BC3:14.2648.58s
 5106John WALKER Duncan, BC3:17.85512.17s
 6710Ruben GUIBERT Mount Currie, BC3:19.75614.07s
 7107Josh DZIWENKA Victoria, BC3:19.95714.27s
 8110Keegan FRY Rossland, BC3:20.69815.01s
 9114Noah BIRKKJAER Calgary, ABZEP Race Team3:21.98916.30s
 10108Joshua FULTZ-VEINOTTE Canmore, AB3:22.001016.32s
 11113Kolt HOYLE Pemberton, BCCube3:23.721118.04s
 12115Matthew COETSER Airdrie, AB3:25.501219.82s
 13109Kael MARKLE Sidney, BCCycling BC3:27.841322.16s
 14111Kei NAKAI Whistler, BC3:29.191423.51s
 15102Braedon MCNICOL Calgary, ABZEP Racing3:32.081526.40s
 16918Aidan MYHRE Williams Lake, BC3:34.751629.07s
 17104Daniel FROESE North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing3:36.691731.01s

Sport: U17 boys  dialpad View finish spread

23 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1807Emmett HANCOCK Kelowna, BC3:22.701-
bookmark2806Dylan FYSH Cochrane, AB3:23.6020.90s
bookmark3854Neve ABRAHAM Pemberton, BCStrand Training Dev Team3:23.8231.12s
 4814Logan MERRINGER Rossland, BC3:29.9947.29s
 5853Milton MCCONVILLE Port Moody, BCCaps Westwood3:30.1057.40s
 6812Josh COUPAL ° Anmore, BC3:33.95611.25s
 7215Jacob BEECROFT Burnaby, BC3:35.13712.43s
 8811Jonathan SCHLENDER North Vancouver, BCC4 Norco Racing3:41.51818.81s
 9851Marcus CANT Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company3:42.25919.55s
 10808Heiko KRAUSE Smithers, BC3:45.211022.51s
 11802Ben FISCHER Gibsons, BCSunshine Coast Cycling Club3:47.891125.19s
 12214Kahleb BOSSON Grande Cache, AB3:48.011225.31s
 13805Devon FABIO Port Moody, BC3:55.421332.72s
 14801Alexander CHA (1) Calgary, AB3:58.011435.31s
 15804Colton SEAWARD Williams Lake, BC3:59.341536.64s
 16810Jackson HARE Winfield, BC4:01.281638.58s
 17852Max TACK ° Port Moody, BC4:10.251747.55s
 18809Jack SABO Castlegar, BC4:20.161857.46s
 19855Steven MEIER Langley, BC4:28.39191:05.69
 20803Benton KILBA Heffley Creek, BC5:21.60201:58.90
 21202Jason KLOPFSTEIN ° Surrey, BC5:34.64212:11.94
 22815Marco AUFSCHNAITER Blue River, BC13h20:58.882213h17:36.18
 813Liam BERESFORD Whistler, BCDNS

° Riders racing out of category

Sport: 17-18 boys  dialpad View finish spread

18 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1920Jacob MURRAY Brackendale, BC3:25.021-
bookmark2705Felix ABRAHAM Pemberton, BCStrand Training Dev Team3:25.2320.21s
bookmark3703Conlan REIS ° Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 Norco Racing3:25.6130.59s
 4913Yusuke YAMAMOTO Burnaby, BCDunbar Cycles3:29.8244.80s
 5914Zemery FOSTER Whistler, BCZEP Racing3:29.9654.94s
 6919Wilson THOMPSON Williams Lake, BC3:34.6169.59s
 7706Gavin PATTERSON Rossland, BCSSGR3:37.13712.11s
 8707J.T. BJARNASON Fruitvale, BC3:39.00813.98s
 9916Spencer COLETTI Prince George, BCRockets3:43.80918.78s
 10911Rylan DYCK Calgary, ABRMCC3:45.981020.96s
 11912Steven BOBYN Kelowna, BC3:47.581122.56s
 12701Aaron SIXSMITH Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING3:56.931231.91s
 13709Riley HOLOWATIUK Heffley Creek, BC4:05.761340.74s
 14704Connor HAGGARTY Kamloops, BC4:44.68141:19.66
 917Chase TAPPER Aldergrove, BCDNF
 708Mason SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCDNF
 702Cole GIMSE Garibaldi Highlands, BCC4 Norco RacingDNS
 915Clinton LOBB Penticton, BCDNS

° Rider racing out of category

13-16 boys  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1905Nick KNAPTON Whistler, BC3:30.811-
bookmark2440Samuell ENGLISH ° Pemberton, BC3:40.6129.80s
bookmark3901Ben THOMPSON Squamish, BC3:40.89310.08s
 4903Lar RODE Whistler, BC3:41.13410.32s
 5904Lochlan RODE Whistler, BC3:48.01517.20s
 6902Guytano AYRTON W. Vancouver, BC4:37.2361:06.42

° Rider racing out of category

17-29 men  dialpad View finish spread

37 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1307Harrison TAILBY Whistler, BC3:04.491-
bookmark2306Dylan LAYZELL Whistler, BC3:14.98210.49s
bookmark3318Leslie LANZA Whistler, BC3:15.03310.54s
 424Gareth BURGESS Egmont, BC3:16.37411.88s
 5317Rowan SAUNDERS Whistler, BC3:16.55512.06s
 6321James HOGGAN Whistler, BC3:19.09614.60s
 7322Jakub DUBSKY Košice, Slovakia3:19.45714.96s
 8255Andrew WEEDING Whistler, BC3:20.37815.88s
 9325Sean FAULDS Whistler, BC3:21.48916.99s
 10906Tristan SANDERS Whistler, BC3:24.031019.54s
 11302Baptiste THEIL Whistler, BC3:24.481119.99s
 12510Matt HARDWICK Vancouver, BC3:24.531220.04s
 13301Alex AUGER Whistler, BC3:25.141320.65s
 14303Ben BRAKENRIDGE Whistler, BC3:27.621423.13s
 15320Lachlan CRUICKSHANK Whistler, BC3:30.401525.91s
 16310Linden LADOUCEUR Dunster, BC3:30.961626.47s
 17514Bobby BUNBURY Whistler, BC3:31.421726.93s
 18517Harris LELAND MCLAREN Victoria, BC3:33.251828.76s
 19311Matthew GRIFFITH Whistler, BC3:36.661932.17s
 20516John KANAVAROS Richmond, BC3:37.862033.37s
 2157Pedro MENESES Alfenas, Brazil3:38.272133.78s
 22305David SYMONS Anmore, BC3:42.552238.06s
 23312Mike MARKOV Markham, ON3:43.722339.23s
 24315Stefan LICKO Whistler, BC3:48.732444.24s
 25520Jordan ROMANIUK North Vancouver, BC3:51.092546.60s
 26511Cameron SWAISLAND Vancouver, BC3:51.962647.47s
 27314Owen O'BRIEN Whitecroft, BC3:53.572749.08s
 28509Callum CAMERON Sechelt, BC4:02.562858.07s
 29518Brandon FALISZEWSKI Victoria, BC4:10.36291:05.87
 30313Morgan O'BRIEN Whitecroft, BC4:26.65301:22.16
 3129Jamie MCLEAN (u40) Whistler, BC7:13.46314:08.97
 28Francesco CORTINO Italy, ItalyDNF
 210Justin DALE Vancouver, BCDNS
 304Cameron GOLTZ Whistler, BCDNS
 309Kevin CLARKE Whistler, BCDNS
 308Jordan BOURGIN Mont Sous Vaudrey, Jura, FranceDNS
 323Luis Oswaldo TORRES SIERRA Guanajuato, MexicoDNS

30+ men  dialpad View finish spread

9 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1519Matt PRIEST Chilliwack, BC3:15.911-
bookmark2251Adam DAGG Whistler, BC3:18.5422.63s
bookmark3515Colby GORDON Whistler, BC3:19.8133.90s
 4503Joshua ERFURTH ° Pemberton, BC3:40.82424.91s
 5754Jon MOON Whistler, BC3:46.10530.19s
 6508Eric Jessie MASSE Vancouver, BC3:54.08638.17s
 7254Steve WONG Vancouver, BC3:55.15739.24s
 8252Bryan PINCHES Whistler, BC3:57.04841.13s
 513Edmund SMITH (mas) Vancouver, BCDNS

° Rider racing out of category



Elite women  dialpad View finish spread

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark151Claire BUCHAR Whistler, BC3:21.631-
bookmark255Georgia ASTLE Whistler, BC3:25.4923.86s
bookmark352Michelle GRIFFITHS Winlaw, BC3:37.62315.99s
 456Victoria ARMSTRONG New Zealand3:49.60427.97s
 553Stephanie DENROCHE Whistler, BCZEP Race Team3:53.99532.36s
 654Laurie CITYNSKI Vancouver, BC4:09.08647.45s

UCI: 15-18 girls  dialpad View finish spread

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1151Piper ALLMAN Whistler, BC4:05.441-
bookmark2152Kyleigh STEWART Kamloops, BCCommencal Canada4:06.6621.22s
bookmark3154Bailey GOLDSTONE Squamish, BC4:07.7732.33s
 4156Madison SKRYPNEK Calgary, ABZEP Racing4:14.6149.17s
 5157Samara KUHN Rossland, BC5:01.13555.69s
 6155Brianna KELLY Pritchard, BCDistrict Bicycle Co.8:36.9064:31.46
 153Aleda TORONITZ ° Brentwood Bay, BCDNF

° Rider racing out of category

UCI: 30-39 women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1752Crystal TOWNSEND Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park4:29.621-

UCI: 40-49 women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1565Caroline ROUSSELLE Rossland, BC4:42.201-

30+ women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
bookmark1751Kari MANCER Whistler, BC4:34.931-

UCI: 13-14 girls

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameAreaSponsorsFinish
 27Teigen PASCUAL Squamish, BCTeam Squamish
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