2017 BC Cup round 5 at Silver Star, BC

5th August 2017

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Elite men

16 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
196Chris KOVARIKphoto AUS19780301Whistler, BC2:51.59 (1)-
220Luke STEVENS 10007886888Revelstoke, BCFlowt Bikes2:56.23 (2)4.64s
360Brandon DOUGLASphoto_library 10060599924Williams Lake, BCBarking Spider Mountain Bike2:58.40 (3)6.81s
421Garrett MACINTOSH 10058842002Whistler, BCChromag / GT Bikes / Sombrio2:58.58 (4)6.99s
5161Jake INNES Victoria, BC2:59.90 (5)8.31s
652Adam WOODHOUSEphoto 10010037359Anmore, BCC4 / Norco Racing3:01.56 (6)9.97s
7112Nic RODGERSphoto_library 10009644410Cobble Hill, BCVelofix-Beyond the Usual3:02.25 (7)10.66s
8133Anthony EVANSphoto_library 10013006569Peachland, BCSovereign Cycle3:04.57 (8)12.98s
958Levi HARAPNUIK 10014599692North Vancouver, BCEndless Biking3:06.21 (9)14.62s
10128Hayden GENOUDphoto Calgary, ABDerailed Sports / KHMR3:06.72 (10)15.13s
1139Jayden GISBORNEphoto 10059974474Ladysmith, BC3:08.09 (11)16.50s
12110Sky DUNN-SARVISphoto BO097879Argenta, BC3:16.70 (12)25.11s
1345Dakota BOYERphoto_library Calgary, ABZEP Racing3:20.73 (13)29.14s
1491Reid WESTRENphoto 10063598436Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense3:26.77 (14)35.18s
15121Tristan KEEGANphoto 10010037056Calgary, ABKona / Smith4:13.66 (15)1:22.07
28Josh SOLMAN Rossland, BCrevolution cyclesDNS

UCI: 13-14 boys

21 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
142Jakob JEWETTphoto Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:06.84 (1)-
22Drew MOZELL North Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:18.42 (2)11.58s
3158Hayden ZABLOTNYphoto_library Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:18.64 (3)11.80s
454Luis ROHNERphoto_library 150 Mile House, BC3:19.02 (4)12.18s
555Grady FOCHUKphoto_library 150 Mile House, BC3:21.81 (5)14.97s
6107Johnathan HELLY Kamloops, BC3:22.30 (6)15.46s
774Aiden GREANYAphoto_library Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING / Leatt / SR Suntour3:23.14 (7)16.30s
8104Haydyn WYNTERphoto Squamish, BC3:23.20 (8)16.36s
944Coen SKRYPNEKphoto_library Calgary, ABZEP Racing3:33.91 (9)27.07s
10123Alyas MURRAYphoto Invermere, BCelemental cycle3:36.48 (10)29.64s
11120Taylor MUNDEN Kamloops, BCIXS, Spank, District3:38.88 (11)32.04s
1234Trevor MOHLphoto West Kelowna, BC3:45.25 (12)38.41s
1363Jacob WING St. Albert, ABDRIFT RACING3:53.40 (13)46.56s
1462Lief RODGERSphoto_library Port Moody, BCCaps Westwood3:53.53 (14)46.69s
15143Ryder EAGLETON Rossland, BC3:56.73 (15)49.89s
16152Sandy PHILLIPSphoto Kamloops, BC4:02.29 (16)55.45s
17142Chase EAGLETONphoto Rossland, BC4:08.07 (17)1:01.23
18102Connor HOSKINS Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense4:10.46 (18)1:03.62
1931Tom FRASER Calgary, AB4:13.68 (19)1:06.84
20138Gavin REIS Garibaldi Highlands, BC4:16.45 (20)1:09.61
73Ryan COUPALphoto Anmore, BCDNF

UCI: 19-29 men

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1111Caleb HARAPNUIKphoto_library North Vancouver, BC3:06.79 (1)-
241Trevor ATTRIDGE Victoria, BC3:14.78 (2)7.99s
383Nat MCGRATHphoto Invermere, BC3:16.13 (3)9.34s
487Cam QUADRELLIphoto_library Langley, BC3:18.27 (4)11.48s
586Michal CHERAKphoto_library Calgary, ABU of C Cycling Team3:20.80 (5)14.01s
6109Nicholas BARREAUphoto Brackendale, BCOTC Racing3:33.77 (6)26.98s
767Cameron HALLIDAYphoto Fort Langley, BC3:35.67 (7)28.88s
146Brandon JOHNSON Campbell River, BCgraviti driven / Intense BicyclesDNS

UCI: 30-39 men

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
126Steven HUDEMA Calgary, AB3:58.71 (1)-

UCI: 40-49 men

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
175Arden GREANYA Calgary, ABDRIFT RACING / Leatt / SR Suntour3:17.13 (1)-
268Colin YARROW North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse3:26.61 (2)9.48s
335Tim SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse3:41.36 (3)24.23s
4103Jerrod HOSKINS Calgary, ABgraviti driven / Intense3:42.03 (4)24.90s
5106Michael SCHLENDERphoto North Vancouver, BC3:42.13 (5)25.00s

UCI: 50+ men

2 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1157Pete ZABLOTNYphoto_library Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:24.02 (1)-
25John NIHSNERphoto Golden, BCDerailed Sports3:31.84 (2)7.82s

Expert: 15-16 boys

7 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1131Lucas CRUZphoto Pemberton, BC2:56.15 (1)-
243Emmett HANCOCKphoto_library Kelowna, BC3:03.26 (2)7.11s
3119Elliot JAMIESONphoto White Rock, BCCycling BC3:04.67 (3)8.52s
464Justin CLEMENTS Calgary, ABCalgary Cycle / DRIFT RACING3:04.71 (4)8.56s
548Logan MERRINGERphoto_library Rossland, BC3:06.99 (5)10.84s
665Dylan FYSHphoto Cochrane, AB3:08.28 (6)12.13s
797Seth SHERLOCKphoto Whistler, BC3:09.88 (7)13.73s

Expert: 17-18 boys

10 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
11John WALKERphoto Duncan, BCCrank Brothers / Experience Cycling / Giant Bicycles Canada / Race Face / Schwalbe3:04.77 (1)-
217Keegan FRYphoto_library Rossland, BCInstinct Killer Ski Co.3:04.92 (2)0.15s
33Josh DZIWENKAphoto Victoria, BC3:07.84 (3)3.07s
44Kael MARKLE Sidney, BCCycling BC3:11.64 (4)6.87s
5135Conlan REISphoto_library Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:13.42 (5)8.65s
629Aidan MYHREphoto Williams Lake, BC3:13.61 (6)8.84s
7113Daniel FROESE North Vancouver, BCC4 / Norco Racing3:14.84 (7)10.07s
8134Logan VAN EESTEREN Garibaldi Highlands, BC3:16.09 (8)11.32s
924Yusuke YAMAMOTOphoto Burnaby, BCDunbar Cycles3:25.80 (9)21.03s
1046Kolt HOYLEphoto_library Pemberton, BCCube3:26.58 (10)21.81s

Sport: 15-16 boys

22 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
178Jack MENZIESphoto Canmore, ABRockey Mountain Bikes3:12.21 (1)-
2100Jonathan SCHLENDERphoto_library North Vancouver, BCC4 / Norco Racing3:16.67 (2)4.46s
372Josh COUPALphoto_library Anmore, BC3:17.87 (3)5.66s
457Milton MCCONVILLEphoto Port Moody, BCCaps Westwood3:19.46 (4)7.25s
5141Jacob BEECROFTphoto Burnaby, BC3:23.46 (5)11.25s
656Marcus CANT Kamloops, BC3:24.97 (6)12.76s
779Kahleb BOSSONphoto Grande Cache, AB3:26.53 (7)14.32s
89Ben FISCHERphoto Gibsons, BC3:36.21 (8)24.00s
9118Marco AUFSCHNAITERphoto Blue River, BC3:37.30 (9)25.09s
1019Alexander CHA (1)photo Calgary, AB3:38.52 (10)26.31s
11148Gavin LAROCQUEphoto Redwood Meadows, AB3:39.25 (11)27.04s
12136Levi WHITMANphoto Kamloops, BCDistrict Bicycle Company3:40.29 (12)28.08s
13132Randall TOOPphoto Vernon, BC3:40.46 (13)28.25s
1436Colton SEAWARDphoto Williams Lake, BCTeam Darkhorse3:40.47 (14)28.26s
1530Jack FRASER Calgary, AB3:44.15 (15)31.94s
1615Devon FABIOphoto Port Moody, BCC4 / Norco Racing3:48.38 (16)36.17s
1737Steven MEIERphoto Langley, BC3:59.40 (17)47.19s
18155Jacob WINTERBURNphoto Langley, BC4:02.74 (18)50.53s
1969Seth PRAWDZIKphoto Hope, BC4:08.83 (19)56.62s
20160Graham ZASTREphoto_library Richmond, BCC4 / Norco Racing4:15.45 (20)1:03.24
76Benton KILBA Heffley Creek, BCDNF
10Nathan SAMSON Richmond, BCC4 / Norco RacingDNS

Sport: 17-18 boys

19 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1115Jacob TOOKE Vernon, BC3:07.44 (1)-
223Wilson THOMPSON Williams Lake, BC3:12.59 (2)5.15s
394Gabriel NERONphoto Heffley Creek, BC3:15.37 (3)7.93s
427Zemery FOSTERphoto_library Whistler, BCZEP Racing3:17.47 (4)10.03s
550Gavin PATTERSONphoto Rossland, BCSSGR3:18.96 (5)11.52s
633Spencer COLETTI Prince George, BCPrince George Cycling Club / Ruckus3:26.93 (6)19.49s
716Brayden STAFFORDphoto Prince George, BCRuckus3:30.25 (7)22.81s
822Paul SAUNDERS Edmonton, AB3:30.72 (8)23.28s
940Mason SEAWARD Williams Lake, BCRed Shreds3:31.39 (9)23.95s
10151Jackson PHILLIPS Kamloops, BC3:31.58 (10)24.14s
1149Rylan DYCK Calgary, AB3:31.67 (11)24.23s
12125Nikolas HALLETT Calgary, AB3:33.21 (12)25.77s
1390Steven BOBYNphoto_library Kelowna, BC3:33.37 (13)25.93s
1482J.T. BJARNASON Fruitvale, BC3:38.04 (14)30.60s
156Eric VIEIRAphoto Nakusp, BC3:42.37 (15)34.93s
1681Riley HOLOWATIUK Heffley Creek, BC3:46.61 (16)39.17s
17124Connor HAGGARTYphoto Kamloops, BC4:03.41 (17)55.97s
1838Chase TAPPER Aldergrove, BC5:48.55 (18)2:41.11
150Owen O'BRIEN Heffley Creek, BCDNS

13-16 boys

11 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
199Calix WEBBERphoto Fruitvale, BC3:35.94 (1)-
261Liam BUSHphoto_library Coldstream, BC3:40.04 (2)4.10s
3116Dimitri PASUTTOphoto Kelowna, BC3:51.85 (3)15.91s
466Connor RICHARDSONphoto Port Moody, BC4:01.03 (4)25.09s
58Yewan FITZ-EARLE Winlaw, BC4:02.84 (5)26.90s
6156Carter LYNEphoto_library Penticton, BC4:09.35 (6)33.41s
7127Max CARDphoto Kamloops, BC4:09.58 (7)33.64s
853Joshua TAYLOR Calgary, AB4:12.03 (8)36.09s
9108Xander APPELS Kelowna, BC4:26.30 (9)50.36s
107Holden FITZ-EARLEphoto Winlaw, BC4:28.04 (10)52.10s

17-29 men

14 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1129Ben BYERSphoto Victoria, BCMountain Exposure3:01.94 (1)-
285Linden LADOUCEUR Dunster, BC3:09.21 (2)7.27s
388Billy ADAMSON Banff, AB3:17.88 (3)15.94s
451Stephen SCHWARZ Kamloops, BC3:23.96 (4)22.02s
525Zachary HUDYphoto Vancouver, BC3:28.13 (5)26.19s
6130David SYMONSphoto_library Anmore, BC3:31.71 (6)29.77s
780Ryan LAWphoto Castlegar, BC3:35.67 (7)33.73s
898Rob GREENOPphoto_library Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:37.92 (8)35.98s
9117Kaegan MURPHYphoto_library Vernon, BC3:39.08 (9)37.14s
1070Gavin CROWLEYphoto Invermere, BC3:44.51 (10)42.57s
1177Morgan O'BRIENphoto Heffley Creek, BC3:46.38 (11)44.44s
1212Eric BOURNEphoto Richmond, BC4:10.63 (12)1:08.69
139Winston LENGERT Kelowna, BCDNS
145Anton HSU Kelowna, BCDNS

30+ men

8 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1153Ryan STOCKS Vernon, BCPender Power Systems3:22.76 (1)-
284Freddy TUCKEYphoto_library Calgary, AB3:23.27 (2)0.51s
3140Ryan HEIN Silver Star, BC3:28.09 (3)5.33s
4101Jesse MCCLINTOCKphoto Vernon, BCOlympia Cycle and Ski3:30.06 (4)7.30s
5122Jeff MURRAYphoto Invermere, BC3:30.49 (5)7.73s
6137Marty KASPERSphoto Calgary, AB4:01.20 (6)38.44s
7159Justin DRINNAN Vernon, BC4:11.09 (7)48.33s
154Rodney SWIFT Stony Plain, ABDNS



Elite women

3 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
195Claire BUCHAR CAN19780426Whistler, BC3:18.29 (1)-
292Michelle GRIFFITHSphoto 10010899750Winlaw, BC3:19.37 (2)1.08s
332Stephanie DENROCHEphoto 10010899851Whistler, BCZEP Racing3:42.47 (3)24.18s

UCI: 15-18 girls

5 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1105Piper ALLMANphoto_library Whistler, BC3:34.27 (1)-
211Bailey GOLDSTONEphoto Squamish, BC3:51.46 (2)17.19s
347Madison SKRYPNEKphoto_library Calgary, ABZEP Racing4:22.55 (3)48.28s
413Samara KUHNphoto Rossland, BCSeven Summits Gravity Racing4:35.77 (4)1:01.50
559Brianna KELLYphoto Pritchard, BCDistrict Bicycle Co.4:58.81 (5)1:24.54

UCI: 30+ women

1 competitor found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
193Crystal TOWNSENDphoto Vernon, BCSilver Star Bike Park3:49.87 (1)-

30+ women

6 competitors found
Rank  BibNameLicenceAreaSponsorsRaceDiff
1126Tera MEADEphoto_library Kamloops, BC4:00.65 (1)-
271Edith BONNETTEphoto_library Kelowna, BC4:18.41 (2)17.76s
318Martina KNOPPphoto Whitehorse, YT4:49.77 (3)49.12s
4149Suzanne MACRAEphoto_library Calgary, ABPrairie Girls Racing4:54.97 (4)54.32s
514Nicola KUHN Rossland, BC5:17.58 (5)1:16.93
6144Jen FRECKLETONphoto_library Calgary, ABPrairie Girls Racing5:47.04 (6)1:46.39